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FEB. 1957.   No. 7.

FEBRUARY… the beginning of a brand new year; and although I know we are going to have a busy time in 1957 I want you to know that I feel confident about this year and that there is every possibility that C.J. will grow and grow with every passing month.

And, talking of progress, I would like to mention some of last year’s events, the Association to the Hastings Sub-Centre kindly forwarded a cheque for £3 to cover postage of C.J., Waipukurau “Girls” sent 5/- and Dianne Morris of Waipawa donated 2/- as well as 10/- from Dist. [District] Officer of Cadets Mr. R. Goslin. These donations were to be used as prizes for our Christmas Colouring Competition but as only three entries arrived the competition was cancelled. However 2/- went to R. Hickman of Hastings “Boys” who sent the first article for 1957.

These Christmas Cards, postage stamps, Weetbix and other cards will be most welcome for our collection of such for lepers who use them for making scrap books etc.

There are several points that I would like you to take great notice of as they are of the utmost importance. We cannot print articles that reach us after the 18th of each month. So send them in as soon as you get them.

It is very important that ALL divisions let me know if you are receiving C.J. because last December we discovered that magazines were being posted to the wrong address and so that is one division that did not receive ANY C.J. in 1956. Readers, for your division’s sake let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or we will be compelled to cease posting them to your district.

Readers may make their enquiries and advertise their wants in C.J. – our aim is to help all cadets in any way possible.

That snapshot would be welcome, write a caption and send it in now.


Certificates won by cadets of the junior nursing division of the St. John Ambulance, Havelock North, were presented at a ceremony in the village hall.

Dr. A.W. Reeve presided over a good attendance of parents and supporters. He congratulated the girls who gained certificates and their instructor, Mrs Watson, on the way they were prepared.

Mr A.I. Rainbow who presented the certificates, spoke of the great up surge of interest being taken in the Order of St. John, both in Hawke’s Bay and throughout New Zealand.

The remainder of the evening was taken up in a film and lecture presented by Mr Ian Snadden and Mr W. Kemp, of the Hastings brigade. The subject was the Holger Nielson method of artificial respiration.


The Association to the Hasting District is sponsoring a recruiting drive early this year. We wish them the best of luck and every success with this campaign.


The annual inspection achieved almost 100 per cent. attendance and except for the condition of some uniforms the parade was extremely smart. (It’s a pity the uniforms are not elastic so that they would stretch as the girls grow.)

Unfortunately, through unavoidable circumstances that have a habit of occurring, several of the District Staff were unable to attend. However, we appreciated having old friends, Mrs Hendry and Mr Jarvis, with us.

After the inspection Mrs Hendry presented Senior First Aid and Senior Home Nursing Certificates, also Proficiency certificates for Clerical Ability, Cycling and Citizenship. Before being dismissed the girls recited the Promise.

Since the inspection a further group qualified in Cycling and all passed their Physical Recreation examination.

On last year’s work, four Cadets gained their Grand Prior badges and many their first or second Proficiency Stars. Another notable feature was that all girls 16 years and over now hold their senior F.A. and H.N. Certificates.


Waipawa Divisions accepted an invitation to the smashing, snazzy scrumptious Christmas Social with a bus load of cadets and parents.

Many thanks to Hastings for a grand time.

We saw some of the same faces on December the 15th, Waipawa’s Social night, where dancing and games were topped off with a splendid supper and Christmas Cake decorated with the Maltese Cross.
D. MORRIS, Waipawa.


Two St. John Ambulance Association first aid certificates were awarded at a ceremony held in the St. John Hall, Waipukurau.

The Hawke’s Bay and East Coast district commissioner, Mr. H. Barden, Hastings, and Mr. W. Kemp, a member of the district staff, were present.

The president of the Waipukurau sub-centre, Mr. R.W. Carpenter, presented the certificates to Norman Fayen and Paumau Baker and congratulated them on their examination success.

The two candidates were officially escored[escorted] into divisional ranks by the division surgeon, Mr. T. Lawrie.

The shield for the best nursing cadet for the year was presented to Marjorie Fryer. Kevin Stanich was awarded the conduct shield for boys.

Hastings Senior Division

The winners of trophies in the Hastings Ambulance Division during 1956 are as follows:-
F.A. Cup – Sgt. Hickman.
Roller Bandage Cup. – Corp. Chestnutt.
Q. and A. Cup. – Sgt. Hickman.
Maddison Shield, Best All Rounder – Sgt. Hickman.
Thirteen Best Attendance Certificates for 30 parades or more were issued. Notable among these was Hon. Sec. D. Mara who attended all parades.

Footnote: We would like to hear more news from the various senior Divisions.


Senior Divisions in the H.B. District are suffering a sad lack of support – their numbers are either small or steadily decreasing.

Thus, an appeal to all cadets around the age of 16 years. Regulations state at this age it is compulsory to gain the Senior Ticket. In other words you are being introduced to the Senior Division which it is hoped you will later join. There are as many advantages in the Seniors as in the Cadets. They, too, have competitions and there is now a training camp held at Trentham each year. There are duties which as a cadet you cannot attend and with your Senior Ticket you are entitled to use a First Aid Kit.
Those of you who are leaving school and are beginning to think you are too old to be with the Cadets, DON’T leave – join the Senior Brigade; there you are guaranteed a Royal welcome. Remember – YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD FOR ST. JOHN. There is room for you.

N.B. Those who transfer to the Senior Division can have C.J. posted to them on request.

“Idiot I thought you said this stream was shallow!”
“Well zur’ It only comes halfway up our ducks!”


During my recent visit to the Nelson District I had occasion to visit two Divisions there.

The first was at Tahuna, about 4 miles from Nelson, where a gathering of 14 girls was enveloped in their P.F.A.s etc. Two of these girls hold their Grand Prior badges. Later I gave a talk on our District and after parade was taken to see their hall which is being constructed by St. John personnel. This building has the nick-name of “home”.

Secondly I visited the Nelson HQ. where a competition was taking place. Around the walls were many interesting photos of earlier events. The competition was a team test, questions and improvising. Meanwhile a doctor was giving a lecture in an adjacent room.

I would like to say that if you are ever away from home – pay a visit to the local brigade, you will be made most welcome.

B. PEARCEY, Napier.

A business man was visiting Chicago and decided to buy a new hat. Going into a shop, he asked the price of one that looked good to him. The assistant replied “Fifteen dollars.”
“Where are the holes?” the business man asked, examining the hat critically.
The assistant appeared bewildered for a moment, but managed to ask, “What holes?”
“Why, the holes for the ears of the ass that would pay fifteen dollars for a hat like that.”

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Published from June 1955 to August 1959; first two issues known as “The Cadet”, later issues “Jottings”

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