A and P Society Newsletter 1967


A. & P. NEWS
No. 4 – August, 1967

Published by the Hawke’s Bay Agricultural and Pastoral Society


You will all be well aware of the provisions in this year’s Budget, which made it no longer necessary for our Society to have the authority of the Building Programmer before we could proceed with the new Grandstand. This came as a pleasant surprise, as you will remember reading in the Society’s Annual Report that the granting of a permit had been postponed until late 1969. Tenders

Despite the fact that the investment of Grandstand Funds has been re-programmed to mature as late as December, 1969, and that temporary finance will have to be found until this and the next three years instalments of contributions to the appeal are received, the Committee has decided to instruct the Architect to call tenders. If a satisfactory tender is received which the Society is able to finance, then the project will be proceeded with immediately after the Spring Show this year, to be completed in time for the N.Z. Royal Show next year.

Babies at the Show
Skilled personnel from the Hastings Plunket Society will provide all facilities for feeding, changing and rest for your baby at the Show. Do not feel that the Show will be too much for you because you have a baby to look after. Use the Society’s Plunket Rooms at the south end of the Oval.

James Stirling
You all know him well on Tv. with his Home Gardener talks. Come and see and hear him in person in Waikoko on People’s Day this year. If you get in the road of the television camera you might even appear on Tv. yourself!

Pioneers’ Memorial
The Brick Plunket Rooms were erected in 1929 from funds contributed by members of the Society as a memorial to the Pioneers of Hawke’s Bay, represented by the Past Presidents of this Society, whose names are inscribed on the building.

Your Member’s Car Sticker
The Transport Department asks that you fix this on the centre of your windscreen – at the top if your registration sticker is at the bottom; on the bottom if your registration sticker is on the top.

Spring Fashion Parade
On People’s Day of the Show this year, there will be two fashion parades sponsored and conducted by McAra’s Ltd. These will be held in the Dairy Cattle Judging Ring, on the west side of the creek from the Oval, in conjunction with the judging of the All Breeds Dairy Champions on Thursday morning. A total of $545 in prize money will be competed for in these classes and they will attract wide interest.

Saville Cup Winners
The Morrinsville Polo team, captained by Mr Ken Browne, winners of the Saville Cup this year, have been invited to play a team selected from the rest of the Waikato, captained by Mr Tony Kay, on Wednesday and Thursday of the Show. The turf in the Oval is receiving special attention from the Grounds Committee and some exciting Polo should result.

The City of Hastings Have Helped
The Committee have successfully negotiated with the City of Hastings for a sewerage connection from the new Grandstand to the main city sewer. This will connect near the Tomoana Freezing Works and whilst it will be costly, will give a much needed lift in hygiene which it is not possible to obtain with our series of septic tanks serving our present conveniences around the Grounds.

It has been possible for many firms to contribute more to the Grandstand Appeal than they would otherwise have done because of the Advertising Contracts the Society has been able to offer. The following firms have supported the appeal with contributions ranging from $200 to $10,000: –
J. Wattie Canneries Ltd.; Dalgety & N.Z. Loan Ltd.; de Pelichet, McLeod 8.: Co. Ltd.; H.B. Farmers’ Co-op. Assn. Ltd.; Murray Roberts & Co. Ltd.; Williams & Kettle Ltd.; Wright, Stephenson & Co. Ltd.; Robert Holt & Sons Ltd.; Daily Telegraph Ltd.; H.B. Herald Tribune; Bambry Bros. Ltd.; Overland Transport Ltd.; J. Mills Ltd.; Reeves Transport Ltd.; Thos. Borthwick & Sons (A’asia) Ltd.; H.B. Farmers’ Meat Co. Ltd.; Nelsons (N.Z.) Ltd.; W. Richmond Ltd.; H.B.-Gisborne Savings Bank; Wairunga Romney Stud; Te Aratipi Ltd.; Elgin Stud; West Derby Stud; Bull & Hodgins Ltd.; Walmsley

Photo caption – Here is a picture of the temporary seating erected for the 1925 H.B. Spring Show – the first show on the new Tomoana Showgrounds. It is still there! Plus a temporary roof and a temporary lean-to on the back!

Bros. Ltd.; E. F. Leicester & Sons Ltd.; W. Tucker Ltd.; H. W. Blackmore Ltd.; Elizabeth Horne Ltd.; Heretaunga Dairy Co. Ltd.; D. H. Newbigin Ltd.; Rothmans Tobacco Co. Ltd.; Tasman Vaccine Laboratory; Hobson’s Dokko Co. Ltd.

Our Front Gates
From time to time the Society has investigated the establishing of a more imposing entrance to the Tomoana Showgrounds from Karamu Road, but this has been postponed because of the possibility of Karamu Road being widened into a four-lane highway. The old timber gates and railings have now reached the stage where they need replacing and this work has been carried out in pipe and netting, with chains across the roadways. This should give a very neat entrance to our lovely grounds.

Specimen Trees
Knowing how much Show patrons appreciate the benefit of a nice shady tree, the Society is continuing with its policy of planting specimen trees on the Showgrounds, both for shade and for beautification. And speaking of beautification, the row of liquid ambars and camelias on Elwood Road are properly established at last after several setbacks with dry seasons, and in not too many years ahead will provide a very pretty addition to the grounds.

Some of Waikoko’s History
In the year 1870, Mr Robert Wellwood (who later became the first Mayor of Hastings and a President of this Society) acquired 200 acres from Mr J. N. Williams, the purchase price being the ploughing of 600 acres for Mr Williams. Mr Wellwood established a home on part of the property, and called it “Maxwell Lea”. The town of Hastings was not then in existence, as the first postmaster at Hastings was not appointed until 1872, it being recorded that previous to that time residents had to go either to West Clive or Havelock for their mail. The first metal for the Hastings streets came out of a quarry which is now part of the lake at Waikoko. Nelson Brothers acquired the property in 1884, and it became the home of Mr William Nelson, who re-named it “Waikoko”.

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