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Fishing in the Bay of Islands 1990-2010

1 – John Pulham, the skipper of Graeme Lowe’s boat “Freedom”. What a wonderful man. How he keeps the boat spic and span upstairs and in the engine room. Nothing is too much for him. I can remember those wonderful breakfasts we all had.

2 – Graeme Lowe (Bluegum, Turkey) very generous and successful business man. I had many trips on “Freedom” all over the Bay of Islands and to the Three Kings. Great for his hospitality.

3 – Graeme Lowe’s wife, Jenny, a wonderful hostess with the Skipper, John Pulham

4 – One of my photos that has a good story.

The television broke down during an important item, and here we have Skipper John on the floor trying to fix the problem with Graeme giving him instructions and suggestions. All was quiet from us crew as we could feel some tense moments. The photo always tickled my fancy as a man who always wanted things done in a hurry, especially if it was a horse race or a sporting occasion and urging John on. The fault was eventually found and the laughter started again.

5 – The Skipper and Jenny

6 – At anchor in the Bay of Islands, 2001. Seafood for dinner.  Louise, Graeme, Jenny and Dot Walker enjoying a quiet evening hearing the water lapping on the boat.

Captions by Jim Newbigin


Bay of Islands

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  • John Pulham
  • Graeme Lowe
  • Jenny Lowe
  • Louise Newbigin
  • Dot Walker

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