Account From Dr Barcroft and Dr Boxer 1919

Account from medical practice of Doctors Penrose Barcroft and Ernest Boxer to CH and A Pomeroy, 1919

Probably Ernest Augustus Boxer (1876-1927)

Account From Drs Ross and Deck 1912

Account from Doctors Ross and Deck for Mr Pomeroy, 1912

Accounts from Dr Nairn 1923-1926

Accounts from Doctor Robert Nairn, to J Pomeroy, 1923-1926

Accounts from Dr Reeve 1925

Accounts from Doctor W Reeve to Mr Pomeroy, 1925

Death Certificate Joseph Pomeroy 1912

Death certificate by Doctor Robert Nairn about Joseph William Pomeory who died 2 November 1911


Man wearing a white coat standing under pergola, possibly a doctor

Doctors 1949

Doctors on the front steps of the Hawke’s Bay Fallen Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital, Hastings, 1949

Dr Broughton[?] back row, second from left

Felkin, Dr Robert

Dr Robert William Felkin
Died 28 December 1926

1912 Dr Felkin established the Smaragdum Thallasses Temple of the Stella Matutina. The New Zealand Order became known by the Maori name of “Whare Ra” or “the House of the Sun” at Havelock North.


Female nursing staff with man, possibly a doctor, standing between weatherboard buildings

Prescription From Dr Boxer 1918

Prescription from Doctor Ernest Boxer for H Pomeroy, 1918

Prescriptions 1944

Prescriptions for Winifred (Mrs FG) and Frederick Pomeroy, 1944

Vaccination Certificates 1913

Vaccination certificates for Joseph and Mary Pomeroy and their son, Frederick, 1913


Doctor Ian Abernethy working at his desk, 1997