Cadet Magazine 18 1957



November 1957   Vol. 2   No. 6

The H-B-E-C. Cadet Jottings

Well, readers, it will be with much surprise and regret to hear of the resignation tendered on the 7th of October by Cadet James Morgan. (Hastings)

No doubt all you people outside of Hastings have heard that name before. Yes, he was the editor of this magazine.

It was he who started this newsheet [newssheet] in June, 1956 and has published it monthly right up until now. To him we owe a great deal of thanks for enabling the H.B. divisions to learn of each other’s activities.

I would appreciate it very much if you could give me the same support that you gave James, in order to keep this magazine in circulation.

Contributions should now be sent to me at 403 Cornwall Road, Hastings, by the 18th of each month.

Ray Baxter, Editor.

Could anybody please give me some information on the Crypt of St. Anthony, Fort Monach.


A tribute to Lord Norrie, the Dominion’s former Governor General has been paid by the Dunedin St. John Ambulance Association in naming it’s new vehicle “Willoughby Norrie”. It has been built on the same lines as the association’s other four new ambulances and it will replace one of the two older models at present in use. The vehicle cost £2500. In Dunedin, as in Christchurch, the ambulances are named after important people.


Eight-year-old Kevin Moore, of 27 Farrington Street, Glen lnnes, had always wanted to ride in an ambulance. But when his chance came, he was unconscious. Recently however, he achieved his wish. He had a ride and knew all about it.

It all started when Kevin was taken to Auckland Hospital with pneumonia on August the 24th, It finished when his mother took him to the St. John Ambulance Headquarters with a letter which read:

“Dear Ambulance Drivers, I don’t know your names, but I know that two of you came to my place and took me for a ride in your ambulance to Auckland Hospital.

I don’t even remember going in the ambulance, because I was asleep. I’ve always wanted to go in one, when I’ve seen you in the streets, then when I did I wasn’t able to see what it was like inside.

I really must thank you drivers because of the hundreds of people and children you take to hospital when we are very sick.

May God bless you for all the good work you do. I hope the two ambulance men who took me to hospital see this.

I went to hospital on August 24 at 11.45 am. Once again my sincerest thanks for getting me to hospital safely.”

The two drivers were Mr F. Reed and his assistant, Mr L. Lange. On his visit, Kevin was taken all over the station by senior station officer Mr. P.D. Hatton, who showed him how to talk to Mr H. Thornton in the office by radio-telephone, and then took him for a ride around the block, ending up with a short howl from the


“It was very nice of you to come in, Kevin,” said Mr Hatton.” Not many people come in to show their appreciation, and we thank you very much. But I hope you don’t have to ride in an ambulance again for a long time.”

Photo caption – Kevin Moore in the Ambulance.


Havelock North:- Things are going along much the same. We have had a social which was enjoyed by all and it was a financial success. We received a donation of 10/- from a lady who was present. Our annual inspection has been held and was well attended. Miss Peters, who has passed from the cadets to the seniors has passed her exam. Also Miss Hopcroft has joined up with the seniors. We have three new members and this brings the roll up to 21. It is hoped to hold a picture or a social before the end of the year. We are very sorry to lose Mr. Millen, who was a good worker for St. John.

Hastings Nursing:- With the roll at 40 cadets and 4 officers, the division is in very good shape. We have had one transfer from Lower Hutt. She is a senior cadet who is well on the way for her Grand Prior Badge. Classes in hygiene, first-aid and home nursing are progressing very well. Nine cadets have sat their homecraft exam. On October 15th, Mrs. Hendry took the N.C.O.’s exam; two were for sergeants and four for corporals.

Hastings Ambulance:- It is pleasing to hear that the roll has now passed the 50 mark. On October the 7th, Dr. Ingram examined 9 new boys for their preliminary first-aid. They all passed. On the following week they were equiped with uniforms. All cadets now have the proper St. John belts and buckles. L. Tassel has transfered from the cadets to the seniors. On the 16th of September a full night of recreation was held. Supper was supplied by the cadets and things went very well. The Question and Answer Shield was competed for on the 14th October and was won by Sgt. R. Hickman. The junior team competed at Waipukarau [Waipukurau] for the Barden Cup. They were successful. The Taylor Cup was won by the Waipukarau [Waipukurau] boy.

Waipukarau ambulance:- First of all congratulations to the Hastings Ambulance and Napier Nursing Divisions for such a creditable performance at the Dominion Competitions. The Superintendent and myself had the good fortune to be able to attend, and we both agreed that the work was of a very high standard. Last month the Barden and Taylor Cup Competitions were held at Waipukarau. It was a pity that only two teams competed. Perhaps there will be more next year as this will make the competition keener. It is pleasing to report that our Sergeant, K. Stanich gained first place in the Taylor Cup. The examiner stated that he gave an excellent display. Four of our cadets have passed their P.F.A. exam. They are B. Jopson, T. Renall, M. Sanders and R. Scoble. Their certificates will be presented at a social to be held on November the 21st. It is with deep regret that I have to mention that Cadet Superintendent P. Gibson has resigned from the division, due to a transfer in his employment at the Post Office. During his term as Cadet Supt. he had a great sense of responsibility and has freely given this time for the good of the cadet movement. On behalf of the Waipukarau boys, I would like to thank him for the work he has done. Mr. R. Jopson is

helping me to instruct the cadets. Recently the Jay-Cee [Jaycee] Organisation conducted a Youth Week in this town and we took a very big part in it. On the Tuesday night the cadets put on a display in the form of a mock accident. On the Saturday night all the Youth organisations took part in a March Past from the Municipal Theatre to Central Park and the cadets had the honour of leading this parade. The mayor addressed the gathering and then the organisations gave a display of their work. The boys were given an imaginary accident during a football match. It is interesting to note that the team were on the field, had the player bandaged, stretchered and off the field in four minutes. This ended a very enjoyable Youth Week. Acting Cadet Supt. G. Mulvanah.


So successful has been the work of Mr. A. Kennedy, a field officer of the Order of St. John who has been giving lectures and demonstrations on first aid and accident prevention in the remote sawmilling areas of the North Island during the past two years, that a second field officer may be appointed.

This is stated in a special report on Mr. Kennedy’s work by the Order of St. John’s cheif [Chief] Secretary prepared for the Worker’s Compensation Board which financed the project.

Many of the areas visited by Mr. Kennedy were so remote that the only access was by horseback. Several of the lectures were given to only a handful of people in such isolated places, but at other times up to 100 attended.

Illustrting [Illustrating] the value of the lectures are these extracts from the management of a big timber mill at Ruatahuna: “The population is predominantly Maori with a certain shyness which may hold them back from taking the examinations, but they have demonstrated at the lectures their quickness to learn bandaging and the treatment of shock as well as other practical first aid.


Of the 233 people examined by Mr. Kennedy in his first year of the scheme 226 qualified for first aid certificates, while in the second year 226 passes – 100% success – was recorded.

In addition to lectures and demonstrations on safety and first aid, Mr. Kennedy also gave many talks to womenfolk on home nursing. He also found keen audiences in the local schools.

Reports coming in from doctors receiving accidents from mill areas where Mr. Kennedy has given lectures, all comment on the excellent state of patients as a consequence of more efficient and sensible first aid treatment at the scene of the accident and on the way out of the bush.

In addition to his work in the Taopo [Taupo]-Rotorua area, Mr. Kennedy also visited mills in Hawkes Bay and in Southland.


The exective [executive] of the Hawke’s Bay and East Coast Aero Club decided at a meeting on Monday 14th October to fit the club’s new Cessna 180 with equipment which will allow it to be used as an air ambulance. Two way radio is also to be installed.


A 1939 model ambulance on which approximately £40 would have to be spent to bring it into working order, is to be donated to the St. John Ambulance Association for use as an ambulance to be stationed at Foxton. The ambulance, at present one of the fleet stationed at Palmerston North, will be donated to Foxton, subject to the approval from the Department of Health.

Although Shannon had been considered, Foxton had a prior claim to the ambulance, said Mr. R.O. Hornblow. The population of Foxton was larger and it was an industrial area. The population increased considerably during the summer months with the beach resort and although he did not want to be parochial, the citizens of Foxton had already shown their hospital mindedness by installng resuscitators.

Mr. C. Hausmann agreed that Foxton was more deserving of the ambulance than Shannon, but stressed the hope that the vehicle would not be put into use unless in first-class condition.

While Mr. B. Smith said he would like to see the first available machine go to Foxton, he suggested that the next ambulance to be released from the Palmerston North fleet should be earmarked for Shannon.

Mr. W.H. Brown moved that the board apply to the Department of Health for approval to present the ambulance to Foxton, to put the machine in order and then to offer it to the Foxton St. John Ambulance.

Next month will be the Christmas issue, so prepare your contributions now.

Hastings Social Committee

At the last Hastings Social committee meeting, R. Hickman filled the vacant position as chairman left by J. Morgan who recently resigned from the brigade. T. England was elected vice-chairman. He is also the committee’s treasurer.

It was decided at the October meeting of the Waipukarau Borough Council to donate £2/2/- to the St. John Ambulance there towards the cost of a new heater.

A Crime Rave

I failed to solve this latest crime,
So well the author hid it.
I threw the obvious suspect out,
And the son-of-a-gun he did it.
(Sarge. Hastings)

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First Aid

We once had a patient who died,
Around his neck, a bandage we tied.
It was so very tight,
He went out like a light.
It stopped the bleeding.
That can’t be denied.
(Sarge, the Learner.)

Thought for the Future

Attaining a goal is like climbing a ladder, each rung is a victory on its own. Consider the next rung up – not all the higher ones or the rungs you have passed – but strive always to attain that one more step.

If half the people of the U.S.A. were not there. Then the other half would be all of them. (Sarge. Hastings)

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Published from June 1955 to August 1959; first two issues known as “The Cadet”, later issues “Jottings”

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