fire engine


Fire probably in Hastings, date unknown

Fire Engine

Bedford fire engine, number plate EM8102, Command vehicle

Fire Engine

Hastings Fire Board engine Number 2

Fire Engine

Waipulurau Fire Board engine, number plate EM3518

Fire Engine

Hastings Fire Board engine, Haumoana District, Karrier, number 31

Number plate X3781

Fire Engine

Whakatu Fire Brigade engine

Fire Engine

Hastings Fire Board engine

Fire Engine

Fire engine outside Hastings Fire Station

Photo caption – “Hastings people at the turn of the century immensely proud of their Shand Mason steamer, seen here decked out for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee. With fine pair of matched greys and engine immaculately turned out Engineer Thomas Leipst (at rear) and driver Bill Brooking posed in front of fire station.”

‘Shand Mason steam engine in front of the new Market Street fire station decorated for the Coronation of King George V.

Fire Engines

Scania fire engines

Number plate PT2898, 93 metres, 265

Number plate TH262?, 113 metres, 360

Fire Station Havelock North

Havelock North Fire Station with two engines and firemen