Edmonds Family

Furniture Receipt 1953

Receipt for furnture bought by P Edmonds who lived at Stoneycroft in 1953

Terry Edmonds at Stoneycroft 2016

Terry Edmonds’ casket at Stoneycroft, his former home, before burial at Hastings Cemetery, 12 June 2016

Terry Edmonds Memoriam Sheet 2016

Notes from Jennifer Wilson –

Boat on front cover belonged to Pat Edmonds, Terry’s brother and Jennifer’s father – photo taken in the Bay of Islands

Photo of Stoneycoft probably taken shortly after the Edmonds family bought the property from Fanny Barcroft, so probably mid 1940s, after the Harrison family vacated it


Terry Edmonds and his parents lived at “Stoneycroft”, and Pat and wife, Mary, lived at “Twyneham”, next door – when “Twyneham” was sold to Sir James Wattie, Pat and Mary went to live at “Stoneycroft” too.

The Edmonds family bred racehorses at “Twyneham”.