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July 1957   Vol. 2   No. 2

Foundation Stone of St. John Headquarters Laid

The foundation stone of the new St. John Ambulance headquarters in Hastings was laid by Mr. P.A. Elworthy, a Knight of the Order of St. John, on the afternoon of June 16th.

To be finished later this year, the new building is in Southland Road, adjacent to the corner property which was acquired by the association two years ago.

Despite cold, showery weather there was a full attendance of St. John Ambulance members, and a fair attendance of the public.

The dedication ceremony was conducted by Canon K.F. Button.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Elworthy said the Order of St. John had as its chief objective the promotion of all works of humanity and charity for the relief of persons in sickness, distress, suffering and danger without distinction of race, class or creed.


Mr H. Elliott, Chairman of the Hastings sub-centre, welcomed visitors from other centres. He traced the progress of the work of St. John in Hastings, saying that it began in 1932 with lectures in the Drill Hall and then in the old Methodist Hall. A division was formed in 1934 and met in a shed in Railway Road; its finances were kept in a tobacco tin.

However, in 1936 a committee


was formed and the late Mr G.A. Maddison, the mayor at that time, was its chairman. A home was immediately found in rooms in Heretaunga Street and uniforms and materials purchased.

In 1943 a building in Karamu Road was purchased as a permanent headquarters. Through generous public support, together with wise saving, this building was made freehold and the strength of the divisions grew and demand for services increased.

In time a search for larger and more convenient rooms had to be made. The committee purchased the Southland Road property and had now begun the erection of an up-to-date headquarters.

From small beginnings the work had grown to be recognised as an essential part of the community.

It had grown through the voluntary efforts of many, and he expressed thanks to all who had assisted over the years.


Mr. A. Kirkpatrick, the director of ceremonies to the Priory of New Zealand, and the president of the Hastings sub-centre of St. John Ambulance Association, said members should all be proud that Mr. Elworthy was laying the foundation stone as he was a man who had done much for the order.

He conveyed the congratulations of the Priory to the Hastings committee for its progress and achievement. It was gratifying, he said, to see two of the original members of the work in Hastings present, Mr. H.G. Barden and Mr I. Snadden, who were both very active in the affairs of St. John.

Hastings Church Parade.

On the morning of June 16th, Hastings members of the S.J.A.B. attended a church parade held at the St. Andrews Presbyterian Church. The service was conducted by the Rev. H.A. Mitchell.

There was a remarkably good attendance by members of all divisions of the brigade despite the rainy conditions.

In last months issue of C.J., it was announced that there would be no July issue of our magazine. Well we are pleased to have been able to publish this month’s issue, as we had enough news on hand.

Main Ambulance Contests Won by Waipukurau

Senior St. John Ambulance teams from Levin, Pahiatua, Carterton, Wanganui and Waipukarau [Waipukurau] competed at competitions held at Russell Park, Waipukarau on the 2nd June.

Improvised material was used.

A victim who had been gored by a bull was expertly dealt with by competitors. Car accidents “provided” other patients. Transporting over an obstacle was also included in the job. Another section dealt with resuscitation.


Waipukarau Rotary Club Cup   Waipukarau 1st.
Waipukarau – Challenge Shield   Waipukarau 1st.
Fitzmaurice Cup. (Leadership)   H.J. Nightengale. Carterton 1st.

Successes in First Aid Examinations

At the first aid course held recently, thirty-one candidates passed the examination.

The examinations were conducted by Drs. H. Barnett, D.A. Bathgate, J.W. Wray and I. Aarons, assisted by officers of the district staff.

The following were the successful candidates:-
Misses Howse, Burfield, Taylor, Hilton, Stanley, Duff, Bruce, Little, Heffernan, Cornwell. Mesdames Shuker, Shaw, Powell, McBride, Cullen, Isdale, Herries.
Joan Von Slobbe, Jean Heppleton, lris Shuker, Margaret Eliot, Marion Snadden, Enid Ludlow, Shirley Middleton.
Charles Gillan, Arthur Olsen, Allan Clough, Frank McBride, Norman Ludlow, Nigel Smith, Derek Denne.


Send in photos and illustrations to the editor now, but do not be disappointed if they do not appear in the following issue of C.J., as the engraving process is very costly and your drawings and photos are engraved with larger ‘essential’ illustrations. It may be some time before the opportunity arises to have these blocks engraved.

Casualties At Ceremony.- No fewer than 331 casualties were treated by the St. John Ambulance Brigade during the ceremony of Trooping the Colour in London on Thursday the 13th June. Seventeen were ambulance cases and one had acute appendicitis. Most had fainted in hot sunshine.

Romantic Railraod[Railroad]
By Dist. Supt., Mrs. F.G. Yeo.

Gisborne now owns a fine St. John Hall, built by the local members after monstrous efforts to finance its completion. The cadets are fortunate in having full use of this splendid building in giving space for drill, lectures, practice and social life. Someday you may have the opportunity to visit the Gisborne cadets where a warm welcome greets a fellow St. John.

The railcar journey is a long one – rushing through valley, hill and tunnel with glimpses of Lake Tutira – the privately owned bird sanctury- deep gorges with stoney clear waterways – rumble over 3 high viaducts. (The Mohaka being one of the highest and longest in New Zealand.)

From Wairoa the railcar climbs around the coastline giving breath-taking panorama of blue seas – sandy beaches with sweeping waves – past the old Waitotopu [Waikokopu] Wharf and on the right it is fascinating to trace a grass covered coach road running along the banks of a rocky bottomed stream which is gradually washing away its foundation – and so Gisborne – after sparsely settled hills to a beauty spot where stands a hall – a tribute to the tradition of our Order – an inspiration to others.


Sir William Appleton Chancellor of the Order in New Zealand, addressed the gathering at the opening of the new St. John Ambulance Hall in Greymouth early in June.

The Editor of C.J. wishes to thank Mrs. Tannahill Superintendent of the Waipawa Nursing cadets for her contribution of 5/-.

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Published from June 1955 to August 1959; first two issues known as “The Cadet”, later issues “Jottings”

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  • Dr I Aarons
  • Sir William Appleton
  • H G Barden
  • Dr H Barnett
  • Dr D A Bathgate
  • Allan Clough
  • Derek Denne
  • H Elliott
  • Margaret Elliott
  • P A Elworthy
  • Charles Gillan
  • Jean Heppleton
  • A Kirkpatrick
  • Enid Ludlow
  • Norman Ludlow
  • G A Maddison
  • Frank McBride
  • Shirley Middleton
  • Reverend H A Mitchell
  • H J Nightengale
  • Arthur Olsen
  • Iris Shuker
  • Nigel Smith
  • Marion Snadden
  • Joan Von Slobbe
  • Dr J W Wray
  • District Superintendent Mrs F G Yeo
  • Mesdames Cullen, Herries, Isdale, McBride, Powell, Shaw
  • Misses Bruce, Burfield, Cornwell, Duff, Heffernan, Hilton, Howse, Little, Stanley, Taylor

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