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Brewery 100 Years Photos

1  “THE YARD” 1955
Barrels in foreground

2  Jim Newbigin – “The fermenting room as I saw it in 1955. The large wooden vat held 5000 litres. The beer had been made and was now mixing with water, malt and barley and stayed in the vats for 4 days before being piped into the bottling hall. We had to skim the froth off twice a day. Had a big paddle and walked around above the vat.

Brewery Demolition

Demolition of the brewer house of Leopard Brewery
Workers commented on the strength of the structure.

[Demolition occurred about April 2003 according to a newspaper article dated 2 April 2003 in Hawke’s Bay Today]

Brewery Demolition

Site of Leopard Brewery after demolition of buildings

[Demolition occurred about April 2003 according to a newspaper article dated 2 April 2003 in Hawke’s Bay Today]

Burton Brewery

The Burton Brewery at the turn of the century.

The brewery was originally established by Mr George Ellis who was later to become a mayor of Hastings. It was located with an excellent access to water from two wells on site which are still in use today. “In 1908 the analysis of the water showed its chemical qualities to be specially adapted for the manufacture of beverages.”

Burton Brewery

Distribution in the 1930’s

In the 1930s beer was only distributed locally with the Burton Brewery being one of 70 breweries in New Zealand at the time. In the early 1940s the name of the brewery was changed to the Leopard Brewery to avoid confusion with the Burton Brewery in Palmerston North.

Burton Brewery Building

Burton Brewery building, Leopard brand ale and stout, aerated waters and cordials, wines & spirits, Hastings, Hawke’s Bay District

Photo courtesy of –

Burton Brewery Building

Burton Brewery building – photo from Michael Fowler’s “Historic Hawke’s Bay” series published in Hawke’s Bay Today. Article entitled “Kind brewer really made his mark”

Shows water tower, and one Ford delivery truck and one Austin delivery truck on Ellison Road, Hastings

Burton Brewery Building

The Burton Brewery in 1931.

This photo taken immediately after the earthquake in February 1931 with the water tower standing in the foreground, Although the brewery suffered considerable damage production was soon able to be recommenced

Photograph courtesy of the Alexander Turnbul Library Reference number G100338  1/2

Burton Brewery Building

The Brewhouse 1957-1958

The original brewhouse built in 1895 of kauri and concrete and withstood the ravages of the 1931 earthquake. Several building modifications have taken place since, the major one occurring in the later 1950s when the Leopard Brewery was sold to Malaysian Breweries Limited, Singapore who expanded and modernised the plant and buildings.

Buster Alexander 1955

Buster Alexander, who started with the brewery on leaving school, 1955

Leopard Brewery

The site of Leopard Brewery, Hastings St, Hastings.

The brewery was sited in Hastings Street and on the corner of Ellison Road and the corner with St Aubyn Street East. Phone number 4318.

The brewery was known as “Burton Brewery” in earlier days but was changed because of confusion with a brewery with a similar name in Palmerston North in the 1950s to “Leopard Brewery”.

In 1880 the site was under the name of Ellis,