Fish Hatchery

Fish and Game hatchery, Jervoistown – Gamble electric incubator, pheasants, rearing pens


Fishing at Waimarama, January 1992


Lawrie Cooke with a 22.5kg yellow-fin tuna

Jim Newbigin 1980s

Jim Newbigin with 5lb [pound] trout taken from the Tukituki River, early 1980s

Ruakituri River

Fish caught in Ruakituri River

1 and 2 caption – “All over 5lb [pound]”

1 – Keith Carran

2 – Ed Gilmore


Frank Cooper at Waikaremoana


George Stanley at Waikaremoana


“Waikaremoana Tours” competition at Ormond Lodge, Waikaremoana

1 – Group included Frank Cooper, Tup Pearse, Mo Pearse, John Dixon, Norm Speers, Dick Klingender, Bill Dodds, Graeme Hook, Trevor Baker, Colin Barr, Ian Fastier, Peter Wilkinson and Stuart Humphreys

2 – Peter Wilkinson, Colin Barr, Graeme Hook, Ian Fastier, x, Tom Bridson

3 – Norm Speers, Trevor Baker and Ian Fastier

4 – Tom Bridson and Grame Hook
Photo caption –