Diary 04 January 1894 – October 1895








1st January 1894.
AM   At Terminus Hotel Napier  Band played old year out and new year in.  After early breakfast took train to Farndon   met P Furnough.  Dinner at his place.  Tea at Mr Harpers   Tomoana stayed there that night.  Came home next day   Brought Archy Harper
2nd Tu   Walked home from Ormville   Heavy rain E + youngsters came home in buggy with Geo   Mr Woods called about ducks
3rd W   Repaired Reserve bridges.  Felled scrub up to 12 PM.  Heavy rain until night creek rising rain every day now.  Got letters from Williams & Kettle Geo Hunter
Th 4th   Wet weeding in garden.  Planted cabbages   Took 6lb butter to Wilsons & 2½.18 order.   Got 10/0 back.  Paid Thomason £3.0.0.   Called at Mr Sugar’s   Got Wilsons bill.  Bought herrings 6 for 1/-.

January 1894

Repairing fence on Widerups slip
Feb 5   E sold 3 ducks for 4/6
Sat 6   Finished fence at slip.  E got shoes removed on mare paid 8/-   All hands went for merinoes and lambs to Mak [Makotuku].  Mr Webber gave 6/- Interest   E & youngsters went to Pastor Ries hall to see Christmas tree.  Fine day.
Sun 7th   All at home today fine
Mon 8th   Shore 76 ewes in shed.
Tu 9th   Shore 70 ewes.  Remaining ewes put in shed   E went to Mak.  Mary & Florrie came.
WE 10th   Finished merinoes.  Shearing lambs afternoon.  P McGreevey called.  Geo went for 4 straglers with horse & dray.  Came on wet
Th 11th   Shearing lambs.  Mrs King   Mrs Anderson
Fr 12   Do.   Killed sheep   E at Lochheads   Insurance agent called.  Mr Siddells called.
Sat 13   Put merinoes and lambs

January 1894
Sat   on back sec.  Pressed 1 bale lambs wool.  Christopherson got Cockie.  Bush fires   Archie Harper went home
Su 14   E & J & Ella went to Ormond   Got in ewes 712 & lambs   Put in shed 40 woolly lambs
Mo 15   shearing lambs.  C Friis called for bale paid 2/-   G. Simmons put in 40 lambs.  Made fires
Tu 16   Sent 7.3.6. cheque to Barrie   finished shearing lambs.  Hulena called about Rams   Finished pressing last 6 bales   Top & Ella went to Ormondville   Cockatoo went to Ada’s   Loui at Ball[?]
TH 18   Loaded up 6 bales 1 sack wool.  Put on truck Ormondville    Shore 4 lambs   JHB pressed and dilivered [delivered] 1 bale Lambs.   Came on wet   Picnic Friberg

January 1894
Fr 19   Went round all sheep saw 2 woolly lambs & 1 woolly sheep   John Brab & Willie here at dinner.  E wrote to Dr Jarvois.  Letter from Williams & Kettle cheque 45.2.6. for 6 Bales of wool.
Sat 20   Geo scrubbing.  I cleaned up shed   E & young ones went to Ormondville   made and painted spouts for shed
Sun 21   All at home fine day.
Mo 22   Scrubbing.  Letter from Tom.  Bank & Dr Jarvois.  Geo killed sheep   went in Buggy up to Lochheads
Tu 23   carted in Johns hay & saw Mrs Friberg about the freezing of her lambs.  Paid J B? £13.10.0   C Friis sent fat lambs by train to be frozen by North British Co.
Wed 24   Gave notice to C Fris [Friis] about Fire   Set fire to fallen bush.  Came on to rain at nghtfall.
Th 25   Only midling burn.  Commenced

Jan 1894
Th 25   cutting scrub, fern etc.  Killed sheep   Dunleavy called
Fr 26   Scrubbing fern etc   E & children went to Ada’s   heavy thunder shower   washed & greased Buggy.
Sat 27   Scrubbing   some rain   Tom came
Sun 28   Tom & E went to Orm [Ormondville] Church & to JHB   Tom sent home   showery.  Killed 1 sheep   rendered fat.
Mo 29   Paid rates   E at Ericksen
Tu 30   At Neals boundary fence   Mrs Bovaird at Ericksens   Ella, Friberg and Chaldecott called   Killed sheep
W 31   At fence Neals boundary.  Letter from Tom.
2nd   Shore Mickelsens pet sheep   rain.  At home all day.  Geo took off Cockies shoes
3rd   Put up spout at cow shed.  Went in buggy for rams.  10   Paid fare 9/11.

1894 February   £ s d

Sat 3rd   Paid J J Brown 4.2.8.  Borrowed 10/- from J J Brown   Agreed to let Toms house for 6 months to A Neilson at 4/- per week with right to keep poultry and horse   A Neilson to look after sheep   Top went & got letter from Mother   All hands looking for white calf
Su 4   Top & John went to Sunday School   Wrote to Mother & to Tom   went to hoggs paddock for stragglers got in 2 woolly lambs   12 others left 5.  Olsen called
Mo 5   Mustered merinoes & Hoggs on flat   paired hoofs put them on back   J Lochhead called with key   Killed sheep put 15 on lawn
Tu 6   Mustered ewes & lambs on ridges & Widerups paired hoofs & dagged   Mrs McCauley & children at dinner   Tom Nickolls borrowed dray horse   got Cockie shod.

February 1894
We 7th   Finished pairing & culling 92 good   117 culls.   Finished at Neals Boundary.  Went in buggy to Ormondville   E home from Hospital & N[?] Fourneau made some fires on flat killed
TH 8   Sent 3.13.6. rates to Tuily[?]   Mended fence – Reserve Flat   T Nickolls called for mutton
Fr 9th   Cleaned out under shed batten   Put 10 rams in reserve.  Made bush fires.  Would not burn.   Chas Garforth called.
Sat 10   Went up German Line saw C Friis   made bathing hole in creek.  Scrubbing afternoon   E & youngsters at J H Bov
Su 11th   Picnic in Green bush.  Tried burning in afternoon.  Wouldn’t go
Mo 12   Mustered Long wool ewes & lambs   Put 100 culls on Widerups   101   271 Lambs.  C Friis called.  Rev Wills called.

February 1894
Mon 12th   Got Williams & Kettle cheque   Picked out show sheep 51.3.5. nett
13th   Up at 4.30 Mustered back Secn   picked out 140 wethers   sold them to C Friis at 8/6 a head in Promisory Notes.  Sold him to Lincoln for £3.  Picked out the following sheep for Show
10 woolly lambs 2nd   7 6
10 Freezers 5+ Bred Ewes
5 Ram Lambs Ex only
5 two tooth ewes 1st   15
5 Rom Marsh Ewes 2nd   7 6
2 Rom Marsh Rams 1st   15
Pds 2. 5. 0.
14th   Went to Show took   2 5 0
15th   Went to Ormondville Sale with 100 Romney Ewes and 100 Merin [Merino] Ewes & 5 Romney Rams.  Sold the Romney Ewes for 6/9 per head   half cash and 4 months Bill
Sold 2 Rom Ram to Bengtson for £3.10.0.  Two to Hulena 3.10.0 to C Fredericksen

February 1894
15th TH   Sold 1 Rom Ram to Hanna 1.10.0.   took ½ breds home
Fr 16th   Got Jimmy shod paid 6/-   paid J T Wilsons bill £ s d 6.2.6.   Killed sheep.  C Friis took his sheep.
Sa 17th   Put 5 rams on reserve.  T Sidey G Wratt called fixing dip yds   Tom came.  Geo split firewood
Sun 18   A Neilson called   Got key of Toms house.  All hands drove up to Toms place fine day.
Mon 19   Emptied dip.  Killed sheep   got invoice & cheque 1.2.0. from Williams & Kettle.  C O Hegh sent a note asking a loan of £2.  Could not see it.
Tu 20   Went with horse & dray Ormond [Ormondville].  Got Coopers dip etc   E took Nellie Fourneau to Ada’s   Got things at J J Browns paid for everything.  Put water in Dip   it leaked.  Emptied it again.

February 1894

Tu 20   Went to Dairy Fac’t.  Meeting adjourned
We 21   Put strips of tin on bottom of dip trof [trough]   Made fires in bush.  Put 450 Gallons of water in tank.
TH 22   Mustered all sheep   picked out 240 ewes for rams   dipped & put them in Widerups   Mrs Frank Smith & 2 children
F 23   Dipped & put them on flat.  Caught pheasant   Nellie Fourneau went to Ormond with Ada in buggy.  H Smith and Andersen called.  Letters from Tom & Dr Jarvois.  Killed sheep.
S 24   Dipped Rams stragglers etc put 502 on back sec.  Shore 11 lambs
Harry Brinkly [Brenkley] left 6 sacks Rye seed   J Siddells called   Registered dog  George left at 6.15 AM for Waipukurau  Letter from Williams & Kettle & cheque £ s d 7.2.2.   Top & Mother bought 2 pairs slippers
Su 25   Youngsters to S School   E & I to Wesleyan Church   Hulena called in Afternoon   Rainy.

February 1894
Sun 25th   Tom & George got here at 8 PM   They left the sheep in Moari yds
Mo 26   Up at 4 AM   Tom & George left early to bring sheep on to farm   very wet morning   Got back for dinner.  H Brinkly got taupaulin   Killed.   children ½ day at school
Tu 27   Tom & George took 4 rams to his ewes.  I put 3 rams in mine   Alice came in afternoon   Meeting over Dairy factory selling    Sent Postal note to Neals
W 28   Went to Takapau sports
MAR   Mrs & Miss Friberg called.  Tom went home from sports.  Geo shaking grasseed   Friis dipped some.  Mr & Mrs Randerson called.  E gave them £ s d 1.1.0.   Dipped Friis sheep
Fr 2nd   Dipped Hulena 218   He paid for Rams & Dip 4.7.0.   Went to Mrs Friberg afternoon   Killed sheep.  3 sks Cocksfoot from Hegh.

March 1894
Sat 3rd   Dipped Bengtsen [Bengtson] 258   Recd 1£   Dipped Jens Andersen 108 for 8/-   Paid Wilsons Bill 19/-   went to Makatoku [Makotuku] Show.  Not up to much
Sun 4   J H Bovaird for dinner.  G & A rode up to Tom’s place.  We drove down to J H B in afternoon.
Mon 5th   Wrote Tom for two romney Rams.  Burning biddy Biddy track & other patches.  Sent £ s 4.10. to Tom J.  Killed sheep dipped 5 sheep the last
Tu 6   Rain in the morning.  Sent 2 cheques to Wms & Kettle & 2 sacks of wool by George & Alice.  Made some heaps & fires on Middle line.   Killed long tail lamb.  Packers Son here looking after Ram.
WE 7   Dipped J H Bovairds sheep 277   he paid me £2   Mary here.
TH 8   Sowing grasseed.  Afternoon went to Railway Station for three Rams   Paid 5/4   Saw Wilson Walton etc.

March 1894
Fr 9th   Dipped 3 Romney Rams.  Mustered Ewes 241 and put them on flat with 4 rams.  Shook grasseed afternoon   Killed 1 sheep and 1 long tailed lamb   Found Mickelsens pet ewe dead
Sat 10th   Cleaned Hegh’s   2 sks of cocksfoot   Dipped John Bov’s stragglers.  He bought 2 Romney Rams £ s 1.12. each   Strained up a wire   Geo carted firewood.  We went to Lutheran Coffee Supper.
Su 11th   At home E & youngsters at W church   A Nelson got straining tools.  Came on wet in the afternoon
Mo 12   Shaking Grasseed.  Mrs Packer bought Romney Ram   Paid 30/-   Went with J T Wilson to see Mrs Fribergs woolley lambs.  J T W bought them at 6/- each.  Grasseed in afternoon
We 14   Shook Grasseed forenoon   Burning biddy biddy track afternoon.  Mary McPherson came here for dinner   Cut track through burnt bush.

March 1894
15 Thir [Thur]   Shaking grasseed.  Found lamb staked.  Killed long tail
Fr 16   Grasseeding.  Got Dutchess [Duches] shod.  New set.  Mrs Hulena called and got 13/- change.  Killed sheep.
Sat 17th   Shaking grasseed   very hot   mad [made] some fires at far end   E & youngsters at Mrs Burnett
Sun 18th   W. Schaare called to see ram
M 19   Shaking grasseed.  George went with horse and dray to J H Bovaids   W Schaare took ram paid 15/-
Tu 20   Melted kerosene tin of fat.  Shook grasseed afternoon.  E rode to Ormondville.  Caught wild duck in Rat trap   E & Top at Wesleyan meeting.
W 21   All had photos taken by Mariboe   Voted against public houses.  Shaking grasseed afternoon.
Th 22   Went to McGreeveys for 9 sheep   drunken woman opposite Carl Smiths.  Shaking grasseed (Mak[?])  A letter from Ayris   E & youn at

March 1894
Good Friday 23   Finished the grasseed.  Did not have enough seed.  Neilsen called.  Killed sheep
Sa 24   Killed lamb.  Went to Wesleyan Tea Meeting.    Tom came to J H B
Sun 25   Easter Sun.  Tom went to see his farm.  All hands at home.
Mo 26   Went with Tom to see Rasmussen’s cattle.  Made some fires on back.  C Friis called about dipping lambs   Tom went home.  Geo came here.
Tu 27   C Friis brought 200 lambs to be dipped.  We went to Rees Watkins took a wrong track which led to Ashley Clinton.  Got to Watkins about 5 PM.  Met Mr W on road
We 28th   At Craig y nos today.  Mr W came home from Takapau with 6 Romney Rams
Th 29   Went with Mr W over part of his run   Very mountainous near Ruahines   Cold evening   left after dinner, got home before dark.  Geo at home

April 1894
Fr 30 March   Dipping Pattullo’s sheep 672   he fell into the Dip.  Pastor Ries called   Killed a sheep very late.
Sat 31st   Took 7 lambs out of P Rasmussens   Petersen dipped his sheep.  All went to Toms place   shifted sheep
Ap Su 1st   Wet all day.  All hands home.
Mo 2   Raining all night.  Went with George to John Bovairds.  Brought back 2 cows  2 heifers  3 steers from Toms place.  Put them in Reserve.  Recd £3.4.  from John.
Tu 3   Got cattle in stockyard.  Roped and earmarked 3 – bully fanny & Lilly.  Put them in Toms far paddock 12   shifted ewes
W 4   George went early to JHBs   E rode there making track along middle line
Th 5   Cutting track on middle line.
Fr 6   Cutting tracks through burnt ground.  H Brenkley brought 2 sks Rye G seed
Sa 7   John & Claude Randerson delivered Wilsons meat.  All went to Ormondville

April 1894
Top took 1st music lesson from Mrs Anderson.  Mr Benbow J H Bovaird & self measured off 4 plots in cemetery.  Paid £1 to Benbow.  Tea at Aunties.
Su 8   At home   A Wright called in the afternoon.  Lit some fires on flat windy afternoon
M 9   Making fires on flat.  Wind showery   E called at Mrs Randersons
Tu 10   Went to Mathus Hansens ordered 6 sacks of potatoes.  Paid Wilsons Bill £1.4.8.  Went to sawmill ordered timber to fence in graves.  J Ayris came.
W 11th   Mustered ewes & rams.  Paired hoofs etc 244 all told   Windy.  Fires on flat.
Th 12   Ayris went to Makatoku heard of a job came back.  Burning on flat   Mrs Russels [Russell’s] funeral.  Mrs Mickelsen died at 8 AM.   Mr Lyons of Dalgetty [Dalgety] & Co called.
Fr 13   Burning off on flat.  Windy.

April 1894
continued Fr 13th   Mr Ayris & E went to Ormondville
Sa 14   showery J Ayris left for Makatoku   John delivered Wilsons meat.  Top rode “Duchess” for her music lessons
Su 15   All went to Mrs Micklesen’s Funeral.  Had tea at Mickelsens
Mo 16   Put gravel under tank   Looked for sheeps hoofs.  Got Grannys and Rebeccas enlarged Photos   letter from Mary.  High School.
Tu 17   Burning on flat.  Mr & Mrs and Alfy Fourneau came up in buggy from Ormondville with e.
We 18   Went to Makatoku with Fourneaus   George finished with horse & dray at JHBs nice weather   got 2 pigs from C Friis
Th 19   Drove round to Norsewood with Fourneaus & down by German line to Bovairds for dinner.  We call at Smiths to enquire about boy bad with Lockjaw

April 1894
Fr 20   Went with horse and dray to Mathis Hansens for 6 sacks potatoes   Paid £ s 2.2.  Called at Pattullo’s.  Henry Smith son died this morning of Lockjaw.  Fires on flat afternoon   sold skins to North for 7/-
Sa 21   Made trough for pigs.  Geo firing on flat   Pattullo called offering to sell to Tom, 50 ewes.  Wrote to Tom.  E. T. John rode to Mrs Andersons
Su 22   Tom rode up.  Went to A Smiths Funeral.  Big funeral.
Mon 23   Went with George & Tom to Toms place to pound young bull
Tu 24   Tom went home.  Great fire swept over ridges, & Widerups sheep ewes & rams 250 hemmed in in fire  Got out 2 mobs with difficulty through fire & smoke  Stopped up till 4.15 AM near Mrs Christiansen’s rain then came on & danger past.

April 1894

We 25   Went over burnt ground.  Found 35 ewes on Widerups after the fire   Mended fence.  Went to meeting (Wesleyan)
Th 26   Mending fence between Flat & Hags bush
Fr 27   Sent letter to Williams & Kettle containing their cheque £ s d 1.3.6.  mine containing 1.4.4. for G seed.  Sent pass book to Bank NZ   Looked all over Widerups for 34 ewes.  Could not find them.  Mended Rasmussens fence.  Killed sheep
Sa 28   Mustered all sheep.  Rata blown over fence from Hans Mortensen’s side.  Put 250 ewes & rams 1 wether on flat.   Pu lambs etc etc in Widerups
Su 29   All hands at home   E in bed.  Went to Hans Mortensens, told him about trees over fence.  Children at Mrs Randersons.
M 30   Mustered lambs in Widerups, did not finish dagging culling etc.  Gave 10/- to Hansens subscription.  Rev Wills called.  H Mortensen called & A Friis.

May 1894   Tuesday 1st
Mrs Lester Redward, Norsewood died at 6 AM this morning deeply regretted, of blood poisoning.   George & self finished with the sheep.  Dagged & dosed 41 lambs   put them on reserve with 14 m ewes.  Put on ridges   337 lambs   Merino ewes   103   others 25   total 465
7 young rams 3 long tail 2 ewes on flat, making a total of 263.   C Friis called for leave to shoot   Te Aro House man called.  No order   Ada called.  Went to JHB in buggy.  Sent order to Wms & Kettle for 18 sheets gal [galvanised] iron for lean to shed.  Tea sugr etc.
W 2   Shaking & raking Grass seed on flat
Th 3   Shaking etc on flat & logging up   Mrs Thodson [Thodsen] helping to wash   All went to Mrs Redwards Funeral.
Fr 4th   Grasseeding on flat.  Settled with Wilson.  Voted for road board members   Killed two sheep.

May 1894
Sat 5th   Went with 2 horses & Dray 2 drums of sheep dip to JHB.  Got 18 sheets Gal’d iron/sk wheat/sk pillard[?]   Case kerosene, 3 bags sugar tea etc   paid 13/7 Railway freight.  Sent cheque 7.7.7. to Williams & Kettle
S 6   All at church (W) morning & eve   Mr Randerson preached funeral service (Mrs Redward)   church full
Mo 7th   Logging up on flat A Mortensen drafting here   Got out my 2 lambs   Got in load of wood   Geo went to Ormondville (JHB) in the evening   Commenced to boil mangolds for the two pigs to fatten.
Tu 8   Logging on flat.  E went to JHBs   Shut up two pigs to fatten put 2 little ones in small pig paddock   Got Williams & Kettle receipt for 7.7.7.
W 9   Logging on flat, bought a pot of Bee Ointment for 1/6 from Hawker.  Letter from Nellie from J.H.B.  Sent sheep return to Napier.

May 1894
Th 10th   Logging on flat.  Finished seeding
Fr 11   Logging on ridges.  E came home
Sat 12   Shaking grasseed on back section
Su 13   Children drove “Cockie” into a hole in the creek.  We went to Ormondville   saw Auntie & youngsters returned home.  Cold & showery afternoon.  Friendly Societies met in church.
Mo 14   Went with Geo to Toms place   Could not find our cattle.   Tom’s all right.  Sam McNutt & John Bovaird here.  All went to JHB Ormondville   Sent PN to BANK.
Tu 15   Cutting grass in Plantation for cows   Made crossing in reserve creek.  Logging up on ridges afternoon   Rev Randerson for tea & Prayers.
W 16th   “Loui” jammed under log near “WC” bridge.  Dug her out   Mary came.  Logging on ridges
17th   C Friis called to say P N due this day & to say he did not have the money for a day or two

May 1894
Fr 18th   Logging & sowing seed on ridges   mustered lambs & killing ewes on Reserve.  Florrie came afternoon
S   19th   Cut up sheep killed another one   H Nordbye called   timber cut.  E & youngsters went to Ada’s.  Logging & sowing seen on Ridges.  Put 42 culls & merinoes on Widerups
Su 20   All went to Wesleyan Church   To JHB afternoon with Flo & Mary
Mo 21   Went to Mill for load of timber   Got totara to fence in graves   George saw cattle at Toms place.  Got C Friis P N returned from Bank of New Z Waipukurau
Tu 22nd   Stacked timber   killed sheep.  Gravelled at end of the house.  Rendered tin (ker) of fat. Ada came.  Wet afternoon
W 23   Logging on ridges   Dunlevy called
Tu 23   Children at home from school.  Saw Hogs.  Logging on ridges   Rev Wills & wife called.

May 1894
Fr 25   Got in “clawrers[?]”   Killed one sheep  Logging on ridges  Mary Florrie & Ella came in the afternoon
Sa 26   Finished logging & grasseeding on Ridges & flat.  Youngsters went to Ormondville.  Came on wet in the afternoon
Su 27   Heavy rain.  Jens. Andersen’s Funeral.  Made big trough to scald the pigs in.  All hands went to Wesleyan church at night.
Mo 28   Killed 2 pigs.  Had a job to make the water boil in the big boiler   J Ayris called and had dinner.  Came on wet in the afternoon letter from Allice
Tu 29   Cut up & salted pigs.  John Brabazon came with “Fly”.  “Topsie” lost her bell.  Baker did not call with the bread.  Cold wet day.
W 30   Made “Horse” for harness.  Geo went to meet Alice at Orm [Ormondville].  Did not come
T 31st   George got 2 sks Rye see   4 bags flour at O’lle [Ormondville] Station.  Alice came.  2 dead sheep.

June 1894
1st Fr   Skinned 1 ewe (found dead in creek at Alibasters [Alabasters] corner) & 1 long tail lamb.  Ewes on Ridges.  George cut & dragged firewood.  E & Alice to Norsewood
Sa 2nd   Repairing Ridge – Widerups fence   Tom came in the afternoon
Su 3rd   Went to Pattullas & the “Ponds”   Neilson paid Tom £2 rent 3 months.
Mo 4   Dagged some ewes   E Tom & Alice went to JHB.  C Friis paid cheque £31.5. instead of P.N.  Sent it to Bank NZ Waipukurau
Tu 5   Wet in the morning   Tom went.  Alice went in buggy to Makatoku [Makotuku].  Finished grasseeding at the back
W 6   Put roof over meat gallows.  Geo getting out roots in front.  Wet day.
Th 7   Put roof over battens.  Ada came   Gave her cheque 2.10. 0.  George getting out Roots in front (2nd day)    Killed sheep.

June 1894
Fr 8   Got in and crutched some ewes   rained some.  Rev Wills called   George getting out roots (3 days)
Sa 9   John went for the 3rd time on “Duchess” with Wilsons meat.  George finished getting out rots at dinner time.  Helped me finish crutching the ewes.
Su 10   E Alice J & I went English church.
M 11   Mustered some Hoggt crutched and put on Ridges   95 lambs   Filled shed and battens.
Tu 12   crutching lambs.  Mr Randerson brought Kate Watkins.  All lambs mustered from back & put on flat.  Went to Ormondville vestry meeting 7. 30 PM   Paid £2   home with Mrs Redward. Norsewood
W 13   Crutching lambs.  George went to JHB’s for cow.  E went to school with Kate W.  Letter from Tom.  Put remaining lambs in shed.

June 1894
Th 14th   Finished crutching.  Pressed on bale.  Put on reserve 2 lambs   41 merinoes 1x bred old ewe
365 lambs on back section   62 Merinos on back section
17 Two tooths on back section
8 old ewes on back section
F 15th   Carted to Railway 1 bale cruths [crutchings] 1 bundle skins (112 lbs)   sk fat 134 lbs  Paid J J Brown 10/-  Paid Hans Nordbye in the evening  Pds 2. 15. 0
Sa 16   Went to see stump lifter   Mr Watkins & Geo came.  Went in afternoon with Mr Randerson to Alexanders & to singing practice in church
Su 17th   All at home all day.  Very wet day.
M 18th   Wet all day   Mr Watkins & Georgie could not get home.  Sent P.N. to Bank Waipukurau £16.17.6   C Fredericksen here in the evening
Tu 19   Not quite so wet.  Mr Watkins & Geo went home showery all day.

June 1894
W 20   Dug foundation for lean to at shed.  George split posts.
Th 21   Finished foundation for shed lean to   Put lambs off burnt ground   George splitting rails & posts.
xxx Short Day xxx
Fr 22   Shifted things from buggy shed to lean to. Killed 2 sheep.  George splitting slabs.  Got Bank Receipt for Pds 16. 17. 0.
23rd Sa   Working at lean to.  Geo splitting   Gundersen Jun’r Wants to split mire [maire] sleepers & pay 3d royalty
Su 24   At home all day.  E & Alice went to JHB.  Brought youngsters back.  Miserably wet in the afternoon
Mo 25th   At lean to   Hung hams & Shoulders   George went round Hogg’s bush & split slabs.  Youngsters went to Mak [Makotuku]  Willie came back with them.  Fine day.
Tu 26   Geo carted slabs for cow bale.  Got 4 lambs out of Rasmussen’s paddock   Ruddled [Raddled] them on head

June July 1894
Wed 27   Put roof on lean to cowshed   Put up anther bail in stall
Th 28   Geo splitting rails on ridges.  Me putting down slabs in cow stalls   Youngsters at Birthday party at Mr Randersons.  Alice went home
Fr 29   Finished slabbing cowstalls.  Put on two loads gravel youngsters & Kate went to JHB   Mrs Alabaster died.
Sa 30   Very wet day   Harry Brenkley called   George cleaned out water tank.
Su 1st   JULY   Youngsters home before breakfast from Ormondville.  Showery day.
Mo 2nd   Nailed some weather boards on side of shed lean to went to Mrs Alibasters funeral with E.  Geo making road cutting to gravel at
creek.  Makatoku Butcher called looking to buy fat sheep
10 YEARS   Mr S Brabazon & Miss Ellen Cox married ten years ago today.
Tu 3rd   Working at lean to.  Geo carted gravel   E bought leaky lamp at Ericksens.

July 1894
4th Wed   Worked at fowl house made doors graveled at buggy shed.  Went to Wilsons and squared up
Th 5   Finished lean to.  George dragging rails on ridges.  Tom came up with Horse & dray & trees.  All hands wrote to Mary.  Hi School.
Fr 6   Tom went back to farm Waipuk & got up here again at night.  Self & George putting up 3 rail fence on Hill for plantation.  Settled with C Garforth Bread bill   E went to Ada’s, ride fine day
Sat 7   Planting trees along hill fence Tom & George & Self.  Hen laid yesterday July 6th 1st egg.
Su 8th   Went with E to Eng Church.  No Parson came.  Tom & George went to the Ponds.  A Neilson called after tea to see Tom.  Kate Watkins went with Fredericksen to see her parents.

July 1894
Mon 9th   Planting willows in pig paddock on hill & one near house.  Put in our Pinus Insignius at
batten   Tom & George planting at Tom’s
Tu 10th   Wet day all hands at home.
We 11th   Geo & Tom at Toms place   latter sick.  E sick in bed   Killed 2 sheep
Th 12th   E sick in bed bad cold pains in the limbs.  Inside all day.  George finished with Toms plantation
Fr 13   E in bed   got up at dinnertime   John at home from School with a cold.  Kate Watkin fainted in School & came home.  Jas Gribble (Nordbyes Mile) sent note wanting to be supplied with ½ sheep weekly.  Planted fruit trees at stockyd plantation   Put in some pines between house & road.  Geo shifted pine trees back from fence on hill.  A Neilson on German line dead

July 1894
Sat 14th   Planted trees between house & road.  Geo carted Posts & rails.  Andreas Neilson’s funeral passed.
Su 15   All at home   Tom came.  James Neal called – some of our sheep at his place.  E very bad tonight   Tom & Geo bought biscuits at Wilsons for her late in the evening.
Mo 16   Put up some of the 3 rail fence on Hill.  Tom came.  Geo went to Neal Bro’s.  Killed 2 sheep.
Tu 17th   Geo brought from Neals 5 lambs 1 fat ewe in dray.  Killed fat ewe very rough day   Kate in bed.  E in bed   Tom laid up.  Duchess would not go for Top.
We 18th   Put up a few panel of fencing   Ada came.  Went back with her. John laid up, congestion of the lungs.  Mary nurse.  Letter from Wms & Kettle.  Crutchings sold for 3 ½   skins 3¾ per lb.

July 1894
We 18th   Recd cheque from Wms Kettle £1   Fat not sold.
Th 19   Kate Watkins went away.  Rev Randerson called.  E in bed.  Tom bad.  Went in the afternoon to set up with John B.  Handed him physic etc
Fr 20   Came home across paddock in the morning   patients as usual.  Put fowls in fowl house  Gundersen carted out 30 maire sleepers.  Windy.
Sa 21   Planted 2 macracarpas on hill & some gums in long plantation   Jubilee calved in Reserve   Got calf home milked cow.
Su 22   Went across paddocks to Ada’s Mary there.  Stayed.  John slept all night.
Mo 23   Geo took home JHBs cow.  Tom went to the Ponds.  Killed 2 sheep
Tu 24   Finished 3 rail fence on Hill.  Planted 1 willow & 4 oaks on lawn.

July 1894
Tu 24   Tom went to the Ponds.  Messenger came from Pattulls [Pattullos’] for me to go and see killed & worried sheep   counted 35 Hoggs. 17 two tooth ewes & 2 wethers.  Damages £22.8.
We 25   Wet. Went and stayed up with John.  He is improved J.H.B. came and stayed a while at night.  Rained all night.
Th 26   Wet day.  Went home after dinner
Fr 27   Fine.  George fencing trees on hill.  Mrs Dantz called   Killed 2 sheep
Sa 28   Went in buggy to Wilsons.  Got 1 cwt No 7 wire   12lbs staples.  Seeds etc 10/- cash.  Fencing trees.  Saw red dog on spur this morning.  Went with George & Toss after him but could not see him again.  Saw two ewes with young lambs
Su 29   Tom came, a pain in his side.  Went to see John B.  Improving   Mr W Robinson there from Mak.

July-August 1894
Mon 30th   Fenced some trees near house.
Went to Hoggs bush found one caught in lawyers dead.  1 ewe dead on Widerups.
Tu 31   Pulled wool off ewe.  Ditto Hoggt   Found ewe under log on flat dead   Pattullo called & bought 4 sheep   Geo went to Tom’s to see cattle. Cut grass in house plantation.
* August 1st   Went to Toms for cattle.  Had to leave 2 small heifers in scrub.  Sold steer to Lodge for £4.10. (Received) brought home 2 heifers and put them on back sec.  with 2 dry cows.  Pattullo came for his 4 sheep.  Rev Wills came.  Fred Redward came for steer was a couple of hours to late.  The leaves coming on the willows
Th 2nd   Swept 2 chimneys.  Put in posts along Laurels – Widerups

August 1894
Th 2nd   Chas Larsen round with subscription list.   Gave him 2/6
Fr 3rd   Went through ewes.  Gathered up dead wool. Killed sheep   Put 6 killing sheep on hill. Geo carted in 2 loads of miri [maire]
Sat 4   Commenced to scrub for a fence line across Hoggs bush.  Went to Wilsons & settled Bill.  Got Wms & Kettle letter & 12/4 for a sack of fat sold st 1¼ per lb.
Sun 5th   Saw a Red & black dog – two amongst the ewes on Widerups in the morning.  Both got away.  Tom came on the afternoon.  Sent cheque for £23.15.9. to Northern In’s. Com’y. Napier
Mon 6th   Shifted & fenced a few trees in pig paddock   Put in a ridge of early potatoes.  Laid 5
Bates   Found ewe & lamb.  Ewe’s bearing out.  Put it in & sewed wool across.

August 1894
Tu 7th   John & Top took 2 oaks & 2 Laurel trees to plant at School.  Went with E & buggy to Makatoku to see John & Auntie there.  Called at Andersons & brought Top back.  Gave Anderson Pds 5 cheque.  George scrubbing.
We 8th   Put in ridge of Peas.  Went scrubbing.  Mr Lockhead and Mrs Jack for dinner   Mr Randerson & children   Skinned hogget.
Th 9th   Bush falling up to dinner time.  Killed 2 sheep   Nice spring day
Fr 10th   Stopped at homeworking in the garden.  George dug up grass opposite windows.  Manured laurels   Put in lettuce, cabbage seeds, turnips, gum wattle, ash, & macracarpa.  Mr Englebretsen called about maire splitting in Reserve.  Killed sheep   E digging in the garden
Sat 11th   Like a summer day.

Sat 11th August 1894
Served out mutton to 4 or 5 people.  Put in some seeds in garden – beans, parsnips, mangolds, & onions.  Found a hogget caught in the lawyers, found & carried home to pigs one dead hogget.  John walked all round big section.
Su 12th   Showery.  Tom came all went to Ada’s. Took up mutton, soup etc
Mo 13   Bush falling in the afternoon. Killed sheep   M Mickelson repaid me £3.  After tea George got 2 axe handles at Wilson’s   Found goose’s nest. One egg in it.  Put in another drill of potatoes. etc   Some strawberry plants in Johns Garden.
Tu 14th   Paid 14/- sheep rates to Ericksen   Bought some things there.  Worked in the garden forenoon.  Rained some.  Tom came at night.
Th 16   Do. E got seed potatoes at Groom’s

continued August 1894
Th 16th   Paid Dr McAllen.  Paid J J Brown   Took seed potatoes up to Tom’s.  Killed 2 sheep.  C Friis called.
Fr 14   Wet. Hail & wind   cut up 2 sheep.  At home.
Sa 18   Pulled the wool off 2 dead ewes.  One ewe cast.  Dead lamb   carried the ewe home & gave her gruel.  Two Gundersens getting maire sleepers.  Killed one sheep.  Put 2 ewes & 4 lambs in front of house.
Su 19   Showers of hail   John B came.  Gave a twin lamb to Axel Todson [Thodsen].  Went through ewes & lambs & back section.  Found one dead hogget
Mo 20   Went with Geo & E up to the ponds to look for the 2 small heifers   Heard about them being on the road   Rode about all day.  Couldn’t find ‘em
Tu 21   Ewe which was sick through being cast in lambing died last night.  E cleaned buggy & it was greased.  Tom came & went with E & Top.

August 1894
Tu 21st   to Ormondville.  Geo scrubbing   Went round all sheep skinned one hog & carried one home.
We 22   Made a garden for Top went scrubbing with George   Mrs Watkins came.
Th 23   Killed 3 sheep   E & Mrs Watkins went to Ormondville at night to Mr Randersons.  Piano man called.  J Pattullo paid 8/-
Fr 24   C Friis called & wrote P.N. 31.5.  Payable 1st February 1895.  Caught rat in trap.  Round ewes   Mr Andersen & sister came up   E & Mrs Watkins went to Ada’s   Scrubbing for fence line afternoon
Sat 25   Mrs Watkins went home.  G scrubbing   Willie & Ela came.  Put in some drills of mangolds.  John hurt the nail of his big toe.  Crying very much
Su 26   All went to Ormondville church   To JHB’s for dinner & tea.  Tom also.
Mo 27   Put in 2 ridges of Potatoes in garden & 2 drills   Auntie & Mary came and

August 1894
Mon 27th   went to Erickson’s & to the Ponds   George carting firewood.  Fine day
Tu 28   All working in the garden.
We 29   Put in small ridge of potatoes found ewe dead on Widerups and lamb alone alongside her.  Gunderson got 26 maire sleepers off flat.  Skinned hogget.  Tom lost his tenants.   is here tonight.
Th 30   Found ewe cast.  Lamb lying on her, alive one dead.  Gundersen took out 25 sleepers.  Killed 2 sheep.  Put goose’s nest & 13 eggs in fowlhouse.  Found ewe dead in creek on flat.  This makes 7 ewes short since the rams were put with them.  Heavy rain.
Fr 31   Rain but not cold.  Found ewe dead – makes 8.  In hog paddock found 1 hog & 1 old merino ewe dead   Pulled the wool of 3 today.  Skinned 1 ewe.  This has been a fine month for lambs, except a few nights.

September 1894
Sat 1st   This month has come in cold wet & windy with snow showers.  We could not attend the anniversary meeting of Smith & Anderson’s Factory.  Finished selling mutton today for the present.  Hail & snow in evening.
Su 2nd   Fall of snow in the morning ground covered until midday   skinned long tail lamb.  Found splendid ewe dead jambed in the creek between two logs.  Mr Redward came for meat.  Tom came in afternoon.
Mo 3   Show showers in the morning   Tom & George left for the “Ponds”   A few ewes lambed today.
Tu 4   E went to JHB’s.  Geo logging up.
We 5   Falling big green trees on fence line Hogg’s bush.  Tom came afternoon.  Heard of the two calves on Haghs Sec.
Th 6   E went to Aunties to sew.  Got the two small heifers on Hagh’s Section.

September 1894
Th 6th   One heifer lame   both very poor   Small ewe had twins took one away   E & Mary came up in buggy.  Tom came.  Wet cold day.  No fine day yet during this month bad for sheep & lambs.  No growth in grass.
Fr 7   Another wet day.  Cleaned out from under the batten in the shed.  Went round ewes
Sat 8   Went to Sale at S Norsewood   Bought heifer calf privately from Hans Mortensen for 27/6   E bought at sale goods for £ s d 4.17.1.  bought Chiffonier 31/-   organ 18/- & pictures total at sale £7.18.8.  Charlie came up from Te Aute.
Su 9   Fine day.  Went in the evening to Wesl Church
Mon 10   Went for chiffonier to Wilsons with “Duchess” & dray & Charlie.  Paid Wilson cheque £ s d 6.13.0. & remainder cash.   E went to express with Charlie bound for Coolgardie.  Killed sheep.

September 1894
Tu 11th   Sawed down big rimu & scrubbed some in Hogg’s bush.  Rev Wills called.  Grass growing. Stock all right now.
We 12   Put 10 rams in Reserve.  Felled some big trees & some scrub.  In Hogg’s   E sitting up with young Mrs Thodson
Th 13   Logging up on Widerups.   Redwards man left bag of oatmeal.  Put the two heifers “Pet” & “Maggie” on back section
Fr 14   Logging up on Widerups.  E sat up with young Mrs Thodson.
Sa 15   Logging up.  Showers.  Killed   Top staying at Mrs Andersen’s   Got ewe & lamb out of P Rasmussens.
Su 16   Went round Hogg’s   Hard frost   brought home dead wool met two Neals & another man looking for rabbits   John & Tom rode to JHB.
Mo 17   Top came home in time to go to school.  Logging up.  J Neal come & bundled the skins.  Showery.
Tu 18   Took Duchess & dray to Ormondville

September 1894
Tu 18   with 4 bundles skins & bag of dead wool.  The latter for Wms & Kettle.  Skins sold to J Neal at 4d per lb.  Received cheque for £ s d 4.18.0.   Had dinner at JHB   brought back Jack.  Mrs Hansen here with subscription list   E promised her £1   Lent Cockie to J Packer’s son.
We 19   Another wet day   Nearly every day wet this month.  E put goose on some eggs in F House   Went round ewes, cold wet miserable day.  Found Hogg fast in the lawyers.
Th 20   Wet miserable day again.  No growth.  Lambs tucked up.  Wen through ewes & lambs found ewe dead.  Could see no reason.
Fr 21   Fine day   picking up on Widerups skinned ewe.  Calf very much swelled after castrating.

September 1894
Fr 21   We used hot water & turpentine & rubbed in lard & camphor.  Tom called for his bread.  Ewe with twins
Su 22   Logging & picking up small sticks on Widerups.  E at JHB’s
Su 23   All went to Matamau (Lochheads)   Heavy rain n the afternoon.  Got home in an hour & a half.
Mo 24   Logging in the afternoon.  Came on wet.
Tu 25   Logging.  Cloudy & wet.  E went to J.H.B. got tin of kerosene.
W 26   Picking up on Widerups.  Took “Topsie” to Magnusen 2/6.  Bull paid Mr Magnusen 2/6.  Agent for stump extractor called.
Th 27   E went to J.H.B.’s to sew.  Mustered hoggets.  Took out 12 merinoes to kill dagged & put back Hoggs etc 400.  found dead ewe under
logs on flat   No. 11   7 died   4 acc
Skinned ewe & hogg & old merino.  Rain   letter from Wms & Kettle, Sack of wool dead, very good, sold for 4d per lb.

Sep Oct 1894
Fr 28   Picking up on burnt ground, Widerups.
Sat 29   Picking up till 12 o’clock came on wet.  Skinned ewe at goose house on flat.  This make 12 ewes dead.  Docked 15 lambs.  8 WE  7 ewe
Su 30   Got in ewe & twins.  Killed one   John H.B. came at midday   Went home with him, had tea there    Only 2 or 3 fine days this month.
OCT 1st   Mustered ewes & docked lambs   242 ewes.  124 ewe lambs   128 wether lambs (5 left for rams)6 lambs in reserve and back sec.
104 per cent.   Came on to rain.  Found one ewe which could not lamb.  Had twins taken from her.
Tu 2nd   Picking up on Widerups.  Showers.
We 3rd   Do.  Do.  Settled meat account with J T Wilson.  Very heavy showers.  21 years in New Zealand today.
Th 4th   Logging. Showery.  C Friis called.

October 1894
Fr 5th   George E & Self went to Tom’s   Docked 82 ewe   62 wether lambs   Dagged 182 ewes.  13 dead   7 away.
Sat 6th   Picking up on Widerups.  Killed sheep.  Dagged young rams.  Docked 1 w L.  Went with John to see Panorama   Tom went to JHB with buggy.  Fine
Sun 7   Fine day again.  All came from Ormondville in buggy.  Saw Pine Grove
Mon 8   Shaking & raking in Rye grasseed on Widerups   Mrs Mortensen & Mrs Clement came about the tea meeting   Mrs Andersen & sister called.
Tu 9th   Mr Olsen carpenter working here at grave fence.  Miss Friberg called.  Raking in grasseed.  Round all the sheep   Fine hot days now – fourth day.  Paid O Englebretsen 14/- for sofa.
We 10   Fires on Widerups & grasseeding   Went to sale with Tom and to schoolhouse to see Mr Webber   Bought shears 4/6 & stone 2/6.

October 1894
Wed 10th   still fine   at Wilsons   Mrs Friis & niece here today.  E rode to Ada’s
Th 11   Made up fires.  Put scarf in big rimu.  Killed sheep (merino) getting fat now.   Geo Top John & mother gone in buggy to fish at Toms.
Fr 12   Made up fires.  Started on Reserve   Felled 2 Rimus. Found dead ewe. (13 ewes)   Young Mrs Thodson came for flowers.
Sat 13   Went through Tom’s fallen Bush   Went to Wesleyan Tea meeting and to Factory Supplyers Meeting.
Sun 14   Rained.  All at home.
Mo 15   Got 30 house blocks in Reserve with George.  Heavy shower in the afternoon.  Letter from Alice   Bank Book sent up £ s d 1.18.5 Cr.
Tu 16   Getting H Blocks in Reserve   wool off dead ewe saw all the Cattle   Tom came with new horse.  Swapped
We 17   Got houseblocks.  Turned some of the timber.  Post C from Rev Wills

October 1894
Th 18   Painted some posts black & pailings white.  Mrs Watkins & her Brother & 4 children came.  Geo carting 60 H blocks   Went to Vestry meeting   Canon Webb
Fr 19   Painting fence for cemetery.  Mrs Watkins & chi. went home.  Paid Olsen Carpenter Pd 1.0.0.
Sat 20   Geo & John went with horse & dray.  Soren & Jack to JHB.  Got 2 uprights for wool press.  Axel & Hans Mortensen called also Rev Randerson & Mrs R.  Meeting of Dairy Factory suppliers & subscribers at Topholms Hall 7.30
Sun 21   All at home for dinner E, J, T & T went for a drive with Tom’s horse
Mon 22   Heavy frost last night cut down some of the potatoes, some were covered.  Geo put in grasseed on Widerups.  Put in two ridges of potatoes. Lent Cockie to Packers boy   Sold Mrs Olsen 4lb wool 2/- 9lb fat at 1/6.

October 1894
Tu 23   In garden.  Put in some cabbage plants.  George finished raking grass seed.  All fine dry hot days now.
We 24   Took load of fencing material to cemetery [cemetery].  Fenced graves.
Th 25   Weeding in garden.  Got in cattle from Back Sec.  Earmarked “Morty”.  E & G went to Waipukurau
Fr 26   Weeding in garden   E & George returned.  Put 3 cattle on back
Sat 27   Put in cabbage plants & mangolds   George & “Cockie” with JHB at Adas
Sun 28   All at home   boys fishing in creek.
Mo 29   Tom Mary & E went to Danivirk [Dannevirke]   Geo burning on Widerups   Putting in Mangolds.  Heavy rain.  Good for the gardens
Tu 30   Finished putting in Mangolds.  Put in some tree seeds another heavy shower.  Transplanted mangolds.  Geo dragging logs with “Cockie”

Oct. November 1894
Tu 30th continued   Got demand for County rates
We 31st   Made up some fires with George   Jacked some logs.  Erected uprights to press wool with.  Terrific thunder shower with hail.  Ducks came off their nests.  Eggs all rotten.
TH NOV 1st
George excavating in cartshed.  Made top box for wool press.  Made fires
Fr 2nd   Went round all sheep.  Saw a weasel in Hogg’s bush.  Shore poor two tooth wether & merino ewe.  Killed latter.  Rev Wills & wife called.  Sowed few mangolds.  Geo carted firewood.
Sat 3rd   Put in some mangolds.  Made up fires on Widerups.  Geo mustered Toms sheep.  Shore with Tom 34 ewes mostly matted & poor.  Mr Watkins here tonight.

November 1894
Su 4th   All at home.  Mr Watkins went home.
M 5   Helping Tom shear 38 ewes   Geo wool classer E cook.  Pressed one bale 60 fleeces.
T 6   Shearing at Tom’s.  A Friis called for his shears in the evening.
W 7   Finished shearing at Tom’s   193 all told.  JHB at Norsewood buying oranges for Florrie.
T 8   Pressed and branded 4 bales for Tom.  Went to Mrs Pettersens funeral.  Went to Ormondville   Florrie in bed sick.  2 Misses Friberg’s
called in the afternoon
Fr 9th   “Loui” calved.  Tom & George here with “Cockie” & dray & 4 bales of wool.  Sent a bundle of Skins to Napier.  Washed out shed.
S 10   Got in Ewes off ridges and docked 8 lambs   4 of each sort   Shore until dark.  60 ewes   260 lambs dockd   6 hoggs.

November 1894
Sun 11th   A few showers.  All at home.
Mon 12th   Carpenter Olsen & Mate O Englebretsen started to build the front of the house.  Got in and shore 54 ewes   4 hoggs.  Docked 2 lambs   262 lambs
Tu 13th   Shore 32 ewes 1 hogg, showers
We 14   Thinned some mangolds.  Tom went home.  Sheep not dry enough to shear.  E not well.  Pressed 1st bale of wool with screw Jack.  46 fleeces of x bred   Mustered Reserve.  Shore 3 Merino ewes.  Docked 2 lambs (264) shore so far.  114 x bred 10?  3 merino & 1 merino killed- 4
Th 15   Shore Reserve mob 11 rams   4 weths  6 meri’s  14 ewes 1 hog.  Got in & shore 15 ewes.  Mrs Todson called.  Olsen 2 days
16    Olsen.  Hansen & Englebretsen.  Shore 53 Ewes & 1 Hoggt.

November 1894
16th Fr     Pressed 1 bale x bred 48 fleeces   docked 4 lambs = 268 total
Sat 17   Finished shearing the ewes   Pressed 1 bale of 1/2 bred 54 fleeces   Mustered Hoggs.  Pressed 1 bale of Rom ewes with screw jack   54 fleeces slight showers.
Sun 18   Went through back section   No stragglers.  Put all ewes & lambs on back sec.  Came on wet   E Top John & Tom drove to Ada
M 19   Wet day.  Mrs Todson washing.  Branded four bales of wool.
Tu 20   Showery   Tom sent County Rates   Tom & George went fishing to Manawatu.  Caught 3 eels.  Put in 2 rows of Brocoli [Broccoli]   Killed sheep  Went to Circus to Orm.
W 21   Showers.  George went with dray to Kopua Sawmill for timber   Got in and filled shed with Hoggets.  Went to Norsew’d. Sale.  3 Carpenters.

November 1894
Th 22   Shearing hoggs.  Showery   Pressed one bale x bred.  Ada & Miss Friberg called
Fr 23   Shearing Hoggs.  Put 96 on Widerups  Snt 5 bales wool to Orm.  Sent order to Wms & Kettle for Galvd iron etc.  Took Jubilee to Magnusens.  Bull sick   filled shed with Hoggets.  Spoke to Mr Webber & Hulena
Sat 24   Shearing Hoggs.  C Friis called got a ewes fleece.  C Garforth called.  Was paid 11/-   windy.  A letter from Charlie in Melbourne.
Su 25   Filled shed before dinner   Rain
Mo 26   Shore 46 Hoggs.  Pressed 2 bales   1 of 1/2 bred No. 6   79 fleeces.  1 of Romney No 9   80 fleeces    Sent them to Railway Station.  George brought back iron etc.   Got in Hoggs.  Filled shed.
Tu 27   Put sheep on back sec.

November 1894 December
Tu 27   George went to sawmill Got a load of green timber   Found dead ewe with wool on this make 3 more total 16
We 28   Got in off flat all hoggs   Kept them moving about   Shore penful in the afternoon   filled cart shed and shed.  All under cover.   5 strangers – Neals.
Th 29   Finished shearing today at 4 PM.  Pressed 2 bales.  Went to Makotoku
Fr 30   Pressed 2 bales & carted to Orm.
Dec Sat 1st   Tidied up about the shed.  Tried the new scythe.  Went up to Township   George went with horse & dray for verandah iron etc.  Rail fare 9/-   Carpenters put roof on house.  Went to C Friis for 3 little pigs.  Rose Allen called. & Mrs Andersen & sister.  Letter from Charlie.  Home from Coolgardie.

ecember 1894
Dec Su  2nd  Went to JHB’s church & dinner
Mo 3rd   Mowed plantation at house  wrote out order for R Holt.  H & A Mortensen agreed to take 18 fat sheep at 8/- each   Went to Gundersens.  Got £1.4.6. for maire sleepers   Got Wms & Kettles telegram.  Re prices of wool.
Tu 4   Sent letter to R. Holt and Telegram to Wms & Kettle.  George went for load of timber to Nordbyes Mill.  Hot day.
We 5   Wool sale in Napier.  Mowing in long plantation & shed etc   very hot days.  Saw Mr Webber in schoolhouse.  Toms horse got out of
paddock.  Lifted gate.
Th 6   Mowed some.  Went through sheep saw woolley Hogget   took ewe & lamb out of Gundersen   Killed sheep.

December 1894
Fr 7th   Carted in hay from front plantation   Weeding in Garden.  Sent 2 pigs to R Watkins   Got in some ewes & lambs.  A Mortensen killed 2 lambs.  J Neal called.
Sat 8th   Working in the garden.  Came on very heavy rain thunder & lightning   Tom & George went fishing Manawatu.  All at home   Rev Wills called.
Su 9   Fine day.  A Wright ex pub called.
Mo 10   Dig. & weeding in garden turned hay.  Got 2 f shoes on Cockie, lame   Carpenters not working.  Wrote to R Holt to forward Doors etc   Letter from Wms & Kettle.  Wool not sold except 2 bales.
Tu 11   Getting in hay.   J Neal took away 5 of his wooley hoggs.
W 12   Putting hay in shed & mowing in long plantation.  George went to Mill with Toms horse & mare for last load of timber   left half of it at J Gollans.

December 1894
Th 13   George bought last of timber with “Duchess”.  Weeding in the garden & Thinning Mangolds   Come on heavy rain.
Fr 14   Went with Horses & dray to Railway Station for Doors etc.  Paid 19/4 freight.  Got £50 cheque from J.H.B. & 5 Shs[?]   Mustered ewes & lambs.  5 ewes killed by A Mortensen & Co   3 lambs do & 1 hogg.  I killed 1 lamb. E. G & children at Toms.
Sa 15   George & John rode to Toms   George went away to help his father at haymaking   Weeding in garden   Mrs Swainsen called   Miss Friberg called
Su 16th   Sunday afternoon at J.H.B.
Mo 17   Painting house.  Mortensens man took away 14 sheep (fat) &1 hogg (Mortensens)   Sent letter to R Holt to forward Doors, battens, etc.

December 1894
Tu 18th   Painting house.  E sick in bed, set in wet at night
W 19   Wet. Tom went with horse & dray to McGreeveys for 3 sheep & 2 lambs & took horse & dray home to “Ponds”   E in pain – in bed.  Letter from Union Bank of Australia
Th 20th   Went & got Mrs Swainsen   4lbs steak at Mortensens.  Went to J J Brown Ormondville for Doctor Macallen   Mr Gollan called to borrow cart saddle
Fr 21   Rev & Mrs Randerson called.  Mrs Swainsen here morn & evening.  Said Doctor must be sent for.  Went to Toms.  He not at home.  Went to Pattullos got his horse & went to Danevirk [Dannevirke].  Came back with Dr. At 1AM in good time for patient.  Improving after Dr visit.  D McAllen & Mrs Swainsen went home.

December 1894
Sat 22   Mrs Swainsen called.  Mary & Tom called.  E doing well.  Painted end of house.  Children at school concert.  Home 12 PM.
Su 23   Mrs Swensen here.  E improving   Tom & chil’n drove to Ormondville to Mrs Friberg.  Mrs Randerson called   couldn’t see patient.
Mon 24th   Got cheque book from Un Bank.  First cheque No T74041 drawn in favour of E Olsen £15.0.0.   Postal notes from R Holt.  Paid Mrs Swainsen £1.2.6.   J Brabazon came over.  Tom brought back horse & dray.  Received cheque from A Mortensen £7.4.0.  Paid Wilsons bill £   Got bottle of wine from Wilson.
Tu 25   XMAS DAY   At home E in bed.  Youngsters at J H Bs.
W 26   E got up.  Mowed a bit.  Shore 2 sheep.  Went round hogg bush   Put cattle on reserve from Back

December 1894
TH 27   Went with horse & dray to Station for remainder of things from Holts.  Paid £1.2.1. freight.  Paid Bakers bill 14/6   Ada & Mary here.  Rev & Mrs Wills.  Rev Randersons
Fr 28   Went in buggy with children   Tom & Mary to Kopua sports.
Sa 29   Sledged in remainder of hay.  Fired fallen bush.  Killed sheep
S 30   All at home.  Mary went home.
M 31   John rode to Toms to help shift ewes & lambs.  Made fires on Totara Knob, fired tree across Neals fence.  Came on heavy rain.

TUESDAY 1st JAN 1895.
All drove up to Tom’s.  Saw fallen bush.  Fired log on Neals fence.  Heavy rain in the afternoon.
W 2nd   Mrs Swainsen here washing.  Mended Neals fence at McGrevys [McGreeveys]  Heavy rain in the afternoon.

January 1895
Th 3rd   John’s Birthday.  8 years   Rain all day.  Letter from George.  A pedler called.
F 4th   Another wet day. “Cockie” lame.
Sa 5   George rode up early.  Went to J H B’s with mare & dray.  Tom pressed & left at Station 4 bales of wool.  Showery weather.
Su 6   All at home, some showers
Mo 7   E Geo Top & I drove to Norsewood   Mustered front paddocks.   Drafted out hoggs & let them go on back Sec.  George went to Waipawa.  Ella Friberg here.  [Margin note:  Blistered Cockie on Sun]
Tu 8th   Got in ewes & lambs.  Shore 52   Tom shearing in the afternoon   Mrs Swainsen here washing.  Mrs King & Mrs Anderson.  Rain   C Friis took Romney ram lamb
We 9th   Shore 56 lambs castrated one killed one deformed.  T Sidey called with Mr Potts.  Rain, rain, rain, rain.

January 1895
We 9th   Svensen of Danish Line buried today.  Shore 56 lambs
Th 10th   Wet day   C Friis called & saw rams went with him & saw his.  Toms bushfeller came.
Fr 11   Wet again.  Put all sheep on back section.  Battened Race.
Sa 12   Fine day slight shower   JHB & Frank McNutt came up.
S 13   Went up to Toms & over flat & back section.
M 14   Carpenters (2) started work   Mrs Swainsen washing.  Frank went home   Went to Ormondville with him   Mary came back in buggy   John & Top stayed behind   Brought in load of firewood.
Tu 15   Went in 1st train to Napier   stopped at Terminus
W 16   Wool not sold: Bad sale.  Came home   6 3/4 all round

W 16   Had tea at J.H.B.  wet night.  “Lilly” calved
Th 17   Killed sheep   mustered Back Section.
Fr 18   Mustered flat.  Drafted 2 tooth 412 & 4 left on Sec & 2 on Petersens Section.  Total 418. Shore 33 & 1 woolly […] out.  (419 on back.)   Went to 70 mile H & P Meeting.  Wet evening.   John B here in the morning
Sat 19   Shore 112 unshorn say 4 sold 5   killed 2 swapd 1 total 265   shorn 253.  E went to Norsewood   Top to Ada’s also John.  Fine night.
Su 20   E went to Ada’s   Put ewes & lambs on back.  Fine day
Mo 21   Took 2 bales of lambs wool & 2 locks for R Holt Napier to Ormondville.  Pressed and took one bale of lambs wol for J.H.B.  Home at 9 PM.
Tu 22   Shearing lambs at Toms

January 1895
Tu 22   E took 5lbs butter to Wilsons   Willie & John at Toms tonight.
W 23   Finished shearing Tom lambs   Pds 50 & 5 wooley ones.  Pressed one bale & put it on the dray   Paid E Olsen £6.0.0.
Th 24   Cut some coxksfoot [cocksfoot].  Tom took his bale of wool to Ormondville.  G Grace called.
Fr 25   Painted verandah posts etc.  “Fancy” calved – heifer.  E sold 4lbs butter to Wilsons.
Sa 26   Carpenters working at ceiling.  Hot day  Tom fired bush.  Cross cut log on Rasmussens fence.  McGreevey   came with sledge for his 4 lambs.
Su 27   All at home hot day   took Jubilee & left her with […]
M 28   Went to Magnusens for Jubilee   Sawed & Jacked away log on Rasmusens fence repairs same opened panels to let in sheep from back.  Fine weather

January 1895 Feb
Tu 29th   Burnt some patches on burnt ground on back.  E took 5lbs to Wilsons.  Paid baker   Jim Smith buried yesterday E oiled Hall ceiling fine day.
W 30   E dove to JHB got varnish white lead.  Brush etc at Brown.  Sawed Totara log in reserve
T 31   Went to township paid rates for Tom and self 6. 3. 10 fire came in from Mortensens at the back.  We could not go to bed till 2.15    Dense smoke, sparks flying cow shed in danger & the sheep
Feb Fr 1st   Dense smoke all about   Rev Randerson called   Went to C Friis.  Went to see sheep at back.  Some posts & strainers burnt
Sa 2nd   Fires gone down.  Went with Friis to shift hurdles from Orm to Makatoku.  Went

Feb 1895
Sat 2nd   round all fences saw 1 dead 2 tooth wether.  Some singed   Some posts and strainers burned went to Norsewood in evening
Su 3rd   Put out burning stump over creek near stockyard.  E went with buggy to meet JHB Auntie Mary & Florrie   fine day drove them home again.
Mo 4   Logging up with horse at corner of Ridges & Widerups   John B came.  Tom working H Nordbye called.  Olsen left before dinner time.  Mrs Friberg called   Split 20 totara posts in Reserve   Killed sheep.  Wrote Wms & Kettle & Agent Loan & Mercantile
Tu 5th   Wet all day.  Sold 2/- worth of mutton   Made 2 calf buckets
W 6   E went to Wilsons 6lbs butter   Sent £5.10 to Loan & Mercantile

February 1895
Agency Co. for 2 cases   Owens dip.  Sent £7.7.9. to O O Nordbye for timber received   Put in 20 totara posts in Reserve fence at Inglebretsen   Tom fencing, went home evening
T 7   Clearing fence at Magnusen corner with Tom.  E varnishing ceiling & painting doors.  Received Pds 20 from Wms & Kettle.  Sent lock to Holt to be exchanged.
F 8   Went to Ada’s & Mrs Friberg’s   E brought back apples & plums   Saw Mr Brennen about rams   Tom sawed eno[?] logs.  Put in Mire
strainer at Magnusen’s   H Brinkley brought 2 cases Owens dip
Sa 9   Took Loui to Neilsens Bull   Working at Magnusens fence  Mr Brennen came & picked 3 young Romney Rams  Sent Pd 20 cheque to Union Bank.

February 1895
Sun 10th   All drove to JHB’s.  Fine day.
Mo 11   Sawed & jacked away monster log off fence line at Widerups corner gateway – back section.  Tom went home at dinner time   Miss Webb called about “Cockie”   Mr & Mrs Webber called.  Afternoon at Magnusen fence
Tu 12   Finished at Magnusens fence along dividing fence to Ridges   Mr Webber called, canvassed Danish line.  Fowl broke window.
Wed 13th   Repairing fence.  Hogg paddock – Ridges.  Gave Olsen cheque for £15.  Set of shoes on Cockie.  Miss Webb borrowed him.  E varnishing Hall.
Th 14th   Working at fences corner of Ridges & Widerups – 3 gateways  Toms lambs wool sold 6d per lbs
Fr 15   Working at 3 gateways.  Sent Tom’s pig home to him

February 1895
Sat 16   Excurtion [Excursion] train to Napier   Top went.  Finished fences at 3 gates.  Put in strainer on brow.  O Englebretsen got 1½ ceiling boards.
Su 17th   Went to see fence at the back with Petersen   called on C Friis about doing up Petersens part.  All drove to J.H.B’s.
M 18   Strained up fence on Brow.  Laid Hens strainer & posts on Rasmussens Boundary.  Hot.  Miss Randerson called   Killed 2 tooth wether.
Tu 19   Put in Hino strainer on Rasmussens boundary & some posts hot day.  E Olsen carpenter finished at midday.  Polished chest drawers
W 20   Drove up to Wilsons entered 100 fat wethers 6 Romney rams 1 cow calf at foot got ½ gal raw oil ½ gal boiled do.

February 1895
Wed 20th   Brought 6lb butter to Wilsons   Cal’n [Caledonian] Sports at Danevirk.  Finished repairing fences.
Th 21   Alabaster paid 6/6 for Zinc.  Went in buggy to Wilsons.  Got Williams & Kettle letter squaring up & sending advance of Pds 38.8. Got dozen of eggs from Mr Magnusen for 1/-   Went round fences.  Shifted board.
Fr 22   Cleaned up shaving about the house, shifted timber   cut rails for 3 gateways.  Sent 38. 14. 8 to Union Bank
Sa 23   Mustered Widerups & ridges came on wet.  Let sheep go.  31 ewes on Widerups.  Mrs Miss Friberg & Mrs Marshall called.  Cold.  Bernard Bengsten wants to dip
S 24th   Cleaned out dip with Tom   Put 600 Gallons water in Dip  John Bovaird came.  E Top & John

February 1895
Went to Adas.  Called at C Friis.  Home too late to milk
M 25   Sent Pds 22. 15. to N I Co.  C Friis took home 2 Romney Rams 1 woolley ram lamb.  Mustered ridges.  Took out 110 ewes & put on Widerups.  Put in some cabbage plants.
Tu 26   Mustered sheep at back drafted wethers & lambs & dagged ewes etc.  John B helped.  Olsen paid 11/- meat account.  Reserve on fire.
W 27th   Finished picking out ewes.  Picked 100 fat and forward wethers.  Went to Wesleyan Church to see Wm Goodwin & Miss Brenkley married.  Went to tea in Village Hall.  Home at 11 PM   Mrs McNutt & 2 girls here.
Th 28th   Took 100 two tooth wethers to sale

February 1895 March
Th 28   at Norsewood one cow and calf 6 Romney Marsh rams, not sold.
March Fr 1st   Mrs McNutt & 2 girls went to JHB   Sent cheque £ s d 25.3.4. to R Holt Napier.  Dipped 230 sheep for Hulena   290 for Bengtsen.  Dipped 99 for Sven Andersen   Hans Mortensen called & paid £2.3.0.  Got letter etc from Wms & Kettle & cheque for £14.9.0.  Sold two tooth Rom Ram to Bengsten for 10/-
S 2nd   Sent £4 cheque to R Holt.  Sent £14.9.0. to Union Bank.  Took 3 Rom rams to Mrs Brenan.  Took back 3 Lincolns.  Put them with 250 ewes.  Brought back 2 sheep from McGreeveys.  Killed sheep.
Su 3rd   100 wethers on Widerups   250 ewes & rams on ridges.  All drove to Ormondville

March 1895
Su 3rd   Cow “Loui” at Neilson Bull   Mr Clayton & Miss Holm at tea.
Mo 4   Picked out & dipped 100 ewes for J.B.  Planted 3 trees.  Took down Toms flock.  Miss Helen here tonight   T Sidey & Potts called. & Miss Friberg.
Tu 5   Sent £1.0.0. to Mr Webber for Smith Rel’f [Relief] fund  E brought back Mr Fribergs flock.  Mr Potts looked at wethers.  Dipped Toms Flock 330   Mr Brennans 139.  John & Abel took away 100 ewes 2 rams.  Took Toms flock home.
Wed 6th   Show at Makatoku   Not many exhibits.  G Cox & Mrs C came here went away after tea.  Dagged Mrs Friberg ewe & dipped 184 lambs
Th 7th   Tom took his 10 cwt wire home with horses & dray.

March 1895
Th 7th   Mrs Petersen dead.  Put 181 of Mrs Fribergs lambs on Petersen’s Section.  Dipped some.
F 8   Took home to Mrs Friberg 223 ewes   Total dipped 181   Rec’d £2   Helped John H.B. with his 350 sheep.  He stayed here tonight
Su 9   Dipped Johns sheep.  Big fire through the reserve & all round.
Su 10   A good deal of fencing burnt   All at home.  Mrs Petersen buried.
M 11th   Went round boundary fences.    Put sheep off flat on to back.  E papering Hall. Guy & Matthews’ manager called.
Tu 12   Dipped 1,100 sheep of Guy & Matthews.  Received £1   E drove to J.H.B.  Got case of Tokay wine from N & C.
W 13   Sent cheque 1.16.0. to Neal & close
Th 14   Repairing McGreeveys boundary   Rev & Mrs Randerson called.  Receipt for Reserve Rent.

March 1895
Fr 15   Half day at McGreeveys fence   Carted in firewood.  Florrie came.
Sa 16   Working at fence between Flat & Reserve burnt down.  Top & John at Lutheran Pic Nic – I got 1st prize for running.  Hulena paid 18/6
Su 17   Put ewes on flat off ridges   all went to JHB some rain.
Mo 18   Finished McGreeveys fence   Got letter from Mr Botts to have sheep mustered in yard.  Put ewes on ridges.  Miss Magnusen came with eggs
Tu 19   Up at daylight.  Mustered back.  John helped.  Got in wethers.  E rode on Tom’s mare to J.H.B. the latter came.  Mr Potts sent man to say he could not come today.
W 20   All sheep in yards early.  Mr Potts picked 48 wethers 2 tooth at 7/6 each.

March 1895
W 20   48 two tooth wethers at 7/6 = £18    Dagged paired hoofs and put on back.  495 mixed.  270 ewes (12 of Toms) & rams on Widerups.  Sheep buyer Thomas here for dinner
T 21   Carted 1000 bricks to JHB brought back ewe & lamb from McGreevey’s Paid Dr.  £4. 4. 0.
Fr 22   Rain forenoon.  Shook grass seed on Totara Hill afternoon
S 23rd   Put 400 Gallons water in Dip.  Put in strainer on Precepice.  Shed paddock.   Put up bridge in Reserve   Top at Mr Andersons   Bernard Bengtsen paid 33/- for dipping 290 sheep & 1 ram.  Purchased for 10/-   Rain tonight.
Su 24   Rain, all at home fine afternoon   Tom back from Hastings.
M 25   Sent order to Wms & Kettle

Mon 25   for grasseed pollard wheat tea oatmeal etc.  J Pettersen dipped 255 sheep   Bought 3 romney rams for 30/-
Tu 26   Dipped 253 ewes 5 rams, 1 ewe got its neck broken in the yard; Tom found his new dog “Juno” at Mrs Gribbles.  W Siddells registered dog 2/6 yesterday. Tom took home 12 ewes in return or exchange for 12 of his.  Got fish from W Woods.  Calm dull day.
W 27   Mrs Friberg came before breakfast.  Nailed up gate & rails at Petersens worked at fence.  E drove to Mrs Fribergs & Adas.  Toms mare foaled.  C Friis gave New P.N.  I paid E Olsen cheque Pds 7. 0. 0.
Th 28th   Sent P N = £31.5. to BANK.

March April 1895
Th 28   Mustered back early.  Put 71 wethers on flat.  Dipped and put on back 424 lambs etc.  Rev Ries & Robert Shaw called to see Toms horse.
F 29   Tom took home horse & dray and load of grasseed.  Very heavy rain afternoon.  Shook grasseed on flat.  Rec’d £18 cheque from Nelson Bros   48 WET
Sa 30   Shaking grasseed on flat   Got PN returned from Bank as irregular.  Sent £18 to BANK.
Su 31   Went to JHB   Tom Walker here.  Children to Lu Sun School
1st April Mo   Went to C A Friis to get a fresh P N.  Sent it to Union Bank.  Sent £2.1.10 to Wms & Kettle.  E & Auntie drove up to Lockheads. Fine day.

1st April 1895
MON   Mending burnt fence between flat & reserve.  Killed sheep
Tu 2   Put in cabbage plants forenoon.  Hans Mortensen brought 3 lambs of mine took home 8 of his.  Went to Toms with bread & meat   called at Alabasters & Gundersons
W 3   Mending Alabasters fence with Oscas Gundersen.  Fine   Top has a cold   E making clothes
Th 14   Mending Allabasters fence with Os Gundersen.  Finished one strainer   Mr Webber paid 10/- interest from Dairy Factory.  P.N. returned as irregular
Fr 5   At Reserve fence.  Sent P N to Union Bank.  Mr Webber sent another 1/- interest.  E paid Ericksens bill 13/6
Sa 6   Killed sheep.  high winds   finished fence – Reserve – Flat.

Sat 6th April 1895   Lillie went to Neilsons Bull.  All went to Wesleyan Tea Meeting. Paid Rev Randerson £ s 1.1.
Su 7   E Top John & Tom went to JHB   Tom took home his mare & foal
M 8   Dipped 137 sheep of J T Wilsons   settled with J Pettersen.  Received 25/-   Sent Fanny to Neilsens Bull.  Paid 5/- for 2 cows   Eng Olsen working here today.  John not well.
Tu 9   Eng Olsen widening dining table   J Neal called Alabaster passed with dogs and gun.  Shook Ryeseed
W 10   Wheeled dags into garden.  Mr Murray called about dipping his sheep (800)   Mr Johansen came to see about buying some killing sheep.  E & Top went in coach to Orm for Napier.  John & self went to JHB in the evening.
Th 11th   Agent for AMP Soc called, no go   Shook grasseed on back sec.  Raked in some, on Reserve Flat.  Sent cheque £3.12.9 to E Olsen.

April 1895
AP 12th   Shook some grasseed on burnt ground on back Sec.  Had dinner with John near bush
Sa 13   Rain all last night.  Shook seed today on back.  Christofersen borrowed 100 bricks.  Mr Murray called.  John housekeeping.
14th   Tom came down at 10 AM.  Creek rose over bridge.  At home.
MON 15   Rain. Rain.  Tom went home   Planted 1 Red gum.  Gully plantation.  Water over bridge.  Churned & made some nice butter.
Th 16th   Wet again.  Put up pig stye behind battens. Spoke to C Friis about young pigs.  Showery.
We 17   Light rain.  Dipped Murray sheep 800 or more.  Killed sheep
Th 18   Got letter from Mother.  Finished pig yard and boiled mangolds and commenced to fatten pigs.

April 1895
Th 18th   Put ewes on ridges.  Tom came & brought 2 samples of potatoes from Dunleavy.  Caught rat in trap last night.  Fine day.
Fr 19   Wrote to Mrs B c/o Mrs King   Shaking grasseed on back sec.
Sa 20   Dipped C Friis sheep with Whites Dip.   Also my 71 wethers
Su 21   Put wethers on back opend gateway for ewes to go on Flat drove to JHB got £6 from JB
Mo 22   Got 12 sacks potatoes at Dunleavys.  J Bouvaird paid £3.0.0.   Letter from E. George came.
Tu 23   Repairing Alabasters fence & Gundersens.  Went to H & A S meeting.  Showery.  Home at 10.30
W 24   Finished Gundersens fence.
Th 25   Fixed boiler in bricks etc.  Shook grassed in Hoggs paddock.  Hansen Bricklayers called.  Nice calm day.
Fr 26   Bought a pair of boots at Wilsons for 14/6 and an axe handle.

April 18 95 May
Fr 26th   Shook grasseed in the afternoon   Harmes called.  N Larsen called.  Tops neck stiff.  At home all week
Sa 27   Wet.  Shook grasseed.  Brought cow “Lilly” to Larsens bull G line.  Harmes called about extention [extension] of time for paying for Dairy Factory.  John took 2 pairs of boots to Olsen to repair. Brought home cow.
Su 28   Light rain   John at Sunday School   Tops neck better.  Tom came evening.
Mo 29   Shaking grasseed on flat light rain.  Jubilee in Topholms paddock.
Tu 30   Grasseed sowing on Flat.
W 1st May   E home yesterday from Napier.  Auntie came up.  Mustered the back.  Dagged and took out strangers and 13 killing sheep.  Pigs shut up to fatten.
Th 2   J Bovaird got horse & dray to cart 200 bricks from Bai’s   E paid J J Browns bill.

May 1895
Th 2nd   Received cheque from C A Friis for £32.8.6. as payment for wethers and Dip.
Fr 3rd   Bought 2 young pigs from C A Friis at 10/- each.  George took 210 bricks to John H.B.  Sowing grasseed on Flat.  Sent cheque to Union Bank.
Sa 4   Wet all day. At home.  Put down oil cloth in hall.
Su 5   Fine day.  Drove to J.H.Bs.
M 6   Grasseeding on Flat forenoon   Shifted milksafe to back verandah
Su 7   [Margin note:  R B ELECTION] Grasseeding on flat. Tom came & voted for 5 Road Board Members.  I did the same in the afternoon.  Tom & George went to smother Bees in a stump near Neals boundary
WE 8   Helping JHB to kill 2 pigs   one weighed 180lbs one 215lbs.
TH 9   Shaking on flat.  A Neal came with gun & 2 dogs.  Showery.

May 1895
Fr 10th   Finished shaking on Flat.  Started hogg sec afternoon   found one dead hogg.  George making drain etc about house.
Sa 11   Shaking on back. Geo draining
Su 12   Fine day.  All at home.  George & John put 8 head of cattle on back section yesterday.
Mo 13   Sowing on back.  Calm day.
Tu 14   Sowing on back forenoon   Got in ewes 253 and took out the 5 Lincoln rams and some strangers.  Put ewes on Widerups. Geo burning in pig yard.  Rams 73 days with ewes.
W 15   Mustered back.  Picked out wethers dagged and put back mob.
Th 16th   Mr Potts called.  Did not take any wethers.  Slabbed part of pig stye & yard.  Put in some cabbage plants.

May 1895
Th 16th   Top & mother went to Norsewood   Paid Wilsons Bill £8.0.0.
Fr 17   Wet day.  Planted one gum tree
Sa 18   Swept chimney.  Put on it dip tin.  Took out & put in oven.  Sent home Mrs Brennan’s 3 Lincoln rams by George & John   Took home our 3 Romney Rams.  Briske called with road petition   Rev & Mrs Randerson for tea.  George & John went to Toms place
Su 19   All at home   John came home with Tom.  Calm day.
Mo 20   Killed the two pigs.
Tu 21   Cut up the 2 pigs weighed over 2 cwt each.  Shook seed afternoon.  Calm.  Salted the two pigs at night in trough
W 22nd   Sharpened small cross cut.  Found “Maggy” & calf in Hogg’s bush   took them home & milked her.  Took “Pet” home.  Mary came.

May 1895
Th 23   Four dogs last night near the house.  Took C Friis’s ram home to him today.  Went up the German line to see Woods about his dog.  E & Mary went to Norsewood & Ormondville   Florry came up.  Ada came.  Shaking seed   Geo splitting slabs
Fr 24   On back sowing.  Tom took horse and dray & all the youngsters up to his place.  Heifer Pet had dead calf in Reserve.  Paid C Friis 3/-   Fine weather.
S 25   Seeding on Bede Bede track.  “Pet” very weak lying all day.  Gave her gruel and hay.
S 26   Put “Pet” on slings, gave her food.  Went to J.H.B’s
Mo 27   Went with Geo to help at Toms fence.  Put in 2 strainers   “Pet” a little better.  Showery.

May 1895   June
Tu 28   Went in buggy with George to Toms fence.  Hans Mortensen called late.  N Thodsen paid 6/8
W 29   E Mary & Ada drove to Mrs Jack   Sent letter to Mr Murray.  Shook seed on Totara Spurs.
Th 30   Shook seed on back.  E & Mary walked to Ormondville.  Sent Toms insurance money away.
Fr 31st   Mustered ewes & crutched some.  Sold 20 skins & pelts to J Neal for 18/-.  Went to Dairy Factory meeting at night.
1st JUNE   Beautiful weather.  Finished crutching ewes.  A Neal came with horse & dray for skins & sheep 6 strangers.  Got shoes removed on
S 2nd   All went to Ormondville Church
M 3rd   Went with E to Tom’s got bar welded 1/6 & paid for 4 shoes removed 3/6.  Put new cloth on table.

June 1895
Tu 4th   Shook grasseed on back afternoon
W 5th   Cleaned out & reset I/V tank.  Grasseed shaking afternoon   Wrote to Wms & Kettle for Sack Rye
Th 6th   Put in strainer & turn post at Toms.
Fr 7th   Put sidelangs on the 4 rams.  Brought “pet” home to stockyard.  Hung 4 sides of bacon,
Sa 8th   Made feed boxes & racks in stockyard to feed 2 heifers.  Mr McLeod called.  had lunch & stayed the night.  Ella’s birthday. (8 years) Auntie Florrie & Miss Friberg called.
Su 9th   Ella’s Birthday.  Cropped Willie’s hair.  Youngsters at Adas   E Geo & Tom went for them.
Mo 10th   McLeod went to Makeretu.  J.H.B. here for dinner   P.N. £1000  Mr Murray called paid £2.  Put in last 2 strainers at Toms   Brought home Cockie & dray.

June 1895
Tu 11th   Carted in four loads of firewood.
W 12   Wet in the forenoon.  Murray dipped 53 sheep.  Willie Robinson came at dinner time   “Toss” killed rat at manure heap.
Th 13   Shook grasseed.  Went to Neals shed for fleece.  Saw rabbit trace.
Fr 14   Showery.  Seeding on back sec.  Saw skeleton of rabbit on burnt ground.  Washed & hung hams & shoulders of bacon.
Sa 15   Grasseeding.  John carried lunch   A Friis went through back looking for pheasant.  Fine.
S 16th   All at home.  John B came and left dog “Rover”.  Tom & George children went to Lutheran S. School
M 17th   Sent fadge of wool to Wms & Kettle.  Bought a few things at Browns.  Carted stones & gravel to stockyard
T 18th   WATELOO [refernce to the Battle of Waterloo which took place 18 June 1815]

June 1895
Went through back section   Head of tree across fence from McGreeveys.  Shook some seed near Mc fence.  Stripped some gravel over creek at fowlhouse.
W 19   Rain & hail last night.  Cold & hard on stock.  Laid some bricks in front room fire place   Tom saw Hegh about leasing his paddock.  Cold rain & sleet
T 20th   Killed sheep.  Put 4 rams on hill.  Killing sheep in shed paddock   Tom put his ewes on Heghs sec.
Rev & Mrs Randerson called.
Fr 21   George brought back tools etc from Toms buggy.  Carted gravel to stockyd.  Laid some bricks in front room fire place.  Children got a weeks holiday.
Sa 22   Finished from room fireplace cut & carted load of rushes for cow bedding.  Geo carted firewood.  E painted brackets etc.

June 1895
Sun 23   All drove to JHB’s   Inspected new house.  Came home at 3 pm.
Mo 24   Wet.  Planted some trees in long plantation.  Gums between road & house.  Tom went to see Shuker about borrowing Pds 600.
Tu 25   Finished planting long plant’n.  Went around sheep on big Section
W 26   Showery.  Auntie & children walked up.  Drove up to Ericksen.  Planted Macracarpa on Hill.  Shifted potatoes from Shed to house.
Th 27   Made track for dray on ridges   Geo sawing.  Continued planting laurel hedge.  Planted a single one in hillside on “Slope” plantation.  Jacked some logs on ridges track.  Geo carted sheep yard posts & rails   E in Ormlle. bought wallpaper at J.J. Browns

June 1895 July
Sa 29   Jacked log off fence near Mickelsens.  Got shoes removed on Cockie   JHB at Wilson’s sale.  Weaned 2 calves. Daisy & Strawberry & pt on back sec.
Su 30   All at home.  Showers & squalls
JULY  1st M   Planted acacia at each end of Laurel hedge.  Planted a few trees in pig paddock.  Recd from Wms & Kettle report & valuation of wool from London.
T 2nd   Anniversary of Marriage 11 years today.  Squally heavy rain forenoon.  Cold   put scrim on front room.  Letter from Wms & Kettle re Fadge of crutchings sold at 3½ per lb £2.7.2. to my Cr.
W 3rd   Rain & Squalls.  Hail.  JHB & Florry drove up 2 cows for Mr Parsons.  Geo went from here with John.  Scrim & papering.

July 1895
Th 4th   Showers   Went through bush & back Sec.  Saw cattle.  George carted calf to Gribbles from JHBs. Built dog kennel
F 5   Cut plates & rafters for wash house.  George splitting slabs   J Lochhead here for dinner   John went home with Tom   Papered some of front room after tea up to 10 o’clock
Sat 6   Wet again.  Papered front room   finished it after tea.  John came back.
Su 7   Showery all at home.  Mud.
M 8   Auntie Mrs Gundrie & Florrie came E drove them to Ponds  I drove them to Ormlle.  Put 2 loads of gravel at cart shed   Geo getting slabs.  Cold

July 1895
M 10th   Fixed window blinds in right hand front room   Geo cleaned harness and got oil cloth at Wilsons Successor’s.  Paid £1.2.6.
T 11th   Showers & cold.  Put down oil cloth in R front room.  Put in 4 Hinu corner posts in washouse.
F 12   Heavy rain & cold forenoon   George mended reserve fence   Put in posts & plates in wash house   Went to Forresters concert at night with Top & John.
Sa 13   Frost   E & youngsters drove to J Brown & got some stores, heavy frost   one legged man called with subscription list.  Put “Loui”  & Strawberry calf at back.  Topsy calved in the Bush brought her home.  Found old ewe under log.  Killed & skinned her.  Paid J T Wilson  £1.11.7.
John rode up to Toms.

July 1895
Sun 14th   Fine day.  Carried sheep & Sk[?] home from back.  All at home   E Geo & Tom at Palle Jensen   J Lochhead called at midday
M 15th   Fine at Whare.  Mrs Gribble called.  Return of wool.  10 bales realised £76.1.3. nett.  £87.7.4. in London.
Tu 16   Worked at Whare.  Geo making track through green bash.  2 Mrs Thodsen’s called.  Fine.
W 17   Mustered back.  Dagged and picked out 48 weak hoggt put them on reserve.  Put back 413 & one stranger   “Rover” ran away home.  C Friis called to borrow £5   could not lend it   rain in the afternoon.
Th 18   Fine.  A few showers.  At Whare   Gave Tom cheque for £ s d 16.8.0.  E drove to JHB and Ada’s   George cutting track through bush.

July 1895
F 19   Planted trees in pig paddock   A Neal carted here 1 wether   1 strange sheep came into Reserve dug & carted earth into privet hedge
Sa 20   Snow in the morning.  Showers dug some drains.  Planted Holly tree in front of house.  Shifted Yew tree.  John gone to Toms with Rooster.
Su 21   Went round Widerups.  Looked through Mrs Fribergs lambs  Showery.  All at home “Rover” came back
M 22   Showers.  George horse & dray went to J.H.B.  dressing slabs for washouse.  Brought home a week hogget. It died this makes 3.  killed sheep.
Th 23   The finest day this month.
W 24   Put roof on washouse.  Fine.
Th 25   Showers.  At washouse chimney
Fr 26   At washouse. Fine Photographer called.  Sent letter to N.I.Co.

July 1895 August
Sa 27   Fine. Finished slabg. washouse
Su 28th   Drove to J.H.B.  E at Church   Mrs Andersen called in our absence.  Heavy rain at night
Mo 29   Rained all last night & today hail & snow.  Dreadful weather for stock.  E used washouse
Tu 30   Leveling & gravelling at Washouse.  Snow in the afternoon.  Mr & Mrs Randerson here.  Killed sheep
W 31   Cut down Gums in Widerups.  E took butter to & squared up with Woodhouse.  Got Flour etc at J J Browns.  Fine day.
Th 1st AUG
Planted 3 rows of potatoes   1st Early Rubicund 2nd American Prize taker.  3rd Magnum Bonum.  Row of peas   Sent Reserve Rent to Napier   Letter to Wms & Kettle for advance on Wool.  Mrs Clayton

August 1895   and Miss Brown called.  E drove them to Ormondville   Telegram to Tom to go to Waipawa.  Harmis meeting at Woolleys hotel.  Factory.  FINE DAY.
2nd   Stripped top wire of fence between Widerups & ridges.  Put wire & mended fence   Reserve – Englebretsen.  Beautiful day.
Sa 3rd   At Reserve fence.  Shifted Irish Peach apple tree in garden and put it deep in ground.  Put 2 cows Fanny & Pet on back.  Shifted Peach tree from plantation into garden.  Saw 2 ewes with 2 lambs.  Fine day.
Su 4   Fine.  Went through ewes saw 7 or 8 young lambs.  All at home.
Mo 5   Put in row of Beans.  Transplanted some trees & shifted some.  Planted willow in front of house on Widerups.  Carried home ewe.  Went through ewes.

August 1895
Mo 5   Ada came.  E & she drove to Mrs Gribble’s   Nice spring day.  Put in one row of beans
Tu 6   Planted levelled & seeded (grass) pig paddock.  Skinned 2 tooth ewe in lamb.  Planted & fenced oak at or near end of house   No more tree planting this year.
W 7   Went through Ewes.  Raked in some grasseed.  John rode to Ada’s with skirt and bacon.
Th 8   Slabbed part of drain in the garden.  Dug & transplanted some trees in garden   Sent 6 oak trees & 3 elms to J.H.B.  E drove there.  J.H.B. living in new house.  Sheep buyer W Thomas called about buying sheep.  Fine weather   Planted broad leaved poplar near end of house.

August 1895
Fr 9th   Fenced broad leafed Poplar.  Killed sheep.  Shook grasseed on bush track & in burnt bush   Top took butter to Woodhouse   Found 2 dead lambs.  Showery.
Sa 10   Heavy rain last night   today made Honeysuckle curtain pole.  Showers. Shook grasseed on and about bush track.  Saw rabbit on back Section   Very heavy rain tonight.  No lambs coming.  3 cows inside.
S 11   All at home.  Went thro sheep   1 dead lamb.  Mr & Mrs Clayton came & spent the afternoon   Tom found 6 of his ewes dead on Heghs Section.  Fine.
Mo 12   One dead lamb.  Seeded & raked 1st & 2nd ridge   Shook seed in reserve.  Dreadful rain in the afternoon gave lamb to Mrs Olsen.  Mrs Gribble paid £1.0.0.

August 1895
Tu 13th   Helped Tom put 78 hoggets on Hegh’s   Put 14 on burnt ground   Loan & Mercantile man called.  Saw Mrs Fribergs Hoggs.  2 dead lambs.  Put twin lamb to ewe without lamb.  Fine.
W 14th   Sent Deed to Wms & Kettle for £60 advance on wool.  Strange Hogg in long plantation caught & put it in shed.  Tom skinning & pulling wool off dead sheep at Hegh’s.  Shook seed Reserve & on big Secn.  Found ewe caught in dead tree & one dead in gully in ridges.  Killed twin lamb.  Rev Wills called   E bought some things at Ericksons
Th 15   Sick ewe died last night.  Shook seed in Reserve.  Ada came & went with E to Andersons   Bought felt hat for me for 2/-   Fine day showery at night   Plymouth Brethern [Brethren] man called.

August 1895
Fr 16th   Found 2 ewes cast in lambing took ewes & lambs home.  3 dead lambs.  Fine weather for lambing.  Fred Sugar called.  Letter from Wms & Kettle.  Cheque for £60 advance on wool.  Shook seed in Reserve.  Ducks & Geese laying.
Sa 17   John breaking up & spreading cow dung.  All hands brought in ewe & dead lamb, put another lamb to her with her own lambs skin on it.  She soon took to it.  Drove stakes & put up netting in front of house.
Su 18   Round ewes.  Drove to J.H.B.  Gave him £60 cheque. Rec’d from J.H.B. £14.0.0. Fine.
M 19   E drove to JHB.  Ladies meeting at Miss Pattersons.  Social   Clayton called wanting to buy fat sheep.  Transplanted some trees in the garden.  Showers.

August 1895
Tu 20th   Cold showery miserable day.  Hung small gate & finished wire netting in front of house   Spend ½ day now amongst ewes & lambs.  2 of the ewes I got in exchange from Tom lambed, both had twins.  Poor.
W 21st   Showers in morning   Sunshine afternoon.  Shaking grasseed in Reserve near Englebretsen   Gave lamb to Miss Webb.  Mothering lambs.  No growth.
T 22   Frost   Sunny day.  Mothering lambs, 2 tooth ewes 2 or 3 not taking to their lambs had to get them to yards.  Most of the ewes have lamb   Sent £34.0.0. to Union Bank Sent order for goods to Wms & Kettle   Shaking grasseed in Reserve
Fr 23   Amongst the ewes & lambs had to bring in 2 more 2 tooth

August 1895
and pen them up with their lambs.  Gave one twin lamb to Todson.  Finished sowing grasseed in Reserve.  One 2 tooth ewe in lamb died suddenly in the shed paddock on the track this afternoon
S 24   Through ewes & lambs.  Most have lambed.  Gave lamb to Englebretsen & one to Bai.  Clipped laurel hedge shook grasseed on Bengtsens falling.  “Toss” chased rabbits there   E Top & Ada Smith at Ormlle.
25th   Ewes & lambs until 3.15pm   dreadful stormy & rain last night – E & Top at Om Church,  Took “Lillie” to O Larsens Bull.  Paddocks very bare.
Mon 26th   Carried home 2 tooth ewe which had big dead lamb yesterday.  Found Lincoln Ewe lying down cast with lamb nearly dead.

August 1895
M 26   Went through Palle Jensens house.  Certified it value for £100   Mrs Adean & Barbara
Tu 27   Ewes & lambs shook seed on burnt ridge on back secn.   Windy   Sent £22.15. to N I Co   E  at J.H.B. Got goods from Wms & Kettle.  Paddocks bare.  Paid sheep rate 14/- on 700 sheep.
W 28th   Through sheep.  Picked up 1 ewe.  Grass giving symptoms of growing   Shook grasseed on back.  Saw rabbit     Mustered reserve & put 46 Hogg’s on back.  Went to Orm Social to meet Bishop Williams at night.  A good nights entertainment.  Letter from George Hunter.  Porangahou [Porangahau]
Th 29   Ewes & lambs & grasseed.  Fine grass giving symptoms of growing.  Went to Vestry meeting at night.  The Bishop there.
Fr 30   Do  Do  Transplanted oaks in garden.  Very light rain.

Aug’t.  September
Sat 31st   Found ewe cast – dead in the act of lambing – 4 tooth on flat, near gate, under stump skinned her.  Mustered Toms sheep on Hegh’s.  4 Hoggs Short.  Perceptible signs of growth   Lit 2 fires on back of Widerups  H Bai called for some Dip to wash pig.  No fresh lambs now.  A beautiful month for stock.  [Margin note:  Put many lambs to ewes not their mothers]
Su 1st SEP   Skinned ewe which had her bearing out.  Put twin lamb on another ewe.  John B came for flowers.  Fine day.  Put “Lillie” on back.  She came back    Alick Jones called at night.
M 2nd   Lit fires back of Widerups.  Mrs Condie & Mrs Clayton called.  North offered 3½ for skins and 4d per lb for skins bled.
Tu 3rd   E lit fires in Reserve.  Lit firs on back section.  Fine & breezy.
W 4th   Very high wind last night and

September 1895
W 4th   today.  Heavy showers.  Fires in Reserve.  Put in small row potatoes   No hay cut grass in plantation for cows.  Plenty of feed in Reserve
Th 5   Found Jersey Bull on back among cattle.  Found owner at night Hans Mortensen.  Raked grasseed on Ridges.  Fires going in reserve   Ella Friberg called.  Fine weather   Put in cabbage seed & lettuce.  Foudd ewe & young lamb.
Fr 6   Firing in Reserve.  Mrs Friberg came   E drove her home & called at Adas.  Grasseeding on Ridges.  Found ewe lying on side, lamb gone.  Heavy shower evening.  I give cows 2 sacks of grass cut in Plantation.   Hay all done.
Sa 7   Fires on Reserve Flat.  Ewe found her lamb.  Went to Norsewood Sale bought sofa 33/-wash Stand 13/- table 14/-   Thodsen carted them home.

September 1895
Su 8th   Through sheep.  Chased home Mickelsens dog.  Frank Adean here last night.  John went home today with him.  We went to Orm. Church.  Fine.
M 9   Killed sheep.  Skinned Hogg   Put in onion seed and some cabbage plants.  Saw two rabbits on back sec.  Dog could not catch.  Planted row “Early Rubicund”
Tu 10th   Half day at back 1/2 day in garden.  E at J.H.B.   Put in row of mangolds.  Nic growth.
W 11   Half day at back.  Saw & chased rabbit, at the edge of green bush.  Worked in the garden afternoon.  Put in row of mangolds & strawberries.  Tom took “Duchess” to sledge manure..  Castrated calf & earmarked 2   ½ day at back.  Heavy shower.
Th 12   grasseed on Widerups evening.

September 1895
Th 12th   Growing day.  Nice feed for cattle and sheep.  Found ewe which died lambing.  Letter from George Hunter.
F 13   Frost last night.  Hot day   Stock all right now.  Made gate for going into Reserve.  A Neale bought skins £2.3.2.  Put in totara strainer at Reserve gateway.  Mrs Gribble called.
S 14   Got 2 Heno gateposts.  Dragged them in with Duchess.  Went to Norsewood for hinges.  Got bell and strap for “Maggie”.  Jimmy & Frank Adean burning rushes.  Rec £2.3.2 from J Neale.
Su 15   Drove to Orm Church.  Canon Webb preached.  JHB at Te Aute   Auntie Mary & Florrie came up in buggy.  Warm Day.
M 16   Put in 2 rows of potatoes etc   Gatepost at Reserve gate.  Mrs Andersen & baby called.

September 1895
Tu 17th   Round sheep found dead lamb, opened it and found small portion of wool in its stomach.  Put its skin on a poor twin lamb, the ewe took to it.  Got Collinge (Smith) to put spring in ear marker.  1/- 2 pairs of gate hinges 10/6   Put in gate post in sheep yard.
W 18   Hung gate going into Reserve   Put in 8 posts in short fence   Hung gate going into 2nd sheep yard.  Another matai dead tree burnt down in Reserve.  Every day fine now.
Th 19   Fixed up sheep yards.  Got in sheep off flat, Rides and Reserve & docked the lambs.  E rode to Ada’s & Mrs Fribergs
Fr 20   Got in ewes 7 lambs off Widerups & docked lambs.  Killed Black sheep yesterday.

September 1895
Fr 20   247 Ewes 241 lambs, wether lambs 110, ewe 131.  One ewe & lamb on back section not counted.  E went to Makat Mr Robinsons for 2 sks [sacks] potatoes J Brabazon came & took “Rover” home.  Found Ram lamb dead after docking not castrated.  J Goodwin called
S 21   Showers.  Put in 3 rows of potatoes   3 rows mangolds.  Round sheep
S 22   All at home.  Windy.  John B came
M 23   John B came before breakfast to say Mrs Friberg was not ready to Dock.  Put in some mangolds.  Tom digging in the garden.  We went after dinner and docked J B’s lambs 45 & 47
T 24   Rain all last night & today.  Children could not go to school
W 25   Rain all day & all last night.  John at school.  Tom home tonight.
T 26   Fine cutting tracks on backs   Mrs Randerson & Mother called

September 1895
Fr 27   Chased Rabbit in scrub.  Cutting tracks at back.  E rode to JHB.
Sa 28   Got in sheep from back.  Picked out 17 sheep for killing & put them on Reserve.  Killed sheep.  Wet afternoon   Went to Milk Suppliers meeting
Su 29   Wet all at home.  Tom & George
M 30 Showers.  Put sheep out of lawn to keep it up for hay.  Put calves & pigs out of plantation.  Put goose & 14 eggs to sit in cart shed.   Showery   Beautiful month.  End wet.
OCT 1st   Fine day.  Frost last night   Shook seed on a few small burnt patches on back section.  Tom went to see Mr Shukar.  E at Adas.  At sheep yards.  Evening.
W 2nd   Got in Jubilee & Fanny   Wheeled manure from under battens into Garden.

October 1895
W 2nd   Mr Shukar called.  Enclosed P.N. for £50 in favour of Tom.  Frost last night.  Shower tonight
T 3rd   22 years in New Zealand today.  Drove to Mrs Friberg and docked 200 lambs   95 wethers & 105 ewes.  One died.  187 ewes, 15 dry ewes, 2 wethers.
Fr 4   Docking at Toms 109 lambs   Met Mr Webber Pastor Ries & Westall at Mrs Riis’ house   Released Mortgage on Dairy Factory.  Rec’d cheque £157 from Mr Westall.  Endorsed cheque. Drove Pastor Ries to Ormondville.
S 5th   Fixed up batten yard at shed.
Su 6   All drove to Orm church & JHB.
M 7   Round sheep.  Put in Row of Peas   Dug in garden  Put in potatoes.  Mr & Mrs Webber called & paid £11.10.0. on behalf of D. Factory   Grass backward in paddocks.

October 1895
Tu 8th   Made fires in Reserve flat.  Put in Row Derwent Potatoes in garden.  George came up from JHB with horse & dray
W 9   Very windy rough morning   Ploughing & putting in potatoes at Toms with Duchess & Cockie   Terrible windy night.  Got set of shoes on Cockie.
Th 10   Rain & dreadful storm all last night & today.  Gum tree blown across fence on Widerups.  Cows in Reserve tonight.  Made ends for curtain holes
Fr 11   Windy last night and rain   Drove up to Toms & finished planting the Potatoes,.  We four went around Toms   burnt section came home and felled 2 gumtrees & George hauld them with “Cockie”
S 12   Great wind.  Sawed few logs in Reserve.  Geo dragged in Gum trees from Widerups.

October 1895
Sa 12   Killed sheep yesterday.  Put 16 sheep back on Reserve.  Not so windy today.  All at home.
S 13   All at home fine day. Dry.
M 14   Put in a few mangolds Seeds.  Went to T Sideys Sale.  Bought
Jack   2.10.0
3 rolls sheep nett’g 60 yds each   2.2.0
13 stable door bolts   4
2 axes   4
shovel & hoe  5
Rake & seive [sieve]   2/6
pair trace chains   3/6
snig chain   4/6
fire irons   6/6
pair curtains   5
Mantel mirror   19/6
looking glass   5
Books   3
Deer skin & Tacks   4
£7 18 6
I Paid for JHB 63/- Do for T Jessop

October 1895
T 15   Rode to Sideys for wool hook knife & bit 2/6 paid to J Sidey   total £8.1.0.  got mare shod   paid Collinge for 2 sets 12/6 and 2/- for wool hook.  Dry winds.  Grass not growing
W 16   Finished sowing mangolds great many green trees blown down in back sec after gales.
T 17   Put in 2 rows of American Potatoes in middle patch   cleaned up shed. Ada came.  E went to JHB   Hung pig door.
F 18   Put in post. Ridges – Widerups, matai.  Made fires on back line.  E sewing JHB.
Sa 19   Do.  Photograph man came.  Repaired Road fence at gums.  Dug a bit in garden.  Showers
Su 20   All at home.  Saw cattle and sheep on back sec.  Showers   John came back from JHB.

October 1895
M 21   Digging in garden.  E at JHB   made up some fires.  BAI called.
Tu 22nd   Poor old Duchess met with an accident, was badly cut in the wire fence at Englebretsens, the sinews of her hind leg cut through. Young Entire the other side of fence.  Got old Mr Friis to look at her.  Killed sheep.  Dagged rams
W 23   E rode to JHB today again.  George came up & led Duchess home and bathed her leg & dressed it with ustang liniment & put cloth around it.  Chased pigs home from near Thodsens with Dog.  One was dying.  Bled him and scalded him.  He was too much worried
Th 24   Put in some Parsnips & carrots.  Cut up pig & pickled him.  Made fires.  E walked to JHB   Rees Watkins arrived.

October 1895
Fr 25   Stormy & rain.  Went with R Watkins all through Peter Rasmussens section.  Dressed mares leg.  R Watkins departed.  Saw cheese factory.  John went home with Tom tonight.
Sa 26   Put in onions & pea sticks.  Fine   Mended reserve fence at Road & Englebretsens.  Fires
Su 27   Fine day at home.  E rode to JHB
M 28   E & George rode to JHB early.  Sent letter to Wms & Kettle for 35 woolpacks & 6 Hanks twine   fires on back fence line chased Rabbit set fire to stump where I thought he got into
Tu 29   Dug some in garden.  Sent 4 sheepskins & 70 lbs fat to Wms & K.  Washed out shed & put up woolbin.  Sent Post C to W & K   Ada came.  Made up fires
W 30   Dug some in garden   Put in row of peas & bed of turnips

October 1895
W 30   Put 3 barrowfuls of manure over them.  Made up fires, burnt down big rimu on back line   Letter from Forneau [Fournea] Re Section on Waikopiro. Dull weather
Th 31   Put in some turnip seed in garden   Came on wet at midday.  George came up with Cockie & dray bringing woolpacks.  This month has been stormy grass has been slow in coming.

Carpenters time
Feb   Olsen   Englebretsen   Hansen
41   39   8½
Th 14   1
Fr 15   1
Sa 16   1
M 18   1
Tu 19   ½
widening table etc etc
45½ at 11/-   39 at 9/-    8½ at 9/-
£46.12.9.  Total paid.

Cwt   qrs   lbs
Weight of wool in 1894   38 “ 15
Weight of wool in 1895   47 2 1
Weight of wool in 1896   50 “ 19
Weight of wool in 1897   50 2 23
Fat sheep sold in the wool in spring 1898   41 – 11

Carpenters time 1894
Olsen   Englebretsen   Hansen
12th   1   1   –
15th   1   1   –
16   1   1   1
Tu 20   1   1   1
W 21   1   1   1
Th 22   1   1   1
Fr 23   1   1   –
S 24   ½   ½   –
M 26   1   1   –
Fr 30   1   1
Sat 1st   1   1   December
Mo 3rd   1   1   –
Tu 4   1   1   1
We 5   1   1   1
Th 6   ½   1   1
Fr 7   1   1   1
Su 8   ½   ½   ½
Mo 14   1   1   January
T 15   1   1
W 16   1   ½
T 17   1   1
19½   19½   8½

Jan 1895
Carpenters time
Olsen   Englebretsen
Fr 18   1   1
Sat 19   1   1
Mo 21   1   1
Tu 22   1   1
W 23   1   ½   Hansen   8½
T 24   1   1
F 25   1   1
S 26   1   1
M 28   1   1
T 29   1   1
W 30   1   1
Th 31   1   1
Fr 1st Feb   1   1   32½   32
Sa 2   1   1       33½   33
M 4   ½   –       34   33
W 6   1    1       35   34
T 7   1   1         36   35
F 8   1   1   37   36
S 9   1   1   38   37
M 11   1   1   39   38
T 12   1   1   40   39
W 13   1   –   41   –

Bales 1894-5
Fleeces   cwt   qr   lbs
1st Bale 46 x bred 3   1   8
2nd Bale 48 x bred   3   0   5
3rd Bale 64 x bred some hoggs   3  0  24
4th Bale 54 1/2 bred   2   2   4
5th Bale 54 Rom Ewes   2   3   4
6 Bale 79  1/2 bred hogg   2   3   4
7 Bale 80 1/2 bred hogg   2   1   15
8 Bale 80 Rom hoggs   2   –   16
9 Bale 80 Rom hoggs   2   –   23
10 Bale 80 Rom Hoggs   2   1   2
11 Bale Pieces & Bellies   3   1   24
12 mixed pieces 14 fleeces on top one sack pcs & 3 flc on top
No of fleeces 68   2 strgglers 4 or 5
13 Lambs Jan 1895   2   2   18
14 26th Jan 1895   2   2   5
38   0   13
x 4
weight of wool 1894   152
682 ) 4271   179
4092   6682

Wool sold 1893 1894    £   s   d
1st sale   Nov 93   First lot   0 11 1
Six bales   1st sale   42 11 9
2nd Dec   Six bales   2nd sale   45 2 6
3rd Jan 24   Six bales    3rd sale   51 3 5
1 sack of wool   1 2 0
Mar 24   2 sacks of wool   1 16 3
April   Pelts sold to Mr North   – 11 –
July   1 Bale crutchings   24 skins   5 11 1
June 4th   C Friis Paid for wethers   31 5 0
February   C Fredericksen paid for ewes   16 17 6
June   16 17 6
Skins fat & dead wool
sold by Wms & Kettle   213 9 1
Sep 18th   3 bundles skins sold to J Neal 4 per lb   4 8 0
Sack wool sold to Wm & K
Skins sold by Wms & Kettle   19 8
218 16 9
one sack of wool = 1 2 3
Total   219 19 0
Butter   10 1 00
230 0 0

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