Fargo Truck

Spreading fertiliser in an orchard using 1930 Fargo truck, 1990s

Federal Knight

1920 Federal Knight

2 and 3 – at Spencers’ yard

4 – Taken 1972

Olly Rae worked for GM Spencer as a topdresser driver from about 1937 to 1947

Fertiliser Loading 1997

Unloading fertiliser from truck, on to loader, which carries it up to back of spreader truck, 2 December 1997

Text on truck door –

No. 8″

Fertiliser Spreading 2000

Fertiliser spreading at Alec Olsen’s farm, Glengarry, 2000

Jim Crook By Plane

Photo caption on rear – “Reeves Transport Cessna mentioned in Story, Jim Crook Loader Driver”

Jim Crook By Truck

Photo captions –

“Jim Crook, Loader Driver, 1956-58   2 Warwick Rd, Hastings”

“The First Loader Truck I drove with the boom still on 1955”

Kevin Oswald (Ossie) Simmons Interview

Maraetotara 1960

Photo caption on rear –

“S Bedford Spreader 1960
Spreading at Maraetotara”

Nissan Caball 1978

Photo caption on rear –

“Nissan Caball 1978
1st day on job”

Olly Rae With Spreader

Photo caption on rear –

“During World War 2
Olly Rae standing on the back truck he drove
It was a R10″

Monroe spreader on rear of truck

Super 1970s

Photo caption on rear – “Joan Fernie’s – Super 1970s”:

Joan Fernie lived at Chesterhope Station, between Hastings and Napier

Fertiliser (superphosphate/”super”) is emptied out of bags and placed on the loader, which takes it up to the back of the truck.

Topdressing Plane

Topdressing plane at Tawadale, about 1949

Topdressing Plane

Topdressing plane at Tawadale, about 1949
Airspread topdressing truck, from Dannevirke

Topdressing Plane

Topdressing planes at Tawadale, about 1949

Two bi-planes –
ZK-ATM, De Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth, built in 1942, construction number DHNZ135, fixed-wing single engine
De Havilland Gipsy Major 1 model;  de-registered in 1981

ZK-ATN, De Havilland DH 82A Tiger Moth, construction number DHNZ1

Topdressing Plane

Bi-plane ZK-ATN, De Havilland DH 82A Tiger Moth, topdressing at Tawadale, about 1949

Topdressing Plane

Unloading bags of fertiliser from the trailer for the topdressing plane, Tawadale, about 1949

Topdressing Planes

Topdressing with bi-planes at Tawadale, about 1949
Fowler bulldozer

Topdressing Planes

Two bi-planes and their pilots, topdressing at Tawadale, about 1949