Search tips

The Knowledge Bank search engine is powered by ElasticSearch.

It is case-insensitive and supports several common search operators to help you narrow and refine your results.

Add the – symbol before a word to exclude it.

knowledge -bank will match records with ‘Knowledge’ but not ‘Bank’.


The | symbol represents ‘or’, so it will match either side of your search expression.

knowledge | bank will match records with either ‘Knowledge’ or ‘Bank’.

( )

Round brackets or parentheses can be used to group terms when doing more complex search queries.

(knowledge | bank) speech will match records with ‘speech’ and either ‘knowledge’ or ‘bank’.


Double quotes can be used to search for an exact phrase. Note – use ‘straight’ double quotes, not the ‘curly’ style displayed by the font on this page.

“knowledge bank” will match records with exactly that phrase, but would not match ‘knowledge about the bank’ in its text.


The * symbol signifies a ‘prefix query’, where you provide the first part of a word and want to match various endings. Note the search engine automatically handles most plurals and common variations.

kno* will match records with ‘knowledge’, ‘knowingly’ etc.