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The words ‘Holiday tomorrow’ brought smiles to the faces of NZAM staff when they were photographed in December 1985 by Alec Houston, a former staff photographer now operating his own photographic business in Hastings. From left, standing: Graham Brenchley, Chris McIntosh, Lynn Coyle, Margaret Hunt, Rodney Nielson, Murray Webb, Trudy Freeman, Les Appleford, Heather Tobin, David Kitt, Steve Lillie, Alan McPherson, Colin Harris, Martin Pipe, Geoff Hill, Russell Tod, Randal Hart, Jim Johnston, Eric Martin, Don Trask, Paul Steeds, Stewart Hyslop, Cherie Suitor, David Napier, Sonia Turnbull, Terry Wild. Seated, from left: Brian Perry, Maryon Pratt, Bernadette Avison, Frank Peach, Zita Maloney, Cyril Whitaker, Hugh van Asch, Lois Joll, Allan Wright, Carol Napier, Snow Brenchley.

From “Piet’s Eye in the Sky” by Piet van Asch, page 178



Business / Organisation

NZ Aerial Mapping Ltd


Corner of Queen Street and Avenue Road East, Hastings

Format of the original

Photographic prints

Date published

December 1985

Author(s) / Creator(s)

  • Alec Houston Photography


  • Les Appleford
  • Berndaette Avison
  • Graham Brenchley
  • Snow Brenchley
  • Lynn Coyle
  • Trudy Freeman
  • Colin Harris
  • Randal Hart
  • Geoff Hill
  • Margaret Hunt
  • Jim Johnston
  • Lois Joll
  • David Kitt
  • Steve Lillie
  • Zita Maloney
  • Eric Martin
  • Chris McIntosh
  • Alan McPherson
  • Carol Napier
  • David Napier
  • Rodney Nielson
  • Frank Peach
  • Brian Perry
  • Martin Pipe
  • Maryon Pratt
  • Paul Steeds
  • Cherie Suitor
  • Heather Tobin
  • Sonia Turnbull
  • Hugh van Asch
  • Murray Webb
  • Cyril Whitaker
  • Terry Wild
  • Allan Wright

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