Balfour Diary 01 1868-1870


Diary of the Kakariki Station

From the 28th March 1868
12th May 1870

Kept by

D.P. Balfour.

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Dairy [Diary] of the Kakaike [Kakariki] Station
March 28th Saturday.   Our partnership commenced today, mustering sheep on Moeangiangi. George Farrow is at McKinnons with Allens sheep.
29 Sunday.   I went through the run with Allens sheep, went to Waikari to see Tait but did not see him. Weather fine.
30th & 31st & April 1st, 2nd & 3rd.   Mustering on Moeangiangi   G.F. [George Farrow] and James Wishart came to help with the sheep
April 4th S [Saturday]   Mustering the Waipapa and draughting [drafting] the sheep. Windy N.W. [Nor’west]
April 5 Sunday   Finished the drafting and packed up the swags and started


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with the sheep, reached Putirino [Putorino] Pa and camped. Very clear moonlight.
April 6th M [Monday]   We got accross [across] the River with the sheep when Tait came, and after very laborious work we got on about three miles, and camped in the middle of Taits run, clear moonlight high, with heavy dew.
April 7th T [Tuesday]   I made an early start, went through some very heavy fern, reached “Dolbels” track about 4 P.M, went two miles on the track and camped, heavy dew or light frost – the first of the season.
April 8th W [Wednesday]   Made an early start   G.F. went on to explore, found a track and went on, got to Kakariki by midday, found three men in occipation [occupation] of the house

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April 8th
who gave us dinner and showed us the track accross the Heruheru, we counted the sheep and put them up on the “First flat”. Then James Wishart and I went to Allens for G.Fs swags, and back home by 10 PM
[Margin note – Saw Mr. Bold for the 1st time]
April 9th   Shepherding, fine
April 10th T [Thursday]   I went to look at the sheep and found them all right. G.F. & J.W [James Wishart] went to Mohaka and he got 5 1/3 bushells. Fine warm weather
April 11th F [Friday]   G.F. went to look at the sheep and I went to the Mataihouroa [Matahorua] for my swag, mare and foal etc and then went to Moeangiangi and settled with W.T.G [William Trench Guinness]  Weather fine.
April 12th S   I started from Moeangiangi early but could not get the foal to take the


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April 12th
hill until nearly 11 A.M.   it was 12 noon when I was on the top of Te Whenua and then I got home by 5 P.M. A splendid warm day.
April 13th Sunday.   G.F. and I went to look at the sheep and then we went to look at the run, and we saw 17 wild sheep, rounded them up in the fern and tied all their legs, cut two ewe lambs and let them go, killed a ram and brought him home for dogs meat.
April 14th M   G.F. “Bill” and I went and killed the wild sheep, brought six home, all the skins and fat, weather fine. Heavy dews at night.
April 15th T   I Shepherding, G.F. went to Mohaka and I went to meet him, brought home the horse and pack (Salt and Mill)   he went back to Mohaka. A very wet day.

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April 16th T   Went to look at the sheep, G.F. left Wisharts for Napier. I fixed the mill and made a girth, another wet day.
April 17th   Shepherding and shearing the sheep, and washing wool. Showery.
April 18th S   The same as yesterday   Showery
April 19th Sunday   shepherding, fine, dull,
April 20th M   Shepherding, fencing and attending to the wool. Allens dog came yesterday, and Allen came for him today. Planted some onions in the old sheepwash yards, slight showers,
April 21st   Shepherding   G.F. came back from Napier without any sheep   a very wet day
April 22nd   Shepherding
April 23rd   Shepherding, G.F. and I went to Taits Whare to look at the cooking utensils   fine day


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April 24th   Shepherding. Saw 10 wild sheep. Killed a ram whose hide, tallow and shoulders was as much as I could carry home, G.F. fencing at the mouth of the Kakariki creek   fine
April 25th   Shepherding, went for the other part of the ram, repairing the Whakapu, made a gate.   Fair
April 26th Sunday   Shepherding   Showery
April 27th M   We nailed up the three doors in the front of the house and fixed the windows. It cleared in the afternoon, I went Shepherding. G.F. went fencing
April 28th   G.F. went to Waikari [Waikare] with meat   I Shepherding, 2nd Frosty morning, fine days
April 29th   Shepherding and fencing. G.F. came home from Waikare with nails, grindstone etc, fine   N.W.

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April 30th T   Shepherding and repairing the fence   G.F. went to Mohaka and brought home the camp oven. Fine, S.W.
May 1st   Shepherding.   G.F. and self at the paddock  fine   N.W.
May 2nd   Shepherding.   G.F. and self at the paddock  fine   S.W [Sou’west].
May 3rd    Sunday, Shepherding   G.F. and I went pig hunting.  I washed, fine day, rain at night, S.E [South-east].
May 4th   Shepherding. finished the paddock all but the pairing.  crosscut part of a tree in the bush, very showery   S.W
May 5th   Wet day, taking up the floor and cleaning out underneath, and nailed it down again. 3.P.M. cleared up   Shepherding
May 6th W   Shepherding. G.F. finished the pailings on the fence, crosscut out the log, split 10 posts and 13 rails. Very fine. N.W.


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May 7th T   Hoar frost. Shepherding. G.F. went to Mohaka for the mail, when he came back we together split posts and rails   R. Murry [Murray?] and J. Wishart came for their horses. Murry staid [stayed] here. Wishart in the bush. Fine, cool day, rain at night   S.W.
May 8th F   G.F. and I went pig hunting and Shepherding, killed two sows, brought one home, Split posts and rails, Murry & Wishart found their horses. cloudy, showery night.
May 9th S   Wet morning, the Sayers went down the river with a raft containing 1576 feet of Timber belonging to Sims & G.F. and I split the remainder of the Matai and one log of Rimu. after dark G.F. made an axe and tomahawk handle and I fixed the grindstone   Slight showers from 10a.m.

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May 10th Sunday.   G.F. and I went to look on the cliffs, saw 9 wild sheep and brought them home, put them in the paddock and Ear marked one full mouthed Ewe   1. two tooth do one ewe lamb. one ram do. Very fine
May 11th M   Hoar frost. Shepherding. G.F. and I cutting scrub, cut about ½ an acre. The ram I killed on the 23rd April has fed all 5 dogs up to tonight   Equal to 90 feeds for one dog, Very fine day   N.W.
May 12th Tu   Shepherding and cutting scrub with G.F.   commenced to put a handle in the old spade after dark cloudy and calm
May 13th W   Shepherding an cutting scrub, after dark G.F. made a rake, and I putting on handle in the spade. Very fine day with frost last night. N.W.


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May 14th   Frosty morning. Shepherding, heard a dog bark by the river, could not see him, went up the river, saw some good grass land, coming home saw two wild Ewes, brought them home, put up a pannel [panel] of fence in the corner stockyard. Shore a sheep and killed it, after dark finished the spade and picked light panakins [pannikins] of wheat, G.F. working at the stockyard, went to Mohaka then to Waikari for wheat and dish. Beautiful day.  9 PM freezing
May 15th F   frosty morning, Shepherding and burning off scrub on the Grub Ground. The Sayers left the bush and went down the river G.F. came home from Waikari with Wheat, dish and two pumpkins   Most beautiful weather, W by N

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May 16th   Frosty, Shepherding, burning off with G.F. Very fine. N.W.
May 17th Sunday   G.F. and I went round the cliffs by the river. Saw some very good grass, and large quantities of Cape goose-berries. Peach trees etc. Fine, frosty.
May 18th   G.F. Shepherding., I burning off, came on to rain at 4 P.M., came home, G.F. washing, killed a sheep etc. I made the rakes. Showery during night
May 19th   G.F. and I started to Taits Whare to bring the things we bought, but killing the wild Sheep, we tried to bring them home, brought 20 of them within 1½ miles to home and lost them, I had not “Wait” with me. Mr Guinness came while we were away and took away the Filly etc. Very heavy dew, fine day. N.W.


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May 20th W   G.F. and I went to look for the wild sheep and found them, brought home 16, killed 1 on the run, lost 1 and left 2, got two of Taits and the one we killed. In the afternoon I burned scrub on the G.G [Grub Ground]. G.F. went for the sheep he killed, after dark made a hurdle, cloudy   S.W.
May 21st   G.F. Shepherding and burning scrub. I went up the Heruheru and shore a ram, then went to Mohaka for the first time, took some fat for Sims, he would not take it, Cloudy, cold day   S.W.
May 22nd   F   A regular wet day. G.F. Shep [Shepherding]. Making an axe and adze handle etc. I finished the hurdle, made a rake, fixed the side board   Sharpened all the tools, made a stool etc 9 P.M. and still raining, little or no wind
May 23rd   S   Another out and out wet day

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G.F. Shepherding, I making and mending bags. I making Shingle, branding paint and a ladder, branding bags etc. 9 P.M. and still raining, steady and mildly. calm
May 24th   It rained very heavy during the night but the morning broke beautifully and turned out a splendid day. G.F. tried to cross the Heruheru, threw all his clothes accross but could no cross himself, walked home naked. he crossed it at 2 P.M. by means of a rope, and came home by the “White horse cliffs” and had to swim it there, and lost his hat, I made a D.K, beautiful clear day   N.W.
May 25 M   creeks high, no Shepherding, digging in the G.G [Grub Ground]. Fine   N.W.
May 26th Tu   G.F. and I went to Taits whare for the things, viz – a Cask, 1 Kettle,


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1 frying pan, 2 Axes and when we came to the Mohaka it was too high to cross, we left the things on the other side of the creek and swam it, had dinner, G.F. Shore a sheep, I Shore 2, fine day, S. Saw the first lamb about this time.
May 27th W   Dewy morning, Shepherding, G.F. digging, in the afternoon we Shore 12 Wild Sheep, fine, very light showers
May 28th Th   Felt an Earthquake this morning while at breakfast 7 a.m. Dewy morning, Shepherding. G.F. digging I digging p.m, after dark making Shingles. To day I killed 180 fleas on one blanket, fine   N.W.
May 29th   Frosty morning, Shepherding and digging with G.F. I killed 249 fleas on the same blanket. Day fine, night frosty. S.W.
May 30th   Shepherding, killed a pig. Digging   G.F.

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digging and went to Maungaharuru [Mangaharuru], I found G.Fs hat, and killed 151 fleas from the same blanket (making a total of 580 fleas from one blanket in three days (Query, where do they come from)   Weather fine, Wind. S.W.
May 31st Sunday. G.F. came back from Maungaharuru with a pack of Potatoes, and he exchanged the Old Mare for a chesnut [chestnut] one. He and Holloway had a conversation about the boundry [boundary] of the run, but G.F. Saw Dolbel in Napier on the 16th March 1868 when D. told G.F. that the Kakariki run extended beyond the Kakarangu, as far as ko-te-ara-po
June 1st M   G.F. and I Mustered the banks of the Mohaka, and took 160 Sheep


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to the Gooseberry point, brought the things from the other side of the creek pulling on the saddle boards on the house, fine, cool day. 9 P.M. Showery.
June 2nd Tu   G.F. Shepherding, he and I digging in the G.G.   fine   N.W.
June 3rd W   G.F. Shepherding, I digging and burning off, Mr Guinness came for me to go and Muster Moeangiangi, he staid all night, fine frosty, S.W.
June 4th Th.   It rained during the night, and a slight snow on the ground in the morning, finished the saddle boards of the house then rode to Mohaka with Mr Guinness and went to Pearces, coming home rode with young Murry. Very cold N.W.
June 5th F   Frosty morning   G.F. Shepherding, he and I digging in the G.G. G.F. killed a Sheep 9 P.M.   freezing hard.

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June 6th S   G.F. Shepherding. I digging in the G.G. G.F. went home Sick. Mr W.J.G. came to tell me not to go to Moeangiangi until further orders. Very Frosty   N.W.
June 7th Sunday   G.F. Shepherding, I nil   N.W.
June 8th   G.F. and I went out to Mount Aarrat [Ararat] and killed two cows, and brought home 250 lbs on the “bald faced mare”   G.F. carried the feet and half the fat. I carried 30 lbs Meat; salted the meat, fine frosty
June 9th Tu   Frosty morning, Shepherding. G.F. and I went for another load of meat and brought on the mare 200 lb, making in all 480 lb Meat. G.F. and I each carried a hide etc weighing respectively 75 and 73 lbs. Salted the meat and went digging in the G.G. fine, frosty, […]
June 10th W   Slight frost, Shepherding, heard a dog


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bark on the other wide of the Mohaka river bed, Sheep all right. Digging with G.F. in the afternoon and broke the old spade, then burning scrub on the G.G. after dark made a candle box, fine, N.W.
June 11th Th   Shepherding and digging G.F. went to Mohaka on foot with a letter for J.R. and a newspaper for W.W, brought a letter from W.T.G. and a New Spade, he came home after dark very tired, no frost, cloudy and threatening for rain, W.
June 12th F   No Shepherding. Both digging and G.F. sowed ¼ acre of Wheat, fine and cloudy N.
June 13th   Slight frost, Shepherding, G.F. sowed another ¼ acre Wheat and some leeks and potatoe [potato], onions. I raking Wheat. 4 P.M. rain for a hour and half. 9 PM, fine.
June 14th Sunday.   G.F. went to Allens for Salt,

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I went to Moeangiangi to muster sheep, fine but cold day.
June 15th M   G.F. Shepherding, Sowed Onions and digging in the Grub Ground, morticing posts. I repairing the sheep yards at Moeangiangi, a very wet day.
June 16th June Tu   G.F. Morticing posts, A.M, Shepherding P.M. I doing nothing at Moeangiangi, an out-and-out wet day.
June 17th W   G.F. Morticing Posts all day   I left Moeangiangi for Napier at 7 a.m. and when I got to Patene [Petane] River I could not cross, had to turn back and go by the beach, Got to town at 3.20. p.m.   a regular wet day from Morning to Night.
June 18th Th   Heavy showers all day, G.F. Morticing posts   the Mohaka very high indeed. I left Napier. 11 A.m. Got to Patene, the river


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had broke out during the night and I could not cross it anywhere. I stayed at Mrs McHardy’s and there saw John Gamble, John McKenzie, McNaughton etc. No rain at Napier.
June 19th   The Heruheru was to high to cross so G.F. raked the wheat over. I left McHardys with McK. and McN crossed the river on their horse, and got to Moeangiangi about  2P.M., McK & McN McN. came abot [about] 4 P.M. fine cool day
June 20th S   G.F. Shepherding A.M, digging P.M. I repairing the fence in the far paddock of Moeangiangi. fine day
June 21st Sunday   G.F.  cooking and washing A.M, and Shepherding P.M. I doing nothing at Moeangiangi, Allen was last seen by Murry 10 P.M., fine cloudy day.

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June 22nd M   G.F. Shepherding A.M. Digging P.M. S. Holloway and Joe Vaunt came from Maungaharuru, J. Maunsel [Maunsell] and J. McK went out to the head of the Moeangiangi to muster sheep and mustered all the Gullies and Spurs about there and slept in the Tent at the Kiakia. fine.
June 23rd T   G.F. Shepherding and digging, S. Hollow. [Holloway] and Joe Vaunt went home, W.T.G., J. McK, Maunsel and I Mustered the Spring hill range, took the sheep home and returned to the Kiakia. fine day, cool night. Allen found dead
June 24th W   G.F. Shepherding and digging. Allen buried. W.T.G., J. McK, Maun [Maunsel], Gamble and I mustering Hokonui, it came on to rain in the afternoon. and rained all night, very hard


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June 25th Th.   G.F. went to Mohaka for the Mail. I doing nothing at Moeangiangi it being a wet day   we killed a Turkey and prepared a feast, and when cooked Mr Walker and Alex’r [Alexander] McKenzie came and partook of it. the rain cleared, fine night.
June 26th   G.F. Shepherding and digging   he distinctly heard two dogs killing a pig on the other side of the river   Powers came and stayed all night. all hands and I mustering the Waitirea & Te Whenua.   fine day
June 27th S   G.F. Shepherding and digging, he heard the two dogs howl in the same place, the sheep seemed undisturbed by the dogs. All hands and I Mustering Orongonui, and the Maori Spur, fine.
June 28th   G.F. cooking and washing A.M. Shepherding P.M. and killed a pig.

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W.T.G.  Maun’l [Maunsell] and I Mustered the Echo hill and RoriRore A.M. All hands Mustered the Waipapa and had great work with the young lambs, to get them down Sullivan’s hill, a very fine day, 10 White men at Moeangiangi
June 29th M   G.F. digging all day. All hands (10 in Number) drafting sheep at Moeangiangi, got Coopers sheep out and turned to others on the Middle hill. Very fine day
June 30th Tu   G.F. Shepherding and digging   A & J. McK. took the sheep from Moeangiangi to Waikari. I took a pack load of pumkin [pumpkin], Taro and Fruit trees from Moeangiangi and got home to Kakarika [Kakariki] just after dark, tired, fine day
July 1st W   G.F. Shepherding. He and I digging Making Shingle after dark. Making up a/c, very fine day


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July 2nd Th   G.F. went to Mohaka for Mail, brought a letter from M.B, pruning the Peach trees, I digging in the G.G. all day, very fine, 9 P.M. freezing
July 3rd   G.F. Shepherding and pruning the peach trees and digging with me, in the G.G. fine cool day. light rain after dark.
July 4th S   G.F. and I went to the Anaura to look for wild Sheep. we then went up to MaungaHaruru, Saw Holloway, Vaunt and “Rodack”. We then went to Bees, Met G.B [George Bee]. and Miss E and Miss T.B, in the Bush, went home with them, stayed all night there. Very fine day. N
July 5th Sunday   G.F. and I left Bees and went to Dolbels, it commenced to rain. We left D’s at 10 A.M. went along the Supposed boundry to Kokaranu[?] and then home   a cold wet day   N.W.

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July 6th M   Shepherding and Pig hunting   Killed a Boar and a Sow. G.F. digging all day alone, fine cloudy day   NW
July 7th   Shepherding and Raiking [Raking] in the G.G.  G.F. digging and raking, fine   N.W.
July 8th W   Shepherding. G.F. Sowed ½ acre of wheat. In the afternoon both chiping [chipping] it in, Stormy and wet A.M. fine windy P.M.
July 9th Th   G.F. started for Mohaka but could not cross the river, he chipping in the Wheat, I Shepherding A.M. chipping P.M. fine, W,
July 10th F.   G.F. Brush frieing [firing] the G.G. came onto rain 10 A.M. he boaring [boring] Posts till dark, I took out 13 wild Sheep and joined them with tame ones. Shepherding, came home, and pointing Rails, Rain from the N.E.
July 11th Sat.   Shepherding, A.M. fencing the G.G. P.M. frosty morning and changeable day


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July 12th Sunday,   Shepherding A.M. and in the afternoon made myself a Birthday present in the shape of a new cap. N.E.   N.W. very hard frost in the morning, fine day, freezing 9 P.M.
July 13th M   G.F. Shepherding, I fencing the G.G A.M, P.M. planting raddish [radish], Taro, Cherry trees & raspberry canes, burning off, after dark Sharpened some tools and put a handle in a Tomahawk, fine cool.
July 14th Tu   G.F. Shepherding and burning scrub on the G.G. I making hurdles in the Bush. Threatening rain at daylight, but fine day   N. by W
July 15th W   G.F. Shepherding   Killed three pigs P.M, falling scrub around the fence in the G.G. I making hurdles, frosty but fine
July 16th Th   G.F. went to Mohaka for Mail etc   I finished 6 Hurdles and made a graiting [grating?] for the door, fine, W.
July 17th F   G.F. Shep’g [Shepherding] and working in the G.G. Setting vines, plums Onions etc etc.

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July 17th
I splitting 26 posts in the Bush and making a maul, cloudy and windy   N.E. & N.W.
July 18th S   G.F. Shepherding, working, and setting Potatoes in the G.G. and boring posts   I Splitting 25 Posts and made a maul […]W
July 19th Sunday   G.F. Shepherding. I washing and made a flannel Shirt and Exploring for a new road up the creek [creek]. wet, last night, calm.
July 20th M   Shepherding, Splitting Posts & rails P.M. S, Holloway came in the afternoon and stayed all night, felt a shock of Earthquake about 7 P.M. fine W
July 21st Tu   S Holloway went home. I went Shepherding and pig hunting   Killed a large Boar, splitting and sawing P.M.   after dark sharpened the X cut saw, fine
July 22nd W   Shepherding. G.F. and I trying to split a Kahikatia [Kahikatea] log


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but Split three Mauls and not the log. After dark: making a Maul, Saw the first Konini in blossom at the “White Horses”   fine threatening for rain   N. By W.
July 23rd Th   Shepherding, Splitting and Sawing White Pine for rails. It rained from 4 to 5 P.M.   fine   N. By W. Com’ncd [Commenced] the Pk [Pack] Saddle
July 24th F   SW   I Splitting in the P.M. with G.F. after dark Making Girths. Very fine   W by N
July 25th S   Shep’g   saw two fires on the other side of River P.M. Splitting 100 Rails with G.F. After Dark Making Pack Saddle, fine   N.W. frosty
July 26th Sunday   A regular out-&-out Black Nor’ Easter comenced [commenced] about 3 this morning and continued without intermission till now (9 PM), I Made a flannel Shirt & reading. The Willows are shooting their leaves.
July 27th M   The Black Nor’Easter continued

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all day without intermission   G.F. morticed Posts & I pointed rails   we went to see the River, found the gate gone.   Shifted the two piles of stones[?], After dark making pk sad’l [saddle], 9.P.M. it shows signs of Breaking.
July 28th Tu   It did clear up about Daybreak, but remained cloudy all day. 9.P.M. freezing. G.F. Splitting rails I pointing Rails. AD [after dark] finished a girth
July 29th W   G.F. Splitting rails. I pointing rails   very fine. freezing N.W. Making Girths.
July 30th Th   G.F. went pig hunting   killed a Sow   repairing the GG. fence, Sowing Onions etc, G. pointing rails all day, AD Making girth   felt a shock of Earthquake at 9¼ PM   frosty morning, fine day   N.W.   freezing


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July 31st F   G.F. Shep’rd [Shepherding]   digging for clay, I commenced to build a “leanto” to the back of the House, fine, frosty, N.
August 1st S   G.F. Shepherding & fixing the mill[?] in the lean-too, I Shingled the lean too, rain during morning, fine changeable day, N.W   AD G.F, finished the pk S’de [saddle], I fin’d [finished] Girths.
August 2nd Sunday   G.F. Shep’g and pig hunting   he killed two good sows. I mending my clothes, Snow in sight this morning, & Te Whenua was covered with it. cold and wintry day. S.E. frosty
August 3rd M   G.F. She’rd [Shepherding] and brought home the other pig. I made two sections of the grating of the “leantoo” P.M. G.F. & I went and commenced the cutting up the Kakariki hill. Very fine day, frosty night.
August 4th   I Shep’g, G.F. & I doing the side cutting   Very fine. N.W.

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August 5th   G.F. finished the earth cutting on the Kakariki hills, then went to Mohaka to try and get Sims bullocks, I Shep’g and pig hunting   killed two boars and a sow. P.M. cutting a Sledge track through the Bush, frosty and fine NW
August 6th   G.F. came home from Mohaka with the Wool bags and harness, I Shepherding   brought home a sow, and making grating in the bush, The Peach trees are blooming and willows sprouting, Very fine, Calm
August 7th   G.F. Sledging posts and rails for the yards, with the bald faced mare. We got the “grey horse” in to the paddock. I Shepherding, P.M. cutting Manukas for the chimney and prospecting for clay   fine   calm
August 8th S   I Shep’g and went to goose-berry point. found all the gooseberrys


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ate by birds, P.M. G.F. & I Sledged down 8 Manuka poles for the chimney, digging clay for chimney   Very fine, frosty nights   W
August 9th Sunday, I Shep’g. About 1 P.M we caught the “White Horse.” Saddled & bridled him, G.F. rode him a few hundred yards, we then put the collar and harness on him and sledged a load of rails to the yard. He was so very kind and quiet as to perfectly astonish me, He is supposed to have run wild since the 1st Dec’r [December] 1867. The weather remarkably fine nights   frosty   W
August 10th M   G.F. Shep’g, he saw four wild Sheep in the “Bullock Head Swamp”, He rounded them up, tied their legs, Killed one and brought it home, PM he went and Shore the wild sheep and brought another home, I splitting slabs for “lean too” P.M. Sledging rails with “White Horse”. Very fine   cloudy   W

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August 11th   It commenced to rain this morning about 5 o’clock and kept on without intermission all day and no signs of it clearing (9 P.M.) G.F. Morticing posts etc. I mended the wheel-barrow, Sledged one load of slabs and working at the Lean too. AD commenced to make the wool bags
August 12th   It rain’d all night up to day break and remained cloudy & showery all day. We commenced the sheep yards, fenced right round except 2 pannel, AL Making wool bags, freezing
August 13th   Very hard frosty morning. G.F. sledging AM, morticing posts etc P.M. I pulled down the chimney. commenced to build it again  Very fine day   N.W.   frosty
August 14th G.F. Shep’g and brought home the


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wild wool, he Sledging posts with the mare, I Sledging rails with the horse A.M. and working at the chimney P.M. AL finished sewing the wool bags, hard frosty morning. Showery
August 15th S   G.F. Sledging A.M. I mixing clay for chimney P.M. Both put the first tier of clay on and finished the day fencing at the Sheepyards. Showery all day   N.E.
August 16th Sunday   G.F. Shep’g and pig hunting without success, I went to Allens with the collar etc. Saw Powers and brought home Salt and candle mould, I was very bad with piles, Very showery S E
August 17th   G.F. Shep’g and pig hunting, he Killed a Boar and a Sow, brought Sow home   I Swinging gates in the sheep yards A.M,. building chimney and fencing sheep yards P.M. AD Painting Brands, Slight Showers all day. N.E.

Page 35

August 18th   G.F. Boring posts, AM. I Shp’g [Shepherding] A.M. building chm [chimney]. and finished fencing sheep yards. one hail Shower from S,E, fine.
August 19th   G.F. Splitting and Morticing posts   I finished swinging gates of Sheepyards, building chm, pointing rail, frosty morning, cloudy, calm.
August 20th    G.F. Morticing posts, I Shep’g and pointing rails, build chm   cloudy Night   calm   Showery
August 20th   Building chm. G.F. Morticing, I point’g rails, AD made gate pegs, Slight Showers   calm.
August 21st   Sheph’g and building chm. It rained from 2 o’clock till dark 9 P.M. clear & calm, It has rained every day nearly for these last 10 Days.
August 23rd   Sunday. Frosty Morning. G.F. went to Coopers for Mails, letter from T.R. I Shp’g, saw a wild wether and brought him home, Showery
August 24th    G.F. & I went out cattle-hunting and altho we saw plenty yet was unsuccessful


Page 36

in killing any. Killed a Boar and came home   Killed the wether I brought home yesterday. Very cold but fine   S.E.
August 25th   Both building chm, P.M. G.F. Shp’g & boring posts, I Pointing rails. cold, hail SE
August 26th   There was an inch of snow on the ground this morning, Both splitting posts and rails AM   building chm. G.F. went to Mohaka for Sims’ bullocks. I clearing way for fence, cold   Showery SE.
August 27th   G.F. came home from Mohaka at dark without the bullocks. I Shep’g, clearing for the fence and pointing rails, Very Showery SE
August 28th   Frosty morning. G.F. started for Napier about Dolbels “Order” and R.K. & Co cheque   I Sledged till 2 P.M. then pointed rails. Very fine, Today is the first day without rain for 17 days.
August 29th   Pig hunting, Killed a young boar near the old Sheepwash, caught the Grey horse & Sledged 14 Pannel of rails, Very fine & frosty.

Page 37

August 30th Sunday.   Slight frost, Shep’g   The first real Nor Wester of the Season   blew all day and is blowing now (9 P.M.)
August 31st   Sledging all day with mare A.M. with horse P.M. AL made a green-hide rope, Another dry Nor Wester, This is the first 24 hours without either rain or frost for Several weeks, This day reminds me very much of September weather in […]
Sept’r [September] 1st Tuesday. Very heavy Rain during night, got up at half past one AM to cover chm   Shep’g and pig hunting. Killed a large boar and a sow. Sledging P.M. Windy but fine N.W.
Sept’r 2nd W.   Shep’ng [Shepherding] & brought home the boar A.M. and finished Sledging P.M. It rained (More or less) all day   SE
Sept’r 3rd   Pointing rails A.M. G.F. came home from Napier via Maungaharuru


Page 38

bringing a horse (Pongou) from Bees and a pack of potatoes from Dolbels, P.M. building chm, a beautiful day, frosty
Sept 4th   G.F. and I brush fencing in Ponga creek   Killed a pig coming home very late. Slight frost. S.
Sept 5th   G.F. and I Mixing clay, cutting seed potatoes and put up 20 pannel of fencing, very showery SE
Sept 6th Sunday,   I went pig hunting & lost the pig bitch, but found her in the afternoon. Very Showery. S.E.
Sept 7th M   G.F. Shp’g & pig hunting, Killed a boar, he & I. Setting Potatoes, Tait came in the afternoon and stoped [stopped] all night, I aggreed [agreed] to go and class his wool etc on the 7th Nov’r [November]  Showery S.
Sept 8th T  Tait left about 8 A.M. G.F. and I build chm, then plant potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Radish & cabbage. Fencing from 3 P.M. Rather showery, S.

Page 39

Sept 9th W.   Both build chm, then finish the new line of fence, bore posts & point rails, commenced 2nd Pk Sdl, Showery, S.
Sept 10th Th.   G.F. Shp’g, I pulling down the old fence and sledging it to the new, P.M, both fencing AD, Pk Sdl, Very fine, cloudy S.
Sept 11th F.   Very wet this Morning, both men fencing in the rain, to close paddock, It cleared 9½ A.M. and splendid day, Mr Whyte came for harness, got 3 lbs candles   A.D. pk sdl, fine, freezing, calm
Sept 12th S,   G.F. Shp’g & pig hunting, A.M. Both finished fence, Sledging, firewood P.M. A.D. G.F. put in an axe handle, I put toe cap on my boots, Frost this morning, Very hot day NW
Sept 13th Sunday.   G.F. pig hunting, 3   I went to Allens with harness, went to Lavens [Lavins] for Mail, Very fine AM, Showery PM (letter from R)


Page 40

Sept 14th M.   It rained nearly all night and the whole day without intermission. G.F. bored 5 posts, I Shp’g and brought home a pig G.F. killed yesterday, both working at the “lean too” 9 PM. shows no sign of leaving off,
Sept 15th   Both fixed the Slip pannel on bush side of paddock, when it commenced to rain, then finished “lean too”, fixed the small yard to “lean too”, build chm., AD finished a girth, Very showery    S.E.
Sept 16th   G.F. cutting seed potatoes, put three posts in end of paddock & falling scrub in paddock, I Shep’g & pig hunting   killed a young boar outside 2nd bush, V Very showery   S.E.
Sept 17th   G.F. finished cutting scrub in the paddock, I finished the “lean too” and made a wool-table, both build chm, G.F. planted some potatoes, Showery, S.E.

Page 41

Sept 18th.   I went Shep’g then both went cattle hunting, killed a cow, a boar and a sucking pig, brought two pack load of meat and the sucken home. Very fine   N.W. Saw the first Goai [Kowhai?] in blossom and saw 4 wild sheep, 9 P.M. freezing   See 22nd July.
Sept 19 Sat.   G.F. and I went to look for the wild sheep and found them, Killed two Ewes and carried them home, went with the horses and packed a Ewe and Lamb home. Very fine, frosty
Sept 20th Sunday,   I went Shepherding & washing when I came home   Joe Vaunt came on his road to MaungaHaruru, Very fine, Frosty morning, N.W.
Sept 21st M.   G.F. and I build chm, G.F. planting potatoes etc. J. Vaunt & I went to MaungaH [Mangaharuru] for potatoes, Wet day   S.E.


Page 42

Sept 22nd Tu.   Another wet day. I went from Dolbel’s to Bee’s looking for “Thursday”. P.M. tracked him to the Anaura and returned to M.H [Mangaharuru]. The rain seems stopped.   S.E.
Sept 23rd W.   G.F. planting potatoes & Shepherding   I came home from M.H.   brought some […], planting pot’es [potatoes]. Very cloudy with light showers   SE
Sept 24th Th   Both plant potatoes, & crosscut logs in 2nd Bush. “Thursday” got into the G.G. twice today, cloudy but fine   Slight showers. I shore a wild Ewe in paddock
Sept 25 F.   Both build chm, then put a top rail around the GG, crosscut the large Kahikatia log, A.D. I Made temporary hobbles for “Thursday”   G.F. shore two skins   V.f. [Very fine]   N.W.
Sept 26th S   G.F. Shep’g, I comm [ commenced] the wool press, Both build chm, and saw and split Big white pine log. Very fine   N.W.

Page 43

Sept 27th Sunday,   G.F. went to MH [Mangaharuru] for the potatoes, and returned, I went to Allen’s for Mail and to Wisharts about MH wool, light rain all day   N.E.
Sept 28th M   Wet morning   G.F. cutting seed potatoes   I Shepherding, P.M. Both finish plant potatoes, Sow peas, pumpkins, Hui, Tobacco   V f [Very fine], […]   finished build chm.
Sept 29th T.   G.F. & I went to look for wild Sheep, found 5, Killed 2, Shore 3, bought mutton and wool home. Very fine day   N.W.
Sept 30th   G.F. fencing HeruHeru & making a bridge across Heruheru. I Shep’g A.M. both plaster chm P.M. finished 2nd Pk Sdl, Very fine   N.W.
Oct 1st   G.F. went to Mohaka for Mail, brought ½ Bus’l [Bushel] corn, I made a woolpress and repaired the side cutting out of Kahikatia   Very fine   N.W.


Page 44

Oct 2nd F.   Commenced mustering for shearing. Mustered HeruHeru and Raizorback [Razorback]   when it commenced to rain, came home, ground wheat, cut a matai log, rain cleared noon, went mustering P.M. got 103, J. Tait & John Morrison came about wild sheep, stoped all night, Windy   N.W.
Oct 3rd   J.T. & J.M. went away, G.F. & I mustered to the Ba creek   got 150, home 1PM, G.F. went shepherding   I commenced the Shearing. fine   NW
Oct 4th Sunday,   Finished first muster. home at dark, S. Holloway & Mr Whyte came to Draughting [Drafting], Cold Showery   S.E.
Oct 5th   G.F., Mr W [Whyte], S.H [Holloway]. & I Draughting, commenced to shear 10 AM, Shore 84. Pressed a bale, V.f.   SE
Oct 6th   Both shearing, cut 62 lambs. It came on to rain 4 P.M. we filled the house with dry sheep and the night pen with wet ones 9 P.M. Raining   S.E. [Sou’east]

Page 45

Oct 7th W   We shore 4 of the dry sheep in the house and then turned the whole (wet and dry) out. Draughted [Drafted] out the shorn sheep    turned them in the HeruHeru, I re-made the Press, Mended the pot, made a desk etc etc   It rained the whole day, and rains still. S.E
Oct 8th T   The rain cleared off during the night and day broke splendid, sheep wet. Both pressed wild wool (5 bales). Tailed sheep on flat 1½ hours, comensed [commenced] to shear 2 P.M.   shore 41, A Beautiful day   S.E.
Oct 9th F   Both Shearing all day, shore 94   Powers came and went, AJ pressed 6 Bales   Sh   NW
Oct 10th S.   Both shearing. I shore 52, AJ pressed six Bales. Beautiful Day   NW
Oct 11th Sunday.   Shore 35 Sheep to finish Shearing, pressed 2 Bales, washed and otherwise prepared to go to Moeangiangi. Splendid day   N.W.


Page 46

Oct 12th M   G.F. went Mustering for Kinross (Allens)   I went to Moeangiangi   Guinness in town. Windy   N.W.
Oct 13th T   fencing etc with Willie Campbell
Oct 14th W.   Went along foot cliffs for goats, for Dogs meat, got a she goat and kid, Mr G. [Guinness] came from town, pig hunting in Orongonui, late
Oct 15th T   W.T.G. went to town   W.C. [Willie Campbell] and I went to Orongonui for pigs etc. NW
Oct 16th F   Pig hunting   laying in a supply for shearing. NW
Oct 17th Sat   W.C. and I fencing at Style[?] and goat hunting   Killed 3 He goats and a pig. W.H. (Charley) stayed all night
Oct 18th Sunday.   W.C. and Charlotte went to Waikari. I went to try and burn at Kiekie[?]. no wind   cloudy and threatening for rain

Page 47

Oct 19th M   Harata started for Waikari, W.C. and I started to burn, came on to rain, all turned back, wet day   S.E.
Oct 20th T.    I went up the Waipapa, got some sheep, very fine
Oct 21st W   Finlayson and family went to town from the HauHaus. W.C. and I went about armed, W.T.G. came from town, all three went to the Matahauroa [Matahorua] for W.C. horse tacking up and otherwise preparing for a bolt from the HauHaus   fine
Oct 22nd T   W.T.G. & W.C. went to Mohaka reconiotering – [reconnoitring]. I went to McKs with a pack of W.T.Gs things. W.T.G. & W.C. came home from Mohaka 11 P.M. with word that it was a false report. Very fine
Oct 23rd   W.T.G. went for the pack again   W.C. and Pig hunting etc   fine


Page 48

Oct 24th S.   W.C. went to Patene for wool packs   I put the woolshed etc in order for shearing
Oct 25th Sunday,   W.C. and Harata came from Patene, I go to McKs Muster
Oct 26th M   Draughting at McKs. took home dry sheep.
Oct 27th T   Shearing Duncans sheep at McKs
Oct 28th W   Started to Muster Whangaimokopuna   wet day and came home,
Oct 29 T   Mustered head of Moeangiangi.
Oct 30 F   Mustered Hokonui.
Oct 31st   Mustered Springhill.
Nov’r 1st Sunday   cut lambs, had first bath of the season, go to Matahauroa with Burns
Nov’r 2nd M   Mustering Matahauroa
Nov’r 3rd Tu   Mustering Down, Matahorua
Nov’r 4th W   Mustering Te whenua
Nov’r 5th T   Mustering Maori Spur & Maunga Korero
Nov’r 6th F   Mustering Waipapa, and draughting.

Page 49

Nov’r 7th S   finished draughting, and it turns – now wet
Nov’r 8th Sunday   I go to Matahoura [Matahorua] and Taits
Nov’r 9th M   Mustering the Waita with W.T
Nov’r 10th Tu.   Poverty Bay Marae. 5 killed
Nov’r 11th W   J. Tait and I Brought a cow from Finlaysons to Waikari, and went Mustering to the Anaura   camped out and
Nov’r 12th Th   Mustered down to the Grub grounds and heard of the Massacre at Finlaysons.
Nov’r 13th F.   Mustering
Nov’r 14th S   Mustering
Nov’r 15th Sunday.   Got the sheep into the Waikari paddock. Wet morning
Nov’r 16th M   Drafting
Nov’r 17th Tu,   Drafting and washing sheep.
Nov’r 18th W.   finished washing
Nov’r 19th Th   James Tait went to town for pack. He was afraid of HauHau


Page 50

Nov’r 20th F.   Mustering Waitaha with W. Tait and M. Pearce.
Nov’r 21st S   Mustering Waitaha with W. Tait and M. Pearce.
Nov’r 22nd Sunday.   Washed 27 Sheep
Nov’r 23rd M   Commenced to Shear, and finished on Dec 2nd
Dec’r 1st   I went to Mohaka for ball practice.
Dec’r 3rd Th   Went to Kakariki with 10 Rams and 27 Sheep
Dec’r 4th F   Went from Kakariki to Moeangiangi   met Cap’tn [Captain] Weber on Te Whenua   he wished me to join the Intelligence Troops   went on to Moe’gi [Moeangiangi]   got Mr Guinness, […]
Dec’r 5th S   Went to Mataihauroa [Matahorua] for Saddle and on to Mohaka and Allens, could not see Weber.
Dec’r 6th Sunday.   Went from Allens to Mohaka, but still did not see Weber

Page 51

Dec’r 7th
got a letter from him and was sworn in by Insign [Ensign] Lavin, as one of the Intelligence Troops. Went from Mohaka to Allens, got my comerad pro. tem. and proceeded to Kakariki.
Dec’r 7th M   Burton and I went over the country by Kakarangu and Te Anaura. Saw nothing Suspicious but one horse at Kakarangu Pa.
Dec’r 8th Tu   Scouring the country from Kakariki to Kakarangu and Maungaharuru and Bees Station, found that three Troopers from Totere Lake had been there yesterday, Saw no one, All quiet. fine strong wind. N.W.
Dec’r 9th W   Left Maungaharuru and went to Kakarangu to communicate with Maori Scouts, but saw nothing of them, All quiet   wet
Dec’r 10th   Burton tryed [tried] to go to Mohaka. could not cross the Kakariki creek, Rain P.M.


Page 52

Dec’r 11th F.   B. went to Mohaka with letter for Cap’tn Weber, I scouting and Killing pigs (3)
Dec’r 12th S   Went scouring country, Saw a man on horseback making for Mohaka. We rode off to intercept him, and did so, found it was S. Holloway, saw a smoke at MH   Went to Maungaharuru, but failed to see Pearce altho he was there this morning, he had gone Shepherding   George came from Allens   wet
Dec’r 13th Sunday.   Went from Maungaharuru to Kakarangu   saw a Maori Scout and communicated across River, Alls well
Dec’r 14th M   Scouting by Kakarangu, heard three Shots fired at Kakarangu and saw smoke there   Maori Scouts practising   G.F. & I in GG, W. Burton Mak’n [Making] Sow[?] necks   Very fine   cloudy

Page 53

Dec’r 15th Tu   Burton went to Maungaharuru to communicate with Scouts, G.F. and I went near Kakarangu, Scouting, Saw about 22 wild Sheep and brought home 16; 10 sheep and 6 lambs. shore the 10   Pressed wool
Dec’r 16th   Scouting at Kakarangu, Burton at Maungaharuru, stoped all night at Kakarangu   3
Dec’r 17th   Came home, Burton had been at Lake Tutira
Dec’r 18th F   Burton & I went to Mohaka with wool and dispatch, saw young Jefferies   G.F. scouting   quiet   Smoeky [Smoky] atmosphere.
Dec’r 19th S   G.F. Scouting, quiet, a large fire in paddock burned 3 pannels fence   Smoeky atmosphere   fires somewhere
Dec’r 20th Sunday.   Scouting, went to Kakarangu, saw no Maoris   Saw 2 fires.


Page 54

Dec’r 20th
about 20 Miles N by W of Kakarangu and inland from Putere, went to Maungaharuru, saw Pearce, G. Bee, etc   took “Thursday” to Bee
Dec’r 21st M   came home with message for Burton to go to Arapawanui. Then went to Mohaka to see Lavin, went accross the Rivers (for the first time) with him to see the Maoris and we found that the HauHaus are near Putere, came home late, Hot
Dec’r 22nd T   G.F. Scouting, saw large fire at Dolbels or Bees
Dec’r 23rd W   I waited for Maori scouts at Kakariki till two o’clock, and did not see them, then went and slept at Bees and slept there, alone, all quiet.   4
Dec’r 24th Th   Scouting near Maungaharuru and slept at Dolbels, saw Tutere and Maungaharuru scout. report all quiet

Page 55

Dec’r 25th F   Christmas Day. Scouting by Kakarangu, came home and had a jolly good feed of Plum pudding and new potatoes   G.F. scouting PM. This morning saw 2 large fires in the direction of Waikarimoana [Waikaremoana].
Dec’r 26th S   G.F. Scouting and Sleeping about Kakarangu
Dec’r 27th Sunday.   G.F. scouting about Kakarangu and Maungaharuru, I trying to see Maori Scouts at Kakariki, but did not. All quiet
Dec’r 28th M   G.F. Scouting and camped at Kakarangu   I went and Slept in the Cat Burn flat with G.F.
Dec’r 29th Tu   Scouting by Te Anaura, came to Kakariki   Saw three wild sheep, tried to get them and got a first class sow instead
Dec’r 30th W.   I took two Ram lambs to Lavin and 80 lbs Pork to Hudson   Slept at Mohaka   G.F. scouting


Page 56

Dec’r 31st Th   Stoped for my first drill and the Mail. Came to Kakariki LW79

Jan 1st F.   G.F. Scouting   saw nothing. It rained a little this morning, cloudy day, commenced to rain again at 6 P.M. and rain most beautifully now, as almost everything began to feel the effects of drought
Jan 2nd S   I scouting, slept at Kakarangu   Scotch mist, see nothing
Jan 3rd Sunday.   Went to Maungaharuru   saw Pearce, two Bees, slept there
Jan 4th M   came and met G.F. near Te Anaura   Killed a Heifer   brought it home, fine, quiet
Jan 5th T   Both F   commenced to rain at Sun down
Jan 6th W   It rained until 3 P.M.  G.F. went to Mohaka with Dis [Dispatch] No 6 and I went round the sheep and went to Maungaharuru

Page 57

Jan’y 7th Th   I went to Bees very early this morning   Saw Pearce & came home   G.F. came home with letter from Rob’t [Robert] Watson. I was this day Promoted to the Rank and pay of Corporal in the H.B. In’t [Intelligence] Troop.
Jan’y 8th F   scouting, all quiet, got two Dispatches from Cap’n [Captain] Weber containing my promotion and the capture of Te Kooti’s pa and orders for B.J. to relieve Jefferies
Jan’y 9 Sat   G.F. went to Mohaka, I went and slept at Kakarangu.
Jan’y 10 Sunday.   I went to Bees, saw both Bees, Allen and Pearce, slept at Maunga [Mangaharuru]
Jan’y 11th M   Went to Kakarangu   Saw smoke and waited until 3 P.M then heard an axe, came to Kakariki, left Kakariki at dark for Mohaka, got there 11½ P.M. Not Known who is at Kakarangu.


Page 58

Jan’y 12th   Sent a dispatch to Weber from the block house – came home   had a look from the Hill, and rested some what
Jan’y 13th W   G.F. came home for provisions   Friendlies at Kakarangu. Sent Dis’h [Dispatch] No 8 with G.F. Went to MaungaH with J Pearce’s horse   Slept at Maungaharuru
Jan’y 14th Th   Came home by Ponga creek, saw a fire near Lower Land   went to it, found no one, came home, found G.F. had lit it
Jan’y 15th F   Quiet   Fencing
Jan’y 16th S.   G.F. Scouting   sleeping at Kakarangu
Jan’y 17th Sunday.   It rained nicely from daylight to 9 A.M. and remained showery all day. Amused myself reading and making a basket, G.F. Scouting, sleeping at Maungaharuru

Page 59

Jan’y 18th M.   G.F. scouting fires M H and pig hunting   I reaping wheat all day, fine
Jan’y 19th Tu   Sledging home 5 loads of wheat, reaped some, Scouting and pig hunting by Gooseberry Point, saw a fire near Putere
Jan’y 20th W   Pointed some Manuka […] and finished reaping the 1st Half acre Wheat. G.F. scouting
Jan’y 21st Th   Went to Mohaka with Despatch no 9   heard there, but not Officially that the Intelligence Troop was disbanded. Got 10 bags @ 1/9 = 17/6 & 1 lb […] 7/-   G.F. scouting from Maungaharuru
Jan’y 22nd F   G.F. Scouting   Both reaping
Jan’y 23rd S   G.F. Scouting   Both Digging Potatoes.
Jan’y 24th Sunday   I went to MaungaH   saw two wild sheep near Te Anaura


Page 60

Jan’y 24th
bought one, and drove it home as I was coming back
Jan’y 25th M   G.F. Threshing wheat, I Scouting and looking for 5 Mare, very showery, see nothing
Jan’y 26th T   Do. Making […], quiet
Jan’y 27th W   went to MaungaH & received my discharge from the HB Int Troops   G.F. finished reaping wheat
Jan’y 28th Th   Went to Kakarangu for my swag   came home to Kakariki   Wet day
Jan’y 29th F   Wet nearly all day   G.F. in bed with a sore throat, I threshing
Jan’y 30th S   G.F. went to Napier with his throat. I digging Potatoes. Thunder showers.
Jan’y 31st Sunday   Very Showery and much Thunder, I turned the Wheat in GG and found a quantity of it had Sprung
February 1st M   Digging potatoes and turning wheat, if this weather continues

Page 61

Feb’y 1st
I would not like to give much for the Second ½ acre of wheat. G.F. came home, his throat better, very rainy.
Feb’y 2nd Tu   G.F. went to Allens Mustering   I opened out all the wheat on the bands and it dried beautifully. I caught the mare and got the sledge to the first slip-pannel when 1 P.M. an aweful [awful] Thunderstorm broke overhead. The cloud was only 1440 yds off. Therefore all the wheat got wet again. The weather now (9 PM) looks better than it has done for a week,
Feb’y 3rd W   It was very close last night after going to bed and I felt two shocks of Earthquake. Today I dug potatoes and turned wheat over, and sledged it all home pm, I thought I was to be beat for the mare (Allens) at times would not pull the empty sledge, fine N.W.


Page 62

Feb’y 4th Th   I went looking for the G5 mare, burning by the Wetherburn and on the first flat, Killed 4 Pigs, brought one home. A.D. Mending clothes and otherwise preparing to go to Taits Mustering tomorrow
Feb’y 5th   I went to Mohaka with 38 lbs pork, then went to Taits to Muster
Feb’y 6th S   Mustering by T’s grub ground. Ate first ripe Peaches
Feb’y 7th Sunday   Mustering by T’s grub ground   Wet
Feb’y 8th M   9th   10th   11th   12th   13th   14th
Feb’y 16th M   Mustering and it raining nearly all the week. 16th Tu   Drafting sheep at Waikari
Feb’y 17th W   Started from Taits with 379 of our own sheep and 35 of Allens, stoped at Allens all night
Feb’y 18th Th   Left Allens with the sheep to come home, had a tremendous job crossing the Kakariki creek, got them across all right and put them in the 1st Flat

Page 63

Feb’y 18th
William Tait came with us all the way and stoped all night, G.F. went to MH to Muster
Feb’y 19th Fr   W.T went home, I went and found the sheep all right, burning Fern   S.E.
Feb’y 20th S.   Went twice round the sheep, found them all right, Sledged some firewood, hilled up the late potatoes, and dug some early ones, found a Bee tree that had been blown down in the late storm, all the honey washed out, but a good deal of wax. S.E, fine. Set plum stones
Feb’y 21st Sunday   Shepherding and went to Mohaka for Mail & 8 bags, I saw Mrs Wishart, who tells me she is utterly ruined, the Pigs and Maoris have not left her so much as she could hold in the palm of her hand, fine   S.E.
Feb’y 22nd M   Shepherding, Burning and Pig hunting. Cloudy   N


Page 64

Feb’y 23rd   Shepherding and digging potatoes, fine   N.E.
Feb’y 24th W   Shepherding and digging potatoes   Showery   N
Feb’y 25th Th   Shep’g   Went to Mohaka for mail   got letter from Weber Stating he paid our pay to our respective a/cs [accounts]. Went and came in 7½ hours
Feb’y 26th Fr.   Shepherding and digging potatoes   Dug from 12 yard of a drill 55 lbs = 20 Tons per Acre, commenced to rain 7 P.M.   calm
Feb’y 27th S   It rained Mildly all day and Shows no sign of fairing, Threshing, S.E,
Feb’y 28th Sunday,   Shepherding   cut a ram lamb, rained nearly all day, looks well now 9 P.M.
March 1st M   Shepherding and digging Potatoes. A.D. com’d [commenced] a basket. V fine   N.E.
March 2nd   Shep’g and digging potatoes, G.F. came from Maungaharuru with “Toby”   A.D. making a basket, V fine   N.W.


Page 65

March 3rd   G.F. went back to MH Sh’pg   saw the G5 Mare and brought her home, Burning Fern and pig hunting, coming home, some sheep run before me from Razorback right to the yards so I put them in all night, fine cloudy   S
March 4th   Took the sheep out etc   went to Mohaka   got £20 from Hudson, Sold ½ Ton (or less) onions, Went to Starks, had dinner, Saw W. Tait at Murrys, home, fine   NW
March 5th   Shep’g   Went to Maungaharuru with Saddle for G.F. to go to Town with D, Sheep|
March 6th S   Came home   found Mr. W.T.G. there, he stoped all night, fine   cloudy
March 7th Sunday   Mr W.T.G. went off early to meet G.F at Tangoi [Tangoio], I Shepherding and pig hunting, the dogs “stuck up” a boar but neither of them would fix on to it, so I was unsuccessful   fine


Page 66

March 8th M   Shepherding and pig hunting, killed two boars. dug all the Potatoes, sowed onions etc   V fine   NW.
March 9th Tu   Sh’g [Shepherding] and burning, brought home a boar I killed yesterday, skining [skinning] & salting pork, lifting onions etc   A.D. Making basket etc   mending pipes. Very cloudy   calm. Threatening rain
March 10th W.   Shepherding and burning off   G.F. came home from Town with a swag
March 11th Th   Went round by Taits to Moeangiangi
March 12th F.   Mustering Waipapa and Shearing
March 13th S   Mustering Maori Spur and Echo hills
March 14th Sunday.   Nil|
March 15th M and up to 11th April   Mustering on Moeangiangi (Apr. 3rd   G.F. went on Waikari with jam 25 lb. £2
April 9th   HauHaus made first attack on Mohaka. I at Moe [Moengiangia] etc, Lavin supposed to have been killed.
April 10th Sat   HauHaus attached pa at Mohaka

Page 67

April 11th Sunday.   W.T.G  W.C, Easter and I were Mustering Spring hill when W Hubbard came and told us all hands at Mohaka were killed, We all came to Moe   packed our swags and went to Arapawanui. Met Cap’t Towgood with 20 Men going to relieve Mohaka pa. W.T.G.   W.C. and I came back to Moe. Slept there.
April 12th   Moved on to Waikari with Capt Towgood   Slept at Taits
April 13th Tu   Came on to Mohaka, got there at day-dawn, heard a deal of fireing [firing] and advanced up the River with caution   cooied and made signs to the pa from Back of Hudsons. found HauHaus all gone   crossed the River. Made ourselves comfortable in the pa and allowed the HauHaus to escape and all this time I was in a state of excitement on account of G.F. being missing. Mrs Sim and family came out of the bush.


Page 68

April 14th W.   Remained in the pa nearly all day, Capt [Captain] T called for Volunteers to go up the River to look for the Dead. I could not find my horse and could not go. They who went found over 20 Friendly bodies, and the bodies of Mr & Mrs Lavin and the three children, and also Cooper, all very much decomposed. Could not bury them for want of tools. I heard that G.F. was safe in Napier
April 15th Th   At the Pa, heard a rumor [rumour] that the HauHaus were to make an attack on Napier. W.T.G.   W.C. and I started for Kakariki, Saw G.F. at Cooper & Lavins and all went up together, found every thing right at Kakariki for which we may Thank God, Slept at Kakariki
April 16th F   Wet Mizzerly day, remained all day at Kakariki. Slept there.

Page 69

April 17th S   Left Kakariki and came to Taits. Slept there
April 18th Sunday   W.T.G.   G.F. and I went to Moeangiangi and Slept there   W.C. went to Arapawanui
April 19th M   W.T.G.  G.F. and I went to Tangoia [Tangoio] and slept there
April 20th Tu   W.T.G. and G.F. went to Napier and I went to P. Dolbels
April 21st W   Washing wool at P.Ds [Dolbels], G.F. came from Town
April 22nd Th   G.F. and I washing wool at P.Ds  I making arrangements for burning g.7 out
April 23rd F   G.F. and I washing wool at P.Ds  I making arrangements for buying G.F. out
April 24th   G.F. and I went to Napier.
April 25th Sunday   In Town
April 26th M   In Town
April 27th Tu   Settled that G.F. goes home to England, stoped in Town


Page 70

April 28th W   Came to Arapawanui and slept there
April 29th Th   Came to Taits and slept there
April 30th F   Came to the Mohaka pa, slept there
May 1st S   Went to Kakariki, went round the sheep, Slept in the Bush
May 2nd Sunday   Came down to Mohaka
May 3rd M   Got put in Militia rations
May 4th Tu   Building a small breastwork to Pa door and made arrangements that J. Pearce and I goes scouting
May 5th W   J.P [Pearce] and I scouting by W
May 6th Th   J.P and I scouting by Cooper and Lavins   fenced Coopers garden, heard a cooie at Maungatauranga [Mangaturanga]
May 7th   J.P and I scouting at Fugers point   an expedition went to Maungatauranga, saw the foot prints of a Maori woman
May 8th S   J.P and I scouting. Went up to Lavins bush

Page 71

May 8th
and saw his cattle   I came down and saw poor Lavin, his dog having partly uncovered him, and his bones are scattered all over the place, I had no time to gather them together and cover them up, came home to Pa
May 9th Sunday   J.P Staying at home   I scouting by M
May 10th M   Scouting   J.P & I went to Coopers for Flax, Showery
May 11th Tu.   Scouting
May 12th W   Scouting. Ensign Witty received notice to disband Militia men. did so
May 13th Th   I went to Kakariki and mustered up the sheep, Slept on the Mt Ararat
May 14th   I came down to Mohaka, too late to cross river, slept in Blockhouse
May 15th S   Grinding wheat etc


Page 72

May 16th   17th   18th   19th   20th   21st   doing little or nothing, having no military duties to perform, The Constabulary left here on 21st for Waikarimoana
May 22nd S   I went to Arikarinihi with Puni and mustered Paoras sheep and brought them home, got a Wether for work
May 23rd   Cooking and writing to D.B.
May 24th M   Went to Kakariki, found the sheep on Mt Ararat, cut one wild Ram. Slept near Kakarangu
May 25th Tu   came to Kakariki, cathered [gathered] some Corn and Tobbacco [Tobacco], came down to Mohaka, Donald Murry saw two men at Maungatauranga who were supposed to be HauHaus and all hands kept watch in the Pa all night   3 AM rain
May 26th W   Cold showery day, doing nothing
May 27th Th   Macrery came up from Town

Page 73

May 27th
and S. Holloway came from Maungaharuru to report seeing tracks near Putere
May 28th F.   S.H went home, the Maori […] came to the pa, great Tangiing and rejoicing
May 29th S.   30th Sunday   nil
May 31st M   Went to Kakariki, found every thing right, but the sheep much scattered
June 1st Tu   Came down to Mohaka
June 2nd W   Grinding wheat at Starks
June 3rd Th   Nil, Friday 4th   Donald Murry, JJ Power and I went to Mataua [Moutaua] pig hunting   staid at his whare
June 5th Sat   Killed 5 pigs at Mataua and came to Mohaka
June 6th Sunday,   Nil
June 7th M   went to Kakariki  came on to rain. I slept in the house
June 8th Tu   went round the sheep, found them much scattered, came to the house and slept in it


Page 74

June 9th W   Came down to Mohaka
June 10th Th   Pig hunting at Mataua
June 11th F   Pig hunting at Mataua   came to Mohaka
June 12th S.   Grinding wheat at Starks
June 13th Sunday   Baking etc.
June 14th M   Wet
June 15th Tu   Went to Kakariki, went half round the sheep
June 16th W   Went round the other half digging ground for Wheat
June 17th Th   Dug ground and sew [sewed] Wheat and planted onions, came to Mohaka   John Pearce came down from Waikaremoana
June 18th F   Washing, went to Beach for a first load of wool, saw in paper that Kakariki run is confiscated, must go to town on the 14th of next month
June 19th S   Threatening to rain.
June 20th   It came on to rain. a black Nor Easter, Greyling and Hero wrecked near Wairoa.

Page 75

June 21st M.   It rained and blew all day but showed signs of breaking, new of the Wrecks came.
June 22nd Tu.   News came from Taupo that 22 friendly natives had been killed there, saw Donald Murry, from town, heard S.H want scouts. I go tomorrow to see him
June 23rd   Went to Kakariki and walked to Maungaharuru and slept there
June 24th   Came round Sheep to Kakariki. Digging
June 25th F   Digging all day. Boiled pumpkins in 2 Batches.
June 26th S.   Digging and Sowing Wheat, Transplanting Vines and Almond trees, training raspberrys   Weeding etc
June 27th Sunday   Caught “Captian [Captain]” and rode him to Mohaka. Saw poor old Mahia and all the […] from Waikare

Page 76

June 28th   Power and I went along the cliffs to look for pieces of wrecks, could see none
June 29th Tu   Power, Pierce [Pearce] and I went to Mangatauranga [Mangaturanga] and dug some potatoes
June 30th W   Went looking for horses, and found them, to [too] late to go for spuds
July 1st Th   Power and I went to Manga [Mangaturanga] for potatoes and pork, came home and saw “Charley” and Dick Craig and S. Holloway. Nothing remarkable but great uncertainty prevails   got news of the Defeat of the Ministry,
July 2nd   Charley, D Craig and S Holloway went away, I washing etc
July 3rd S   July 4th Sunday   Nothing particular
July 5th M   Power went to Motaua [Mataua], McRery and I tried to go to Rangiriri but could not Get the waka up the river

Page 78 [no Page 77]

July 6th   Power, Paara’s son, and I went to Rangiriri for a Waka load of pumkin
July 7th W   I went to Kakariki, Slept in Telescope gully.
July 8th Th   went round the sheep, found some in Slaughter gully. Went to Maungaharuru. The Scouts got Discharged   I made one of 8 white men at MH.
July 9th F   Came to Kakariki, caught horse   rode to Mohaka in 3½ hours
July 10th Sat.   Washing etc and preparing to go to Town on Monday
July 11th Sunday   Nil
July 12th M   This is my 28th birthday. I go to Taits on my road to Napier. This last year has seen many changes. The country was quiet and I and Partner Prospered, now the country is in a regular tumult


Page 79

My Late Partner near to England and no one is safe a mile from some strong hold and The Lord only knows what the next year may bring about
July 13th Tu   Went from Taits to Tongoia, had a pleasant night with W Cambell [Campbell]
July 14th W   Went from Tongoia to Town, bought my Run back again   stay Tait, Dolbel, Kinross etc and came out again to Tongoia, saw G. Cambell, slept there
July 15th Th   came to Taits
July 16th F   Came to Mohaka   heard that the troops are to be withdrawn from Waikaremoana, and some men to be stationed at Putere, which will render Kakariki more safe
July 17th S   Baking etc and preparing to go to Kakariki, look [looks] as if a Nor Easter is coming on.

Page 80

July 18th Sunday.   Preparing to home tomorrow, as I have heard that Witty with 40 or 100 Men are stationed at Putere which was not true
July 19th M   Came home to stop, made a bullock-hide drag-rope
July 20th Tu   Went round the sheep and comenced to make a hut in the bush
July 21st W   Working all day at the hut in the Bush, 4 P.M. came on rain, has all the appearance of a flood. I ground some wheat, being the first I Ground since about the 6th March. Baking
July 22nd Th.   It has rained without intermission all day and showes [shows] no signs of clearing and spent a most miserable day. Repaired the sive [sieve], ground wheat
July 23rd F.   It passed sometime before day light   The day remained cloudy, Working at the Hut, Very clear moonlight 8 P.M.


Page 81

July 24th S.   It rained from daylight to 9 A.M Working at the hut in Bush, Very clear moonlight
July 25th Sunday,   Went round the sheep   could not see a wild one
July 26th M   Working at Hut   S. Holloway & Trooper came and we spent a pleasant night
July 27th Tu   SH & T went away. I went to Kakariki hill for dead Lambs. Working at Hut
July 28th W   finished roof hut and start for Mohaka   got letter from father.
July 29th Th   Came home, heard at Mohaka that neither Witty nor any other one is Stationed at Putere, so there is more danger now than ever there were.
July 30th F   Went round the sheep
July 31st S   Went to look for wild sheep, saw one ewe with like tip off each ear, she had Twin lambs. I did not touch her, lining the Whare, I live in it altogether now

Page 82

August 1st Sunday.   I went out on the run to Pass the time and saw 6 Wild Sheep   rounded them up, killed two and let the rest go, The Willows are sprouting
August 2nd M   Went with the pack horse for the two sheep I killed yesterday, brought them home and salted them
August 3rd Tu   Shore the two Wild Sheep Shiny[?] and spent the rest of the day in the hut
August 4th W   Went round the Sheep, found some of them where we got the first wild sheep and brought them in   saw more on the 4th flat. I felt the heaviest Earthquake between 2 & 3 AM, that I have felt yet
August 5th Th   Went to Mohaka for the Mail -> F
August 6th F.   Came home by Mautaua [Moutaua], killed 2 sheep for Powers, Came home, boiled pickle   came on rain at sundown and raining now. 8 PM


Page 83

August 7th S.   Sowing and Planting Onions (Potatoe & Squash) and Sowing Peas.
August 8th Sunday   Went round sheep, killed a pig on 4th Flat – the first killed in Kakariki since 3rd March by me
August 9th M   Digging ground for Oats, Showery
August 10th Tu   Digging, and Sowing Oats and Poa Pratensis, Baked first Bread in Hut, Frosty
August 11th W.   Went to Mount Ararat to look at Sheep, Dug the late Potatoes, Ground Wheat etc
August 12th Th   Went to Mohaka. found Power   J. Pearce. McKery & Stark in Block house, took my blankets from Pa, slept Blk [Block] house
August 13th F   I heard Witty was coming, waited for him, he came and paid me for Militia £1.10   Slept in Block house
August 14th S.   Came home, Winnowed a bag wheat, Power came and stoped all night

Page 84

August 15th Sunday.   Power went to Mohaka with 1 Bus’l. Wheat   I went through the Sheep, S. Holloway came and stoped all night
August 16th M   SH went to Mohaka, on “Captain”, came back, and went home, I digging water races
August 17th Tu   Digging water race. BakingAugust 18th W   Went to Mount Ararat after Sheep & digging Water race
August 19th Th   It rained a good deal during the night and the roof leaked considerably rendering it very disagreeable. Went to Mohaka for Mail. Very rough & Stormy day
August 20th F.   Rough & stormy, stayed at B house   Harry Scott was there, Power & Pierce at Maungaharuru
August 21st S   Came home by Lavins. Wheat
August 22nd Sunday   Went round the Sheep   found a Human Skeleton near Ewes & Lambs burn, Thought that, perhaps, my own Skeleton may lay bleached on the hill some day or other if these Hauhaus are not Mastered somehow or other


Page 85

August 23rd M   Shifting my bed from length-ways to cross-ways in the hut
August 24th Tu.   Fidleywinking about the hut
August 25th W. Went to Mt Ararat after Sheep, ground Wheat & baked`
August 26th Th   Went to Mohaka for Mail, saw the first Goai in blossom, at Mohaka
August 27th F   Came home, Power rode with me as far as the Kiwi
August 28th S   Digging Water race, 10 AM, came on rain, picking and cutting seed potatoes, viz:- Hobart Towns 3 5lb, White Prolific 9½ lb, Red P. 9 lb, Red & White P 17½, Ramblers 6 lb, Huri 6 lb, Whites 9½ = 92 ½. 9 PM, and still raining, has every appearance of the “Goai” flood   One can almost see the Peaches blossoming
August 29th Sunday,   The rain stoped during the night so there is no flood after all, the day was one which I have been waiting a long

Page 86

August 29th
time for, namely a rough boisterous one so that I could light a fire and wash, so I did so, and went round the sheep
August 30th M   Sowed some Barley and planted potatoes (Hobart Towns), Cloudy but Calm
August 31st Tu   Planting potatoes (Verigated [Variegated] Prolific)   J.L. Power and J Peirce [Pearce?] came to see me, they brought word that an expedition was started to attack the Hauhaus at Waikaremoana so I will have to be on the lookout for fear stragglers come this way
Sept 1st W   J.L.P and J.P. went to Mohaka   I fenced at River, at HeruHeru, repaired the Jam, Rendered fat, and planted potatoes   V.P[?]
Sept 2nd Th   Got some sheep on the HeruHeru bank with one longtailed hogget, cut him, went round the Sheep and planted potatoes (White)


Page 87

Sept 3rd F.   Finished planting potatoes viz:- Ramblers, Red P and White P   Digging round fruit trees
Sept 4th S   Finished digging round fruit trees, planted garlic, cut Koromiko scrub   finished a basket I commenced on the 1st of March, frosty but fine
Sept 5th Sunday   Went Round Sheep, Cooking etc
Sept 6th M   Cutting fern stalks for wool driers. A heavy Thunder hail storm came on about 2 P.M, and remained showery until 9.P.M.
Sept 7th Tu   Cutting fern Stalks, Frosty but fine
Sept 8th W   Went round sheep, made a “clothes basket” in 2nd Bush. Power came up from Mohaka and stoped all night
Sept 9th Th   Power & I went to Mohaka
Sept 10th F   I stoped all day at Mohaka.
Sept 11th S   Came home, Dull and Threatening rain
Sept 12th Sunday,   It rained up to 10 AM, at which time I got out of bed, a rare occurrence [occurrence]

Page 88

Sept 12th
when I have always to have breakfast cooked and the fire out before daylight. It remained Showery all day. I did not leave home
Sept 13th M   Shepherding   Made a thing like basket, Very hard frost. fine
Sept 14th Tu   Got some sheep this side of HeruHeru, drove them to the Wedder Burn [Wetherburn], Came home & tied fern stalks, frosty
Sept 15th W   Went as far as Skelleton [Skeleton] Peak after the sheep and came to 2nd Bush and tied three break of fern stalks, Power came and stoped all night
Sept 16th Th   Power and I rode to Mohaka, I got letters from W.T.G, J.G.K [John Gibson Kinross] and P.D.
Sept 17th F   Went to Moeangiangi to see when they are to Muster, heard that Poor old K.S.C. is dead, not true   Heard that Pinaena and Manuhera’s wahine has gone over to the HauHaus, which renders this place still more dangerous


Page 89

Sept 18th S   “Charley”, D, Beary and I came on to Waikare then D, B, and I came on to Alans track, then I came home, saw Power at a distance
Sept 19th Sunday,   Shepherding and went to Maungaharuru, say [saw] S. Holloway, H. Alan [Allen]  G. Bee & M. Pearce, Slept there. Very fine.
Sept 20th M   Came round the sheep home, got a dead Boar in 5 Swamps. Brought it home, A.D. made a Moleskin cap. V.f.
Sept 21st Tu   Made 2½ Break of Wool driers and a wicker drainer
Sept 22nd W   Went to Mt Ararat round the sheep   heard the first Pipipiwharauroa [Pipiwharauora], it came on to rain at noon, made a spur roller and fixed in a pair. commenced to make a lamb holes
Sept 23rd Th   Wet morning, make the l [lamb] holder   went to Mohaka when it faired 11.AM.
Sept 24th F   Power came up to Matawa [Moutaua] with his cock, I came hom [home], finished the LH, Winnowed wheat

Page 90

Sept 25th S   Put up and altered the sheepyards at the house. “Gaylass” pupped last night   it commenced to rain at sundown, mildly.
Sept 26th Sunday   Went round the sheep, got some in 3rd Bush. AD   Heard a dog in Allens Sheep, Ate my Last pumkin
Sept 27th M   Went across to see if I could see the dog, but could only hear him, Making hurdles in 2nd bush. Power came and stoped all night
Sept 28th Tu   Power went to see after the dog and went home   I making hurdles and commenced to make another hut in the bush
Sept 29th W   Went to Mt Ararat after the M[…], and working at the new hut   Very hard frost.
Sept 30th Th   Went to Mohaka and home again being the first I have gone out and home again in one day since the 4th March, heard a deal of firing on the other side of the River   I don’t know whether it is HauHaus or friendlies but they are only pig hunting whoever they are


Page 91

Oct 1st,   The firing continued all day, but still I think they are pig hunting, Working all day at the hut. Very hard frost
Oct 2nd S   Working at the hut, hard frost
Oct 3rd Sunday   Went out after the sheep   took my Rifle and shot a pig. Power was at the house when I came home, had dinner at the house and went looking how we could fence in the River
Oct 4th M   Power and I fencing at the River, he went home at 3 P.M. and took 1 bushel Wheat, I sowed some Tobbacco at the house, Raining mildly
Oct 5th Tu   Finished thatching my new hut   heavy thunder shower 5 to  7P.M. light rain 9 PM.
Oct 6th W   Very showery, Shifted into my new hut, Plastering my new hut, put some sheep in the yards
Oct 7th Th   Cut 12 E [Ewe] & 5 W [Wether] lambs and took the sheep to the Wether Brun [Wetherburn], Then went round the sheep, came home, and planted pumkins, Hui, corn etc.

Page 92

Oct 8th F   Went to work at the scrub fence at the River but Power did not come. came home and washed, Power came near sundown, brought word that they were drafting at Moeangiangi so we both rode off to Mautaua, got there at dark and to Gordons Peak at 9 P.M. Slept there. This is the Centenary of Cap’tn Cooks landing in N.Z. No Demonstrations
Oct 9th S.   Left Gordons Pk at 5 A.M. rode to Moeangiangi by 9 A.M.   found the drafting over, made an offer to sell my share of the undelivered sheep and left at 11½ AM and came right home to Kakariki by sundown
Oct 10th Sunday   Went round the sheep, got a Mob at “the 17 wild sheep” brought 4 home   3 tamed wild ones and a wild one, shore and killed the wild one and left the others in the yard


Page 93

Oct 11th M   Shore 3 tame wild sheep and took them, and others, to the Wedder Burn, cleaning out the house and lean too to be ready for shearing
Oct 12th Tu   Plastering the hut.
Oct 13th W   Went Round the sheep, Went to see how the Grub Ground looked, and I found that the wild Cattle had been in to it and played the very devil with it, After all the trouble I had in digging the ground by moonlight (when I could not show myself by day), and sleeping in the bush at night, and all other cares and troubles to have it destroyed like this is too bad   Taihoa
Oct 14th Th   Cut a little at the wash race when it came on to rain, came in the hut and made all the Wool Rags

Page 94

Oct 15th F   A splendid wet day, light and warm, Ground wheat, put a hack in my […]   can’t get a shot at the wild cattle,
Oct 16th S   It rained, more or less, all day. altered a pair of Trousers and reading, and looking for W. [wild] Cattle
Oct 17th Sunday,   A Showery disagreeable day, did not leave home except to look for W. Cattle
Oct 18th M   Another very disagreeable day, went out and shot a young bull at Skelleton Peak   brought him home and salted him, 9 PM. raining
Oct 19th Tu   Went round sheep, rain all over, fine day
Oct 20th W   Cutting and repairing the Track as far as the Kiwi, Went to Mautaua and slept there
Oct 21st Th   Cutting the track down the River valley, home early, cooking, Very fine   N.W.
Oct 22nd F.   Power & Puni came and we finished the fence by the River, Power took 130 lbs Potatoes, I fenced round the peach trees


Page 95

Oct 23rd S   I got some sheep in 3rd Bush, killed one of the accidanaly [accidentally], went round sheep. repaired fence round GG, hilled up potatoes etc etc
Oct 24th Sunday   Went to Mautaua with “Gaylass” and pups, went to Mohaka for Blankets, came home with Power and Puni. Slept in the House
Oct 25th M   Commenced mustering for Power. Tu 26th. W 27th. Th 28th Mustering
Oct 29th F   Mustering   came to Kakariki
Oct 30th S   Mustered Kakariki hill, 31st Mustering
Nov 1st M   Drafting   W Tait & I were all the strangers
Nov 2nd Tu   Wet. 3rd W   got the shed full of dry sheep
Nov 4th Th   Commenced Shearing   shore 232   a Very wet day, Saw Maoris rub Sticks together to make fire for 1st time
Nov 5th F   Repairing shed etc

Page 96

Nov 6th S   Came home by Tauranga   found everything right, took some sheep from home to the Wetherburn, hilled up Potatoes   Power came for Wheat and potatoes
Nov 7th Sunday,   Power and I went to Mataua with 124 lbs Potatoes and 50 lbs Wheat   Mustering about Mangapora, filled the shed
Nov 8th M   Shearing, I classing the wool
Nov 9th Tu   Shearing, I classing the wool
Nov 10th W   Shearing, I classing the wool   Mustering the cliffs
Nov 11th Th   Shearing and squaring up the accounts
Nov 12th F   I went to Taits for a Dozen bag[?], some Soda and a pair of Boots etc etc
Nov 13th S   A Wet day, fixed the grindstone to drive with my foot, ground shears, fixed the yard and preparing for shearing.
Nov 14th Sunday.   Went out after the sheep and scarcely saw any, found some sadel [saddle] stuffing near Mt Ararat. I can’t make out how it came there


Page 97

Nov 15th M   Wet and Showery, repaired the paddock and the track to the other side of Razorback, hilled up potatoes & dug round the Taro, Felt less confidence today than I have felt for sometime, on account of the saddle [saddle] stuffing, It must have been a HauHau left it there
Nov 16th   Commenced Mustering and Shearing, got some sheep at “the 17 Wild sheep”, Brought them home   Mustered Hermitage hill, shore 34, cut 4W or 3E lambs. 9 P.M. raining, Power came and got 6 panakins sugar
Nov 17th W   Wet morning, drove out the shorn sheep, Mustered 4th flat, and gooseberry hill and brought them home, killed a wild Ewe and Ram
Nov 18th Th   Tailed the 2 Sheep and shore 62 others
Nov 19th F   Shore 58 sheep and took all to Bee Spur (fine)   cut lambs W2. E6

Page 98

Nov 20th S   Went to Taits drafting, got 8 Ewes and 2 lambs, saw there Holloways, G. Bee, his mate, and Power, All hands washed Taits’ sheep, Power got 14
Nov 21st Sunday,   Power and I came to Moutawa [Moutaua] with his 14 and my 8. then I brought my 8 home, put them in paddock
Nov 22nd M   I went to Mautaua then to Moeangiangi (as I had heard he was to begin to shear today) then to McKinnons   shore 14 Sheep
Nov 23rd Tu   Shore 75 Sheep, Mr Towgood   W Camble [Campbell], Christie Rich, R Craig & 10 others besides the children, slept there
Nov 24th W   Shore 63 Sheep, W.C.  C.R. & Mr Towgood was there all night
Nov 25th Th   Came to Moeangiangi   got 50 lbs Soap, came home to Kakariki. Washed […] Shirts (got a Bull pup from Murack


Page 99

Nov 26th F   Mustering Mount Ararat   took them home, Mustered 1st flat, Harry Allen came and staid all night
Nov 27th S.   Shore 98 sheep, cut lambs etc   Power came with pups. HA remained all day
Nov 28th   HA went home, I started for Moe’gi   the bull pup overtook me in the Kiwi Valley, went to Moutaua with him, then on to Moe’gi
Nov 29th M   Shearing at Moeangiangi and looking out for doubled fleeced sheep
Nov 30th   Shearing at Moeangiangi   came on rain P.M.
Dec’r 1st W   Wet day, no shearing
Dec’r 2nd   Comenced to shear P.M.
Dec’r 3rd F   4th S   Shearing
Dec’r 5th Sunday,   looking for, and found, my horse
Dec’r 6th M   Shearing, 7th Tu   Shearing   rain, 8 AM   shore till 10 AM, Settled up with “Charley” for shearing £2.17.6 & came on to Taits, got 38 Double fleeced sheep

Page 100

Dec’r 8th W   Paid Tait for “Captain” and came on to Mohaka, heard that the HauHaus had been to Arikarinihi, Camp fires and foot prints seen[?]   remained all day at Mohaka for further news, got none
Dec’r 9th Th   Came to Moutaua with Power and A Murry, got Bull pup, came home, found all right, Shifted my bed etc etc
Dec’r 10th F   Went round by Mt Ararat, then to the “three Manukas”   brought home some sheep, shore 36
Dec’r 11th S   Winnowed a pack of Wheat and shore 74 sheep and took them to Bee spur
Dec’r 12th Sunday,   Went round by the 4th flat, then to “gooseberry point” then to the “Three Manukas”   brought home 200 sheep, drafted them, took shorn ones back, Power came with some Beef. saw him at a distance, feels Rhumatics [Rheumatics]   wet
Dec’r 13th M   Shore 74 sheep and pressed 2 bales
Dec’r 14th Tu   Wet morning, transplanting Tobacco   Pressed 9 bales of wool


Page 101

Dec’r 15th W   Mustered 2nd Flat, came on rain   Transplanted Tobacco, make wool bags etc
Dec’r 16th Th   Shore 80 sheep, Very Showery
Dec’r 17th F   Ground 1 Bu’l [Bushel] Wheat, Pressed 4 Bales   ground my Shears, Baked etc etc, cloudy and showery
Dec’r 18th S   Finished the wool bags, branded all the bags and bales, fixed 4 post in the fence. cut all the Thistles and parsnips in the Paddock etc, showery and cloudy
Dec’r 19th Sunday   Went to Moutaua for Mail, met S Holloway at Kiwi, found that He was the HauHaus that everybody was making such a fuss about, got two newspapers from Farrow, sent letter to Father, came home   Muster “White horse cliff.” P.M. Rain
Dec’r 20th M   Cut Thistles, put Pack saddles in order and shore 46 Sheep
Dec’r 21st Tu   Shore 54 Sheep and took them to the Wether Burn, Muster Table hill

Page 102

Dec’r 22nd W   Shore 20 Sheep and took them to the Wether Burn, then Mustered the Snuggery and Shore 28 more
Dec’r 23rd Th   Shore 20 Sheep and took them to Bee Kreek [Creek], Power came & took some potatoes, I then Mustered 1st Flat, got 15   shore them, Power and A. Murry came and stoped all night
Dec’r 24th F   I assisted Power and Murry with their sheep on to the Road then pressed 6 Bags wool, cleaned out from under the graitings of night pen, made two halters, Hot A.M. Rain P.M.
Dec’r 25th S   Christmas day (and as Miserable a one as I have spent for many a year) Tiddlywinking in Wairangi, had my first feed of new Potatoes & green pear, V hot
Dec’r 26th Sunday,   Shot a large Boar outside the 2nd Bush, went round by Mt Ararat. Power & Murry came to help me to Muster


Page 103

Dec’r 27th M   Mustered the 3rd flat A.M. and the 2nd flat P.M, Successful. v hot
Dec’r 28th Tu   Mustered White Horse and Wether Burn, A.M. Power went home, A Murry and I Mustered 1st flat
Dec’r 29th W   Drafting for Strangers, A Murry went home, I shore 44 Sheep.
Dec’r 30th Th   Finished the first Shearing, Shore altogether 772 Sheep and docked 174 lambs, pressed some wool, Winnowed grass seed. Power and A. Murry came to Muster.
Dec’r 31st P. A.M. & I Mustered Tauranga flats and Kakariki hill   I came back for Mare to take home pk saddle, PM rain.

January 1st S.   P, AM, & I at Mautaua, A Real out-and-out wet day, reading etc

Page 104

Jan’y 2nd Sunday,   It faired during the day, Mustered the flats
Jan’y 3rd M   Mustered Mangapara gully and the ridges, the Kiwi and the gully behind the shed
Jan’y 4th Tu   I started for home, feeling very lowspirited, when I came to the kreek it looked pretty high but I thought I would try it, and try it I did, and got about half way up when the water took the feet from under the Mare, she Swerved broadside on to the current which fairly took her feet away, she rolled over, up the stream, with me under her but clear of the saddle   I was a long time before I could get from underneath but by a mighty effort I managed it and found


Page 105

myself in the middle of a roaring surging torrent, and sank twice but still retained my presence of mind to a remarkable degree, I struck boldly for the shore, and just as I was giving myself up, I said O God give me strength for a few more strokes, and directly my feet touched bottom; but the current so strong I could do nothing but run with it and cling to the bank, at last I got into an Eddy and scramble up the slippery papa rock   How fervently I thanked God for saving my poor life once more, The poor mare was carried down the stream nearly a mile and found bottom in the centre of the river beyond the reach of Man, went home, fed the pup and started again to Moutaua to tell Power that we may look out for the pk saddle

Page 106

Jan’y 4th
Went to Mautaua and slept there
Jan’y 5th W   Power and I came up too look for the Mare. She was gone, I went to Mohaka and examined the Beaches.
Jan’y 6th Th   Examined the beaches of the River up as far as Mautaua, did not see her
Jan’y 7th F   Examined the river from Mautaua up and saw her on the other side, Dead, opposite the Kiwi, came home, washed, boiled dogs meat, weeded in the GG and started for Mohaka at dark
Jan’y 8th S   Went up the other side of the River, got saddle and everything complete, went down, slept in block house
Jan’y 9th Sunday,   Came up home, Power came with me
Jan’y 10th M   Started to pack, Power kindly lent me a hand to the Kiwi, got down very well, the Bull pup followed me, I lost him at Wisharts


Page 107

Jan’y 11th Tu   Took a pack to Mohak [Mohaka], had to go twice to the Pa after my Bull pup
Jan’y 12th W   Spelling the horses, reaped the Oats and the pease [peas]
Jan’y 13th Th   Took a pack to Mohaka, the two Sheep pups followed me to Mohaka   I lost Gini
Jan’y 14th F   Took a pack to Mohaka, saw Mr Twogood. Got Gini.
Jan’y 15th S   Took a pack to Mohaka, found McReery Keeping Sunday, Wk [Week] ending 20 Bags
Jan’y 16th Sunday,   Spelling horses & self
Jan’y 17th M   Took a pack, and 34 lbs potatoes for McReery. Reaped Barley
Jan’y 18th Tu   Pressed two bags wool, then went and Mustered Heingatu, got 13   Showery A.M and steady rain P.M
Jan’y 19th W.   Rain A.M. Repairing Bees pack Saddle GG P.M. fine

Page 108

Jan’y 20th Th   Took a pack to Mohaka, came by Lavins to see Tait about my Steer, Came to Moutaua, Slept there
Jan’y 21st F   Came home, put the Sheep out of the paddock into the shed, Reaped some Wheat, Came on Rain, Shore the Sheep, Pressed a bag, found it short, mustered 1st Flat got enough to fill the bag, Reaped more Wheat.
Jan’y 22nd S   Took two bags to Mohaka, met Wirmu [Wiremu?] Puki and another going to Maungaharuru. Came home, reaped wheat
Jan’y 23rd Sunday   Shot a Boar in the 2nd bush, salted him and planted a Willow in front of the house to commemorate My Miraculous Escape from drowning on the 4th Inst.
Jan’y 24th M   Reaped all the Wheat, threshed the Pease and Oats, Picked Winter potatoes.


Page 109

Jan’y 25th Tu   Planted Winter potatoes and threshed the Wheat & Barley, V Hot
Jan’y 26th W   Went to Mt Ararat after the sheep, then went to Mohaka by Lavins
Jan’y 27th Th   Got the Mail and came home
Jan’y 28th F   Fixed a post in the fence, winnowed and washed the Wheat, Planted some potatoes
Jan’y 29th S   “Gaylass” got kicked by the Foal this morning and died at night   I went round the Sheep, got some rough ones on Peach Stone Hill, brought them home and shore them, 4 and 1 lamb
Jan’y 30th Sunday   Went to Moutaua   stoped all day in expectation of J Tait coming to take away Lavins Cattle, S Holloway came.
Jan’y 31st M   SH and I rode to the Kiwi   I came home and commenced Ex

Page 110

Feb’ry 1st Tu   Dug some potatoes, Ex Making a new wheelbarrow. Ate the last of the old Potatoes & the Jam
Feb’ry 2nd W   Started to go to Mohaka, saw a Mob of Maoris at the Kiwi going by Kakarangu to Putere, heard no vessel was in turned back, made the W barrow Ex
Feb’ry 3rd Th   Went by Moutaua to Mohaka with J.J.P.   came back to Moutaua, got a letter from W.J.G. telling me he is gone home
Feb’ry 4th F   Power & I made a new crossing in the Chimney Creek. I came hom   Ex
Feb’ry 5th S   Dug a few potatoes   Ex
Feb’ry 6th Sunday   Tried to get a pig, unsuccessful
Feb’ry 7th M   Went to Moutaua, then to Moeangi [Moeangiangi], then to Taits, then to Mohaka, fully 50 Miles without a morsel to Eat except Peaches, the first of the season.
Feb’ry 8th Tu   Went to McKeerys then to Lavins, saw Tait, Rewi and Namana, tried to take away the cattle, but could not, slept in the Bk Hs [Block House].


Page 111

Feb’ry 9th W   Power and I rode together to the Peak  I came home
Feb’ry 10th Th   Shot a Boar outside 2nd Bush and wrote to Kinross, started for Mohaka and when I got down found that Power Stark & D Beary had shipped my wool and the vessel gone, Slept there
Feb’ry 11th F   Power and I rode to the Peak   I came home
Feb’ry 12th S   Went to try to burn, Burnded [Burned] the Rat terrace, no wind, came home, gathered some seed, dug potatoes, hilled up potatoes [?]
Feb’ry 13th Sunday   Tried to Explore the Kakariki creek, got up as far as Allens whare   turned back and Explored the gully out in the 2nd Bush, found it practical for fencing
Feb’ry 14th M   Went out with the intention of having a look on the 4th flat but the sheep pups followed me and I lost them in the head of Bee creek, Burned Bee ck [creek]

Page 112

Feb’ry 15th Tu   Went out looking for the two Sheep pups, could see or hear nothing of them, Burned Power hill.
Feb’ry 16th W   Went out with the intention of sleeping out if I saw nothing of the Pups. I waited from 9 A.M on a hill (Pups lookout) till Sundown when I heard them on the “Three Manukas”   went and got them, they looked awfully thin, came home in the dark
Feb’ry 17th Th   Went and Shot a Sow at “the Scotsmans” then went to Moutaua for Mail, Slept there.
Feb’ry 18th F   Came home, Dug Potatoes and ate Peach
Feb’ry 19th S   Digging potatoes|
Feb’ry 20th Sunday,   Shot a boar above Wairangi and a Sow outside 2 Bush
Feb’ry 21st M   Digging potatoes, Power came
Feb’ry 22nd Tu   Power & I went pig hunting, we killed a large Boar outside 2nd Bush, salted it, fixed the gate at River and caught a Tuna


Page 113

Feb’ry 23rd W   Finished digging the Potatoes, carried home (in all) 12 baskets, Pitted remainder in bush so that if th HauHaus spring one plant the other may escape   weeded Parsnips and gathered Torori
Feb’ry 24th Th   Finished weeding parsnips and tried to turn the water race into the paddock etc, Discovered a word in the English language with 6 Consonants and 1 Vowel, What is it?
Feb’ry 25th F   There was a heavy Shower during the Night, and Showery all day. Steady rain now (9 P.M.)   I turned the water from the hills into the paddock and mended clothes, This is the first rain since 1st Jan’y 1870
Feb’ry 26th S   Felt a shock of Earthquake last night, Sunk a well in the Bush PM. Went to Moutaua   got a letter from P Dolbel wanting me to go and muster Maungaharuru

Page 114

Feb’ry 27th Sunday   Rode home and prepared for a start, walked to Maungaharuru
Feb’ry 28th M   Rainy, went to Waipopo for Peaches and replaced a fence
P.D.  HA saw I hunting cattle by the Waikoau
March 1st Tu   P.D., S.H.  Puki, Ranapi and I went out to the foot of Ngatapu and Slept in the province of Auckland
March 2nd W   Mustering to the Lake gully
March 3rd Th   Mustered to the Hole and came home
March 4th Fr   with the Sheep
March 5th S   S.H & I Mustered the 2nd hole
March 6th Sunday   P.D.  Ranapi and I went to Kakarangu, Slept there
March 7th M   Mustered to the yards
March 8th Tu   Mustered Pa Spur and went home and from the 8th to 17th Mustering
March 18th Friday.   Drafting and preparing to start for Springfield


Page 115

March 19th S   P.D.  SH, Hoto and I cattle hunting by the Waikoau, got them but they rush towards the Tutira lake   PD and I followed them, Slept at the lake
March 20th Sunday   Drove the cattle to MaungH [Mangaharuru].
March 21st M   Started with 700 Sheep   drove 52 of them over a cliff which took 3 tether lines to reach the bottom   I was lowered down and swam then down the kreek, camped on Finlayson flats
March 22nd Tu   Drove on and camped at the foot of Russels [Russells] hill
March 23rd W   Drove to Tongaia [Tangoio], W Campbell was in town, Mixed with Morris
March 24th Th   Drove on to Aitkins [Atkins?], a regular wet day, rather miserable
March 25th F   got to Springfield at dark
March 26th S   Commenced Shearing
March 27th Sunday   Walking over the Farm

Page 116

March 28th M   Classing wool
March 29th Tu   Went to Napier   Saw Kennedy about my wool   sent it home, came back
March 30th W   Shearing
March 31st Th   Classing, J Ferguson left for Auckland
April 1st F   Finished Shearing
April 2nd S   Drafting etc
April 3rd Sunday   Started with 400 Sheep back to Maungaharuru, got to Tupper[?]   Saw J Tait there (also […]) for the last time
April 4th M   Drove on to Tongoia
April 5th Tu   Drove on to Russels yards
April 6th W   Drove on to Maungaharuru
April 7th Th   Turned the Sheep up by the paddock and looked for the telescope I lost March 20th
April 8th F   Came home to Kakariki   found that the Wild cattle has been right up to the door and all round the place but done no damage, gathered Torori


Page 117

April 9th S   Killed a Bull outside 2nd Bush, Packed him home and salted him, gathered pumkins
April 10th Sunday   This is the Anniversary of the Mohaka Massacre, and what a year I have spent to be sure! Had any one told me I could have done it I would not have believed it, I have lived alone the grater [greater] part of the year with my life in danger not only every day, but every hour of the day and no appearance of things mending. Went to Moutaua   slept there
April 11th M   Came home   brought the big mare with a pack of Beef, fat and sugar, rendered fat, ground wheat, Baked etc   Rain P.M.
April 12th Tu   Sowed grass seed by the yards, Sowed Cabbage, Cauliflower, White Thorn, Blackberry and Clingstone peaches
April 13th W   Raining all day, Repairing my Boots and other Cobbler work

Page 118

April 14th Th   An out-and-out wet day, doing little or nothing + never left home
April 15th F   A very Showery, or wet day, made a pot of Jam and made up my accounts
April 16th S   The rain appeared to have cleared off so I want to Moutaua early expecting to come home again but the rain came on again so I got storm stayed, J Hall came on his road to
Mohaka   Do
April 17th Sunday   The rain cleared off for about an hour before sundown, so I came home, S.H. went to Mohaka 9 PM   raining
April 18th M   Inclined to be Showery, pressed grapes to Vinegar and wine, Repaired the paddock fence etc etc, Rain soon cleared off
April 19th Tu   Went round the Sheep and commenced fencing the things to scour the locks. Frosty, but fine, rain gone
April 20th W   commenced scouring, V fine


Page 119

April 21st Th.   Scouring, water […] etc   fine
April 22nd F   Raining again, cleared about 10 AM, Sowed grass (soft medow [meadow]) seed on 1st Flat, rain again at sundown and now 9 P.M.
April 23rd S   It rained all night, cleared about daybreak, I had plenty of water so I scoured locks all day, v dull
April 24th Sunday   Rode early to Moutaua, got a pair of Turkeys from Power   Harry Allen, Power, and I came back, looked for Pukeroraras in the River but got none   Ate the last of the
Peaches, and spent a pleasant night
April 25th M   H.A & J.L.P [JJP?]. went to their respective homes, I scouring locks
April 26th Tu   Scouring locks
April 27th W   Took a basket of locks to the River, Washed and finished them, then washed 8 shirts and 3 pair trousers

Page 120

April 28th Th   Went right round the sheep, discovered an old Kainga on the River bank (4th Flat)   large quantities of Peach trees
April 29th F   Ground some tools and commenced to fix a Chimney to my Whare as there is every appearance of my having to put in the winter in it
April 30th S   Finished the chimney of my Whare then walked to Moutaua   Saw Geo Bee and Wm Hodgson, they told me they have leased Pearces old Run, Spent the night pleasantly
May 1st Sunday   Came home, cooking
May 2nd M   Commenced to finish the fence round the grub ground that was commenced first on the 6th May 1869, sixteen months ago, and today I struck the first blow towards doing any improvements


Page 121

that has been struck since the 10th March/69 (nearly 14 Months) and all this time the I have been dormant with regard to improvements, but Oh! what a 14 Months it has been. I do not think I could stand a repetition of it, and it is to be hoped I will not have to try for the country seems to be in a better state now than it has been since Sept/68
May 3rd Tu   Fencing, the country in all afire on the other side of the River (Friendlies? I expect)
May 4th W   Fencing, and tried to get a pig, fine frosty Weather
May 5th Th   Fencing, threatening Rain. Cloudy
May 6th F   Fencing, threatening Rain. Cloudy
May 7th S   Fencing, threatening Rain. Cloudy. Power came early and stoped all night

Page 122

May 8th Sunday   Rained a little, Power went home, Poor little “Whaler” has got the Distemper. I was nearly all day hunting for some fresh meat for her as I would not loose [lose] her for a trifle, Threatening rain
May 9th M   Fencing, Showery & Threatning [Threatening] heavy rain
May 10th Tu   Rained lightly all day, I pressed the scoured wool, found it lost 23/60 in washing, cleaned up the house, the Rats and mice are playing up with the Wheat, I got up in the middle of the night, last night to work out the Problem – if a round potatoe ½ inch in diameter has a certain amount of skin on it what is the diameter of one that has twice the amount of skin? Ans. 6291 Inch
May 11th W   Pig hunting the whole day without success in 2nd Bush and by Allens Whare
May 12th Th   Pig hunting, killed a young Boar on the first Flat, had “Roger” out, fencing & Pruning Peach trees.


Page 123

A Retrospect

At the commencement of this volume G. Farrow and I had just begun our partnership and the country, certainly, was dull enough with regard to trade, and failures was frequent, but the natives were quiet all over the Islands.  But in Sept 1868 the Hauhaus Escaped from the Chatham Islands and landed north of the Mahia then began our uncertainty, but we had no actual fear of being murdered until 21st Oct (vide P 47) and then our horrers [horrors] commenced after the 10th Novr   the Poverty Bay Massacre (vide P 49) when 54 some personal acquaintances were killed (and from that day to this I have never slept except with a loaded Rifle for a bed mate). From the Poverty Bay Massacre to the fall of Ngatapu (57) we

did not feel safe but after that we were persuaded that Te Kooti was squashed and it was over until we were surprised to find the HH in One Morning in Mohaka (67) when over 60 of my friends and personal acquaintances were cowardly murdered in cold blood, then Farrow would stay no longer, on any consideration, so I had to buy him out and he went right home at once. And then began my trials, troubles and terrors, for months no one considered themselves safe outside a fortification and often not very safe in them, the return to confidence has been very slow, and in far from being restored even now. Altho I have commenced to work (121) yet I often pause and consider if it is yet safe But it is to be hoped there may be many a change for the better ere I finish another Volume.

D.P. Balfour.


March 1868
28th   Partnership of Farrow & Balfour & this Diary begins

April 1868
5th   Started from Moeangiangi with Sheep
8th   Arrived at Kakariki with Sheep
8th   Saw Mr Bold for first time
14th   Killed 17 Wild Sheep

May 1868
5th   Took floor up & cleaned inside House
9th   Raft of 1576 feet left Kakariki
11th   Began cutting Scrub for Garden
11th   1 Ram made 90 feeds for a Dog
15th   Sawers [Sayers] Left the Bush
15th   Began burning off Scrub for Garden
19th   Lost 24 Wild Sheep. W.T. Guiness [Guinness]

May 1868 (Continued)
24th   Farrow threw his clothes across the Heruheru & could not cross himself
28th   Killed 180 Fleas on one blanket   Earthquake
29th   Killed 249 Fleas on Same blanket
30th  Killed 151 Fleas on Same blanket
31st   Killed 116 Fleas on Same blanket
31st   Boundry of Kakariki run

June 1868
3rd   Mr Guiness
6th   Mr Guiness
8th   Killed 2 Wild Cows
12th   Sowed ¼ acre Wheat
15th   To Moeangiangi to Muster
17th   Walker to Napier in the Rain
21st   John Allen last seen alive
23rd   His Body was found
30th   Home from Moe


July 1868
4th   To Maungaharuru & Bees. Saw Misses Bee
8th   Sowed ½ an acre wheat
12th   Birthday Cap, 20   Earthquake
22nd   Tried to Split a Log but Split 3 Mauls insted
22nd   First Goai in Blossom
26th   Willows Sprouting
30th   Earthquake
31st   Commenced to build Leantoo

August 1868
2nd   Snow on Te Whenua
3rd   Cutting up Kakaiki [Kakariki] hill
6th   Peach trees in Blossom
9th   Caught the “White Horse”
12th   Commence the Sheep yards
13th   began to rebuild the Chimney
26th   Snow an inch thick
28th   Farrow to Town, 31st   Neither Rain nor Frost

Sptember 1868
5th   Put up 20 Pannel fence (4 Rail) etc etc
7th   Agreed to Class Taits Wool
22nd   Lost “Thursday” at Maungaharuru
28th   Finished building Chimney

October 1868
2nd   Commenced Mustering for Shearing
3rd   Shearing
4th   Drafting Strangers
2th   Farrow to Moutaua   I to Moeangiangi
21st   Finlayson & family to Town from Hauhaus
22nd   False alarm of Hauhaus
27th   Shearing Duncans Sheep. Never Paid


November 1868
8th   To Taits to Muster
10th   Poverty Bay Massacre. 54 killed
12th   Heard of Massacre
19th   Afraid of Hauhaus at Taits
23rd   Shearing at Taits

December 1868
1st   Ball practice at Mohaka
4th to 7th   Intelligence Troop. Mr Burton
7th   et seq “Scouting”
21st   Hauhaus at or near Putere
23rd   Read a book on Geology at Bees

January 1869
7th   Promoted to Corporal Int troop
11th   Heard an axe at Kakarangu. Not Known
18th   Fire near Putere
27th   Intelligence Troop Disbanded

February 1st 1869
1st   Rain spoiling the Wheat
3rd   Earthquake
5th   Mustering at Taits. Last ripe Peach
17th   Brought 379 Sheep from Taits
25th   Got settled with for Scouting

March 1869
4th   £20 from Hudson. Sold wool @ 3d per lb
11th   Mustering at Moeangiangi


April 1869
9th   Hauhaus at Mohaka, Lavin etc[?] Killed
10th   Hauhau attached the Pa
11th   Heard of the Massacre
13th   Arrived at Mohaka Pa
13th   Mrs Sim & family came out of Bush
14th   Burying the Dead. Farrow in Town
15th   Went to Kakariki
16th   Remained all day at Kakariki
20th   Went First time to Springfield
27th   Farrow goes to England, I Bought him out
28th   Started back to Mohaka

May 1869
1st   Went back to Kakariki
4th   Scouting for no pay but Rations
8th   Lavins Dog uncovered his Bones
12th   Militia Disbanded
13th   to Kakariki   24th. to Kakariki

May 1869 (continued)
25th   Hauhaus supped [supposed] within 2 Miles of Mohaka
27th   Also near Putere
28th   Maori escapees returned to Pa
31st   At Kakariki

June 1869
7th   Slept in the House at Kakariki
17th   Dug ground by Moonlight to Sow Wheat
18th   Got my Run Confiscated
20th   “Greyling” & “Hero” wrecked Wairoa
22nd   22 Friendly Natives Massacred Taupo
23rd   Went to try and get Scouting Maungaharuru
25th   Boiled Pumpkins in the Bush


July 1869
1st   Great uncertainty. Ministry Defeated
6th   Got Pumpkins from Starks
7th   At Kakariki. All Scouts discharged
12th   Started for Town. Note
14th   Bought my Run back. Got £5 from Mr Kinross to pay the Licence fee
16th   Troops to be withdrawn
18th   Heard Witty was Stationed at Putere with 100 men
19th   Went to Kakariki to stop
20th   Began to build myself a hut in Bush
21st   Ground 1st Wheat since 6th March
22nd   Spent a most Miserable day
26th   Holloway & a Comical Trooper
28th   Finished my Hut in Bush
29th   Found Witty was not at Putere
31st   Live entirely in Hut

August 1869
1st   Willows are Sprouting
4th   Earthquake, Rather heavy
8th   Killed first pig since March 3rd
12th   Took my Blankets from Pa to Block house
22nd   Found Human Skeleton. Reflection on same
26th   First Goai in Blossom
28th   Peaches Blossoming
29th   Lit a fire in the House (Rough […]31st   Expedition to Waikaremoana

September 1869
10th   A Cold Breakfast as I lay too long
17th   To Moeangiangi   Heard of KS Clarks death which was not true
22nd   First Pipipiwharauroa. Lamb holder
28th   Began to make another Hut in Bush
30th   A deal of Rifle firing across River

October 1869
6th   Shifted into new hut
8th   Centenary of Capt. Cooks landing NZ
13th   Garden destroyed by Wild Cattle
18th   Shot a wild Bull
25th   Began Mustering for Power

November 1869
4th   Began Shearing Moutaua
4th   Saw Maoris rub Sticks for fire
11th   Finished Shearing at Moutaua
14th   Found some Saddle stuffing
15th   Note re Saddle stuffing
16th   Began my own Musting [Mustering] & Shearing
20th   Drafting at Taits. Washing etc
23rd   Shearing as a Shearer at McKinnons
29th   Shearing at Moeangiangi & getting WS [wild sheep]


December 1869
7th   Finished shearing at Moeangiangi, got 38 Double fleeced Sheep
8th   Hauhaus supposed 1 Mile from Mohaka Pa
19th   Found that Holloway & tracks were the things everyone took for Hauhaus
25th   Spent a Miserable Christmas
27th   Power & Murry helped me to Muster
30th   Finished 1st Shearing, 772. 174 lambs
31st   Mustering for Moutaua

January 1870
4th   Very nearly got Drowned
5th to 9th   Looking for Dead Mare & pk Saddle
10th   Began packing out Wool
15th   McNeary[?] Keeping Saturday for Sunday
23rd   Planted a Willow to comemorate [commemorate] escape from Drowning
24th   Finished reaping Wheat
31st   Began underground escape from house   never was finished


February 1870
1st   Ate Last of Old Potatoes & jam
7th   Rode 50 Miles without anything to eat
10th   Wool Shipped by Neighbours
14th   Lost Sheep pups
16th   found them
23rd   Pitted Potatoes from Hauhaus
24th    An English word with 6 consonants & only 1 vowel
25th    56 days without Rain
26th    Earthquake. P Dolbel
27th   Went Mustering to Mangaharuru

March 1870
1st    Slept in Province of Auckland
19th    Cattle hunting, Waikoau, Tutira
21st    Started for Springfield, drove sheep over Cliff
25th    Got to Springfield
29th    Decided to send Wool Home
31st   J Ferguson left for Auckland

April 1870
5th   Started back to Mangaruru [Maungaharuru]
5th   Saw James Tait for last time
8th   Back again to Kakariki
10th   1st Anniversary of Massacre. Note
20th   Began Scouring Locks
24th   Ate last of Peaches
30th   Bee leased Pearces Coast Run


May 1870
2nd   Struck 1st Blow for 14 months   Note
3rd   Friendlys [Friendlies] – I expect
8th   “Whaler” Sick
10th   Wool lost weight in Scouring
10th   Problem of Potatoe Skin
12th   Diary ends. Retrospect


No. of Bales   Wool of 1869   fleeces   lbs

1   Cross Ewes   28   83
2   Ewes   36   104
3   Pieces 58lbs M  32lbs cross   90
4   Wethers & Hoggett [Hogget]   21   85
5   Wethers & Hoggett   23   86
6   Pieces   93
7   Wethers & Hoggett   22   98
8   Cross Ewes & M Ewes   19+9   84
9   Ewes   39   90
11   Ewes   33   96
12   Ewes   38   101
13   Ewes   36   104
15   Wethers & Hoggett   24   120
16   Wethers & Hoggett   22   90
17   Ewes   34   84

No. of Bales   Wool of 1869   fleeces   lbs

Brought up   1408
18   Ewes   36   95
19   Ewes   39   95
20   Wild wool 43lbs, Ewes 43lbs   3+12   86
21   Ewes   36   92
22   Wethers & Hoggett   20   91
23   Ewe   36   92
25   Ewes   41   101
26   Ewes   34   109
27   Wethers & Hoggett   21   102
28   Cross ewes   35   91
29   Wethers & Hoggett   22   88
30   Wethers & mixed   m10+6x   89
31   Ewes   29   89


No. of Bales   Wool of 1870   fleeces   lbs

1   Wethers & Hoggett   97
2   Wethers & Hoggett D   100
3   1st Clothing C   102
4   Pieces   109
5   Cross   81
6   2nd Clothing   100
7   Wethers & Hoggett   99 – 1635
8   Wethers & Hoggett   105 – 1664
9   Cross   71 – 1661    1208
10   1st Clothing   93     1873
11   1st Clothing   87
12   Wethers & Hoggett   90
13   Wethers & Hoggett   94
14   1st Clothing   74
15   Wethers & Hoggett   83
16   1st Clothing   89
17   Wethers & Hoggett   94
18   1st Clothing   98

No. of Bales   Wool of 1870   fleeces   lbs

19   2nd clothing   98
20   2nd clothing   100
21   Wethers & Hoggett   92
22   1st Clothing   79
23   Wethers & Hoggett   98
24   2nd Clothing   43   92
25   Cross   22   81
26   Wethers & Hoggett   21   86
27   Mixed   102
28   Black   75
32   1st Clothing   77
33   Wethers & Hoggett   19   104
34   Wethers & Hoggett   19   77
35   Cross   80
37   Scoured pieces   82


No. of Bales   Wool of 1870   fleeces   lbs

38   Brought up   2957
39   2nd Clothing   40   82
828, 3039

No. of Bales   Wool of 1868   lbs   Fleeces

1   Clothing   80   29
2   Clothing   80   25
3   Wild wool washed   67   =
4   Combing   80   23
5   Hogget   80   15
6   Hogget   80   19
7   Wild Wool Greasy   83   9
8   Wild Wool Washed   67   =
9   Wild Wool Greasy   80   7
10   Locks   80   =
11   Wild wool Greasy   83   7
12   Hogget   80   16
13   Clothing   80   34
14   Clothing   70   33
15   Hogget   80   17
16   Clothing   80   35
Lbs   1250   269


No. of Bales   Wool of 1868   lbs   Fleeces

Brought up   1250   269
17   Hogget   80   20
18   Hogget   80   17
19   Pieces   80   =
20   Combing   80   29
21   Hogget   80   20
22   Hogget   80   23
23   Hogget   80   23
24   Unclassed Wool 50+20=   70   20
lbs   1880   421 fleeces

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Surnames in this diary –
Aitkins/Atkins, Allen, Balfour, Beary, Bold, Burton, Campbell, Cooper, Craig, Duncan, Easter, Farrow, Ferguson, Finlayson, Gamble, Guinness, Hall, Holloway, Hoto, Hubbard, Hudson, Jefferies, Kennedy, Kinross, Lavin, Maunsell, McHardy, McKenzie, McKinnon, McNaughton, McNeary/McRery/McReery, Morris, Murry/Murray, Paora, Pearce, Power, Powers, Puni, Ranapi, Rich, Sayers, Scott, Sim, Stark, Sullivan, Tait, Towgood, Trooper, Vaunt, Walker, Watson, Weber, Whyte, Wishart, Witty

Margin Notations –
1st   1st time
A   agriculture
B   bull
B   burning
C   cattle
D   dew/drafting/droving
Dg   dog
Dn   domestic[?]
E   earthquake
F   frost
fin Sc   final scouting
Fn   fencing
H   HauHau
L   last time
M   mustering
Mo   Mohaka
Moe   Moeangiangi
N   Napier
P   partnership
Pg   pig
Pk   pack
Po   Power
R   rain
Rd   road
Sc   scouting
Sh   sheep
Sn   snow
Sp   sheep pups
SS/ssh   shearing
Sw   sheep washing
WS   wild sheep
W   wind

Abbreviations –
AD   after dark
GB   George Bee
GF    George Farrow
GG   Grub Ground
HA   Harry Allen
JGK   John Gibson Kinross
JLP    John Jackson Power
JP   J Pearce
JW   James Wishart
KSC   KS Clark
McK   McKenzie
McN   McNaughton
MH   Mangaharuru
NE   Nor’east
NW   Nor’west
PD   Philip Dolbel
SE   Sou’east
SH   S Holloway
SW   Sou’west
WH   Charley
WTG   William Trench Guinness
JR, MB unknown

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Handwritten diary

Date published

28 March 1868 - 12 May 1870

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