Anaroa Sawmill

Anaroa Sawmill worker with large circular saw
Corkscrew de-barker in foreground

Anaroa Sawmill 1906

Bullocks carting out sawn timber from Anaroa Sawmill, 1906

Anaroa Sawmill 1906

Stacking sawn timber onto rail wagon, Anaroa Sawmill, 1906

Anaroa Sawmill 1907

Stacks of sawn timber
Bullocks leaving Anaroa Sawmill for railway line, pulling wagons laden with timber, 1907

Anaroa Sawmill Winch

Winch at Anaroa Sawmill, probably about 1906

Industry and Workers

Scenes of industries and workers that may be in Hawke’s Bay

1 – steam train engine and workmen
2 – steam train engine and two workmen
3 – timber mill and workmen
4 – tree-felling
5 – forestry huts; burning off scrub
6 – early transport truck with driver; “No. 5” above door
7 – two policemen[?] on motorcycles

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Miles Brothers Mill 1976

Miles Brothers Mill at Ashley Clinton, 1976

The Miles brothers were probably Harold, Ray, Jack, and Reg, the sons of Charles George Miles and Catherine Ellen, nee Duggan. There were three daughters, Kathleen Delia (Sister Antoinette of the Sisters of St Joseph), Eileen (Mrs Butler) and Joan (Mrs Horgan).

Powdrell's Traction Engine 1908

Powdrell Brothers traction engine delivers timber to builders of country home, 1908

Timber Yard

Photo caption – ” Looking from garage towards the Ring Road. Hortops timber yard in view.
Corner of Telephone Exchange Building (on the left)”

Wilson's Timber Mill 1939

Staff at Wilson’s Timber Mill, Te Whaiti, 1939