Tomoana Freezing Works Staff 1971

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FRONT: L. Clothier, R. Hawkes F. Scaglione, G. Lobban F. Laing, N. Rule, T. Bowater, C. Walker, C. Young, C. Pirihi, A. Crook, M. Roberts, K. Foddy, G. Ansford, G. Bloore, G.T. Taylor, R.L. Stewart, P. Growcott, M Mwerritt, R. Dinnan, D. Doughty, S. Humphreys, C. Hill, D. Cashmore, S. Johnson, M. Black, L. Edwards, C. Brannigan, C. Page, W. Howard, C. Bartle.

SECOND: R. Smiley, J. Pryor, R. Wallace, R. Scott W. Bowater, P. Tomlins C. Pithie, W. Boyle, G. Toothill, K. Bryant, J. Anderson, R. Evans, K. Molloy, T. Ringrose, W. Hibbert, N. Scott, K. Taylor, O. Johnson, M. Brown, K. Potter, J Howarth, R. Unwin, D. Gaskell, G. Garner, K. Humphreys, L. Preston, M. Cullen, G. Musson, E. Malone, T. Davies, S. Paramore.

THIRD: R. Edgecombe, B. Stansfield, O. List, T. Brain, D. Beer, R. Frizzell, F. Godfrey, K. Toms, J. Seed, E. Parry, R. larkin, T. Smith, R. Ward, D. McLellan, R. Kennerley, P. Price, T. Hughes, T. Arnold, J. O’Malley, A. Lancaster, C. Brown, J. Robinson, A. Ross, R. Trevor, G Jenks, R. Matthews, R. Stewart, D. Paramore, G. Rusbatch, J. Kitt, J. Alexander.

FOURTH: W. Donaldson, L. Davidson, M. Cunningham, J. Fairless, D. Smith, J. Scott, N. Wood, R. Mitchell, R. Rigden, A. Fleming, A. White, R. Love, B. Taylor, R. Dockary, C. Frame, K. Flack, D. Tosh, C. Secord, B. Sharpe, K. Hutchison, O. Bainbridge, C. Verry, T. Mulligan, H. McNally, B. Greville, B. Clarke.

FIFTH: E. Reay, D. Rixon, D. Jobson, D. McMillan, M. Blackwell, J. Hastings, S. Sutherland, L. Lambert, A. Anderson.

Photo belonged to Gordon Taylor, father-in-law of Jim Woolrich

Business / Organisation

Nelson's (NZ) Ltd, Tomoana Freezing Works



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Date published

December 1971


  • L Clothier
  • R Hawkes
  • F Scaglione
  • G Lobban
  • F Laing
  • N Rule
  • T Bowater
  • C Walker
  • C Young
  • C Pirihi
  • A Crook
  • M Roberts
  • K Foddy
  • G Ansford
  • G Bloore
  • G T Taylor
  • R L Stewart
  • P Growcott
  • M Merritt
  • R Dinnan
  • D Doughty
  • S Humphreys
  • C Hill
  • D Cashmore
  • S Johnson
  • M Black
  • L Edwards
  • C Brannigan
  • C Page
  • W Howard
  • C Bartle
  • R Smiley
  • J Pryor
  • R Wallace
  • R Scott
  • W Bowater
  • P Tomlins
  • C Pithie
  • W Boyle
  • G Toothill
  • K Bryant
  • J Anderson
  • R Evans
  • K Molloy
  • T Ringrose
  • W Hibbert
  • N Scott
  • K Taylor
  • O Jonson
  • M Brown
  • K Potter
  • J Howarth
  • R Edgecombe
  • B Stansfield
  • O List
  • T Brain
  • D Beer
  • R Frizzell
  • F Godfrey
  • K Toms
  • J Seed
  • E Parry
  • R Larkin
  • T Smith
  • R Ward
  • D McLellan
  • R Kennerley
  • P Price
  • T Hughes
  • T Arnold
  • J O'Malley
  • A Lancaster
  • C Brown
  • J Robinson
  • A Ross
  • R Trevor
  • G Jenks
  • R Matthews
  • R Stewart
  • D Paramore
  • G Rusbatch
  • J Kitt
  • J Alexander
  • W Donaldson
  • L Davidson
  • M Cunningham
  • J Fairless
  • D Smith
  • J Scott
  • N Wood
  • R Mitchell
  • R Rigden
  • A Fleming
  • A White
  • R Love
  • B Taylor
  • R Dockary
  • C Frame
  • K Flack
  • D Tosh
  • C Secord
  • B Sharpe
  • K Hutchison
  • O Bainbridge
  • C Verry
  • T Mulligan
  • H McNally
  • B Greville
  • B Clarke
  • E Reay
  • D Rixon
  • D Jobson
  • D McMillan
  • M Blackwell
  • J Hastings
  • S Sutherland
  • L Lambert
  • A Anderson

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