Anaroa Sawmill Camp

Possibly camp at Anaroa Sawmill, about 1906


Men’s quarters – this held twenty men at times, plus caravans and farm shearers’ quarters also used for accommodation

Crawler Tractor and Plough

International TD6 Crawler tractor pulling a grader

Fernhill Forestry Company

Fernhill Forestry Company trees

Forest Scenes

1 – PanPac-owned pine forest [2015]
2 – clearing pine forest, 1998
3 – opening out trees planted by Richard Mayro? Frank Thorn? F.O.L.
4 – tree that Ian Cameron, General Manager of Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Meat Company, planted on opening day, 1973; S Ellingham Chairman of the Board at the time


Whakatu Afforestation Trust foundation trustees

Left to right – Gavin? Frazer, Ted Earp and Michael Kitchin

Forestry Workers

“A typical bush-felling gang such as found at Pakiaka Bush, Jeffcoat’s and Cashmore’s Mill 1867. Timber to be rafted down the Ngaruroro River to Clive.” – from “Between the Rivers” by Elizabeth Hill

Logging Trucks

Logging trucks

1 – Beswick logging contractor transferring logs to Deakin Transport Limited truck

2 – self-loading truck at Te Kowhai

Measuring Trees 1991

Jeff Whittaker, Member of Parliament for Hastings, and Michael Kitchin

“Measuring my favourite tree at Te Kowhai –  1500mm diameter at breast height (DBH), 10 December 1990; 1570mm DBH 16 March 1991. That’s growth, real growth.” – Michael Kitchin

Measuring Trees 1998

Michael Kitchin measuring basal areas of edge trees in Te Kowhai Forest, 9 September 1998

Sir Richard Harrison Visit to Te Kowhai

Sir Richard Harrison’s visit to Te Kowhai Forest

1 – Sir Richard Harrison, MP, Speaker of the House of Parliamanet, Brigadier Duncan MacIntyre, Deputy Prime Minister, and his wife, inspecting progress in Te Kowhai Forest with Ian Lyver, Gordon Vogtherr and Michael Kitchin

2 – Michael Kitchin and Sir Richard Harrison checking growth of trees by measuring at diameter breast height

Te Kowhai Forest

Te Kowhai Forest

1 – all that remains of the Whakatu Afforestation Trust’s existence –  one bridge at Te Kowhai Forest

2 –  Te Kowhai Point, nearly washed out

Thinning Trees 1990

Rob Hales’ crew production thinning, 1990