Gollan, Wimbledon 1910

“Gollan”, Wimbledon, 1910

Wimbledon 1908

Wimbledon, 1908, as seen from the Porangahau Road
The hotel is on the left, the store and Gollans’ woolshed across the road on the right.
The large tree was the last of the trees on the edge of the 90 Mile Bush.

Wimbledon 1912

Wimbledon, 1912
Two-storeyed Wimbledon Hotel, store and Gollans’ woolshed
The Longley home is behind the hotel.
The small shed on the right was used to store hazardous substances, including gunpowder. 
The road beyond the hotel leads right to Herbertville.
Porangahau road comes in from the left. 
Out of the picture below the woolshed are Gollans’ and Hales’ houses.

Wimbledon Horse Teams 1910

Horse teams near Wimbledon Hotel, 1910
Sacks of grass seed have been collected from the Wimbledon store for sowing.

Wimbledon Sports

Rugby match at Wimbledon

Wimbledon Sports 1910

Photo caption – “WIMBLEDON FOOTBALL CLUB 1910”

Wimbledon Sports

Rugby match at Wimbledon

Wimbledon Store

Wimbledon Store, Wimbledon Road, with house behind, almost opposite the hotel
AWS Longley joined the buildings together.

Amelia Longley ran the store while AWS Longley was teaching at Wimbledon School.

Wimbledon Store and Post Office

Wimbledon Store and Post Office, a weatherboard building with corrugated iron roof
The Post Office on the far right was added to the original building.
The flat-roofed extension on the left was used for meetings and contained a pool/billiards table.

Amelia Longley ran the store while AWS Longley ran a coach company from Herbertville to Dannevirke.