Jasper Lucas HERRICK (1832 – 1890)


Jasper Lucas Herrick




20 May 1832


Clonaritty, County Cork, Ireland


Lydia Herrick

Date of death

19 December 1890

Place of death

Waipawa, Central Hawke's Bay


  • Lydia Herrick, nee Clarke
  • Emily Martha Herrick, nee Duncan (1848-12/09/1928)


  • Hetty Emily Treacher Collins (1870-1949)
  • Oswald Jasper Herrick (born 1872)
  • Frank Duncan Herrick
  • Victoria Minnie Herrick (1875-1945)
  • Edward Henry Herrick (born 1877)
  • Edward Jasper Henry Herrick
  • Arthur Desmond Herrick (1879-1917)
  • Ruth Hermione Herrick (1889-1983)


Entered the British Army, 9 July 1852; 62nd Regiment of Foot, Ensign
Arrived in New Zealand, November 1858
Captain of the Napier Militia, 1863, serving under Sir George Whitmore
Commanded the Second Armed Constabulary, and was sent to fight Te Kooti at Lake Waikaremoana, 1865
Left the army and joined James Nelson Williams at Kereru Station where he farmed the property in partnership with him 1865-1873 and where he was postmaster between 1865-1869
Joined Russell Duncan at Forest Gate, Waipawa, 1870
Elected to the Provincial Council, Hampden (Central Hawke’s Bay)


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