Francis Hicks

Excerpt from "Plough of the Pakeha"

Excerpt from “Plough of the Pakeha” – A Cambridge Regional History by Eric Beer and Alwyn Gascoigne, For the Cambridge Historical Society

Hicks Family

Francis Hicks, wife Mary (nee Allan) and their children

Back row left ro right – Jock (John Allan), Frank (Francis), Douglas
Next row –  Dolly, Marjory, Betty, Grace and Charlotte
Third row – Francis Hicks, Mary, Annie and Jennifer
Front – Edmund and Roy
One daughter, Millie (Mary), not present

Hicks Family Tree

** Information received from Andrew Chalton, April 2016 –

Dudley m. Muriel Young. (no children)
His full name is Thomas Dudley Hart Hicks (1907-1987). About 1943 he married Murielle Wood Young (1910-1981). Murielle’s parents were Alice May Young and Arthur Edward Young. Thomas and Murielle are both buried (together) at Hautapu Cemetery in Cambridge.

Information received from Jennifer Browne, February 2018 –

Thomas (b.c. 8th Aug1795) was a younger brother of John (c.