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December 1957   Vol. 2   No. 7

The editor opens the door to you
for a
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year

The H-B-E-C Cadet Jottings.

Now that the holiday and swimming seasons are with us again it is of great importance to learn of the dangers which surround us at this time and which can easily spoil all our fun.

Firstly our trip away. No doubt many of you will be motoring to other parts of the country. If you should happen to suffer from travel sickness, have a light and not a heavy meal before the trip. You will find that sucking sweets such as barley sugar will help. Keep plenty of fresh air coming in the windows and if possible, have a front seat and look through the windshield. Don’t read while travelling in a car.

If you should happen to be in doubt, take a travelling pill and relax and everything will be okay.

As for swimming, it can be a source of pleasure for thousands but it can also lead to death.

Always be careful when you go swimming. By all means enjoy yourself but don’t skylark.

Don’t show off and act “the big guy”.
Don’t go swimming alone unless you are an expert and in familiar waters.
Don’t swim immediately after eating.
Don’t swim after becoming tired or exhausted.
Don’t fight against a strong current or “undertow”, but let it help you to get to the surface, to quieter waters, or, in a stream, to a bank farther downstream.
Don’t struggle if you swallow water, but clear your windpipe first.
Don’t dive into water whose depth is unknown to you.
Never call for help unless you really need it.

In particular you St. John readers, and to any person who may read this, make sure that you know how to apply artificial respiration properly and also the treatment and aftercare of the patient.

Sunburn:- Start preparing for the holiday sunshine long beforehand. To obtain a good tan without burning, expose the arms and legs and then the body gradually to the sun. Sunburn can be painful and the after-effects such as sickness and “peeling” can make a person very uncomfortable. Use sun lotions to help prevent burning and at the end of the summer you should well look a “picture of health”.

Substitute For Blood-Plasma

Blood-plasma can be substituted by the milk of coconuts, according to a scientific paper read by a Colombian, Doctor Adalberto Gallardo, at a medical conference on the island of San Andres.

Experimental work was done by Dr. Gallardo, a resident on the island, on dogs, which he injected with coconut milk. According to Dr. Gallardo, coconut milk is similar to blood plasma in its content of vitimins [vitamins], electrolytes, and proteins. Dr. Gallardo points out that the injection of blood-plasma is costly and it is always necessary to have refrigeration fascilities [facilities] at hand. It also has hazards in its application.

The milk of coconuts can always be kept available in the closed coconut, from which the milk can be passed into the human veins.


Hastings Ambulance:- We have had a quiet month with an average attendance of 40. On the 21st. of October, the members of the team which competed at the Dominion Championships at Wellington in August, were each presented with a silver button. These buttons were engraved with a St. John cross in the centre and had “Dom. Comps.” on the top and “1957” on the bottom.

Also during that evening, a surprise inspection was carried out by Mr. H. Barden and Dr. Aarons. The smartest boy on parade was Corporal Paul Hawke. He was presented with a book. Mr. Barden said that another inspection on the same lines would be carried out next year.

On the 18th. of November, the Practical First-Aid Cup was competed for. Dr. Aarons eliminated the cadets with quick, short tests and gradually worked up to longer jobs for the six finalists. The first elimination was to stop arterial haemorrhage from the femoral artery. Time allowed was 10 seconds. A few questions followed this. Next came a drowning case. Treatment was required. There were six cadets remaining after this. Then came a road accident, which was supposed to decide the winner, but the two sergeants, R. Hickman and R. Baxter were inseparable. They agreed to share first placing. A book, which was donated by Dr. I. Aarons. was awarded to the cadet under 15 who gained highest marks in the test. At the time of publication, the winner had not been announced. There were three finalists who were due to compete on the following parade night.

It is proposed to hold the last parade for the year on the 9th. of December.

D.R. Burfield, Cadet Supt.

Hastings Nursing:- The officers have been very pleased to see the new cadets that have joined the division. There are a number of St. John juniors, and we hope to see them again next year.

On Tuesday the 12th. of November, cadets sat examinations in hygiene and P.F.A. All cadets passed. Dr. Ingram commented on the high standard of work.

At the social held on the 16th. of November, a number of cadets received certificates for examinations they had passed during the year.

The division attended an Industrial Safety Exhibition during October. This exhibition was very educational, there being films and demonstrations on how to prevent accidents in the factories.

The final parade was held on the 19th. of November, with 45 cadets and St. John Juniors on parade. The cadets enjoyed an evening of games and singing.

Parades will start in February of next year and the officers would like to see all the cadets plus many friends who are interested in the St. John movement.

To close, the Officers and Cadets of the Hastings Nursing Division, wish all other divisions a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

J. Glover, Cadet Supt.

Napier Nursing:- Since last reporting, we have transferred to our own property in Hastings Street and find it very congested. However, Nature has been very kind to us and we have been able to hold our fall-in etc. on the adjoining section. On Thursday the 14th of November, twelve new girls sat and passed their P.F.A. exam. Most of these girls are still only 11 years old, but they did good work and are keen. On the same night, the older girls were equally successful with their road and home – safety exam.

On behalf of the Division, I would like to take this opportunity in extending to all Officers and Cadets a very Happy and Blessed Christmas Season.

E.M. Tait, Cadet Supt.

Havelock Ambulance:- The weekly attendance at the class has averaged 12 owing to two boys leaving the district. The examination conducted by Dr. M. Wray on the 6th. November proved successful. All candidates passed. The boys are now keen to start a division of their own, and I feel that this should be done with the least possible delay in order that the interest that they have shown during the last few months can be maintained.

– S.C. Andrews.

Taradale Ambulance:- By the time this issue is out, we hope to have held our first combined Ambulance – Nursing Division wind up in the R.S.A. Hall. Our older members seem quite keen, but the younger group are a bit doubtful as to the success of such an idea.

Cadets Noel Browne and Allen Hutchinson have taken their N.C.O. examination and will be promoted to corporal and acting sergeant respectively for next year. We have a new group at the local fire station going for their Fire-Fighting certificate and we plan to hold our final parade night on December the 4th. which will be devoted to Holger-Neilson resuscitation, in view of the summer swimming season.

Our division has maintained its same numerical strength during the year, although we have lost some good members through transfers to other districts. Our thanks to Dr. Lucas of Greenmeadows for his lectures during the year and we hope to start our new season early in February, 1958.

A.J. Sinton, Cadet Supt.

Owing to the holidays, there will be no January or February issues of this magazine. Be sure to have your contributions in early for the March number which is hoped to be in circulation in the first week of the month. Superintendents are requested to have their reports in by the 18th. of February.

Ambulance Men Work Hard at Rodeo

Although rodeos can be fun, they can also be hard work for ambulance men. At the Meeanee Rodeo on Saturday 26th October, the ten St. John Ambulance men on duty there reported having treated no fewer than 30 superficial injury cases. Three others were taken to hospital.

Miss I.B. Langley Honoured

At a large social gathering on a recent Saturday evening, in the Taradale R.S.A. Hall, Miss I.B. Langley was presented with the vote of thanks by the Priory of St. John in New Zealand. Members of the Taradale woman’s [women’s] division entertained the members of the Hawke’s Bay-East Coast centre and the district officers.

Mr. A. Kirkpatrick, who presented the vote of thanks, spoke of the many years of unselfish service that Miss Langley had given to the work of The Order, and in particular, the vote acknowledged and thanked her for her duties as secretary and treasurer of the Taradale division.

Mr. Kirkpatrick then read the certificate and said that he felt sure that it would be a valuable reminder of the happy days she had spent with the Taradale division.

Commissioner H. Barden congratulated Miss Langley. Miss G. Twist, superintindent [superintendent] of the division at Taradale, said that Miss Langley had carried out the duties as secretary of the division since its inception and many times at great inconvenience, but always cheerfully.

Also Mrs. F.G. Yeo, district superintendent, spoke of Miss Langley’s loyalty and sense of duty.

Miss Langley, in reply, thanked the speakers who had praised her work in the St. John movement. She said she felt proud of the honour paid her by The Order and considered it a privilege to belong to such an organisation. She regretted having to give up her association with the Taradale women but felt that her greatest reward would be for another to come forward and fill her place. She would always look back with pleasure on the years of happy friendship that had been hers in the Order of St. John.

The members of the division presented Miss Langley with a crystal salad bowl and also Mrs. Torrance with a gift in appreciation of her many instructive and enjoyable lectures.

Photo caption – MISS I.B. LANGLEY

Drownings cause many deaths. Take care this summer!

Hastings Cadets Hold Successful Social

The final Hastings social for 1957 was held at the St. Andrews Hall on the 16th. of November. A large crowd of about 150 attended.

The dancing and games started at 8 o’clock and went practically non-stop until 11.30. A tasty supper into which went a lot of work by the girls on the committee, went down very well.

It was pleasing to see Mr. and Mrs. A.I. Rainbow and Mr. and Mrs. H. Barden present at the function. It makes the cadets feel that the elder ones take an interest in their social activities as well as their practical work in the Order of St. John.

Trophies and certificates presented to the Hastings Nursing cadets are as follows:-

Most Proficient Cadet; Enid Murray. Home Nursing; Rosemary Morgan. Practical First-Aid; Gay Clothier.

Company Banners:
First-Aid; Company No. 1. Home Nursing; Company No.2.

R. Morgan; Senior First-Aid, Citizenship, Homecraft. C. Christophersen; Senior First-Aid, Citizenship, Homecraft. G. Clothier; Citizenship, Homecraft. S. Le Conte; H.N., Hygiene, Homecraft, History of the Order. N. Lee; H.N., Hygiene, History of the Order. B. Bloomfield; H.N., Hygiene, History of the Order. J. Roberts; Hygiene, Homecraft. J. Clothier; Public Service, Homecraft, Hygiene, History of the Order. V. Jensen; H.N., Hygiene J. Frew; H.N., Hygiene, History of the Order. A. Green; H.N., Hygiene. V. Brunton, J. Turner, I. McPhersen, J. Wilson, N. Walford, I. McPhersen and E. Morgan all Preliminary First-Aid.

[NB – columns in wrong order on original]

Certificates Presented at Waipukurau

The presentation of certificates to the Waipukarau{Waipukurau] Cadet Division was held on the 12th. of November. There was a good attendance of parents and others.

Mr. H. Barden and Mr A.I. Rainbow, (a Serving Brother of the Order) made the presentations as follows:-

Proficiency first-aid certificate: T. Rennal, R. Scoble, B. Jopson, M. Sanders. Proficiency home-nursing: R. Richards. Best nursing cadet 1957: Heather Sinclair. Cadet officer’s warrent [warrant]: G. Mulvanah.

A presentation was also made to Mr. P. Gibson – Cadet Superintendent, who is leaving the district.

An interesting address was given by Mr. Rainbow, who spoke on the significance of the Knights of the Order and the general function of the Priory in New Zealand.

Later in the evening about 70 members of the Junior National Party heard an address by Mr. I. Snaddon [Snadden], district secretary, Hastings, who spoke on the history of The Order, and the many problems with which it was confronted in its early period.

The superintendent of the Waipukurau Brigade, Mr. D. Smith, gave the visitors an insight into the working of the brigade and also spoke of the value of resuscitation.

During the evening Mr. Rainbow and Mr. Barden visited Takapau, where they addressed the newly formed Jaycee organisation and expressed the hope that a St. John Ambulance unit would be formed there in the near future.

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  • Cadet Superintendent D R Burfield
  • C Christopherson
  • Gay Clothier
  • J Frew
  • Cadet Superintendent P Gibson
  • Cadet Superintendent J Glover
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  • S Le Conte/Le Compte
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  • I McPhersen
  • E Morgan
  • Rosemary Morgan
  • Cadet Officer G Mulvanah
  • Enid Murray
  • Mrs and Mrs A I Rainbow
  • T Rennall
  • R Richards
  • J Roberts
  • M Sanders
  • R Scoble
  • Cadet Superintendent A J Sinton
  • D Smith
  • I Snadden
  • Cadet Superintendent E M Tait
  • Mrs Torrance
  • J Turner
  • Miss G Twist
  • J Wilson
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