Annual Report 1994-5


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with much pleasure that I present to you the 67th Annual Report of the Hastings Croquet Club (Inc.).

Again, it has been a very busy year with so much achieved by the work of your Committee. New carpet was laid in the ladies’ and men’s washrooms, also in the Clubhouse extension area. My thanks to Ray Marsh for organising this project. Two barbecues, a cake stall, Christmas Basket raffle and Easter Basket raffle have all benefited our club.

The three Winter Tournaments, Springfest, Silver Badges, Building Society and Non-Competitive Tournaments all proved lucrative to our Club. I hope the Non-Competitive Tournament will be carried on, either by the Association, or as a Club fundraiser.

It was very sad for our club to lose through death, Jean Cody on 27th December and Nan Barker on 14th March, both valued members of this club, and on 28th March a past President and dedicated member, and in latter years an Honorary Member, Kathleen Pattullo passed away; in all a great loss to us.

During the season, Graham Bishop moved to Nelson and Nancy Willis to Christchurch, another blow to this Club.

An Open Day on 6th November gained us three new members. We have also added four new umpires to our list – congratulations to Jenny Betts, Eileen Franklin, Olive Mitchell and Beryl Steenson.

On the 14th January a social afternoon was held, to join with Kath and Ernie Williams to celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary, a very happy time was spent and enjoyed by all. We were privileged that afternoon to have the company of our four life members.

On 15th March and 3rd May, we joined together again to honour Molly Donovan and Jean Cross on the occasion of their 80th birthdays.

The Hastings Building Society continues to support our Club, with donations for a two day tournament and also an Open Day each year. Members with accounts with the Society also have their subscriptions subsidised by $20. We thank them very much for their continued interest in our Club.

Although our club is vandalised from time to time, no serious damage has yet happened. The mower shed was recently broken into and one mower stolen, but this has now been replaced with a later model. Recently the club purchased 4 sets of 1st colour Barlow Balls and 4 sets of 2nd Colour; although our Dawson Balls are still in good condition the Barlow Balls seem to have priority.

Congratulations to all competition winners and thank you to the umpires who willingly turned out to do the umpiring for the matches.

My sincerest thanks to Executive and Committee members who have been loyal and supportive during my term. To all members who have given their time to help, in whatever capacity, I thank you all.

Our lawns have been in fairly good condition and coped with the very wet weather which brought on the fungus, but that seems to be under control. My thanks to Bill Dougan who mows the lawns and is always willing to help us out. Recently he sprayed for worms and also spread the fertiliser.

Welcome to new members in our Club, I hope you will enjoy your croquet and the fellowship of our members. To Mrs Robyn Laughton, Honorary Auditor, a very big thank you.

To Audrey McCracken, my successor, I wish you all the best for the coming season and I know that the members of this club will continue to co-operate and support you.

I wish you all a Very Happy 1995-96 Season.

N Harrison

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13 May 1995


  • Nan Barker
  • Jenny Betts
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  • Jean Cody
  • Jean Cross
  • Molly Donovan
  • Bill Dougan
  • Eileen Franklin
  • N Harrison
  • Mrs Robyn Langton
  • Audrey McCracken
  • Olive Mitchell
  • Kathleen Pattullo
  • Beryl Steenson
  • Ernie Williams
  • Kath Williams
  • Nancy Wills

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