Annual Report 1982-3


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present the fifty-fifth annual report of the Hastings Croquet Club.

Following suggestions made at last years A.G.M. your committee considered steps for the continued care and maintenance of the lawns. A member approached Mr. Roy Spargo who was recommended as having the interest and the expertise we needed and after negotiation he was appointed as our lawn supervisor for an Honorarium of $500 per annum. The appointment, in the first instance to be for one year from August 1st. 1982 to July 31st 1983 and to be reviewed at the end of that time.

A finance committee was also appointed to consider specifically fund raising. Suggestions included card evenings during the non-playing season and they took place on Wednesdays and Saturdays during August and September. They were well patronised by a nucleous [nucleus] of members and friends from our club and Marewa and altogether approximately $100 was raised. My thanks go to everyone who contributed to the social as well as to the financial success of the evenings. Other extra finance was received from donations – $75 from the Eastern and Central Savings Bank, towards upgrading the lawns; $25 plus sponsorship of a two day tournament from Broadlands Investments also donations from Mr Charles Crosby and the H.B. Croquet Association. Such generous help was most gratefully received.

Poor weather early in the season and the extra use of the lawns during the President’s Invitation Levels Tournament meant a lack of opportunity for fund raising Golf Croquet evenings as previously, however, proceeds from the Levels tournament helped to bridge some of the deficit. Indeed tournaments generally have added to our income and I must make special mention of the generousity [generosity] of Mrs Kathleen Patullo [Pattullo] who donated food and gave her time to prepare morning teas and lunches for the Easter Tournament. Club funds profited by approx. $80 for her marvellous efforts. In spite of individual and collective efforts finance continues to be of great concern. As you will hear again from the treasurer, costs are escalating weekly and to keep pace with such increases it is estimated that we need the income from at least ten more playing members next season. That surely is a challenge for us all, not only to encourage new members but to help them to enjoy the game enough so that they will stay.


On Sept. 29 the elected captain Mrs Joyce Flack’s resignation was received with regret. Mrs Vera Larner the then Vice-Captain was appointed to fill the vacancy and Mrs Flack agreed to accept the V-Capts. position. Mrs Flack, however, felt unable to continue in office or indeed as a playing member and her resignation from the club was received in December. The committee appointed Mrs Dorothy UNwin to the V-Capts. position after the Christmas Break and her services have been much appreciated. A resignation was also received from Mr Gibb who was unable to continue to now the lawns because of other comitments [commitments]. In recognition of his reliable services for 3 years a retiring gift of $20 was sent to Mr Gibb with a letter expressing our thanks for his good work. We were very fortunate to obtain the immediate services of Mr Humphrey a super-annuant [super-annuitant] with known experience in caring for lawns. A new employee, however meant a review of wages which resulted in an increase of $4 per cut to $16 per cut. This is still below an expected award wage but it is acceptable to Mr. Humphrey and a motion was passed at that time that the fee be reviewed annually at the beginning of the summer season.

Early in the season we benefited from the services of young boys placed on community work by the court. Their work was appreciated in gardening and painting and we are assured that more time will be allotted to us if the boys are available again under the scheme.

It was our pleasure during the season to share in the opening of the Marewa Club’s new lawns and pavillian [pavilion] and then to celebrate the Associations 50th tournament. The Jubilee Tournament in March started with a cocktail party in recognition of the occasion. It was a very happy function attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Napier together with past and present playing and non-playing members and visitors from many clubs who were in H.B. to participate in the Jubilee Tournament. Another important occasion to note was that of our Patronesses 80th. birthday. Mrs Ritchie is admired by us all for her continued croquet club activity and special greetings were delivered on your behalf by card and flowers in recognition of her being 80 years young.

As last year I would like to record the much appreciated work of Ernie Williams and Jack Ewen in lawn marking, watering and general maintenance. Thank you both for your many hours of service. Thank you also to Ron Patullo for


spraying weeds and indeed to all of you, whether committee members or not who have worked on behalf of the club during the year. Club spirit, I think, is as vital if not more so than the quality of play for the clubs future, and I am sure that members who can work together will all the more be able to enjoy their play together.

Some very hardworking and valued committee members complete their term of office this year or are not available for re-election. The treasurer, Mrs M. Ewen has very ably kept our financial affairs in order. We have appreciated your work Moira – thank you for all that you have done. Mrs V. Larner became captain almost by default but I think that she has executed her duties faultlessly. We all appreciate the pressure the demands of the captaincy placed upon you Vera and thank you for rising to the occasion, even though it was against your will initially. Mrs J Kenning has been a tower of strength to me personally, to the club and to the newer players. Enjoy your well earned retirement from office Joan and particularly enjoy more time with Gerald but please consider becoming active as a committee member again fairly soon. Mrs P. Green accepted her appointment in the catering and housekeeping area with many feelings of inadequacy but Peggy you have proved your adequacy without a doubt. You have done a marvellous job throughout the year, thank you for all your work. The club is indeed fortunate that Mrs Averill Sullivan is still available for re-election. I have appreciated your help and support as secretary Averill and I know that your continued work will benefit us all.

To the Vice President Tom Quayle and to all committee members my personal thanks. [As] a team I feel that we have worked together for the benefit of the club and for the promotion of croquet generally and I know that without your continued support my task would have been much harder.

On the whole I have enjoyed my 3 year term as President. Thank you for giving me the privilege of heading the committee you elected and of representing you all. I now look forward to supporting my successor and the committee you elect today and I wish them every success for their term of office.

B Waring

Brenda Waring

May 7 1983

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