District Photos

Photos of Hastings and district

Anti-aircraft Battery at Awatoto

Anti-aircraft battery on exercise near Awatoto, possibly 1938


Beehive at Mr N Donkin’s apiary, 1938

Apple Blossom

Apple blossom


Army units on exercise, about 1938

Bank of New Zealand

Bank of New Zealand, Napier

Beehives 1938

Mr N Donkin with his beehives, 1938

Boarding House

Text on building –


Boer War Parade 1902

Parade celebrating the end of the Boer War, Railway Reserve, 2 June 1902

Building and Traction Engine

Beecrofts’ house being moved from Queen Street to Avenue Road, where it was converted into a boarding house

Cannon 1938

From Hastings Mail, 1938? –

‘NZ Artillery procession through Heretaunga Street on their way to Havelock North. Last vehicle has an 18lb field gun in tow.’

Car Parade on Heretaunga Street, Hastings

Car parade, Heretaunga Street, Hastings


Cars in Hawke’s Bay

City Centre Hastings 1947

Hastings City Centre in 1947

City Centre Napier

Napier City Centre

Civic Square

Hastings Racecourse at top of picture, Civic Square in centre.

Clubhouse Hastings Golf Club

Clubhouse at Hastings Golf Club, about 1938

Cornwall Park 1938

Cornwall Park, 1938


Cow beside river


Crops growing near Hastings

1 – Fernhill in top right corner

Drill Hall Carnival

Caption – “Hastings Drill Hall Carnival and Bazaar. 10th to 13th February 1904”. Top Row: Miss K Wellwood, Mrs Ramsay, Miss Waterhouse, Mrs Hassall, Miss Beatson, Mrs Canning, Mrs Pinckney, Mrs Humphries, Miss Braithwaite, Mrs Gordon. Third Row: Miss Maddison, Miss Wellwood, Miss Hartshorn, Miss Caulton, Miss Danvers, Miss Smith, Miss E Smith, Miss Coleman, Miss Ingles, Miss Simcox, Miss N Williams, Miss Lowry, Misses L Wellwood, A Maddison, L Busby, G Nation, Mr D Canning,