Cadet Magazine 13 1957

THE Happy BIRTHDAY Issue of the CADET


No. 10   May 1957

Thankyou to all those people who have so kindly lent themselves to the administration of C.J. Without those news articles or the assistance from them we feel that progress would have been much more limited. This coming year we look forward to this and any further support that may be forthcoming.

C.J. May be Only Cadet Newsheet Published ‘in New Zealand

We believe C.J. is the only cadet magazine in circulation in New Zealand. Last year, enquiries were made to Priory and the Chief Secretary of the St. John Ambulance Brigade, Mr. C. Meachen, replied –

“There have been various cadet papers published from time to time but as cadets necessarily lose their cadet membership when they become 18, it is difficult to maintain continuity.

The Mornington Cadet Ambulance started “Our Star” which was taken over by the District (Otago) but the last issue received was September 1955.

The United Cadet Social Committee, Auckland, published “News Flash” but they have not sent any copies since 1954.

We feel sure other Districts will be interested in Hawkes Bay Cadet “Jottings” and I shall send the extra copies you have so kindly let us have to District Cadet Officers for their information.

This may then inspire other efforts but we know of none at present.”

C.J. is rather proud of being perhaps the only cadet paper and we feel that because of this, we can build our circulation and take it further than the H.B.-E.C. District.

This rests in your hands; each division is asked to submit a news item by the 18th of each month. Surely you can do that!  20 or more lines from each division – when financial support is optional – is no price in exchange for news from other divisions. Each month we have had to repeat our plea for more news. Well, C.J. can by no means compel you to write, but we thought that our readers as true members of St. John would support their own magazine by writing instead of leaving it to the other chap.

We claim CJ. to be a ‘news-link’ between other divisions.

Is it?

Open your mouth
Lift up your nose
take a breath
and down she goes.
R.M. per S. Naughton


It was I thought a wondrous speech,
They ought to print and save it.
I liked the tone, I liked the pace,
I liked it all. I gave it.
(Sarge. Hastings)

A Courageous Member

The Silver Life Saving Medal was awarded District Officer Miss. C. E. Phillips of the H.B.- E.C. District in 1949.
The incident for which this award was given occurred in September 1945 when Miss Pillips [Phillips] rescued a child from an oncoming train. Alan Murray aged 2, ran from the platform at Palmerston Nth. Station on the lines just as a train was approaching. Miss. Phillips at once jumped in front of the oncoming engine, caught the child in her arms and threw herself and the boy clear of the train. The child was unharmed, but she had to be treated for shock, cuts and a broken arm, ‘but later was found to have sustained internal injuries, which since have necessitated undergoing a series of operations and many visits to the hospital. The injuries states the citation, proved such as “greatly to prejudice her health at all times.”

It was not until 1948 that Priory heard about the rescue. The father of the child wrote stating that on his return to Hawke’s Bay he had discovered for the first time that the rescuer of his child three years before was a member of the St. John Ambulance Brigade, and asked if there was any award which could be given her. He added that his letter had been written without Miss Phillip’s knowledge.

The Priory immediately instituted inquiries, which, owing to the lapse of years, took some time. On completion, the Priory sent a report, together with testimony of witnesses, to the Chancery of the Order.

Film evenings for the Hastings. Ambulance Cadets are going well. One of the more recent evenings was attended by the Hastings Women’s Division and members of the Ambulance division.


Humour in First Aid

This article has been taken from a 1949 issue of “The St. John Gazzette” which was at that time the official journal of The Grand Priory in the British Realm of the Order of St. John.

Two first aiders were treating a lady who had fainted and was breathing shallowly. Her husband, who was most excited, and chanced to overhear the first aiders discussing the treatment of the patient, including artificial respiration. The term “artificial” caused the husband to explode and exclaim: “I will have no “artificial respiration: and I insist on you giving my wife the real thing, what ever it is.”

Priory’s Birthday Greetings

Dear Sir,
It is with pleasure that I offer my congratulations on the first birthday of “Cadet Jottings” I have been most impressed with the initiative shown by the editor and his assistants. I am sure the paper has already proved its value to the Cadet movement in Hawke’s Bay and will serve as an inspiration to other Districts. The Chief Officer for Nursing Cadets, Miss V.P.L. Anquetil and the Chief Officer for Ambulance Cadets, Dr. D.P. Kennedy join me in extending all good wishes for success.
Yours faithfully,
F. W. Ward.

The recruiting drive organized by the Hastings Divisions, began with a series of advertisements in the local paper. These were announcing pressure courses on First Aid which will be attended by senior members who will assist with demonstrations.

Readers may advertise in C.J. at no charge providing the advert is in the hands of the editor, by the 15th. of each month.

Hastings Cadet Ambulance Superintendent
wishes to advise that he is available to the parents of his cadets to discuss their son’s progress, or otherwise in the Order of St. John. His address, 101 Norton Road and phone, 5975 Hastings. Parents might even prefer to visit the division on parade nights and see their boy at work.

WANTED: Used stamps of all descriptions, for our collection for the lepers. Address, 511 E. Queen Street, Hastings.


A competition is being staged and you are invited to send in as many entries as you like by the 12th. of May.

The best design will be awarded 5/- (donated by R.B.) and will be used as a permanent cover for C.J.

You may use what wording you care to choose and any of the drawings or pictures you have seen in previous issues. (Back copies supplied on sending 3d postage.)

Remember that there must be provision for a changeable date line. The rest is up to you.

REMINDER – All articles must be in the hands of the editor by the 18th of each month.
Our Address
511 E. Queen St.,


Some divisions in Hawke’s Bay have received invitations from Wanganui to enter competitions there. The section for the Ambulance Cadets’ consists of three trophies, two for Team Tests and a Champion Leader Cup, as well as a Home Nursing Shield and a cup for the Team Test in the Nursing Section. it is known that Hastings is endeavouring to send a team from each of their Cadet divisions.

Bandages, slings, and all other F. A. equipment, as well as your uniform, should be kept spotless. The public, who are your bystanders, do not always see the clean but are quick to see the dirt.

SHOCK is a killer.
D. Laird,

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Published from June 1955 to August 1959; first two issues known as “The Cadet”, later issues “Jottings”

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May 1957


  • Miss V P Anquetil
  • Dr D P Kennedy
  • D Laird
  • C Meachen
  • J Morgan
  • Alan Murray
  • Miss C E Phillips
  • Chief Commissioner F W Ward

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