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September 1957   Vol. 2   No. 4


We have done it! Yes, we are over the crisis and are making a start to bring you a bigger, brighter, and better Cadet Jottings.

With many improvements at this end, we are going to make the H.B.-E.C. cadet magazine the best in New Zealand. So remember, any poems, questions, hints, suggestions, recipes, reports, short stories, or photographs, are welcome at the usual time – the 18th. of each month. Your help is the main part of our magazine. And do not forget – when finances allow, prizes will be offered for your articles.

By the way, I have some more people to thank for sending us all their old used stamps. These are collected for our contribution to the Leper Fund.

Yours, Editor.

BIG SISTER “Johnny, if you eat any more apple pie, you will burst!”

JOHNNY “Right. Pass the pie and get out if [of] the way.”

FOR SALE: 1 pair roller skates in good condition. No boots. Apply J. Glover, Hastings Nursing Cadets or C/- the Editor, Cadet Jottings.

WANTED: There is an urgent request for one or two copies of C.J. Vol. 2. No. 1. and Vol. 2. No. 2. These are the first two copies publishing our now permanent cover. 6d. is offered for any good clean copies. Apply to The Editor, Cadet Jottings, 511E. Queen Street Hastings.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, to Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Niethe and an anonymous person for their donations of 5/- towards C.J.
Mr and Mrs Niethe are both members of the Napier divisions and both help with the Taradale Nursing and Ambulance Cadets.


2 cups of sugar, ½ small cup of water, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of butter.
Put all into a heavy saucepan. Do not let it boil until the sugar is practically dissolved and then let it boil fast without stirring until it will snap when tested in cold water. Set in a large flat tin in which chopped walnuts have been sprinkled.
The nuts are optional.

R.A. recomends this recipe for everyone.


The first letter of each one word answer, when rearranged, spells an important name in St. John.

QUESTIONS (1.) Always put on a wound. (2.) A head injury. (3.) Leg bone. (4.) A severe unconscious condition. (5.) The top vertebra.
ANSWERS: (1.) Dressing. (2.) Concussion. (3.) Tibia. (4.) Epelepsy [Epilepsy]. (5.) Atlas.
WORD when rearranged is – CADET

What has only a neck and a body?
Ans. A bottle.


St. John Personality

Nearly 25 years ago, six to eight members paraded in the Assembly Hall, Hastings, before Col. Sir James L. Sleeman. Dressed in regalia similar to that he is pictured in, Sir James inspected the original members of the Hastings Brigade, two of whom are now important people on District Staff.

Colonel Sir James L. Sleeman, C.B., C.M.G., C.B.E., M.V.O., T.D., D.L., M.A., first became associated with the St. John Ambulance Brigade in the South African war of 1900. Dangerously ill, he owed his life very largely to the skilfull[skilful] nursing he received from one of the St. John members attached to the R.A.M.C.

He was made an Officer of the Order in 1921 and in 1930 was selected as Chief Commissioner of the St. John Ambulance Brigade Overseas in which capacity he undertook many overseas tours.

Already a Knight of Justice of the Order, he received a Knighthood at the end of the Second World War for Ambulance Service.

Retiring from the position as Chief Commissioner in 1950 and after a record period of 20 years in that responsible appointment he succeeded Viscount Bledisloe as Chairman of the St. John Council for Gloucestershire, Britain.


Unofficial results from the Dominion Competitions held at Wellington at the end of last month, showed that the two teams representing H.B.-E.C. did not disgrace themselves. Although they did not bring home any trophies, it is said that both teams and members of those teams, received minor placings.

Anyone that has any photos of these competitions is asked to lend them to C.J.

IF you feel that you can not write an article for C.J., your financial assistance will be just as welcome – last year over £8 was spent, this year more than that will be required to cover unavoidable costs.


Superintendents are reminded to send their Divisional Reports to our address, 511E. Queen St., Hastings, by the 18th of each month.

Napier – Nursing:- There is little to report from our division this month except that we have been training hard for the Dominion Competitions and working hard find the necessary finance. The girls have also had their re-exam and the seniors their Clerical Ability exam. Our First Aid class is increasing in number every week and now has 20 in it. Cadet Superintendent Miss M. Tait.

Taradale – Nursing:- Meet weekly in the Trades Hall, 6.30 – 7.30pm. Our present roll is nine seniors and 22 Juniors. The juniors are being taught Preliminary First Aid and the seniors are practising for their Annual Re-examination coming shortly. We have decided to put in 3’pence each week per member towards an end of year party. A book prize for the Best Cadet 1957 has been donated. Attendance behaviour helpfulness to be taken into consideration.

Miss Janes our Superintendent is absent on a working holiday in Australia and the division has now got Mrs. A. Niethe helping with the cadets in her absence. – Mrs. Niethe.

Hastings – Nursing:- I would like congratulate the following cadets on obtaining their History of the Order Certificates last July. They were, Cadets Beverley Bloomfield, Jan Clothier, Noeline Lee, and Shirley Le Compte. This means one more step towards their Grand Prior Badges.

On Tuesday the 6th of August the cadets held their Annual Inspection, taken by Commissioner Barden and District Supt. Mrs Yeo, from Taradale. There was a good attendance of cadets, although some were away because of sickness. Mr. Barden commented on the smartness of the cadets and the way they performed their fall in. Cadet Superintendent J. Glover.

Taradale – Ambulance:- Exams for Proficiency Certificates have been held recently in both Road Safety and Firefighting. In the latter subject, N. Brown, B. Garrick, B. Janes, A. Hutchinson and J. Ridler, all passed with distinction. Mr. R. Munroe is lecturing the division on the “History of the Order” and we hope to have this examination late in September. Dr. Lucas of Taradale took the Preliminary Examination for new cadets and has been lecturing the division during August. We hope to enter a team for the Barden Cup in September. Cadet N. Brown is going for his senior First Aid Certificate and if he succeeds will be the first member of our division to be so honoured. We have a roll of 28 members and we had 23 at the last lecture by Dr. Lucas on August 14th. We propose holding a games night on September 4th. during the school holiday break. – Cadet Superintendent A. Sinton.

What fish do birds like best?
Ans A Perch.
By Cadet E. Joll (H.N.)


Havelock North Cadets staged a social that brings credit to its organizers.

The Village Hall was not at all cramped for the many children present, although senior cadets were in the minority. Music was provided by Mr. Baker and the supper supplied by the young ladies of Havelock.

It was a treat to see youngsters of Hillsbrook Children’s Home at such a function – some of them are understood to be recruits in the brigade.

Bunting decorated a well heated hall and a good time was had by all.


The annual evening for parents of the Hastings Ambulance Cadets was held on August the 12th.

A reasonably good attendance of parents watched the boys working at their normal activities. Cadet Superintendent R. Burfield, who welcomed the parents, stated that this was the opportunity for parents to see just what their boys did on parade nights.

Unusal [Unusual] to normal procedure was a demonstration by the team that represented this district at Wellington.

A NEW ONE   By Cadet Superintendent J. Glover

A is for Association, a most important part
B is for Brigade, Dunedin the start
C is for Cadets begun in
D is for Defend the Faith of course
E is for Emergency for which we are prepared
F is for Faith which we all must have
G is for Good example wherever we may be
H is for Honesty, never to be forgotten
I is for Injured whom we treat on field and street
J is for Justice which we must all uphold
K is for Kindness to animals young and old
L is for Loyalty to Officers and all
M is for Members of Saint John
N is for N.C.O’s their orders to be obeyed
O is for Officers, whom we could not do without
P is for Privates, last but not least
Q is for Queen, the Sovereign Head of our Order
R is for Royalty who all take an active part
S is for Saint John to which we belong
T is for Trust that every one puts on us
U is for Uncomplaining of tasks not to our liking
V is for Venerable of the Order of Saint John
W is for Words of which I’ve run out, so for X. Y. Z.,
will some Cadet think out.

The first-aid post erected this year, on the shores of Lake Wanaka, a well-known holiday resort. A great deal of voluntary Brigade service went into its construction. It was prefabricated in Dunedin, then transported by road a distance of 180 miles to Wanaka, where it was placed on foundations previously prepared and its construction completed. The building materials were all paid for by the Association, but all the work involved at both Dunedin and Wanaka, except the foundations, was that of Brigade members.

There is a similar first-aid post at Queenstown, another of the lake resorts, and members of the Brigade are stationed at both places during the Christmas-New Year holidays to render first-aid to holidaymakers, particularly those living in motor camps. It is not uncommon for about 500 cases to be treated in each place during the holiday period.

In a letter received from Priory recently. The Hastings Ambulance Cadets were informed that they must have one of the biggest and most regularly attended divisions in the Dominion.

DID YOU KNOW:- Hollywoods horse population is almost as large as its human population? About 180,000 of them are fed and shod in this area. Their brightest star is Beauty who is a veteran of 30 films.

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Published from June 1955 to August 1959; first two issues known as “The Cadet”, later issues “Jottings”

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