Athletes Women

Women athletes

Cricket Team

“Rugby cricket team” with trophy cup

George Mickleson

George Mickleson
Holder of Brisbane to Sydney record on Zealandia Roadster

George S Mickleson State Trail in South Dakota, USA, named after him

Labour Day Sports 1946

Labour Day sports, 1946

Mahora Sports Team

Mahora sports team and coach, possibly a cricket team
Hastings representatives

Shooting Team

Four men, including J Burton, with rifles and trophy cups

Sport Exercise

Girls exercising

Sport Primary Schools 1938

Hastings and Napier primary schools at Nelson Park, Napier, 938

Sports Team

Sports team of unknown code – soccer, rugby, rugby, rugby league, hockey?

Text on banner –


United Interhouse Team 1944

United Interhouse team and coach with shield and trophy cup, 1944 – [marching team?]

Initials “USC” on women’s clothing

Wallingford Sports 1993

Wallingford Sports, January 1993

Wallingford Sports 1993

Wallingford Sports, January 1993

Whakatu-Mahora Team 1943-44

Whakatu-Mahora team and coach with trophy cup, 1943-44