Community Foundation Progress Report Number 4 2008



Progress report No 4 from the Community Foundation (HB)

Hawke’s Bay’s own version of the Alexander Turnbull Library

A World of Discovery. . . research, study, viewing and film galleries, oral-history story booth, document, picture, film and capture studios second to none outside Wellington

We need: $120,000 to refurbish $550,000 for equipment

Your help can
Name the library
One benefactor will apply the name of a significant Hawke’s Bay person or family to the history library. Examples:
Thomas Tanner Library?
Donald McLean Library?
John Ormond Library?
Your own family name?

Your help can
Identify a gallery
Take the opportunity to refurbish a room. You will be invited to name one of the galleries thus created after a Hawke’s Bay figure- maybe your forebear?

Your help can
Sponsor equipment
A third option allows you to purchase equipment of international standard for a specific purpose. Needed are: fileservers, computers, digital storage, large scanner, photo/negative scanner, book scanner, 8mm film scanner, plasma screens, sound equipment, projectors. Your gift can range from $500 to $110,000.

Your help can
Build the perpetual fund
We have already established a perpetual fund. Proceeds only from this permanent fund will continue to preserve Hawke’s Bay historic treasure long after we have gone.

JULY 7, 1pm

Please be there

Hastings District Council has set Tuesday July 7 for submissions from the Community Foundation (HB).

Councillors will consider the detail of our proposal to make Stoneycroft homestead the front door of the most important historical archive outside Wellington.

The proposal is not for a museum, nor an art gallery, nor a concert chamber. We are proposing a specialised and much-needed facility to preserve images of Hawke’s Bay’s fabulous treasures before more are lost.

This is the greatest opportunity Hawke’s Bay has had for years to establish its own well-equipped version of the Alexander Turnbull Library. We musn’t let it go. Decades could pass before another such opportunity presents itself.

Three other submissions for Stoneycroft are possible on the day. One proponent wants to turn this historic homestead into a wine expo and restaurant. A couple of other groups are suggesting craft activities in the grounds.

While these proposals might be laudible, the most beneficial to all Hawke’s Bay is a digital archive linked to the National Archive and others. We urge you to show that the community cares about its history – and the commercial, social, educational and cultural benefit accruing. Support our submissions in the council chamber at 1pm July 7.

Email James Morgan at [email address withheld]. He is available to speak to you or your group. Phone [phone number withheld].

The community Foundation (HB) is a registered charity.
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PO Box 2025, Stortford Lodge, Hastings
Centracorp Finance Building, 727 Heretaunga St west.
Phone 06 870 4648
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