Newspaper Article 2016 - Cookbook serves up home grub recipes

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Cookbook serves up home grub recipes

Friends, family, and fans gathered last night to celebrate a busy 18 months for chef Alexandra Tylee at the launch of her newest cookbook - Pipi at Home.

While writing the book Ms Tylee has also been feeding her family, and the region with her roaming Pipi Truck and successful Pipi Cafe in Havelock North.

Although her first cookbook told the history of the cafe and shared its recipes, Pipi at Home is about home cooking, returning to basic ingredients, and "nurturing people through food".

The 350-page book is set in their Havelock North home, and contains family-loved recipes, photographed by Richard Brimer.

The book "wasn't just my story", Ms Tylee said.

"Every family has their stories with recipes their grandmother used to make, or recipes their mother cooked.

"I tried to come up with new recipes but others I got from my mother, it might be a mince and cheese pie but it's how I make it."

Last night was also a celebration of the cafe's 10 year anniversary.

Photo caption - Alexandra Tylee launched her latest cookbook with childhood friend and renowned singer Hinewehi Mohi, who also performed at the event. Photo / Warren Buckland


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Alexandra Tylee
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12 April 2016
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