Akina Choir 1943

Hastings High School

The Akina Choir


A Mozart Festival
Arranged by J. Michael Diack.

Conductor: MARION STEELE, L.R.S.M.
Accompanist: ALICE EDRIDGE, L.R.S.M.




1 – String Group: March.
2 – Chorus: Let Us Make The Best Use.
3 – Solo: The Dawn.
4 – Chorus: The Highway for Horses.
5 – Violin: Dance in C Major.
6 – Chorus: When Spring With Its Joy.
7 – Solo and Chorus: The Dancing Lesson.
8 – Chorus and Piano Solo: Air with Variations.
9 – Solo: The Violet.
10 – Chorus: The Blacksmith.


Part Two

11 – String Group: Minuet.
12 – Solo and Chorus: Cradle Song.
13 – Solo and Chorus: Long, Long Ago.
14 – Unison: Nursery Rhymes.
15 – Chorus: At the Fair.
16 – Solo: I Have a Tale to Tell.
17 – Piano Duet: Andante.
18 – Chorus: The River.
19 – Solo: Ye Who Can Measure.
20 – Chorus: Now At Last Our Cantata.

SOLOISTS in order of performance: Vivien Leicester, Betty Hambling, Alice Edridge (Piano), Frances Hendry, Gwynne Borck, Judith Edridge (Violin), Mary Wilson, Sally McVay, Helen Edridge.

DUET by Jean Rutherford and Elsa Cody.

DANCERS (trained by Mrs. Fisk): Joy Thear, Heather Hunter, Beverley Munro, Judith Edridge.


S. Bishop, G. Borck, J. Gigg, B. Graham, B. Hall, N. Harding, B. Hambling, S. Hannah, F. Hendry, H. Hunter, V. Leicester, D. Loach, J. MacDonell, S. McVay, B. Maddox, J. Miller, B. Munro, M. Price, B. Riach, J. Rogers, J. Sampson, J. Thear, P. Totty, M. Wilson.

V. Ainsworth, J. Bond, E. Cody, C. Eberhard, H Edridge, J. Edridge, N. Hastings, W. Heald, J. Hellyer, M. Illingworth, E. Joll, B. Kelt, H. MacDonald, L. McCutcheon, J. Paton, J. Perrin, H. Polglase, B. Ritchie, J. Rutherford, J. Severinsen, B. Sharpin, Z. Spence, B. Simon, J. Simon, B. Staniland, A. Wairoa, H. Wake.

String Group
(Trained by Miss FOX, L.R.A.M.):

Violins – Judith Edridge (Leader), Lewis Bowen, Cynthia Eberhard, Ngaire Hastings, Godfrey Mackersey, Juliet Paton, Christine Ryall.
Viola – Wenda Heald,
Violoncello – Marion Steele.

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Hastings High School

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Date published

3 November 1943


  • V Ainsworth
  • S Bishop
  • J Bond
  • Gwynne Borck
  • Cynthia Eberhard
  • Alice Edridge
  • Helen Edridge
  • Judith Edridge
  • J Gigg
  • B Graham
  • B Hall
  • Betty Hambling
  • S Hannah
  • N Harding
  • N Hastings
  • Wenda Heald
  • Janet Hellyer
  • Frances Hendry
  • Heather Hunter
  • M Illingworth
  • E Joll
  • B Kelt
  • Vivienne Leicester
  • Dulcie Loach
  • H MacDonald
  • J MacDonell
  • Rosamund MacDonell
  • B Maddox
  • L McCutcheon
  • Sally McVay
  • J Miller
  • Beverley Munro
  • Juliet Paton
  • J Perrin
  • H Polglase
  • M Price
  • B Riach
  • B Ritchie
  • J Rogers
  • Jean Rutherford
  • J Sampson
  • J Severinsen
  • B Sharpin
  • B Simon
  • J Simon
  • Zelda Spence
  • B Staniland
  • Marion Steele
  • Joy Thear
  • P Totty
  • A Wairoa
  • H Wake
  • Mary Wilson

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