Tony Barber
Brian Barber
Peter Bain
Chris Bain
Brian Bainbridge
Pay [Ray] Booth
Claude Bond
Jim Burns
Charlie Brook
Keith Beale
Laurie Booth
Ron Bowater
Phillip Bowater
Jim Blumski [Blumsky]
Jim Batt

Noel Christian
Ian Craddock
John Craddock
Buster Carpenter
Bert Carpenter
John Clark

Jay Douglas
Mick Drane (Danvers)
Archie Drane (Danvers)
Jack Day
John Danvers Australia
Mike Danvers Australia

Clarence Eddy

Ron Flight
Harold Fitch
Dudley Fitch
Bernie Flynn
Maurie Flynn
Malcolm Flynn
Ron Flight
Cecil Gannaway

Ted Hawkins
Ray Hertz
Rolly Hurst
Russell Horn

Ron Jackson
Sydney Jordon

Alan Lowndes   D [Deceased]
Colin Locke [Lock]

Dick Moore
Alfie Marshall
Colin Morgan
Harold McFarlane
Des Marsh
Eric Marsh
Max Mercer

John Nelson
Alfie Newman
John Neilson
Brian Neilson

Paul Osborne
Colin Owens
Owen Osgood
Stan Osgood
Colin Osgood

Keith Parks
Lenny Parks
Regie [Reggie] Packer
Bill Peck
Garth Peck
Alan Parks

Colin Robinson/Robertson

Peter Scott
Tommy? Split ?? Maori boy
Harry Stowe
Ray Stowe
Keith Shand
Roy Stokes
Lawrence Stewart
Frank Sutton – Australia?
Ron Singleton
? Scrimegeour [Scrimgeour]
Fred Sharples
Peter Springfield
Johnnie Smith
Bill Shears
Eric Smith
Trevor Sanders

Willie Waikato – Tologa [Tolaga] Bay   D

Hemi Wepa

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