Judy Siers - Women's Rest

Plunket 1946

Elsie Leipst working for Plunket, 1946


Photo caption – “Starting on the rounds, Mahora and Hastings”

Worked in Hastings, Mahora, Fernhill, Pakowhai and Twyford

Series E Morris car[?]

Plunket 1948

Elsie Leipst in Cornwall Park, Hastings – she had a Plunket clinic there every week in 1948.

Plunket Rooms, Hastings

Plunket rooms at A & P (Agricultural and Pastoral Society) Showgrounds

The brick-clad building was built as a Plunket rooms in 1929, as a memorial to the courage, endurance and foresight of the district’s pioneers.

Plunket Training 1945

Plunket training in Dunedin, 1945

Elsie Leipst in centre