Cadet Magazine 14 1957



June 1957   Vol. 2   No. 1

Twelve Teams Display Their Skill At Competitions

About 12 teams entered the cadet competitions held in Hastings on the 27th April.

A majority of the judges agreed about the good standard of work – but in some cases there was room for improvement. More work as a team instead of individuals was also stressed.

With crossed fingers teams from Wairoa, Napier, Taradale, Havelock North, Hastings and and Dannevirke, Marton, and Wanganui, entered the examination rooms. For both sections the tests were the same with the card for the team test reading that the team was on the way to a St. John meeting when they came across the patient knocked from his cycle by a hit  and run motorist.

Injuries proved to be a grazed hand and elbow, cut behind the ear and a simple fracture of the leg. A bystander arrived after First Aid Treatment was commenced.

The realistic fake injuries were the result of District Cadet Officer H. Taylor’s industry.

More parents at this function would have been greater encouragement.

Mr. Dawe from Napier, was the beginner of a Snowball, the first event of the Social evening. Dances and games followed with prizes well distributed.

Entering competitions for the first time, Hastings Junior team treats patient P. Borrie in the team test.
Photograph Donated by Russell Orr’s Studio (Hstgs.)

A popular feature of the evening

was a few songs by J. Puohotaua of Wanganui. Birthday greetings were sung to J. Wicky (Wanganui), and in a corner a wee bit of Rock ’n Roll was in progress.

Tribute must be paid to the band who went home with blisters on their fingers.

Mrs. G. Robertson, wife of a Hastings Association member, presented the trophies for the Nursing section and Mr. A.I. Rainbow presented them to the Ambulance Cadets. Commisioner [Commissioner] H. Barden presented Dr. I. Aarons with his warrant as Divisional Surgeon to Hastings Ambulance Cadets and thanked him for his keeness [keenness] and good work for the boys.

Everyone paired off to supper as entry into the supper-room was not allowed without a partner. Unfortunately, a table collapsed and some of the refreshments had to be discarded.

Afternoon tea and the Social were arranged by Hastings Cadet Social Committee to whom great credit may be given.

Prize winners in the competition were:-


Home Nursing Cup
Hastings B team   1st.
Napier   2nd.
Wairoa   3rd

He Tohu Cup for practical first-aid
Napier   1st.
Hastings B team   2nd.
Marton   3rd.

Champion Leader Shield
Cadet M. Rayner (Napier) lst.
Cadet J. Morgan (Hstgs.) 2nd.


Richards Cup
Hastings B team   1st.
Waipukurau   2nd
Wanganui   3rd.

Efficiency Shield
Cadet T. England (Hstgs B) 1st.


Nursing and Ambulance teams from three of the Hawke’s Bay divisions entered competitions held in Wanganui over the weekend of May the 11th.-12th. A total of 26 teams entered. Thanks to the Wanganui people were expressed for their kind hospitality and for the kind way many team members were billeted. The results and team tests proved to be interesting.


Edith Scott Home Nursing shield – won by Featherston.

Jessie Hope Gibbons Trophy. The patient was knocked from his cycle when he collided with a sheep which was killed. The team and a friend arrive and have the services of a car. Injuries were a fractured jaw, and a punctured wound on the left arm. Won by Marton.


John Brine Jubilee Cup:- The scene of the accident was the recent scaffolding collapse at Wellington. The first-aiders had to improvise on a fractured jaw and an immovable foreign body in a wound in the right arm. Won by Hastings Senior team. Mention should be made of the up and coming of the Hastings Junior Team who are forecasted to be great opposition to contestants in the near future.

Porritt Cup:- A friend and his mate are climbing through a barbed wire fence when he trips and his gun discharges. He suffers a gun shot through the arm, barbed wire rip in the leg and we beleive a suspected fracture of the leg. His mate is unhurt but shocked. Won by Wellington.

Conway Cup for Champion Leader:- Won by Featherston. Sgt. R. Hickman of Hastings showed promise when he came second this event without having had any previous practice.


Superintendents should have their Divisional Reports in the hands of the editor by the 18th of each month.

HAVELOCK NORTH – Nursing. The members of the Havelock North girls first-aid team which took part in the competitions held late last month, would like to express their thanks to the Hastings people for the Social which we all enjoyed very much and for the nice supper afterwards. The team which came 4th in the competitions, will be entering again in June along with a Home Nursing Team, and by dint of much practising and enthusiasm, we hope to come even higher next time. It is hoped a social will be held out here, at some, as yet, unfixed date in the not too far distant future and a cordial invitation is extended to you all. – Cdt. J. Peters.

WAIROA – Nursing:- The cadets have attended a number of public duties, at the two day A & P Show, two days at the Races, and one week of carnival in January, and the Rodeo in February. So you can see we are in the public eye quite a lot. As it was still summer when we commenced classes again, we took the opportunity of spending the following four or five meetings in doing the Holger-Neilson Resuscitation. Then we received notification of the competitions to be held in Hastings so naturally we began to organize teams. Three of which competed at Hastings, two first-aid one Home Nursing. We were very pleased with the Home Nursing Team as they were placed third. As for the first-aid teams, most of them have never been in competitions before and so naturally they were nervous. Unfortunately, six cadets travelled by railcar and they arrived in Hastings at two p.m. instead of 12.30 p.m. so they did not have time to settle down or have lunch. Those of our cadets who attended the social that night thoroughly enjoyed themselves – Cdt. Supt. J.F. Gollop.

NAPIER – Nursing:- We entered a very young team in the Wanganui competitions and although we did not bring home any cups, we were pleased with our results. There were 16 teams in the Nursing part of these competitions. Napier left for Wanganui on the Friday previous and stayed the night at Palmerston Nth. In the morning they ventured on to Wanganui where they were met by members of the Wanganui District Staff. A luncheon was provided for visitors after which the competitions and a social. Sunday events included being caught in the rain. We would like to thank Wanganui for their kindness to us. – Cdt. Supt. M. Tait.

GISBORNE – Nursing:- Just lately we have had two visits from District Superintendents, Mrs. Yeo and Mr. Snadden. The H.B.-E.C. Centre meeting was held during their first visit, on the Saturday afternoon. In the evening, the Brigade, Nursing & Ambulance Cadets all paraded in our St. John Ambulance Association Hall. After the parade, the cadets were taken to the pictures to see the official film, of the Melbourne

Olympic Games which they all enjoyed.

The adults had a social evening in the hall.

The second visit of Mrs. Yeo and Mr. Snadden did not coincide with cadet meetings but for Superintendents was very helpful they were able to talk over some of the difficulties they have been encountering. With their experienced advice the way has been made clear – Cdt. Supt. H. Russell.


Dear Sir,
Many thanks for the May “Birthday” Issue of your publication and I hasten to extend to you and those responsible, my congratulations on their enterprise and fine effort. Apart from its news value it will also serve as a useful means of spreading St. John propaganda in the Hawke’s Bay District.
H. Forster,
H.B.-E.C. Centre.

CADET Paul McAnulty (Hastings) has increased our stack of stamps for the lepers. Can anyone else help?

1st Woman; If I had twins do you know what I would call them?
2nd Woman; No What?
1st Woman; Ann and Another.
2nd Woman; Mine would be Peter and Repeater.


Mr. A. Kirkpatrick, Director of Ceremonies, spoke in the need of an Ambulance at Waipawa at their Annual General Meeting. He said that it was an important matter and he was confident that the town and country people would support such a proposal with enthusiasm.

Mr. P.H. Linehan, Waipawa delegate to the centre, suggested a pressure course on first aid. This was agreed upon.

A report revealed that the cadet divisions were well attended and members were assisting with public duties.

THANKYOU. Cadet Superintendent, P. Gibson of Waipukurau for your donation of 10/- and Dist. Superintendent Mrs. Yeo & Cadet Superintendent Mrs. H. Russell (Gisborne) for your donations of 5/-

HASTINGS SOCIAL COMMITTEE expresses their gratitude to the person who donated the expenses of their recent social.

Watch next month for a description of a trip to GISBORNE.

Send your articles to; 511 E. Queen Street, Hastings, before the 18th. of next month.

De Costa Cup
Wilson Home Nursing Cup & District Eliminations
to be held in Napier on July 20.

Napier are contemplating a Social that night and will naturally be for boys as well as girls so keep that date free.

Good Attendance at Pressure Course

One hundred men and women attended the first of a Series of lectures on first-aid being held in Hastings.

An association officer said they were gratified at the public response. The attendance was the best the association had ever had at a first-aid course.

Unfortunately, the association’s room in Southland Road was inadequate for the purpose, he said. With such a large number attending it was almost impossible to give practical instruction. Arrangements were made to use a larger hall for future lectures.

A doctor gave lectures on the principles of first-aid and body structure and functions. Members of the Ambulance Division gave instructions on the use of triangular bandages.

Support for the first-aid course was expressed by Senior Traffic Officer F.O. Wilkinson, Hastings, who said that in 30 years’ experience on New Zealand Roads he could quote a large number of occasions where first-aid applied on the spot had saved considerable suffering. In some cases particularly those of arterial bleeding lives had been saved.

The transport Department was behind the St. John Ambulance in its work to the extent that every traffic officer was required to hold a first-aid certificate.

“I strongly recommend the St. John Ambulance course of training to everyone,” he said. “we never know whose life we may be able to save. It could be a member of our own family.

The St. John Ambulance organization was performing a great public service and should be supported by every member of the community said Mr. Wilkinson. He had on many occasions called on them to assist in road accident cases and had always found St. John members ready to help and never wanting in kindness. courtesy or efficiency. Commissioner H. Barden, who was very thrilled with the response added that he thought it was due to the high esteem in which the Brigade in Hastings is held.

Napier Members Trained as Air Attendants

A course for air attendants, the first of its kind in New Zealand has recently been concluded by the Napier sub-centre of the St. John Ambulance Association.

In this course selected members of the brigade were given special instructions on caring for sick and infirm persons being carried by aircraft.

The course was conducted in Napier by Divisional Surgeon Dr. Russell, who is an experienced pilot. Dr. Russell was a pilot in the R.A.F. during the last war, and holds English certificates for gliding and soaring.

It was largely due to his enthusiasm that the scheme was started in Hawke’s Bay.

The course was planned in England. Lectures were given on effects of altitude on the body; selection of patients for travel by air; preparation and equipment for flight; routine care of patients in flight; tropical medicine and hygiene – inocculations[inoculations] and vaccinations, emergency midwifery.

It is an application of home nursing and first aid to air travel.

About 25 members took the course of lectures. These will later sit an examination, when the papers arrive from England. They will be given a flying test to find out their suitability for the work.

When candidates have qualified there will be, for the first time in New Zealand, trained attendants to care for patients being transported by air.

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Published from June 1955 to August 1959; first two issues known as “The Cadet”, later issues “Jottings”

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