Charles Robert EATON (1859 – 1955)


Charles Robert Eaton

Known as







Boston, Massachusetts, USA



Date of death

03 July 1955

Place of death

Napier Hospital



Biographical notes from Pat Mooney –

  • born around the time of the Civil War in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • influenza epidemic killed both parents around that time
  • his father was a doctor
  • placed in an orphanage, 2 elderly women took him to their farm for labouring
  • as a teenager they took him back to the orphanage
  • then went to a plantation to work, owner would whip workers
  • retaliated and whipped owner, so ran for his life
  • arrived at dockyard and signed on as a seafarer
  • spent life at sea
  • around WWI he was working as a stevedore at Napier Port – minutes of Harbour Board mention him
  • married about this time (possibly) to Joyce Ballantyne’s grandmother, Emma [actually 1908]
  • worked till he was 80 as a stevedore, though not physical work
  • boy named ….Eaton brought up by Bob and Emma, but he may have been Joyce’s uncle
  • adept at ship chandlery eg spliced ropes, saddlery
  • made ropes for Dr Ballantyne’s yacht
  • lived in home of Irene and Jack Mooney, Church Road, Taradale, opposite Mission Station shearing shed
  • was there when Pat was born (June 1943) until he (Pat) was about 12
  • Bob and Jack were workmates and friends
  • couldn’t read or write so Jack as tally clerk made up the wages
  • on leaving Mooneys’ home, he may have lived with the Ballantynes in St Aubyn Street, Hastings, but Pat is unsure if he ever lived at Stoneycroft
  • died mid 1955 in Ward 4 at Napier Public Hospital (this was the Old Men’s Home) at the age of 96
  • headstone in Park Island lawn cemetery erected by Irene Mooney – it states “erected by Mooney Family
  • an American flag that is in one of the glass cabinets in the Ballantyne Room at Stoneycrot belonged to Bob

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