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Sections 53 and 114, Sale of Liquor Act 1989

The COUNTY CLUB INCORPORATED is authorised to sell and supply liquor on the premises situated at 205 King Street North, Hastings, and known as “County Club Inc.”, for consumption on the premises, to –
(a)   Any member of the club; or
(b)   Any person who is a guest of, and is accompanied by, a member of the club; or
(c)   Any member of any other club with which the holder of the licence has an arrangement for reciprocal visiting rights for members of the clubs.

The authority conferred by this licence must be exercised through a manager or managers appointed by the club in accordance with Part VI of the Act.


This licence is subject to the following conditions:
(a)   the club must have a secretary at all times.
(b)   Within 10 working days of the appointment of a new secretary, the club must inform the Secretary of the Liquor Licensing Authority or District Licensing Agency (whichever granted the licence) of the name of the secretary.
(c)   All proceeds from the sale of liquor belong to the club.
(d)   The club must have available for consumption on the premises, at all times when the club is open for the sale of liquor, a reasonable range of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol refreshments.
(e)   Liquor may be sold only on the following days and during the following hours: Monday to Sunday 9.00am to 1.00am the following day.
(f)   Food must be available for consumption on the premises as follows: At all times when the premises are authorised to be open for the sale of liquor, food of a rang and style similar to that shown on any menu submitted or a range of snack foods in the nature of pies, sandwiches, filled rolls, pastries and the like, must be conveniently available for all members and their guests and the availability of these foodstuffs must be notified to them by appropriate notices throughout the premises.
(g)  The licensee must ensure that signs are prominently displayed within the licensed premises detailing information regarding alternative forms of transport from the premises.
(h)   The licensee must implement and maintain the steps proposed in the application for the licence aimed at promoting the responsible consumption of liquor.
(i)   The Club Committee must ensure that the provisions of the Act relating to the sale and supply of liquor to prohibited persons are observed.

In terms of Reg. 13 of the Sale of Liquor Regulations 1989 the sale or supply or consumption of liquor is authorised in the premises generally. The premises situated at 205 King Street North, Hastings are more precisely identified as outlined in a plan date stamped as received by the Hastings District Licensing Agency on 20 July 1991.

A copy of this licence must be displayed in the interior of the premises so as to be easily read by persons using the premises.

Subject to the requirements of the Act relating to the payment of fees, and to the provisions of the Act relating to the suspension and cancellation of licences, this licence continues in force –
(a)   Until the close of the period of 1 year commencing with the date of the issue, or
(b)   If an application for the renewal of the licence is duly made, until the application is determined, or
(c)   If the licence is renewed, until the close of the period for which it is licensed.

DATED at WELLINGTON this 20th day of July 1990

MJ Buchanan
Deputy Secretary
Hastings District Licensing Authority

NOTE:   This licence replaces licence no. 029/CL/3?92 issued in Wellington.
This licence expires on the same expiry date (or anniversary) as that of the licence it replaces or, if renewed, of the most recent renewal certificate.

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