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The Art of Better Business


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The Art of Better Business


Only yesterday printers were people up to their necks in ink and out of their depth in business.

They were technicians.

They still are. But good printers today must offer much more. We were among the first to grasp this fact, and to act on it. Which is why today we can offer a range of in-house facilities unmatched, we believe, by any printer in the Central North Island.

A full design concept and artwork service embracing professional logo and leaflet design.

Computerised digitised typesetting.

Modern printing presses with the capacity to print everything from self-adhesive labels and envelopes, to computer stationery and 1, 2, 3 and 4 colour brochures.

Direct mail marketing campaigns.

Guillotining, folding and bindery facilities for any job.

This professional range of services is what all printers strive for. but few achieve. It is a total in-house Design Print service, taking the job from conception to completion. A service which has led to the spectacular growth of our business, often at the expense of our competitors.

It is, we believe, a print service unique in the Central North Island.

We’d welcome the chance to quote for you.

On any job.


In 1978, after a few months working for a small Napier firm, Mark Brebner, an offset printer with experience in the UK, decided to go it alone, and bought the company.

Two years later he was joined by his present partner, Neville Smith, a typographer with considerable experience in production, planning and marketing.

October 1985 saw the acquisition of the long-established Palmerston North firm, Simon print.

February 1988 the 90 year old Hastings firm of Hart Print.

May 1989 Clark & Matheson, Hamilton.

Total staff – 85 plus

Offset Printing Units – 27

Not bad for a couple of Hawke’s Bay guys who began in a building no bigger than your average house.


The printer who tells you he never misses a deadline is not a printer, he’s a dreamer.

Our track record’s one we’re very proud of. Many’s the time we’ve worked through the weekend, and through the night, to get the job done.

We know the name of the game is Service, and we are committed to it.


Is Presentation

And that’s a question of the signals you are sending out to your customers.

Your letterhead. Does it look like it was thrown together by the founder’s son back in 1957? Your logo. Are you a Ferrari company with a Morris sign?

Your invoices. Do they look like they mean business?

Your business cards. Do they get lost in the crowd?

What about your price-lists, your envelopes, manuals, bulletins, tickets, invitations, labels etc????

Hundreds of businesses have asked themselves these questions. From small one-man operations to major national companies.

And many of them have come to us for answers. We have found those answers. And printed them. On time and to the quoted price.

That is the Art of Better Business.

And to companies which have already got their act together, (and maybe we helped them get there!), we can offer a thousand and one marketing and promotional tools.

Everything from drink coasters and stickers to brochures like this.

There’s very little we can ‘t do.


As a major local employer with a very high level of staff activity, we are wholly in, of and for the areas we serve and live in.

BREBNER PRINT, SIMON PRINT and CLARK & MATHESON jointly employ around 85 people.

And we haven’t stopped growing yet.

The economies of scale we can pass on to you.

Having been forced to take a highly competitive stance in the local marketplace, we find we can now foot it on any terms with our metropolitan counterparts.

Our overheads are lower, our workforce is more settled.

And our pencils are much sharper.

It is for these reasons that many city-based companies find it convenient and cost-effective to entrust their printing to us.

So of course do the thousands of local customers who have always been, and will remain, the backbone of our business.

We reckon the printer who turns away the little guy soon turns into an ex-printer


The needs of every business are unique to that business.

So the design and manufacture of Business Forms is certainly no task for amateurs.

A form that looks good but doesn’t work is not a lot of use to anyone.

We print forms that work, with a consistency of typeface and ink-colour that ensures uniformity and a professional presentation.

Computer Stationery is format – designed  to the parameters of the specific software package. Much of our paper we import direct, giving us a considerable price advantage which we can pass on to you.

Forms Management.

We put a lot of work into it.
So you get a lot more out of it.
Part of the service.
Part of the Art of Better Business.


Advanced printing technology can provide high quality, short-run printing jobs faster and more cost-effectively than your photocopier!

“Instant Print” is real offset (litho) printing.

Supplied with a camera-ready original, artwork or previously printed copy, an offset paper plate is photographed and reproduced and 5,000 copies can be printed The Same Day.

So if you’re in a real hurry, remember: we’ve got some real speedy machines . . .

Try us. YES is a word we use a lot.


CLARK & MATHESON was established in 1947 and grew steadily to become 42 years later, part of one of the biggest – and  certainly the most go-ahead Printing Groups in the Central North Island.

With the relocation into bright new premises, the installation of modern offset machines and a new management team, CLARK & MATHESON can now offer the best of the past and the best of tomorrow, today.

And thanks to a close association with their Hawke’s Bay and Manawatu cousins. (BREBNER PRINT and SIMON PRINT), CLARK & MATHESON can now offer clients in the Waikato and well beyond, the benefits of scale, advanced technology and expertise-in-depth.

This can only mean better service, better value for money.

Keith Davidson, General Manager

Jennifer Cleary, Sales Representative

Chris Mills, Factory Manager

Their wide-ranging expertise and collective skills in all facets of the printing trade gives this team the professional edge.


From a small business started by George Simon With a War Rehab Loan, SIMON PRINT grew steadily to become in 1985 part of one of the biggest – and certainly the most go-ahead Printing Groups in the Central North Island.

Thanks to this association with their Hawke’s Bay and Waikato cousins, SIMON PRINT can now offer clients in the Manawatu and beyond the benefits of scale, advanced technology and expertise-in-depth.

This can only mean better service, better value for money.

Mark Dennison, General Manager

Jeremy Cole, Sales Manager

Ian Moroney, Factory Manager

Their wide ranging expertise and collective skills in all facets of the printing trade gives this team the professional edge.


The “front end” of our business is in fact a separate business altogether, but one in which we have a personal, professional and financial interest.

Horizon Advertising

The Advertising Works

Like us, they have a hands-on, down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to their work which is both refreshing and highly successful.

For some flair, a bit of magic or a touch of gloss – as well as sound, hard-headed advice – we’d put them where we put ourselves.

Streets ahead.



Mark Brebner   Neville Smith

Lynn Brebner

Graham McCormick – Group Sales Manager
Dean McLean – Factory Manager
Julie Mallard – Sales Representative
John Boyd – Artroom Supervisor
Christine Walker – Typography Supervisor

Mark Dennison – General Manager
Jeremy Cole – Sales Manager
Ian Moroney – Factory Manager

Keith Davidson – General  Manager
Jennifer Cleary – Sales  Representative
Chris Mills – Factory  Manager

Westpac Banking Corporation
Dickens Street, Napier

Oldershaw & Co
Kennedy Road, Marewa, Napier

Elvidge & Partners
Bower Street, Napier


Brebner Print
Taradale Road
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Telephone (070) 433-033

Queen Street
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Simon Print
125 Grey Street
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Telephone (063) 87-129

Clark & Matheson
25 Devon Road,
PO Box 9047
Fax (071) 473-725
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Taradale Road, PO Box 613, Napier
New Zealand
Telephone (070) 433-033 – Fax  (070) 433-030






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