Air Pageant 1929



Saturday, April 27th, 1929.

Leopard Ale & Stout
The Burton Brewery,
E. NEWBIGIN, Proprietor

Hawke’s Bay Aero Club [Incpt.]

Patron :
Right Hon. J. G. Coates, P.C.M.C.

President :
General Sir Andrew Russell, K.C.B., K.c.M.G.

Vice-Presidents :
Sir George Hunter, M.P.   H. M. Campbell, Esq., M.P.
Mason Chambers, Esq.   J. S. McLeod, Esq.
G. A. Maddison, Esq.

Committee :
His Worship the Mayor, G. A. Maddison, Esq. (Chairman, Ex-Officio.)
Messrs T. O’Dowd, D. H. Newbigin, P. Fowler, Guy Field, C. E. Nelson Smith, H. Chambers
T. W. White, Geoffrey Field, Maurice Field.

Secretary : Capt. T. W, White.   Assistant Sec : D. M. Allan.


1. 12.45 p.m. – Reception of Guests by the Mayor of Hastings (G. A. Maddison, Esq.), Chairman of the Club – The Hon. T. M. Wilford, Minister of Defence, the Right Hon. J. G. Coates, P.C., M.C., Patron of Club, and other official visitors.

2. 1.0 p.m. – His Worship the Mayor of Hastings (G. A. Maddison, Esq.) unveils Historical Slab and declares Aerodrome open. Address by the Hon. T. M. Wilford, Minister of Defence.

3. 1.15 p.m. – Club’s Flag to be unfurled by H. M. Campbell, Esq., M.P., Chairman of Hawke ‘s Bay County Council.

4. 1.30 p.m. – Christening of the Club’s Moth Aeroplane and Address by the Right. Hon. J. G. Coates, P.C., M.C., Patron of the Club.

5. 1.45 p.m. – Race: N.Z. Light Aeroplane Blue Ribbon, for Cup presented by Mr. D. Newbigin. Course of approximately 25 miles within view of aerodrome.


6.  2.0 p.m. – All Transport Race – I00 yards flat, 100 yards on bicycle, 100 yards by car, fly round course, land, 100 yards by car, 100 yards by bicy-cycle [bicycle] , 100 yards flat. Cup presented by Mrs. W. Richmond.

7. 2.30 p.m. – Best Landing Competition, for Cup presented by Mrs. W. G. Stead
Coupled with this will be a Taxi and Fly Past of all machines.

8. 3.0 p.m.- Slow Race. Minimum height after take off 500 feet, maximum 800 feet, machines to keep true path to course.

9. 3.30 p.m.- Novel Car and Aeroplane Bombing Competition. Watch presented Mason Chambers, Esq.

10. 4.0 p.m.- Demonstrations of Formation Flying and Stunting.

A Cup, known as the Kessell Proficiency Cup, is being presented by Mr. B. M. Kessell for the most points gained over all the items of the Pageant.

Marquee for housing visiting machines leant by Land & Heighway, Heretaunga Street, Hastings.

Competitors :

N.Z. Permanent Air Force – Capt. J. L. Findlay    D. H. Moth.
Capt. S. Burrell   Bristol Fighter.
Auckland Aero Club – Major K. Caldwell    D. H. Moth.
Major G. A. C. Cowper   “
Capt. J. Seabrook   “
Capt. D. Harkness    “
Capt. E. Dickson   “
Capt. W. S. R. Bloomfield   “
Marlborough Aero Club – Capt. N. E. Chandler   “
Canterbury Aero Club – Capt. B. Mercer  “
Hawke’s Bay Aero Club – Capt. T. W. White  “
Air Survey and Transport Co. – Mr. D. Mill   “
Mr. J. Smith   “
Hamilton Airways Ltd. – Capt. M. C. McGregor   “
Capt. K. Hall, Hororata – Capt. Hall   Avro Avian.
Goodwin Chichester Ltd. – Capt. G. Bolt   “
Lieut. Lett   “

All Trophies will be presented at a PAGEANT BALL to be held TO-NIGHT, in the HASTINGS ASSEMBLY HALL at 8.30. Single Tickets 5/-, Double Tickets 7/6.

Aviation and Dress!
THE Remarkable progress of Aviation calls for advanced Fashions – combined with utility. Leather and Suede very well meet this demand. A Wind-proof Coat is essential, but when combined with beauty of colour and chic design, a Leather Craft Coat becomes a most valued possession. Double Breasted Leather Coat, fleece lined to knee £7/19/6 each. Gazelda Suede body Jacket, Light and Comfortable, £5/5 – R.A.F. Ties 4/6 each.
H. Blackmore & Quality Outfitter, Hastings.


SEDAN £292.   TOURER £232.
Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Co-op Assn., Ltd.

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27 April 1929


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