traction engine

1958 Tractors

Tractors at Hastings Blossom Parade, Windsor Park, 14 September 1958

2000 Traction Engine

Traction engine at Hastings Blossom Festival, 2000

Building and Traction Engine

Beecrofts’ house being moved from Queen Street to Avenue Road, where it was converted into a boarding house

Olrig Station Wool

Wool bales being transported over Olrig Gorge Bridge at Olrig Station by traction engine, about 1908

Powdrell's Sheep Truck

First three-tiered sheep crate for Powdrell Brothers, Hastings, 1920s

Powdrell's Traction Engine

Photo caption – “First Mechanical Road Transport; Powdrells Traction Engine in Railway Yard; about 1905”

Williams and Kettle Limited building

Powdrell's Traction Engine 1908

Powdrell Brothers traction engine delivers timber to builders of country home, 1908

Traction Engine

Traction engine during 1931 earthquake aftermath

Photo caption –



Traction Engine 1966

Photo name – “Steam sterilising sand beds”, 1966

Traction Engine 1967

Slide caption – “Traction Engine, Pakowhai”

Traction Engine 1968

Slide caption – “Traction Engine”
Taken August 1968

Traction Engine Carting Wool

Traction engine with bales of wool at Fernhill

Traction Engine Carting Wool

Traction engine with driver and workers; wool bales on three carriages

Photo caption – “Shearing was [?] done for the year and all hands posed proudly beside the fruits of their labours. The clip was about to be shifted from Maraekakaho Station to the Port of Napier.”

Traction Engine Carting Wool

Powdrell Brothers traction engine with three trailers of wool bales, stamped “M”

Traction Engine Pulling Wool Wagons

Traction engine pulling wool wagons at Sherenden

Traction Engine Pulling Wool Wagons

Traction engine pulling wool wagons at Sherenden

Traction Engines 1905

Four traction engines and drivers, 10 October 1905

Photo caption – “Oct 10th 1905.   Four engines on pull to lift another engine on its side.
L-R. Jonas Willan   Aveling & Porter   6HP.   T. Kemp Winiata   Fowler 8 HP.   G. Sands Fowler 6HP   Powdrell’s Fowler 6HP”

Traction Engines 1984

Traction engines in parade celebrating 100 years of Hastings, 4 February 1984

3 and 4 – by National Bank, Hastings; number plate LI4764