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A monthly news link published for the Hawke’s Bay St. John Ambulance Cadets.

No. 4   1956


Hastings boys won the annual Barden competition, which was held at Gisborne, one week after the Hastings boys and the Napier girls returned from the Dominion Championships.

There were three teams competing at Gisborne and the members of the winning team are, T. Martin (leader), I. Mason, R. Hickman, and P. Hawke. Sgt. Martin was also the winner of the individual competition for the Taylor Cup, for sergeants.

District Officer Mr. R. Gosling, who also went to Gisborne asked that the hospitality shown by Gisborne be specially mentioned. The two visiting teams are full of their thanks for a wonderful time.


Our Circulation

This month is the month of months for our magazine. It is now being sent to all the cadet divisions in Hawke’s Bay, and so you are invited to contribute your items of interest as soon as possible. They may be sent to:-
J. Morgan
511E Queen St.

P.S. The editor says, “The more the merrier”.


It is with regret that we announce the recent death of a noble man in the Order of St. John. A visitor to N.Z. early in 1955, Commissioner-in-Chief Lieutenant General, Sir Otto Lund, passed away early in August.

Hastings Float

Many hours of work have been put into the making of a float for the blossom festival by the Hastings cadets.

A special thank you to the Association for the loan of the model of the hall which is to be erected for Hastings soon.

The float was entered in the Societies and other Organisations Section competing for the Police Rosebowl.

(For the Faith – For the service of mankind.)

Post that contribution now!

Prospect of Early Start on St. John Hall in Hastings

An early start on the new St. John Ambulance Association hall in Hastings is expected, the annual meeting of the Hastings sub-centre was told on the 26th of September.

The chairanm [chairman] Mr. Elliott and the president Mr A. Kirkpatrick, praised the assistance given by the Rotary Club and Greater Hastings in raising funds.

Mr. Elliott said that, in the meantime, the present buildings had been renovated. The ambulance officer was now housed in the association’s own rooms and the ambulances were garaged on the association’s premises. The sub-centre hoped to open the new hall with new furnishings in keeping with the new rooms.

Mr. F.V. Unwin was thanked for continuing to maintain the blood transfusion service.

The hospital ambulance service would have a complete change of administration as from October Mr. Elliott reported.

An important administrative change had been made with the appointment of Mr. Ian Snadden, Hastings, as secretary for the whole district. Splendid service had been given by the previous secretary, Mr. E.J. Henderson, who resigned recently.

All sports fixtures in town and country had been covered during the year and letters of appreciation had been read from the clubs which had been assisted.

Practical Work in St. John Movement

The practical work done in the St. John movement by the rank and file was praised by the chairman of the Hawke’s Bay-East Coast centre, Mr H.W. Forster, to the annual meeting of the Hastings sub-centre last night. Mr Forster is also president of the Napier sub-centre.

With the appointment of Mr. Ian Snadden as a full-time secretary, the sub-centre would benefit considerably, said Mr. Foster [Forster].

Mr Forster also referred to the long negotiations with the Hospital Board to obtain direct control of the ambulance service for the district. Mr A.I. Rainbow’s enthusiasm for St. John had greatly assisted with these negotiations.

Commissioner H.G. Barden said the retiring secretary, Mr. E. J. Henderson, had done a grand job. This year the Hastings sub-centre had really moved ahead. There was a good spirit and the morale was good throughout.

New Shield

A shield has been presented by Mr. G. Glover, Hastings, for basketball competition among cadet nursing divisions in the Hawke’s Bay-East Coast Centre of the St. John Ambulance Association. The shield was on display at the annual meeting of the Hastings sub-centre.


Annagram, a message for Anna.
Buskin, relative who drives buses.
Badminton, mint that has been stored away too long.
Handicraft, a boat that has come along just when you need it.
Pharmacist, a helper on a farm.
Prelate, early.
Charlady, a housewife that serves burnt vegetables.

TWO of my favourite autographs –

The boy sat on the sofa,
His head was in a twirl,
His mouth was full of chocolate,
His arm was full of girl.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Honey is sweet,
And so are you.

– By Gem.

THAT CONTRIBUTION of your favourite poem, short story, your funniest experience, or something that is equally interesting will be very welcome for our next issue.

Remember – sometimes cadets and friends of St. John donate prizes for a good contribution!


When I was young I bounced on it,
Pranced on it, Danced on it,
Now I’m grown up and I
Lie on it,
Throw my books on it,
Sprawl all over it,
And when I’m tired and want to rest,
I dive on it,
Tug at it,
Abuse it as I may,
Where would I be without it?

Contributed by POTINOV.

Did you know that the first Ranfurly Shield football match was played on August 6th, 1904?

The three wise monkeys of Japan were:
See no evil,
Hear no evil,
Speak no evil.

Why are policemen called “Bobbies”? Ans. Because they were named after Robert (Bobby) Peel, the founder of the police force in Britain.

WHEN you run out of nugget on inspection nights, use a spot of ordinary wax floor polish. It gives a healthy shine and helps to clean them.

“Ma’am, here’s a man at the door with a parcel for you.”
“What is it?”
“Its a fish ma’am and it is marked C.O.D.”
“Then make the man take it straight back to the dealer, I ordered trout.”

Always look towards the sun and let your shadows fall behind you.

MR H. BARDEN – District Commissioner to Hawke’s Bay

There is no limit to the amount of magazines that can be printed.


Let us know how many you will need for your division when you send in your divisional report.


Get extra copies sent direct to your home. The price? Just send 3 penny stamps and we will send as many as you need. Post now, get your order in early.

DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT MR I. SNADDEN – who was recently appointed secretary to the Hawke’s Bay-East Coast District of St John.


Don’t forget that your club is still functioning EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT at 7.30 – 9.30 Come along and enjoy
And many other exciting, interesting games.


The cries of the “injured” quickly brought a crowd around a car “smash” in Russell Street, Hastings.

For many the scene was horrifying. They saw a badly-damaged car beside a power pole, the shattered bonnet splashed with “blood” and with injured lying on the ground.

Within two minutes a crowd of hundreds had gathered. Rumours flew unchecked, as those in the front of the crowd sent back to those in the rear garbled accounts of death or tragedy. The wail of ambulance and traffic car sirens helped to swell the throng.

Those in the “know” were able to view happenings with a more detached interest, for the accident and gore were all part of an exercise arranged by the Hastings Junior Chamber of Commerce as part of their road safety campaign.

With the cooperation of the St. John Amblance[Ambulance] and “injured” received treatment and were rapidly removed from the scene of the accident. It wasn’t long before all that remained was the shattered motor car, a grim reminder that death or injury is always ready to trap the unwary on the road.

The patients were Hastings Cadets R. Morgan C. Christopherson R. Hickman and I. Mason.

Youth Display

Demonstrations by some of Waipawa’s youth organisations were given at Mr. S.J.E. Stephenson’s depot on the 29th Sept. The display arranged by Waipawa Jaycee as part of the Dominion-wide youth community week, was poorly attended.

A parade of St. John Ambulance cadets, girl guides, cubs and scouts, was led through the town by the Waipawa Pipe Band.

The president of the Waipawa Jaycee, Mr. J.R. Sloan, stated that these organisations which are so important to the children and the community, received too little time and energy in support from members of the community.

“You are the backbone of St John,” says Mr A.I. Rainbow to the St John Cadets. Recently he donated a dart board and darts to the Hastings Boys’ Club.

we’ve news for you!

Owing to the space that would be taken if we were to give each JOTTING the full name of each division, we have been compelled to abbreviate them to ‘GIRLS’, ‘BOYS’, and ‘SENIOR’ divisions.

Miss A. Pocock, Superintendent to the Hastings girls and who is now in Australia, is working in the fight against polio there.

Permission has been obtained for us to have our photos reproduced for printing and so, when you send in your news item, perhaps you may have a suitable snapshot.

Congratulations to Sgt. Jean Morgan of the Hastings girls, who has just passed her Clerical Ability proficiency examination.

Hastings held their first enrollment ceremony in which thirteen girl and boy cadets were enrolled by District Officers of Cadets, Miss Phillips and Mr. Gosling.

Sister Lasenby has finished her series of lectures and the Hastings ‘girls’ are very grateful for her good work.

With a total of 30 cadets the Napier Boys Division is now at its full strength.

In a collection organised by Rotary of Hastings they raised £927 towards our building fund.

CONGRATULATIONS to cadet Officer R. Duncan of Napier ‘boys’ who was recently engaged.

The Company Shield, for the Hastings Boys, which has not been awarded since 1953 will now be presented monthly to the best company, and at the end of the year the company winning it the most will be the holders. The competition will be judged by drill and attendances.

Service stars and stripes have been issued to the Hastings ‘boys’ and so they are now up to date as far as these are concerned.

A social held in Hastings on the 18th of August proved to be a “Let Down’ as there were not enough parents, cadets and friends of St. John to consume the supper that was put forward.

Hastings ‘Boys’ have done 467 hours of public duty so far this year.

(Continued on back page.)


Selwyn Toogood the well-known radio announcer presented “Its In The Bag” and “Money Go Round” in Hastings, the proceeds of which went towards the Hastings’ Building fund. There was £225 in all.

The H.B. representatives to the Dominion Competitions at Auckland during August did by no means disgrace the name of “the place where the sun shines” when both teams gained fourth place in their section. The reps. were Napier ‘Girls’ and Hastings ‘Boys’.


The editor wishes to thank Supt. V. Long for this report on the Hastings Ambulance Brigade. He also wishes to make it quite clear that this is a newsletter for H.B. St. John and he will welcome any articles concerning the Brigade.

The question and answers cup went to Sgt. Hickman.

A team of men, Sgt. Hickman, Amb. Off. Murphy, Pte. Hannon, and Pte. Mulvanah defeated the city of Waipukurau in an elimination contest for the Dominion Championships. (The team is not travelling to these comps.)

A presentation for Long Service was to Pte. F. Sheffield and to Pte. G. Thew who is the only man to gain his Grand Prior and to pass on to the Senior Division to get his Long Service.

Thank you Waipukurau.

Waipukurau held a mass annual inspection evening conducted by District Superintendent Mr. I. Snaddon and District Officers of Cadets Mrs. R. Hendry. and Mr. R. Gosling on the 18th of Sept.

A Long Service award was made to Superintendent D.A. Smith and a Priory vote of thanks was presented to Mr. Smith and Mr. C. Milne, both of Waipukurau Men’s Division.

Now that you have read these JOTTINGS we hope to see many contributions from ALL the H.B. Centres. That is from all the divisions between Gisborne and Takapau.


A new branch for the St. John Ambulance has been formed in Havelock North. On behalf of the other divisions in Hawke’s Bay we wish them “the best”.


This is an item of interest clipped from an old weekly news paper printed in 1923.

An apparatus to measure the pressure of a kiss has been devised by a German scientist. His experiments involve many figures, but the main fact discovered is that men kiss harder than women, at least when kissing the machine of the scientist.

K IS FOR KNOWLEDGE – To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

Fat man – “I’ve travelled all over the world and there’s nothing I haven’t seen in the past few years.” Voice from audience – “What about your feet?”

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