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Working for Save the Children Fund in Korea, 1960-62

Photo captions –

1 – Home visiting Youn Son Aa – after discharge from wing.

2 – Home of Lee Young Ee.  Shack by the stream. 9 living in this dwelling. Repairs were made to the roof after the rain.

3 – Home visiting in widows’ home, Masan. This building put up by Govt. Each cubicle 8’ x 8’ with wooden partitions on sides. 6 children or more to each cubicle.

4 – Bonny well baby – ?? how long.  He lives in a converted factory, hundreds of families huddled together. No light, no ventilation & no sanitation.

5 – Visiting in one of the refugee homes. TB family. No light – no ventilation.

6 – Youn Son Aa – ex Wing patient – lives in the market – Real pet !!!

7 – One of my pet patients. Shocking TB chest. Treated in Pusan hospital by surgery for TB peritonitis. Father died short while ago with TB. Child can often hardly climb up the hill to the clinic for drugs

8 – San Hor Dong Clinic, Masan.  Clinic staff & “Night Guard”. Infant Welfare Centre.

9 – S.C.F Korea
Young Shin Orphanage.
Miss Leipst with one of the children.  We have a nurse, Miss Han to look after the children here and to assure that the provision we make for the children is properly used.


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