Bon Marche Ltd Register


Matt Johnson Ltd

Bon Marche Ltd

1897 – Feb 1995

Past Chairmen:

Matt Johnson   1887-1928
James F. Jones    1931-1959
Ross D. Jones    1960-1994

Past Directors:

Matilda A. Johnson
George Murfitt
Hinemanu Jones
Stuart G. Jones   1939-1985
J. Bryce Jones    1953-1989
Ross D. Jones

Present Board:

Richard L. Jones   1950/1995
Julie E. Jones
Simon R. Jones   1984/1995

Bon Marche Holdings Ltd:

Richard L. Jones
Julie E. Jones
Simon R. Jones
Katherine E. Jones
Phillipa M. Jones

Present Staff:

Signature   Years of Service (Number)

Amy Bourke   (33) 26th Oct 1961 – Feb 1995

Peggy Brazier   26th Aug 1979 – Jan 82 (Full Time)   Casual & Part time Feb 82 – Jan 88   (Full Time ) Jan 6th 88 – Jan 95.

Patricia Davies   March 1987 – Feb 1995

Ethel Gibbs   1994 – July full time. Dec – Jan full. Feb Aug – Nov Part time. Dec – Jan

Anne Greer   1983 – 1995

Erina Griffiths    (38) (Nee Love) 15 Dec 1956 8 yrs Part time!! Feb 1995 2 years

Sophie Henderson   5th Aug 1993 PART TIME   11th Jan 1994 FULL TIME

Rhona Lincoln   1998-1995 (6¼)

Shona Moss   1986-1995 (8½)

Yvonne Osborne   1963-1966   1980-1995

Barbara O’Sullivan   March 1979 – Feb 1995

Past Staff:

Norm Orchard   1/3 Bayview Tce Tairua   1953?   07863748
Murray Sparling   221 Grove Rd Hastings   1941
Rona McCarthy   406B King St Hastings
Joyce Perry   103B Renata St Hastings
Val Haggerty   85 Simla Ave H Nth
Dianne Taylor (nee Flanders)   Peak View Middle Rd H/Nth
Anne Scott   413 Brunswick St   Hastings
Joyce M Kemp   110 Frimley Avenue Hastings
Myra Shaw (Chilton)   20 Deal Cres Flaxmere Hastings
Denise Gilbert (Dalmon)   411 Kea Place Hastings
Myrtle Dalmon (Orchard)   1014 Puketea Street Hastings
Doreen Parker (Hunter)   6 Arnold St Napier
Ngaire Compton (Macleod)   37A Tainui Drive Havelock Nth
Janet Greenfield   36 Busby Hill Havelock North.   Valued Customer
Thelma Batkins (Bjoingaard)   1013 Oliphant Road, Hastings
Zoe Larking (nee Woon)    Staff 1961-1969
Maurice McWien[?]  per [LM?]   1942-47
[?] McNaughton   1967-70   Barbara Hislop   1985-1993
Betty Matthews   1947-1989
June Eagle   1955-1960   1981-1990
Betty Howard   1952-1958
Eva Bennison   Show Room 1978-1981
Jillian Jobey (nee Harrison)   1975-1988   Great memories
Jean Anderson, Show Room
Harold King – DISPLAY – 1971-1986   Good Times
Audrey Bott   HAB DEPT 1954-1955  GREAT MEMORIES
Laurel Collins (nee Spencer)   1953-55   daughter of ex Staff member Daphne Spencer (1950-1958 approx)
L.M Jillings   22 Mountain Rd Rotorua
Rod McBean   1963-1993   WONDERFUL MEMORIES
Doris Ross (SUTCLIFFE)   1939/40   502E Southampton St Hastings
Roy Patheyjohns 74-1991   42 Harpham St Taradale
Doreen Fletcher   1951-53
Merle Apperley   1945-46
Ray Burfield MENSWEAR 1974 (Wonderful time.)


Heather Blakesley   Waipuna St Hastings   1974-1976
Lynn Harris   703 Anson St Hastings
Gail Hughes   22 Northlee Place
John Harwood   720 Seddon Str    1986-93
Glenda Hague   Kaiapo Rd Hstgs   1955-61
Raewyn Stothart    1985-1994.   Where ever will I buy my wool?
Janice Donghi   Happy Happy Years
Tesha Plummer           “          “          “   1977-91


Valda Gillies (nee Beattie)   SAD TO SEE THIS Wonderful shop closing (my 1st JOB) Very Best Wishes for what Ever You do in the Future


3.2.95   So sad to look at all the old photos etc and to think that you are closing. Being part of the B.M.L Family has always felt good. You will all be missed badly. Good luck for the future and all it holds for you.
Allen Rollander 206 Chatham Rd Flaxmere

14.2.95 So sorry to see everything go. We will miss you in Hastings. I enjoyed working for you. Gods Blessing in the future for you all. Marina von Fiende [?].

14.2.95   Iris Algar.   Good working Days – Great food Sale days

15.2.95  Tui White   1957-1984   103 Main Rd Clive
Wonderful happy place to work   Great Staff & the Best of management

15.2.95   Nora Symons (Bromley)   1936-1938
Remember our great sales and the rushes to get first in door. Wonderful working days, & best of boss (Mr J. Jones)

16/2/95   LEON DAVIDSON   1989-1993
L. Davidson ex STOREMAN


16/2/95   Lloyd Jones   1948-50   26 Selwyn Rd Napier   83564025


Douglas Hill   5 Palm Ave Stoke Nelson   enjoyed every moment in Napier 1984

Val Noell – In New Zealand for 30 yrs this month & Shopping at Bon March all that time – I’ll miss you all.







1/62 Ngaio Street
Orakei Auckland 5
31st Jan 1995

Bon Marche Ltd
Mr Simon Jones
Mr Richard Jones

Dear Sirs

I would be so pleased if my name could be recorded in your wonderful book of memories. My mother shopped in your friendly wonderful shop when I was a little girl and so many times I was rushed along Heretaunga St E where we lived to obtain a pair of white sox to wear to Sunday School on Sunday & I had to go quickly before sundown on a Friday night otherwise your shop would be closed. I continued shopping after I was married in 1939 but after my

husband never returned from the war. I finally shifted to Auckland 50 years ago but still my make my annual visit each Feb, as I will do next week and am going to miss my shopping in my favourite store. All my breakfast cloths were & are a constant reminder daily of Bon Marche & will continue to be. I have had all the Tribune Photo’s of Interest forwarded  to me for my book along with the recent one of the Hastings Post Office with our father on a ladder painting the building just before the quake. He was James Cook, in business in Hstgs for many years. I am now just on 76 & my memories go back along way & my regret is I wasn’t able to be present the last week of your activities. We arrived from England in 1924.

Sincerely & Every Good Wish.
Mrs Nell. D. Grant-Guy (nee Cook)   c/- 3/507 Omahu Rd, Frimley, Hastings


Alma Stevenson    28 Taradale Rd.   1961    Good Luck & blessings to all.

Isla O’Connor  1106 Outram Rd   Best wishes for the years ahead.

Anne Scott   413 Brunswick St   Good Luck.Esther Grainger   211 Sunnybank Cres, Hastings   Its been nice knowing you.

Pat Moloney-Williams   2/800E Heretaunga   80   cant believe it

Norah Judd   268 Clifton Rd, Te Awanga.   So Sorry – will miss you all!

Elaine Congdon   115 McLeod St, Hastings   Best Wishes to you all & thanks for your Service.

L & J Troup   13 Masonic Villas   Symons St.   Sad, I have shopped here since 1955.   Best Wishes

Hazel McClunie (nee Bone)   A happy shopping experience.

L Beckett   we’ll miss you.

J.M. Baker   “Sorry” you will be missed

M Evelyn Benson   Through all the years – Sad. Best wishes

Shona Ede   Best Wishes for the Future

May King   Titahi Bay.   Sorry you are closing down.

Jim & Joan Paul

Mary Smith (Mrs) Best wishes will miss you

Jacqualine Smith   1009 Heretaunga St East.   All the Best.

Cecily Barbara Dean   God Bless All will miss you all   1009 Hood Street Hastings

D. Pimm [?]. You will be missed.

S. Murray   A sorry time for all.

Betty Sherning   Will miss you, Thank you for all the years.

Catherine Jennings   Sorry your going. Thank You & Good Luck
Faith Jenner. Many thanks for your friendly service over the past 40 years all the best.

Ruby Beaumont   Will miss you many thanks for your friendly Service and co-operate staff.

Mrs Wilma Hynd   104 Ikanui Rd, Frimley   Good Luck

Mrs Jean Beeby   1226 Norfolk Cres Flaxmere   Best Wishes to you all
Lionel Beeby

W.J. Johnstone (Johnny)   Thank you for many things!

S & M Wiggins   Good Luck.

Lorraine Gleeson   38 Deal Cres Flaxmere   You’ll be missed!

Shirley Thompson   Takapau – A part of our lives gone forever – Good Luck.

Mary White   Takapau  – what she said!

Natalie O’Sullivan & family   Hastings – ‘Au Revoir’ & [?]

Mrs R. Hyett (Bette)   wonderful & friendly service over 40 years. Thank you.

Margot Young   Will ye no’ come again. My mum first brought me here more than fifty years ago – You’ll be missed. Thanks for friendly helpful service.

Janette Church – End of an Era – Good Luck and Thank you for all your years of help, fun and commitment to Hawkes Bay.

Dorothy Toms   “Thank-you all”

L[?] – With Thanks for your friendly service.

P. Jericevich   Will be missed

H. Greening   Sorry to see you close as I will miss my weekly yak with the staff as you were all very friendly to me & my family.

Denise Gilbert (nee Dalmon)   Sorry to see you close.

Betty Mellor (nee Boston)   A skating partner of Bryce in the good old days.

JE Mellor   Sorry to see you go.

I.M. Francis   you will sadley be missed

E D Bettany   Thank you all for your Kindness

I.G Lacy   1/102 Princes St.   Will never forget the friendliness & good service & happy time spent shopping here.
V.A Lacy

Hazel R. Sudfelt – so sad but thanks for the good years you gave so many.

Helen Mallory/Mollring[?]    4/802 Victoria St Hstgs. a very sad occasion – have dealt here all my life! Friendly & helpful staff.

Doris White   3/802 Victoria St, Hastings   A great store and so friendly, very sorry to see this store close, have always shopped here.

Beet Harris   Thank you all for all the good years

David Harris   End of an Era.

Val Hodges   Will miss you all.

Irene Rosvall   Always a pleasure to shop in

Dulcie Baker   Very many happy memories

Joy Money   A sad day, many memories left

Elsie Johnston,   many good shopping days

A Phillips   sad to see you close

D Carrington   Sorry to see you close. Will miss it all.

Shona Wilkins   Thank you all very much for your Service & your always cheerful Smiles. Good Luck Take Care & KEEP SMILING!

Diana Spence.   Thank you all for being so helpful over all the years that the Spence Family have been Customers.

Pat Smith    We shall miss you. Thank you for your good service.

Colleen Roberts –  I will very much miss shopping at B.M – “the old order passeth away”.

Mrs Oughton   Thanks very much for being so helpful over all the years Ive been here. Thank you again will miss you so much.

You will be mist all the best Judy Mathewman

Thank you for being so helpful over the years   God Bless you (Irene Hughes)

Thank you just for being there! Sadie & Bill Ball, Kinloch, Taupo

Many thanks for your wonderful service to our family over the years.  I wish you all well in what ever you choose to do you will be sadly missed Love to all  Olive [?] (Nee Rae)

Thankyou for a very good service for the past 8 years. Sorry your leaving   Eileen & Clive Stacey

Thank you very much for your wonderful service to three generations of our family over all those years. We will miss you very much. Our best wishes to you all.   Janet & Dick Paterson

I enjoyed shopping at your Napier shop and always found your staff helpful. I even worked in menswear about 1981. Sorry you’re moving on.   Val King.

As one door closes another opens. Good luck in what other ventures you may have in mind. Shopping in Bon Marche store was certainly a pleasure.   Valerie Westhall

Thank you for all the Good Shopping Years and the lovely – Clean – Handy toilet. When my children were little I would have been lost with out it. Thanks.   Brenda Cushing

I’ve shopped here for 60 odd years & feel sad you are closing down.  W Truman[?]

Always had good service, very helpful. Sorry your leaving us.   J. Moran

Sorry to lose such a friendly store.   Shirley Harington

Met some great folks here    Mary Lambert ex staff

Sorry to see you go.  All the best in the future   Katrina S

Sure going to miss happy smiling faces of regular staff who were always so helpful.   Jan Leslie

Where will I go for that extra pleasant service & a smile to go with it. 36 years I’ve shopped here. Thank you for the treasured memories   M Packer.

Thanks for great service and help when needed   H Treadwell.

Thanks for great service and help when we were bring up our family  B. Rickard

“THE END” is a new beginning   J.P.S

Many Thanks for great service.  Mr and Mrs J. McKee

Mary Jones   where would we find another marvalous group of people to shop with.  Thank you for all the friendly support towards our family JONES FAMILY

H Alice Monk.   Happy memories of a wonderful shop. Best wishes to you all.

Margaret L. Calnan   Am going to miss you, it wont be quite the same.

We will always have many happy memories of the Bon Marche and the Jones family that ran the business.  They all made you feel special.   Hiraani (Scott) & Bob Logan

Elaine M Treacher   I have spent many happy hours shopping for my family here. Sorry to see the end of an era.  E M Treacher

Lorna Brodie   A very sad day for everyone.

Waa (nee Tomlins) [Harris]  A fourth generation shopper of Bon Marche I was clothed from a Baby until marriage and then I clothed my family here.  Thank you for the friendly service over many many years.

Ken Clark.  Winnipeg, Man., Canada.  Very interesting.

Have enjoyed shopping with you – good prices & friendly staff – We’ll miss you   Vic & Connie Chick

Roger Tanner – Ray Schofield Ltd.   A sad time for all. Quite a wonderful association between two companies that go back two generations. Thank you for a friendly place in Hastings. All the best.

Sorry to lose your friendly store and helpful staff. Always enjoy a visit to your shop. Margaret Br[?]

Thank you. God bless you all.  Margaret Sloane.

Will miss such good Customer Relations over many years.   Vera Morris

We will miss you.   D Holleron

Where on earth will I buy my sheets from now, let alone my handkies and sports shirts.   Heugh Chappell

Such service will be sadly missed.   AA Strachan

So sorry you are closing will miss the friendly store   J. Dale

We will miss. Thanks heaps for your cheerful & helpful service.   Dianne Craft

Best wishes to all.   P. Ryan   3-2-95

Best wishes   B. Bicknell   3.2.95

Will miss coming in on Friday   P. Chapman   3.2.95

Good luck to all   Best Wishes   J. Stephens

Best wishes to you all.  Cecily & Peter Price   3/2/95

Many Happy days in my era. Early 1960’s   Work was made better by sharing our day with many good people. Maureen Ouseley nee Ryan.   Best wishes for the future

Ethel Hawkins   Sorry to see you go.

Lots of memories & bargains   L Bennett.

Best wishes   Neville Stewart

Best Wishes will be sadly missed   Helen & Peter Barnes

Doreen Matthews nee Proffitt – Thank you for over 50 friendly years – so sad to see you close – all good wishes for any future venture.

Emily Chew   Good luck for the future

Thank you all very much for your help and time over the years.   Mary R[?]

Thank you for wonderful shopping & help – we are so sorry to see you go.  C. Person

Thank you from a old customer.   JL Godwin

Sorry for the closure.   AD Needham

Mrs J E. Hewetson aged 87 years   Thank you for 50 years service.

Joyce Jillings   Thanks for the great service.

Mrs B. Lay  Thank you for 60 years wonderful service from all Staff!! 82 Today.

Ruby Haye   Shoped here since 1936   Will miss.

Jean Walkington   Always my place to shop Thank you.


Thank you for being Hastings friendly store, lots of memories,   Good luck to you all 4 Feb 95. Bruce Hesketh.

For 45 yrs you’ve been here for me – oh it’ll be at Bon Marche!   Thank you.   P. Ford.

Maureen Brooker (NEE Crutchley) ex staff during the war. The end of a great era.

All the Best   V. Gordine

Eva Bennison.  Show Room 1978-1981   A most enjoyable period work was joy!

Dawn Cameron – Thanks & Good luck.

Ian Brooker   Havelock Nth   Will sadly miss you

Sandra Marsh – Thanks for good times!

L. Tully.   A sad day.  A wonderfull display.

M Green   Many thanks for all your help through the years.

Sad to see you close up   Louis Arlidge

Many happy memories   Desma Wilson

Many happy memories while working here, (1961-64) great firm to have worked for   Jenny Ward (nee Boyce)

We will miss you in all Departments   Nancy Peddle

A big loss to our family   Elsie Donnelly

Sorry to see the end of a great business   Ja [?]

A sad loss   Alice Kirton [?]

Sad to see you close   Mavis Beckett

Times go by quickly, as the years pass.   shopper 20 yrs or more.   BJ. Taylor

Sad to see you go. Best Wishes have shopped here for nearly 50 years.   J.E. Leau

Thanks for the kind attention to customers.   Zelda Houston.

J. Cook.   Thanks for the memories.

Thanks for over 20 years of good attention and service.   G MacLennan

Sorry to see you go. Best Wishes.   Lorna & Ian Malloch

End of an era.  Good luck for the future.   Eileenann O’Connor

Well done   Jim O’Connor

H.W Burnard

E. Burnard

What a shame to lose such a nice shop. Was good to know you.  L. De Vos.

Sorry to see you going.   Pauline Nottingham[?]

Clare Broderick   thanks for been so good to me especially keeping my wool, God Bless

Sorry to see you go. I have had years of happy shopping in this store. All the best to you all.   Jessie Budd.   Mary McVay

Pam Thrupp  L.W.R [Lane Walker Rudkin] Rep. Thanks for many years of friendship, good trading & good jokes! I wish you all the best for your future years.

Will really miss you all – Great service. Enjoyed the photos. All the best for the future.  Judith Charlton.

All the best for the future. Sorry to see you close.   Jamie Russell

Will miss you all. Sorry to see you go.   Valerie Hibberd

Thank you for all your good service, smiles & help. So very sorry to say goodbye. Good wishes to all of you.   Ruth Paddick.

Thanks for the memories. I go back to 1956 as a customer. Best wishes   Josephine Tobin

A great O Dis[?] old memories returned   W M Dorward

Kathleen Hargreaves – Many thanks for 33 years of great service !

All the best for the Future   Thanks very much for the staffs kindness   M Ehaere [?]

Thank you for your friendly service over the years    P.R Ga[?]

Best ever for service and friendleys   Thank you Bon Marche   Mrs Edith Pascoe [?]

Very best wishes to all. The service, kindness and interest was always the best.   S. McLeod

I’ve had good service from you all over the years, thank you.   Mary Giles

I’ve been here often when my Husband Jack was here, and been here often to see everyone, always a pleasant shop to come into, Mrs Olive Black.

Sorry to see you go Bon Marche. A great family shop with exceptional service over the years. Best wishes to you all.   Di McCarthy and Maycie Wedd

Many many years of wonderful service.  So sorry to see you go.   Margaret Percival.

Thank you All for your fantastic Service –   Jane Fannin

Fond Memories from Napier.   MJ. Braithwaite

I’ve still got the pair of togs I bought here over 24 years ago, they are still going strong!   S. O’Sullivan

Will never forget the good old days especially the Summer & Winter Sales and the tolerance of your wonderful Staff.   Connie Johnston

Very sad ending – will be greatly missed.   Betty Grant

Lots of very happy memories and good purchases. We used to look forward to the fun of “the sale”. Very sad to see Bon Marche go. Good wishes to all.   Elizabeth Paterson Napier.

I’m going to miss all of the fun of the Bon Marche Sales. All the best to the staff as the store closes.   Caroline To[?]

I’ve been coming here for 50 years. Will miss you.   Nell Fox

We will miss coming into this shop after 20 years. All the best for the staff for the future.   Joyce & Ray Jacob

I’ve been shopping here for years.  I am going to miss you all.   Helen M. Helm

The Staff have always been pleasant & helpful. An Era has ended. Best Wishes to all the staff.   Eileen Clarke

Freda Menzies   will be missed

Jean Anderson   I was here for 10 years & enjoyed every minute of it.

I feel sad. Always very friendly staff. Have been shopping here sinds 1960 when times where hard. Best wishes to the friends and staf.  A. Westerlaken

Thank you for the many years I have shopped here will miss you all Thank you   Mrs B Blakesley

Cecily Morris   always a happy customer.

Lynne Jillings   Wonderful memories of working here, sorry I wont be able to visit Amy anymore. Regards to all the family.

Really saddened to say “farewell” to a wonderful friendly family store. Have many fond memories of fun times with the staff over the years.   Laurel Collins (nee Spencer)

Many thanks for the wonderful service over the years.   Brenda Kyle

Pleased to have shopped here and also for the lovely clean toilets where very handy too. Thanks.   M. Hercock

“Those were the days” and many thanks for the wonderful service over the years. Having come from Oamaru in 1954 and bought Mr E Vad Kengers [?] residence at 707 St Aubyn St Hast. in October 56 & he just lived a few homes down the street. Mrs Mabel McCormick is my mothers first cousin and I am her 2nd one. She was so interested in the 3 Jones boys and still is & will be having her 106th birthday coming up in April. She has had a wonderful life and “Iona” Presbyterian Home. Thank she is so bright and good memory still. They think she is wonderful.   Mrs Beth Maude  St Aubyn Street Hastings.

It has always been a pleasure to shop at the Bon Marche. The staff & management have always been most helpful. Sorry to see you close.   Jean Smith   Hastings.

We have always received pleasant efficient service from here. Bon Marche will be missed. All the best for the future to you all.   Robert Duncan   Barb Duncan

What a shame you are closing  Pam & Gerry Shaw

Had marvellous memories while working here from 1940 to 1943 and 1946-1947 under late Jim Jones & George Murfitt  Frank Cole  Jack Hawke. Mr JF Jones was a fantastic and benevolent boss   Owen Sinclair

It has been a real pleasure to have shopped here over these many years. Thankyou & best wishes to you all.   Valerie Sinclair

So sorry to see you close. Had wonderful memories of working here in the office. They were very happy times. Will miss shopping for my grandchildren here as I bought most of their clothes here. Best of luck for the future.   Valerie Yule

Part of the Hastings of our Youth – will miss the old links very much.   Judith & Gordon Yule

Sorry to see you go but all the best for the future.   Rose Sellwood

Four generations of my family have enjoyed shopping here so I will sign on their behalf.   Janice M Boyd.   Good luck and Goodbye.

Enjoyed my years of shopping with you – sometimes a special “day out” when the children were little. Happy retirement & thanks.
C. Matheson, Taradale.

Congratulations and many thanks for the wonderful service, warmth and hospitality given to the Hastings and wider community. I’ve enjoyed 69 plus years of shopping with you.   Admah Geor   Marie L. Geor   Rosalie Geor

Many thanks for the friendly service over the years.   Lynne Smith Hastings

I have only been in Hawkes Bay for a short time but I have enjoyed some of the friendly service from the staff and management and am sorry to see another part of Hawkes Bay retail trade disappear.   Kay Highwood   The Old Te Aute Store 1858-1995.

Have enjoyed shopping at your shop over the many years. My daughter used to work here years ago. Sorry to see you closing after all those happy years.   V. Hodgson   Hastings

Thank you so much for 44 years of wonderful service – The staff have not only been helpful but have become close friends I will miss you all very much.   Joy Lowe   Hastings

You will be sadly missed. Thanks for the good years.   Zelda McCarthy

You all will be missed more than I can say. Hastings will never be the same for me ever.   Noeline Walker  Hastings

We shall miss you all & your wonderful service.   Gaye Jury   Napier

What a sad time for Hastings. Good luck for the future.   Wilma Griffiths   Hastings

Thanks for your wonderful Service. I had my first job at Bon Marche 1944 they were great times full of fun.   Doreen Wall   Hastings

I have never entered this Shop without ever been greeted by a smile or Hello. Bon Marche will be sadly missed in Hastings.   Ghanation[?] ’95

This has been a marvelous shop & fine to shop at. The staff have been excellent & most friendly. I am most sad that it is closing. I wish the Jones boys & all the staff the best for the future. May God Bless you all.   Jean Burch   Hastings

This has been a wonderful shop really enjoyed coming here. Staff lovely and friendly will miss it.   Joyce McKenzie   Hastings

I feel so sad, you were a lovely family to work for.   Valerie Howard

I would like to see it stay open as I have always shopped here. Many thanks.   Pat Ballantyne.

Thanks for great service for as long as I can remember.   Margaret Cuthers.

Like many people in Hastings I’m sorry to see this shop close. Thank you for your service over the years I’ve shopped here.
N. Thompson

Its always been nice to shop in such a friendly helpful shop.  Sad to see you wont be here.   Judy Woodhead

It was a pleasure to work at the Bon Marche, and will always remember the happy days enjoyment and the thrill of Sale days, which is part of life. Sorry you are closing, one could buy things that no one else stocks. Good luck in what ever you do in the future years.   Ex Staff Joyce Kemp

Margaret Houston.   You will all be missed very much. Many thanks for your years of good & friendly service. 43 years a customer.

Have always found your shop a great shop to come into with friendly helpful staff. I will miss it very much. Thanks for the many years I have shopped here.   P.L Ireland[?].

Thank you for your wonderful service in both Napier and Hastings shops over many years. Very sorry to see you going. Best wishes to all.   L. Curd[?]

So Sorry that you are closing, have been to many of your great Sales and the staff have been so friendly.   Lois Hosking.

Deeply regret the Closing of Bon Marche.  the Service received from your staff has always be friendly helpful and kind. You will All be greatly missed and Hasting Shopping Centre will certainly not be the same. All the very best to each and every one of you. Good luck Good Bless.   D Pentecost.

I can remember as a child shopping with my Mother (Mrs Charles Unverricht) and she always dealt with George Murfitt, when she was buying working clothes for my Father and then when my three brothers were growing up, she would be back again to see George – I wish the Jones Boys all the best in the coming years – Mary Archer.

Thanks for being a great shop! You will be sadly missed. I feel it really is the end of an era! The shop has been here as long as I’ve been around & your annual sales were the highlight of the year! Thanks again   Joy (Spence) Sleeman

Sad to see so many years of wonderful times gone.   Kevin Boyle   Summit Shirts

Beryl & Bill Musson   Sad to see the shop close, Sorry day for Hastings. Thankyou.

Sad to say Good Bye.  Good Health to all.   Moana Hunter (nee Hay)   Hastings

Have been dealing here between 30 & 40 years, so I should like to thank-you all for the help & kindness you have shown me.   Gladys Macdonald

The Powell family have dealt with you for the last 28 yrs and a very sorry to see that you have to close. Good luck to the future to you all.   Betty   Michael Powell


Personal Customer Satisfaction & Relation is something sadly lacking in modern shops. I think people will regret these shops being forced to close down.   D Mc[?]

We will miss you all. Thank you.   Margaret Lamberg (Person)

Sorry to see you go. Loved working for you & thank you for your kindness.   Vivien O’Shea

Very sorry you’re going.   May Ferguson

Joan Gerard

Alison Shotter

Jean Hantler  R.D.2 Hastings.   Good luck to all the Jones’s, sad sad to see Bon Marché go.

Margaret Richdale   My association with B. M. L.  will always be remembered. Good luck to you all “The Jones Boys”.

Julie Norris (nee Hunt)   Have very fond memories of Bon Marche when mum worked here the friendliness of the staff & management. Lots of fun doing fashion parade stints and then later shopping with a young family. It marks the passing of an era and I’m feeling very sad about it. Wish you’ll well in the future. Gods richest blessings.

Bob Brooker   Paki Paki   A sad day boys.

Patsy & Bob Paterson   Havelock North   Have always shopped with you, will greatly miss your excellent care and all the very friendly staff. Best wishes to you all.

Shall be surely missed.   Hazel F Hain[?]

Good Luck for the Future.   P Sul[?]

Dot & Albert Lehman   All the best for the future. Very sorry to see you go. Shopping has all the time be a pleasure, nice staff very helpful

Doris T Lehman

Margaret Douglas   God Bless to you all will be very much missed.

Grace Hunt   Many Happy Times and enjoyed my working time here.

Mary Jillings   Have shopped here for many years.



Mavis Byleveld.   So sad to have to say “Good Bye” to Bon Marche. Will surely miss the shop. My Best Wishes to all who have served me so well.

Elizabeth Anne Grimshaw   You all will be missed

Olive & Pat Begley   You all will be missed

The Van der Berg & fam. Gerry & Anne, Havelock North   Thanks for the many years and “service with a smile”. Best wishes for the future!

Pauline McCormick   Memories go back a long way

Joyce Campbell   A long time shopper from Napier. Thank you.

Betty Dillon   Thank you for your friendly service over the years. Will miss you.

Laura Kurta.   A very sad day – you helped to clothe 6 kids who are now 30-39. God Bless.

Remie Harvey [?]   My first pair of art silk stockings was purchased November 1928, – cost 1/6-. It was a high light for a country
teenager to shop across the road, – then nearer to Westermans. The passing years have been a mecca for the trouseau undies 1939-40 -. Back in Hastings in 1973 after a gap of 35 years, – once again I shopped for towels, wool and material. – 1995 – is indeed a deeply regretted event in my life schedule. –  Thanks indeed for the memories.

Norma & Jack Lillie   Nice & good service.

Judy Taylor   Thank you for all your service & will miss shopping in.

C. Bartholomew   Lovely friendly staff.

Kay Smith   Very Friendly and helpful Staff thank you For your Service.

Margaret Elliott   Thank you for your service & Friendliness over the years.

C Townsend   Years of friendly service

Hazel Fowler [?]  Had a good service with you for a number of years

Sad day for Hastings Shoppers,   Thank you Bon Marche for all the wonderful service over the years.

Will certainly miss this shop and its friendly service over so many years.   Olive Pell

Cyril Ireland   all my happy days were at Bon Marche

Hazel Holman[?]   all my working life – 60 years Sad day for us all –. Good luck & Good bye.

Tells so much sorry to see you go.   Dorothy Marriott

Gone like all the good things   D Middleton

E M Ferguson   A sad day for Hastings

A Great Place to shop!   M. R[?]

Nice shop to deal with   Patsy Fredsberg[?]

Lucy Scoular[?] – Many Thanks for years of great service!

I will really miss all you great staff, and the wonderful service. Good luck to you all.   Carmel Martin

Will miss you all. Good friendly service gone.   M.A. CH[?]

My mother shopped here for her family, now I have done the same for my family & my daughter has followed on with her family. I have come through these doors now for 66 years. Good service.   Colleen Nicoll

9.2.95   Bon Marche represents the values of honesty, good value & reliable merchandise, a lot of which is lacking today – alas! You will never be forgotten   Audrey Pearmain

9.2.95   Great service and prices   – [illegible signature]

9.2.95 N L Bosselman

9.2.95   I am going to miss this shop   Ngaire Gilbert

9.2.95   We will miss you all good luck for the future   R Valler

9.2.95   I am going to miss this shop   Valerie Sharpe

9.2.95   I’ve been dealing with shop for 32 yrs, so sad it is closing down I could cry.   Jessie Chynoweth


9.2.95   I will miss this friendly shop and courteous staff. All the best for your future activities. Ngaire Billing

9/2/95   I will miss this Lovely store.   Eliza Hawkins

9/2/95   Hastings will never be the same.   Joyce Batey – nee Burfield

9/2/95 It’s been a long time, you will all be missed.   June Fargher (née Burfield)

9.2.95   I’ve dealt here all my life, you will all be so missed! Merle Apperley

9.2.95   Sad to see you go.   Kathy Murphy

9.2.95   You guys are great! All the best for the future   Katy & Peter Sawyer

Best wishes & Thank you   Betty Ward

All the Best to you all, Thanks   J Kerr

All the Best Thanks   R. Kerr

9-2-95   After 29 years of happy shopping in your shop I will miss the helpful smiling staff.   DM Spooner

9.2.95   I have many childhood memories of Bon Marche and are very sad to see you go. Thanks for the memories!!   Bev Waites

Austin D Devenie.   Many happy selling days.

9.2.95   Phyllis Griffin   Sorry I’ll miss you

9.2.95   32 yrs of satisfaction in shopping I have enjoyed.   [illegible signature]

9.2.95   S. Lush [?]

9.2.95   V. Garrett.   Sorry youre going

9.2.95   J. Davidson   56 years of wonderful shopping

9.2.95   It’s so sad to see “BON MARCHE” go and so with your friendly’s  accomodating staff. D.N. Hanson

9.2.95   J. Layton   A piece of history

9.2.95   M.M. Turner   You’ve been a part of our lives for so long! Thank you & good Luck to you all.

9.2.95   June Williams   Good luck for future

9.2.94   June Rogers   A lifetime of shopping with you will be lost. Great memories from when my girls were babies

9.2.95   G. Rouse

J Cullen   Sorry you’re closing

9.2.95   C Cuming   Very sorry to lose you.

9.2.95   B. Batchelor   Will miss you all very much.

9.2.95   Fiona Kidd   A big part of our life will be gone.

9.2.95   Bon Marche I remember going to school over 10 years ago you’ll be sadly miss

9.2.95   My mother used to come to all your sales & buy me things I hated but had to wear. Best of luck to you all.   Rae Manson

9.2.95   We all grew up wearing Bon Marche Clothes –   B Crawford

9.2.95   D Duff   “

9.2.95   Will be sorry to see you all go. An end of an era that will be long remembered.   V. Cash

9.2.95   Kindness like was shown to my granddaugher on Tuesday will disappear with the closing of this store.   Mr Jones thankyou for giving Jessica the Christmas mouse she thought it was great. All the best.   Beryl Lincoln.

9.2.95   Many memories of my mum shopping for me, & of course the family. Oh! Those sale days!! Kindness shown to my mother in her past few months will never be forgotten, nor will the kind & friendly staff. Its a sad moment to see it all go, one can only remember the happy times. All the best.   Diana Hall (nee Flight)

9.2.95   Just come to know your store & am very sorry to see you go.

9.2.95   I remember having to get my dreaded school uniform here. Sorry you have to close down!

9.2.95   A.V. Stinson   Sorry to see this shop closing


9.2.95   I remember taxing from this shop. DJ TOOPS UP INTHEHOUSE

9.2.95   While at Bon Marche sale 1963. An announcement over loud speaker, we have a little boy with a striped woolley hat with a pompom on top – my 2 year old daughter Sharon!!!

9.2.95   Very sorry to see this day come – missed your Napier Store.   E.V.C

9.2.95   Sorry to see you all go. have lovely memories shopping here.   N. Learmonth

9.2.95   Will certainly miss the happy and friendly service that I have always received.   J L Nugent

9.2.95   4 Generations of us Bairds have enjoyed you all. Thanks for friendly advice & assistance. Suzette Inglis[?]

9/2/95   Dick Goodall   Thanks for the memories.

Sad to see its all over – all the best – Regards Murray Dale[?]

9/2/95   Always a good shop, won’t be the same without you, sorry thing for Hastings.  (M. Holmes)

9/2/95   Sorry to see you close have shopped with you for 45 yrs. Hastings wont be the same.   B.E. Lang


9.2.95   Wonderful memories & many good purchases.  J MacLean[?]

10/2/95   Rosalie Hight[?]   Marvellous, Friendly service. Will be sadly missed.

10/2/95   Very sad that you are closing,  this store has been here a long as I can remember.   R. Waterhouse

10/2/95   Will really miss this great shop, service has always been wonderful, a pleasure to have shopped here.    (Jeff & Joan Russell)

10.2.95 My family and I have marvellous memories of the excitement of sale days, special promotions, & the thrill of a great buy or a “won” item of clothing will stay with us. We have appreciated the extra special service, the goodies for “bored” children, and the time given willingly by staff. We will miss you.   Robyn Warren

10.2.95  I will miss this shop and the helpful staff. Good luck to you all. Will have been with your store for 36 years.   J. Duncan. Heretaunga St E

10.2.95   My house holds many memories of purchases from Bon Marche. Always seem to have the unobtainable. Thank-you all, particularly the friendly staff.   J.M Clarke

“   Myself & family are very sad to see another very good old identity having to close down. You have all given many years of wonderful service to the people of Napier & Hastings. Best wishes to you all.   M.E Armitage[?]  (Napier)

10.2.95   Thanks for all the kindness & help through all the years, from all the Russell Family.

10.2.95   Good luck to you all. Thanks for the opportunity to shop within a lovely atmosphere. Mere and Taff[?] Edwards and family.

10/2/95   Will miss this shop.   Service 1973   R. Oman   503 Park Rd Sth Hastings

10.2.95   Sorry to see you close.   M. Blumenthal 620A Nelson St North Hastings

So sorry to see you go. I have shopped here all my life and will miss you. Barbara E [?]

S Lewis   1940-1995   Bought coat here with my first pay then childrens school clothes etc so sorry you have to close will be a sad loss to whole district.

10.2.95   Sorry to see you go. Enjoyed working here.   Lynn Harris   Hastings

10.2.95   Enjoyed you when living here 1927-1938   U.A Woodhams nee Mostainer-Jones[?] now in Taupo

“ “   Sad very sad.   S Parker

“ “   Apple Radio – great years with Bryce 1970-84   Peter Stubbs

10.2.95   E S George   Always enjoyed Bon Marche Shopping

10.2.95   E Davey   Always shopped here

CJM Robinson

10.2.95   Only in Hastings would the closure of a shop prompt such re-action, something I miss living in old Sydney town these days. Glad I was here for the last days. [illegible signature]

10/2/95   Great to shop here! Wish you well.   Debbie Palleson

10.2.95   Sorry to see you go.   [illegible signature]

10.2.95   Sad to see such a place closing   R Ede

10.2.95   I am so sorry to see the shop going.  It is very service wish you all good luck. Thank you. Ana[?]

Great service, all the years 50 of them. So sorry to see you go. Pam Thomas

10.2.95   A great shame & a loss to Hastings. Many thanks for the great service & the memories. Jenny Webb

10.2.95   A great store for the 55 years I have dealt with you.   A. Cla[?]

10-2-95   “Sad to say Good Bye”, but wish you all the best in the years to come. It was a great pleasure to work for such a lovely family. God bless you all. Best wishes from Natalie Elsmore

10-2-95   Have many happy times shopping here – staff always so pleasant – where do I go now for manchester? Best wishes for the future.   Rosa Coombe.

10-2-95   Sorry to see you close.   P T Cavallaro

10-2-95   Sorry to see you close, its been great shopping here in all my 28 yrs of life.

10/2/95   Sorry you’s closing   The past Photos are very interesting & bring back memories of long ago.   M.J. Milne  Hastings

10/2/95   A sad day for Hastings. All the best to you all. Wonderful nostalgic display.   V. McMillan and O.J. McMillan

10/2/95   Where am I do shop now?   B.H

10/2/95   A tragic time for Hastings.   Norma Culver

10/2/95   A Part of Hastings has now gone.   R Hebeley[?]

10.2.95   Sorry to see you go. Great employers, caring people.   Ann Sumnerson[?] (Frank Beall’s daughter)

10.2.95   Sorry to see the shop close, it was a lovely store to shop in, many regards, Debbie Buckley, Hastings

10.2.95   I shall miss this shop as I come from P.N. to visit my daughter and always buy something here.   Peg Hitchings

10.2.95   For all the times I have come to Hastings it has always been pleasant to come to Bon Marche, Sorry to see a lovely shop of many years closing. Best wishes to you all.   Pamela Misiluti, Tokoroa

Thank you for the years of cheerful service and good values!   Jane Turvey

10.2.95   Sorry Bon Marche is closing, used to come shopping here with my Mother (Mrs) Francy White (nee Corless from Poukawa)   Grace D Marvia[?].

10.2.95   Best of Luck in your new Life.   Robina Lancaster

10.2.95   Good bye its been nice to know you.   N McCarthy

10.2.95   So Long It Has Been Wonderful to Know All of You.   John Thew[?]

13.2.95   Going to miss this Shop always  Moe Foley [?]

10-2-95   All the best.   Helen Burgiss

10-2-95   So long, sorry to see you go   Margaret Eastham

13.2.95   ALL THE BEST.   D. Griffith

13.2.95   Nice to have been part of the team for 14 years   Tesha Plummer

13.2.95   Sorry to see your Shop close. Had 9 happy years at the Napier Branch. Best of luck. Janice Donghi

13.2.95   Sorry to see you go. The friendliest shop in town. Staff always helpful. Best wishes for the future.   D Britton

13-2-95   It is very sad to see the family business of the “Founding Fathers” of Hastings gradually disappearing.   Margot Harvey

13-2-95   Its sad to see the shop close. Loved the display.   Regan Shailer and Sean Wallace.

Malcolm Houston   End of an era.

13.2.95   Another landmark gone but not forgotten. Cy & Jane Whiteley

E M McQuade Havelock Nth

A McQuade

13.2.95   Doris Kelly customer for 60 years. Sad to see you go.   DL Kelly

13.2.95   Best wishes for all staff and future ventures. The good service of Bon Marche will not be forgotten.   Helen Calder

13.2.95   Best wishes to all in the future. Sad to see such a landmark close the door. Always felt at home here.   Nola & Ray Torwick 1958-1995

13.2.95   Best wishes for the “opening of a New Door”  J Baker

13.2.95   BEST OF LUCK   Hine Hamlin

14.2.95   Margaret and Dawn Heyward   Grateful for the many bargains we’ve had! Our parents came here in 1910 and shopped here in Matt Johnston’s time.

14.2.95   I had a really happy time here between Nov 1968 – May 1975. It couldnt have been a better place to work – or people to work for.   Pat Brown (nee Thorpe) Napier and Hastings.

14.2.95    Frances Russ[?]   Sorry to see you go.

14-2-95   Many happy memories of great Staff and bosses. Best wishes for any new venture.   Shirley Ware[?].

14.2.95   Bon Marche will be missed for the personal touch in their sales & the friendly cheer. J.E Appely and V Appely[?]

14.2.95   Hastings has lost another very special business. One that knows the meaning of service with a smile.   EM Roberts

Sorry to see you go after all this time.   B Franklin[?]

14/2/95   We will miss you all   Shirley Westerman.

Bon Marche will be sadly missed.   Y. M. Wilson

14/2/95   Sad to see you go.   E A Beall

14.2.95   Nice shopping here. Take Care.   Raphael Hawke  Rebecca Northe  Nick Lee

My favourite shop for many years. It’s sad to see you go.   Val Marshall.

14/2/95   Sorry to see you go. I enjoyed your sales, the rushing in to get to the door 1st 8am. great bargains. They were happy memories.   P. Mulligan

14.2.95   Its very sad to see your shop so empty after so many happy shopping years.   A. Childs



14.2.95   This shop and its staff saved my life many times when my children were growing up. Thanks   Cathy Lang

14.2.95   Many many memories.   Pauline and Ashley Dunstan

14.2.95   Many years of great buying.   Jessie McCalmont Hastings


“   Goodbye. Best wishes for the future to you all. [illegible signature]

14.2.95   Thank you for many years of friendly service.   Noel & Eileen Davidson[?]

Sad sad sad

14.2.95   Sorry to see shop close. We have enjoyed shopping here over many years & the excellent service. Very best wishes for the future.   Joy & Ian Kerr

14.2.95   Many thanks for your service to the people of Hastings & surrounding districts.   David Campbell

14/2/95   Many memories of shopping here. “Totty’s Florists” Family.  Pamela Totty

A sad day for all your old customers.   Norma[?] Wood

14/2/95   Wishing everyone a happy future whatever it may be    Annie Driller

15.2.95   My first account ever was here for purchasing of baby clothes. Sorry to see you go.   RS.

15/2/95   This is the end of an era. Both management & staff have always been pleasant, courteous & helpful. I’ll certainly miss the best store I’ve ever dealt with.   Heather Scott, Hastings

15.2.95   Regretfully I see you close a store full of courteous staff. Its been a long time over 2 generations 83 years plus in all. Hastings will miss you.   Olivia[?] M Cook  Havelock North

15/2/95   We will miss this wonderful friendly association – great staff over the years – Sadly missed – Norah & Peter [?]  Te Awanga

15/2/95   You will all be sadely missed, lovely staff always helpful & bright, thank you once again.   good luck for your future, regards Ann Godwin nee Dockary.

15/2/95   My memories of “Box 254” & “Bon Marche Hastings” were times I sorted your mail & delivered your many Boxes of parcels through the mail room. Yes we went as well!!   Coral Atkins.

15.2.95   I have always received such respectful service here, I don’t think I have experienced this so consistently in any other shop. Sorry to see you all go.   Romilly Brickell.

15.2.95  Will be sadly missed by many people.   [illegible signature]

15.2.95   Many thanks for all your help over the 25+ yrs I have been a customer here. Always helpful, always cheerful and wonderful clothing & other goods to buy. Will miss you all very much. All the best for the future.   Jill Holder

15.12.95   With happy memories of good service & value.   [illegible signature]

15.2.95   Thank you for your wonderful service over the years.   Moana Howell. H.Nth

15.2.95   I have many great memories of shopping and working here. An “institution” that will be sadly missed.   Angela Broomhead (Horrocks).

15.2.95   It has been a pleasure being associated with Bon Marche as a supplier of over 80 years. Many thanks, All the best for your personal future. Regards John Dawson & Maudsley Ltd, Eric Huffam[?]

15.2.95   Jack McDermott HASTINGS   Norma McDermott   Wonderful neighbours for many years.

15.2.95   Allison Brodribb[?] (nee Macdonald) – Staff 1960-61 Thanks for the memories.

15-2-95   A change for the better New stores with no character   June [?]

16.02.95   You contributed so much to Hastings – this is a sad day in the History of Hastings retailing.   Marie Mulvanah

16/2/95   I came here as a child and then I shopped here for my own family.   Lofue Inge

16.2.95   Always a delight to shop here.   Rosaline Cole

16.2.95   Happy memories of pleasant service over many years. Sincerely   Shirley Bond

“   Thanks forever.   Margaret & David Kitt

Thankyou for a life time of wonderful service.   Margaret Hutcheson (nee Wright, Shaws Kilties)

16.2.95   Thanks forever and hope you have a wonderful life.   ELISA A. COOPER

16.2.95   Our whole family enjoyed shopping here, we know we would get good quality and personal service   You will be sadly missed.   Sue Brunton

16.2.95   I still remember waiting at the doors for the “Bon Marche Sale”, as a child with my mother.   [illegible signature]

My memories of this shop will always be the friendly ways about everyone made it a real pleasure to come into.   G. Knauf

16.2.95   Have great memories of this shop.   E. Dandy

16.2.95   Brings back many memories!   Sheila Comrie

16.2.95   – 1948-50. I had done so well so your Father came & said to me offered me 5 shillings extra per week but to be sure to work just as hard or harder! Pop Evans eating his raw eggs in the “Cubby Hole” & Danny MR DANN explaining to me about the “Devils” about me. Pop noticing how a sales-girl had missed a small wincyette sale brought them back from the street entrance. I sold them 100’s Blankets Kapoc [kapok] Mattress Sheets “the lot!”. Its all been fun. So sorry about Ross. All the best to you remaining boys – Lloyd Jones

Very Sad. Many thanks   Mary Carr ( Keenan)

16.2.95   1948-1954   Joy Blacker started at age 16 working with Rae Bell as department manager & Marjorie Parkinson, married the manchester salesman Lloyd from across the aisle. Wonderfull memories, once a retailer always a retailer. Regards to you all.   Joy Carter

16.2.95   Will long remember the fabric dept of yesteryear as one of the very best.   MJ[?] Wallace

16.2.95   A Great Year will miss you all   Your last Ad Rep Herald. T. [Herald-Tribune]  Fiona Duncan

16.2.95  Shopped at Bon Marche before the 1931 Earthquake.   Marjorie Hutson.

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Ferbruary 1995

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