50th Anniversary Toast 2014


Toast to Absent Friends

H. Nth Squash 50th Reunion May 2014

Good Evening


To have the privilege of proposing this toast, reminded me of its importance, it is not proposed with sadness, but with a chance to acknowledge life and its foibles, and a celebration of being around to reminisce on a period of


one’s personal experiences among people you respect.

When you’re 25 or 26 and life’s just a ball, and everything’s in front of you, your growing family – your careers – its all going well – is something missing – No! – I don’t think so – and then I found



Not long returned on transfer as a young stock agent & auctioneer from Wairoa – just retired from the rugby scene, when the late Company Branch Manager, Ian Featherstone introduced me to the game.

What a relationship!

How does that relate to a toast for absent friends you may ask?


Well I’ll tell you.  Over my time of active participation – say 1964 to 1984 – both physically and socially in a growing club and district – Robin and I, and a host of like others, formed bonds of real worth.

Along the way the likes of Joe Hutchinson from Napier – one of the then games characters.


Who when I won against him unexpectedly stood on the court having shaken my hand said “How could I be beaten by such an indifferent sought[sort] of bastard like you”.  I don’t know Joe whether you are still with us or not – but you’re included in this toast with all of your old mates from Squash Napier.


you yourself having disappeared to Australia driving Melbourne Taxis, and the late Paul Frumerin – godfather to one of our children.


Graham Scott, my squash buddy and friend.

And so on – those in my age group could expound and talk of similar stories and friends


The strengths of our club were formulated because we were young – and we grew together with time.

I’ve always had difficulties of reconciling the format of most Annual General Meeting Minutes where those say 15 are recorded as having apologies for non attendance are named for posterity while the other 45 present


are not – What a nonsense.

Realising the dangers of personalising names for fear of making omissions, I’m prepared to take that risk in mentioning here some whose names came to me when writing these notes THEY cannot apologise for their absence and would so much enjoy being here if that were possible So!!


For Graham and Margaret (nee Stuart) Wall, (1956 Melbourne Olympics), Pat Hinton, Gary Cook, Sue Pinfold & Gilly Elliott, Angela Williams, Graham Scott, Luke Wilson, Robert Cox, Athol Hutton & Graham Lowe, Ian Featherstone, Dr Peter Foote, Paul Frumerin, Des Irwin, Colin Bartlett, Ray Wattie, Ray Woodham, John Davidson, Gary Lum, Lloyd McCarthy,


Doug Curtis. John Hansen, Maurice (Tubby) Brain, Eric de Ridder, Bruce Logan, Roddy Frazer [Fraser], Geoff Richards, Peter Morrison & Pat (Toiler) Kerrisk – people whom we knew and loved – here’s to you.

And not only for those departed – but the many who for various reasons could not be here tonight.


So now – 50 years on – we – that is those of us here, can reflect on the past – but be delighted to be here in the present.

And so – having had the honour to present this toast – I do so with due humility – and ask you to stand with me proudly – and drink to the health of those unable to be here, to the memory of the departed, and to the squash club and its future.


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Havelock North Squash Club Incorporated

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24 May 2014

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  • Colin Bartlett
  • Maurice Brain
  • Gary Cook
  • Robert Cox
  • Doug Curtis
  • John Davidson
  • Eric de Ridder
  • Bruce Drown
  • Robin Drown
  • Gilly Elliott
  • Ian Featherstone
  • Dr Peter Foote
  • Roddy Fraser
  • Paul Frumerin
  • John Hansen
  • Pat Hinton
  • Joe Hutchinson
  • Athol Hutton
  • Des Irwin
  • Pat Kerrisk
  • Bruce Logan
  • Graham Lowe
  • Gary Lum
  • Lloyd McCarthy
  • Peter Morrison
  • Sue Pinfold
  • Geoff Richards
  • Graham Scott
  • Graham Wall
  • Margaret Wall, nee Stuart
  • Ray Wattie
  • Angela Williams
  • Luke Wilson
  • Ray Woodham

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