Drill Hall Carnival

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Caption – “Hastings Drill Hall Carnival and Bazaar. 10th to 13th February 1904”. Top Row: Miss K Wellwood, Mrs Ramsay, Miss Waterhouse, Mrs Hassall, Miss Beatson, Mrs Canning, Mrs Pinckney, Mrs Humphries, Miss Braithwaite, Mrs Gordon. Third Row: Miss Maddison, Miss Wellwood, Miss Hartshorn, Miss Caulton, Miss Danvers, Miss Smith, Miss E Smith, Miss Coleman, Miss Ingles, Miss Simcox, Miss N Williams, Miss Lowry, Misses L Wellwood, A Maddison, L Busby, G Nation, Mr D Canning, Hon. Treas.; Mr JA Fraser, Hon. Sec.; Mr WF Stewart, Hon. Sec. A.U.; Mrs JA Smith, Miss Williams, Mrs WH Jones, Mrs Milne, Mrs Rose. Front Row: Miss G Seale, Miss Roach, Mrs Tosswill, Mrs Lowry, Mrs Russell, Mrs Hodson, Mrs LeQuesne, Miss H Danby, Mrs Nairn, Mrs Newbigin, Miss Beale, Miss Broughton and Miss Karauria. Located in Southampton St, directly opposite Hastings Central School.




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