Diary 05 November 1895 – September 1897





1st November 1895
Poor old “Duchess” got under a log – her legs – last night.  Her wound on the leg opened in her struggle   I put her out of her misery, with regret. George dragged her away with Cockie into the Reserve where we buried her. Tom carted 6 wool packs etc & wool box home.
SA 2nd   Strained wires in Widerups – O’Hara. Saw sheep & cattle on the back raked in grasseed in Reserve   All went to Lutheran S. School childrens Concert at night. Moonlight.
SU 3rd   Rode with George to see Waikopiro Block.

November 1895
MO 4th   Rode on Jimmy up to Toms to help him shear his flock. J Petersen assisted “Fan” cleared out yesterday was found today. Very windy.
TU 5   Shearing at Toms. W Beck & J Petersen assisting. E there
W 6   Rain last night and today. Finished the ewes J Petersen & W Beck. Pressed 2 bales & a half. 61 & 62 fleeces in the 2 bales. School examination. Rain. Rain.
TH 7   Fine day. Put hen and 10 chickens in fowlhouse. Mowed track to house. Dagged 112 hogg at Toms in the afternoon.
Fr 8th   Shearing Toms 112 Hoggs. E & children there. light log stained fleeces.

November 1895
SAT 9th   Pressed 3 bales at Tom’s making a total of 5. Came home and mustered ewes on flat, and dagged until dark 104. Mr. & Mrs. Watkins.
SU 10th   All at home except John who went to Makatoku [Makotuku] Church with Mr Randerson Mr & Mrs Watkins. The latter went home after dinner. Mrs Randerson called. I went to the back with A Neal & dogs to look for rabbit. Top at Mrs Deans tonight.
MO 11   High wind & rain no picnic. fine afternoon   E rode up to Adas & to JHB. Put ewes & lambs off Widerups in to Ridges Willie here. Top at Adeans. Rev Wills called.
TU 12   Mustered ewes & dagged remainder Shore 37.

November 1895
TU 12th   Commenced to shear came on wet. C Friis took away Romney Ram and gave me a Lincoln Ram. H Brenkley borrowed fly of tent.
W 13   Dull day rolled up fleeces   Helped Tom load 5 bales of wool 3 on cockie & 2 on J Petersen waggon. W Beck driving. Got in killing sheep shore & killed one   Put 12 in shed & 3 rams under tarpaulin. Cloudy.
TH 14   Fine morning Da O’Hara called. Shore 2 Rom & 1 Lincoln Ram & 12 merinoes   Put the latter on the Reserve. Put up Tarpaulin. Heavy rain. [margin note Shore 37 15 3 = 55]
Fr 15   Fine day. Mrs Watson sister & Mrs Beckett called.

[Scanning of this page captured only left side of page, so difficult to transcribe]
November 1895
Fr 15th   Put 45 ewes in the […] Shore 2 ewes both[…] Circus people camped in front of house. Adeane […]
SA 16   shore 50 or 60 ewes […] Came on heavy rain. Thunder. Children [,,,] with E at Norsewood
SU 17   R Watkins here at dinner   Got in sheep Drafted 18 […] Jubilee calved Heifer calf. […]
MO 18   Shearing Ewes after dinner. Mustered flock [?] Rain came on. Shore up to 6 PM. Showers   Tom shearing & Fleece […]ing. Mr Watkins at […]   Ada & Mrs Clayton at […] Weather like winter tonight.

November 1895
TU 19   Shearing Ewes up till dinner time. Showers   Pressed one bale afternoon 58 fleeces X bred ewes.
W 20   Pressed one bale X bred 54 fleeces. Finished shearing ewes this evening   A Neal called. E rode to Finch’s for 2 sks [sacks] potatoes
TH 21   All hands up early to muster back. Came on wet picked over locks. Mr Finsch came with 2 sks potatoes 10/- Pressed 2 bales X br FINE 54 fleeces in each. George came with horse & dray.
Fr 22   Up early. Mustered back with Geo Tom & John   Dagged some shore shedful   George carted 4 bales to Orm [Ormondville].

Nov 1895
Fr 22   Mr Adeane came with “Darkie”. Paid 30/-   showers all day.
SA 23   Showers. Rolled fleeces   Transplanted a few mangolds Killed sheep. 11 in Reserve
SU 24   A Neal came with Rabbit Fired one in Rimu stump Through Back Section. E Top & Tom drove Darkie to Ormondville. Came on heavy rain in the Evening could not get in sheep
MO 25   Rain at intervals. Got in woolley sheep off Flat. Drafted wethers 4 tooth 164 & put them on Ridges 241 Hoggs. 43 shorn. on Flat Heavy rain all night Rain Rain. All afternoon.

November 1895
TU 26th   Rain Pouring down all last night & today. Drove Ewes & lambs out of Widerups on to back Section. Raked in grasseed on Ridges
W 27   Put in Heno clothes line post. Showers   Adean called. Walked over back sec. George rode up
TH 28   Weeding & transplanting mangolds in garden Adean came paid him £1 – Insurance for John. Dr McAllen came Weather took up fine afternoon [margin note Shore some in the afternoon]
SAT 30   Mr Watkins here last night   Up at 4 pm commenced to shear. Tom & George helping El. helping. Worked very hard pressed & Geo took 3 bales for afternoon train. Rev Mr Pendrie & Flossy Randerson.

December 1895
SU 1st   John & George Watkins rode to D O’Haras to mllk Watkins cow. Mr Watkins rode up on “Jimmy” El. gone in buggy to Orm. church.
MO 2   Shearing 4 tooth wethers. Mrs Watkins & children called at midday. Fine.
TU 3rd   Finished big wethers   Geo Watkins & Tom mustered Hoggs. Mr & Mrs Watkins at Mathiis Hansons. children at Jubilee singers   Got hind shoe on “Darkie”
W 4   Shearing Hoggs. Showers   Put some in cart shed   G Watkins shearing. Hansens changed their mind about letting their farm.
TH 5   Shearing Hoggs. Wool sold in Napier 8½, 8¼, & 5¾.

December 1895
TH 5th   Shearing up to ½ past 5   Put remainder of Hoggs in shed. Killed one for dogs   El. rode up to Ada’s. Misses Gundrie & Maycock
Fr 6th   Finished shearing the sheep. Geo came with “Cockie” and dray took Neal & Mortensen 2 sheep home to them. Brought back 3 from Neals. Passed 4 bales. children walked to Orm to see Diarama.
SA 7   Rain in the morning. Pressed 2 Bales. Henry Smith bought Jubilee for Mrs J Smith for £7. paid cash. Got shoes removed on “Cockie”   Geo took 3 bales to Orm   El & Geo rode to Danevirke and Tom.

December 1895
Sun 8   Cloudy all at home. [?] was going to Toms. Came on wet heavy rain. J Brabazon here.
M 9   Loaded 3 Bales with Geo in the morning. Sent Scythe to Blacksmith to be set paid 6d. Snt £5 to Un Bank drove with El to Toms, got in 4 woolley hoggs. Heavy rain   Paid J Adeane £1.10.0. A Smith hawker called. Bought 2 gold brooches & a pair of spectacles.
10th   Commenced to mow round the house & in creek plantation did some work in garden plenty of weeds. Showers. Miss Webb called with subscription list for childrens prize. gave 5/- Bad weather for making hay. Showers every day.

December 1895
WE 11th   Cut some grass in big plantation showers. Cut grass in pig paddock   Went with El to Mrs Friibergs. great rain
TH 12   Cut some in big and long plantation   Tom mowed sloping plantation   Watkins took possession of Hansen shook out grass cut. Bought 1/- worth of beef from F Smith. Friis driver. drove the sheep off Widerups.
Fr 13   Drove to C Friis for Toms hoggt   Mustered his ewes & lambs etc drafted his Hogg & put them on Leasehold   Shore 4 hoggs & 41 lambs. Fine day.
SA 14   All hands got up to Toms at half past 5 AM Finished shearing lambs 108. El taking off the belly wool. Top fleece Ho! John dragging out lambs, pressed 3 parts of bale. turned hay at home got 2/- worth of corm beef off Friis. Geo Heslop called

December 1895
SU 15   Up at 5 AM & out to back section   Found Louie & calf. Saw rabbit. El Geo & Tom rode to Bartosh’s & Orm. Made up a few small cocks[?] of hay.
M 16   Rode with El to Watkins   Mr Nordbye there looked over farm & stock etc. Got horse ”Jimmy” shod. Commenced to shear J Brabazon sheep shore 30. Sent letter to George Heslop offering sheep
TU 17   Finished Johns sheep 98. Rode to Orm. A few minutes at Dr Newmans Temperance address. Tom mowing
W 18   Finished shearing lambs 91   Top & John helped to drive them home. Mowed some.
TH 19   Carted in some hay. pressed 3 bales for John B.

December 1895
TH 19   El & youngsters went to see school prizes given out and to Bartosh for strawberries. Went with horse & dray for sheep to Mortensens. did not bring them back too many. Put some hay in shed
Fr 20   Carted in some hay. Took JB’s 3 bales of wool to station John took some meat (lamb) to Ada’s on Darkie. [?] Gathered hay in shed plantation. Letter from Wms [Williams] & Kettle & £4.7.1. cheque. Balance from seven Bales wools etc   Sent letter to G Heslop re Wethers. Hot days now. Fine hay making weather. Tom mowing on lawn.
SA 21   Went with John to Mortensens.

December 1895
for 8 sheep. Saw Magnusen about his fence being broken down. Shore 2 lambs & 5 woolley sheep. Tom mowing in front. made up some cocks. El went to Ericksens paid £4 road rates & 6d exchange. Hot
SU 22   All at home. Afternoon took 4 young cattle out of Mortensens. The others drove up to Toms. Saw young rabbit.
M 23   Mowed a bit in long plantation, the last. Cut the grass in privet & laurel hedge. Cocked hay in front. John got shoe on Darkie. El at J J Browns. Fine still
TU 24   Some slight rain. Put rows of hay in cocks. Turned out fine day. Put up merry go round for youngsters. Charlie came up.

Xmas December 1895
25 W   All at home 16 at dinner
26   Charlie went back to Te Aute   carted in hay. Made stack
Fr 27   Tom John El & self mustered ewes & lambs at back section before breakfast. Mr & Mrs Vaughan called & stayed until afternoon. Finished carting in hay. Shed full. Drafted lambs & filled shed.
SA 28   Shore 92 lambs. Tom helped good fleeces on lambs. Hot day. Ella & Top at Mrs Andersens   John & Frank rode to Mrs Claytons
SU 29th   Hot day. At home forenoon   Drove to JHB & W Church at night. Sent letter to Mr Heslop Woodville
M 30   Shearing lambs Hot day. Circus at Ormondville.
TU 31   Finished shearing lambs 255 + 1 not shorn 256 including 4 rams. & 2 longtails. Pressed 2 Bales.

Dec-January 1896
TU 31st   One Bale LAMBS. One Bale containing Lambs & 28 Fleeces x BRED on top. Hot day.
WED 1st JAN 1896.
Put ewes & lambs off Flat on to back. Went to Toms with horse & dray and 4 youngsters. Put his hay into shed. Put his 10 hogg into paddock   Castrated calf earmarked 3. Met El in Buggy going to Claytons with Florrie Mr & Mrs Vaughan. The latter drove home after tea. Some rain. Brought down Toms Bale of Lambs wool.
TH 2nd   Loaded 2 Bales of Lambs wool and one of Toms. Put them on Railway truck. Took Johns Jack down to his house. Mrs Clayton & Kate Watkins called.
Fr 3rd   John 9 years old today. He Frank Ella Willie Top & self drove to Toms. Howed 5 drills of potatoes. Hard work   Tom mowing his grass. Willie & Frank stayed tonight at Toms.

January 1896
SA 4th  All hands at Toms. I, howing potatoes Tom mowing. El rode up to Watkins. Bernard Bengtsen called for Bale. John hopping about with sore knee.
SU 5   All at home. Rain & squalls in the morning & forenoon. Geo came in the afternoon   John lying up with poulticed knee.
MO 6th   Went with horse & dray to JHB’s. Pressed one bale of lambs wool & took it to station. Got goods from Wms & Kettle, paid 5/- rail fare. Mrs Miller Smith’s Funeral. Miss Paisley & Mary went to Ada’s. Alf Neal called. High wind tonight.
TU 7th   Got in sheep off Widerups. Picked out 246 Four & Two tooth wethers and put them on Flat. Put 208 mixed sheep on Widerups. Rode over to Sidey’s and earmarked 2 Lincoln Rams full mouth. Very high wind last night.

January 1896
WED 8th   High wind & rain his morning windy all day. Telegram from Geo Heslop Woodville. Cannot come to see the sheep for a week. Mr Woodhouse came with Telegram, weights of 2 bales lambs wool.
TH 9th   Drove up to Toms. Howed potatoes, made up some hay. left Frank there tonight. Fine.
Fr 10   Carting in Toms hay. Petersen getting his lambs shorn. Dr Gradman called.
SA 11th   Carted in the last of Toms hay. Repaired sheep yards Came on Windy. Children went to see Xmas tree.
SU 12th   All at home. Heavy showers in the morning. windy all day. Very disagreeable.
MO 13   Dragged gums with “Cockie” Misses Paisley, Vaughan, & Mary came. Mr Heslop came in the afternoon. Bought 230 wethers killed small merino the first this year. one half 2 tooths one half 4 tooths. Stayed here at night. Also the girls. Ada’s birthday 19.

January 1896
TU 14th   Up at 4.30 AM. Received £74.15.0. from Mr G Heslop for 230 wethers. Helped him to drive them as far as Mortensens. Came home through the paddocks. El & the visitors went to Orm Frank Adeane went home. Took down all rails for sheep to go through paddocks. High winds. Cut some cocksfoot in pig paddock. sent cheque £74.15 to Union Bank.
WE 15th   Cut cocksfoot with Tom alongside of road and some in Reserve. very high wind. carted it into shed. El rode up to Ada’s. letter from Mrs Adeane.
TH 16th   Windy every day. Cutting green vines, supplejacks, lawyers etc on Tom’s fallen bush. Cut some cocksfoot up there. letter from Wms & Kettle. Wool sold. Letter from J J Brown, sent him cheque £20.0.0.
Fr 17th   Windy. Cut some cocksfoot in Reserve and in creek plantation. Ada came. El drove her to Ormondville.

January 1896
SA 18th   Cut cocksfoot in Reserve up to 7 PM   Miss Randerson & her Aunt from Wellington called. Went with horse & dray to Sidey’s for two Lincoln rams. paid W. Newlyng 30/- for them. Calm day. Took Neals lamb home
SU 19th   All went to JHB’s dinner & tea. High wind.
MO 20   Killed sheep. Cut cocksfoot in Reserve. El youngsters & Tom drove to Danevirk [Dannevirke]. Ordered 4 drums of Dip, Whites, from C Thompson, Danevirk.
TU 21   Cut cocksfoot in Reserve forenoon   El & youngsters drove to Adas. Heavy shower. Calm day. nice afternoon.
WE 22   Fenced round haystack. Walked through & round back Section. Saw rabbit in Mortensens. Brought home 4 young cattle from back. Randersons called. El went to ladies meeting at Randerson’s. Breezey.
TH 23   Repaired wire netting fence. Wheeled dogs away from shed. Tom carted home 5 cwt wire. Got 3 drums of

January 1896
TH 23   White’s Dip. El drove to Brenkleys and to Hutchinsons. Windy today again.
Fr 24   El rode “Jimmy” to Ada’s. Gathered and put cocksfoot in sacks. The boys, John & Willy holding sacks. Carted it into dray shed. Wind today again.
SA 25th   Sent cheque for £4.6.1. to County Council rates Valuation 1250. 118 Thrashed cocksfoot in cartshed. Went to Wesleyan tea meeting Paid £1.0.0.
SU 26th   Went to the back with Alf Neale to look for rabbit. Found nest in Mortensens   Saw no rabbit. Fire in McGreeveys
MO 27th   Auntie came up with Miss Webb, she went with El to Ada’s. Thrashed the remainder of the cocksfoot. Got 2 sacks.
TU 28   Cut 100 sticks to thatch with Cut & carted in rushes. Ada came & went with El for flax. Sent £22.15.9 interest to Northern I Co & letter to Juline Sandtmann Esq. Ella went home.

January 1896
WE 29   Cut 66 more sticks for thatching 166 in all. Finished thatching hay stack. Two yellow dogs ran through sheep. Hot.
TH 30   El oiled buggy harness. I mended buggy collar. J Adeane called. El drove to Orm to Rev Wills. Got drum of w Dip. Repaired fence along McGreeveys. Some posts burnt. Blistered. “Cockie” on near side lump over hoof. Rubbed in Jame’s ointment for ½ an hour.
FRI 31   Sawed totara log in Reserve and got 16 very big posts. Hot days now   Tom’s bush burning. El washed buggy.
SAT 1st FEB.   Sawed totara strainer & posts in Reserve. John got 1lb cocksfoot at 2d. Mrs Friberg called. Went with her round Fritsberg’s Section. Some posts & one strainer burned. El & youngsters at Ada’s. George put Jimmy in harness went quiet in dray. Plenty of smoke. Hot   Got cheque from Wms & Kettle £69.10.6

February 1896
SAT 1st   Eight bales 72.16.9 at 2nd Sales   1st Sale 72.12.2   Nett amount 15 bales 145.8.11   230 wethers to G Heslop 74.15.0 £220.3.11
SUN 2nd   George put Jimmy in dray on flat. J at home. El Top Geo & Tom drove to JHB’s & round by Mak. Warm day. Wrote 3 letters. Very close tonight.
MO 3rd   Made dam in creek to get plenty of water for dip. Mr G Hunter & Henry Smith called. Rain came on. Emptied dip. J McLees borrowed tarpaulin. Sent cheque to Union Bank £69.10.6. Signed & sent insurance form to insure house for £200. Sent Reserve rent £2.5.6.
TU 4th   Put 500 gallons of water in dip   Bought some beef steak out of Friis’ cart at 4d per lb. El drove to Ada’s & Ericksens   Miss Paisley & Mary here tonight.

February 1896
WED 5th   Up early. Mustered Tom’s sheep Dipped and took them home. Drafted & put 144 ewes on Burnt ground remainder on home paddocks. Home late & skinned lamb.
TH 6th   Mustered all sheep. Dipped 409 All in good condition. Paddocks dry & pretty bare. Sent £2.8.0. to Phoenix Co to ensure house of £200. Miss Paisley, Mary & Ada here.
FR 7th   Dipped 305 and 6 rams total 720 and …. killing not dipped. Hulena dipped 267. Allibaster dipped 6 dogs. Saw one ewe & 2 lambs undipped on back. Saw rabbit at Magnusens fence John rode “Darkie” to muster at Ada’s
SAT 8th   John B Willie & John came before breakfast with the sheep from Ada’s 183. Dipped them & John Petersens 266. Sent 3 crawlers to Allabasters. Sold Romney Ram to Petersen for £1.

February 1896
SAT 8th   Received from J Petersen £2.9.0. for Ram £1. Four bales 8/- Dipping 29/-   Went through paddocks found 1 dead wether in Ridges paddock. Dipped 3 sheep found on back sec. Making 723.
SUN 9   All at home in the forenoon. Drove to JHB afternoon. Mrs Jones Waipuk there. Received from Tom for Dip & Bales £2.2.0
MON 10th   Auntie came with Miss Webb & to Ada’s with El. Got hind shoe on “Darkie”. Rubbed remaining half pot of Blistering Ointment on”Cockie”. Sven Anderson dipped 116 paid 9/-   J Bengtsen dipped 260 mixed. Bought Romney March Ram for £1   Paid £1.18.0   Light rain came on in the afternoon.
TU 11th   No rain. Got in 9 sheep off Reserve. Killed one. Dipped & put back 8. This makes 731 dipped. Sawed Hinu log in Reserve. Rubbed or rather bathed Cockies hoof, hot water.

February 1896
WED 12th   Dipped C Friis 595 all told. Reckoned 500. Paid £2. Wrote to W. White for another drum of Dip. George left McGreevey’s today. He & El drove to JHB   Fire came from Alabasters into Reserve.
TH 13   Sawed Hinu log split 13 posts. Ada called. Three swagmen called.
Fr 14   Split some hinu posts went with Geo & Jimmy to Orm for Drum of Dip. Saw H Smith. Mrs Thodsen & baby called,
SAT 15th   Up early. El children & Tom went by excursion train to Napier. Home after 9 PM. Put Jimmy in dray carted lamb to H Mortensen Ewe to Neals.
SU 16th   Went with A Neal through back Section looking for rabbit. Saw none. All at home. Fire in Reserve. No rain.
MO 17th   George & Tom & E drove with Jimmy in buggy to Orawhara [Orua Wharo?] Made up some fires in Reserve. 2 swagmen called.

February 1896
MO 17th   Killed sheep. Another swagman. No rain yet. Paddocks dry looking.
TU 18   John Bovaird dipped 313 sheep left 4 rams. George & self burnt off some in Reserve. Sent Buggy to Collinge & drove to Davis’ Hotel Meeting of Mr G Hunter supporters. Sent £25 cheque & £27 PN to Milner & Thompson Napier for Collard & Collard Pianos.
WE 19   Did not go to Takapau Sports Cut track through Reserve & made fires. JHB & Sam & Robert Black, Wairo[?] Called.
TH 20   Sawed Hinu strainers in Reserve shifted tools to far end, sawed log and split some posts. Fire in Reserve from End to End. Geo & El at Adas & JHB. Travelling woman called. Gave her 2/- & some bread & meat. No rain.
Fr 21st   Went with horse & dray to Orm for piana [piano?] & 2 bags of sand for cement.

February 1896
Fr 21st   Split some hinu posts in Reserve. Hulena called & paid £1.1.0 for dipping
SAT 22   Mustered all sheep. Picked and raddled blue on the head. 260 ewes for rams. Put lambs on the back. Yards very dusty, filling house shed etc with dust.
SU 23   All at home. Welcome rain in evening.
MO 24   Got in ewes off Flat & Culls off Ridges. Put 9 Lincoln Ewes with best Lincoln Ram in front & hill. 252 Ewes on Flat – 261 total. Put culls on back Sec. George secured fence between flat & back. Made up fires on Reserve & along Pastor Topholm’s boundary. Killed ram lamb. 453 mixed sheep on back. Top got her 1st M Lesson
TU 25   Measured back Reserve fence with Pastor Topholm. George dragged Hinu strainer & some posts with “Cockie”. Made up fires put in Strainer. George & El drove out in buggy with “Jimmy”.

February 1896
WE 26   Bored Hinu strainer. Put in a few posts. Printer Olsen came to fence to see about Dipping. Made up fires. Mr & Mrs Andersen & Miss King called. “Maggy” should have been taken to Bull.
TH 27   Sent to Eccles chemist for Box of Pills. Fire came into Back Section from Mortensens. Dipped 77 sheep for Painter Olsen. He paid 6/-. Put in a few posts in fence. Made up fires. Top took her 2nd Piano Music Lesson.
Fr 28th   Went through back sec. Fire & smoke Strainers burnt at Mortensen Magnusen Corner. Put ewes into ridges & Widerups. Put in some posts in new fence. John B came. El rode to Ada’s John rode to Toms.
Sat 29   LEAP Y At Pastor’s fence. Great fire at night. Sparks flying over and against house. All hands up and about 2.30 AM Fire in plantation Gully.

Feb’y   March 1896
SAT 29   In shed plantation, long plantation and over every paddock. Sheep in great danger. High wind sparks come against the house from a long distance our eyes very sore in the morning. Could not see for any great distance. El & Top went to help save Mickelsens house. Killed long tail lamb.
1st MARCH Sun   Tops Birthday 11 years. Walked round sections with Top & John. Burnt everywhere some sheep singed. Strainers burnt. Boundary fences open. Ada & Mary came. John left “Darky” at JHB for Mary to ride.
MON 2nd   Up early & at fence before breakfast. George helping & putting out fires. H McGreevey called. H Gundersen got “Cockie” to drag some strainers. Opened all gateways for sheep to go about. G Frances called.

March 1896
TUES 3rd   Sent Post Card to Eccle’s Chemist for pills   Finished fence, Topholms boundary. Put in strainer at Gundersens corner gateway. No rain yet. Dry & miserable,
WED 4   Went early to H Mortensens to see Cocksfoot seed. Bored strainer. Dug strainer hole & 27 postholes. George split 42 Hinu posts & drayed them over creek. Slight showers. Anna Friberg called.
TH 5   At fence. John took spade to Collinge to put handle in. George getting Hinu posts   Put in Hinu strainer. Dry ground & weather   El rode to JHB. Killed a lamb.
Fr 6   Finished 1st strainer. Flat – Back. Geo made mall. Mr & Miss Randerson at tea. Got new handle put in spade. Box pills came.
SAT 7th   Put in posts & No 3 heavy Hinu Str   George splitting & dragging with horse. El went to Orm & Norsewood got 20lbs white clover & 20lbs cow grass from Wms & Kettle.

March 1896
SUN 8   Went to Allabaster’s to see his cocksfoot seed. Auntie Mary Florrie here for the day. George fetched & took them back. Walked across to Neal Brs. A great deal of ground burnt on back Section.
MON 9   At fence. George splitting. Got in Merinoes off Topholms. Killed one. Ada came. Hot & dry still.
TU 10th   Took tools & horse to McGreeveys End   Put in two Hinu strainers. Geo splitting   John HB took his 2 Lincoln Rams home El rode to Ada’s. Broke new spade handle.
WE 11   Bored Big Hinu strainer in corner. Put in posts & strained. Got £5 note from J Neale to pay for 3 sks cocksfoot. No AO49632
TH 12   Finished McGreeveys part of fence   Came on wet at 2 PM Went home made up some fires on Ridges. Not much rain. El & George drove to J Browns got groceries etc & handle for spade.

March 1896
FR 13th   Finished between me & Mrs Friberg. Hot   Commenced between Widerups & O’Hara. Tom got back from Makutuku. 100 ewes.
SA 14   Digging post holes & put in a strainer, hinu, between Widerups & O’Hara. John took “Toss” up to help Tom. Dry.
SU 15   Found old Lincoln ram caught in fence. Put cobweb & tar on his hoof, which was cut. C Fris came for his Ram. John B, Ella & Willie came. George El & Tom drove to JHB
MO 16th   Slight showers last night. At O’Hara’s fence. Hot day. Took 2 cows “Maggie” & Topsy to Larsens Bull. Ada came. J Neal at night. Mr Fair came with El enlarged photograph paid him £2.15.0
TU 17   At O’Hara’s fence   Miss Friberg came. J Neal mustered Mrs Friberg’s sheep & took home 230 to her.

March 1896
TU 17th   Picked out 19 of C Friis some of mine. El rode to Clayton. Killed sheep.
WE 18th   John & his mother rode to Ada’s on Jimmy”. Finished O’Hara’s fence. Some rain. Started at fence Widerups – Hogg section. El rode to Tom’s with letter. Dug some potatoes up there.
TH 19   Still hot & dry, no growth. Finished Widerups fence. Came along ridges, nearly finished up to Gully. Got samples of rye grass from Wms & K.
Fr 20   Finished along flat. Got 5 rails for Gundersens corner gateway. Took tools to Neals fence, Put in 4 hinu posts. Went and weighed 20 sacks of Alabasters Cocksfoot at Woodhouse’s. Paid him £20.7.6 Good rain tonight.
SA 21   Did not rain much last night. Tom went & got 3 Lincoln Rams at S Johnston   John went to Orm & brought “Darkie” home.

March 1896
SA 21   With El & George mustered all sheep put 372 on back & 2 left there when mustering – 374. Did not have time to finish picking out Ewes for Rams. Top & her mother dug potatoes at Toms.
SU 22   All at home. Top & Geo rode to A[?]
MO 23   Picked out 261 good ewes to 3 Lincoln & 2 young Lincoln rams. One of Sideys old rams died. Put 37 more culls on back Section making a total of 411 culls and 261 with rams and 6 for killing. Killed sheep & skinned ram. Worked at Neals fence afternoon. Miss Webb got sack of cocksfoot 89lbs. El drove to Orm for Fourneau’s box of fruit. Got shoes removed on Cockie. Got sack of wheat from Wms & Kettlle. Tom carted up his 3 rams. Sk of wheat & sk Rye.

March 1896
TU 24th   Tom carted his 3 rams & sk wheat home. Repairing Neals fence with George. Ada came. El bought glass for lamp and sugar in Norsewood. Came on welcome rain at 2 PM and lasted till night. Tom brought Cockie & dn [?] home.
WE 25   C Friis bought 88½ lbs cocksfoot paid 10/- owes 12/1 ½ . Tom got 2 sacks C Foot 76 lbs and 75lbs Alf Neal 80 lbs. Rain last night and today. Good for sowing seed. Commenced shaking seed today on Flat. Cocksfoot, white clover and Cow grass. Send to Wms & Kettle £1.4.9.
TH 26   Shaking on Flat. Geo & El went to Tom’s to dig potatoes. Dug 5 rows for ¼ sack. Hazy day no rain. Slow work. El went to JHB’s. Paid Mr J J Brown’s bill.
Fr 27   Shaking on flat. C Friis got 40lbs more cocksfoot 10/- making 22 ½ to pay. Top came from school at 12 PM. George gone to Orm tonight. El drove up to Ada’s

March 1896
Sa 28   Shaking cocksfoot on Flat. Ada came. Killed sheep. Top and John at Lutheran Tea meeting
SU 29   El Geo & Top went to Tom’s. J Lochhead there. Procession at Norsewood. Tom brought down Book on grasses owned by C.E. Petersen. This book is in favour of Cocksfoot, Timothy Meadow Foxtail Meadow Fescue Tall Fescue (clovers) White Clover Cow grass etc. Rye grass nowhere.
MO 30   Good showers last night. Finished grasseeding on flat. Commenced on ridges 2 heavy showers. Went to Mortensens. Got 10 lambs & 3 other strangers.
TU 31st   Sowing on Brow until midday. Came on heavy rain. Went to Neals fence for tools. El & George scrimming & papering front room. Plenty of mushrooms.
APRIL 1ST   Sowing on ridges. Gerty Friberg came in afternoon. Ada came.

APRIL 1   1896   Wednesday
Flossie Randerson came at night selling tickets for church concert. Sold 4 for 4/-   John walked up to Tom’s re Registers letter.
TH 2nd   Finished Ridges. Started on Widerups Nice showers. Grass growing well.
GOOD FRIDAY 3rd   Wet day. Finished scrum Papering & windows of Tops room. Youngsters & Geo gathered mushrooms. Good growing weather. Received cheque from Tom for £3.17.0. which squares up to the 1st of April.
SAT 4th   Put 15 of Mrs Fribergs sheep on Carlson’s section. Killed sheep. Went sowing on Widerups. Tom helping. He wrote to Carlson. Cockie very lame. Nearly finished Widerups. Some rain.
5. Easter Sunday.   El rode “Jimmy” to JHB & to Orm church. Lanced Cockie’s hoof. First sown grasseed starting to grow. Wrote letter to Fourneau. Showers.

April 1896
MON 6th   Finished grasseeding on Widerups   Commenced on back section. Moist day. D O’Hara & A Neal shaking, also. Mary rode up on Darkie. She & El rode towards Ranges. Thousands of mushrooms about.
TU 7th   Bathed & rubbed embrocation on Cockie’s hoof. Improving this morning. Sowing on big burnt patches on back. Showery. Good growing weather. Mushrooms. Miss Webb takes 3 months holidays.
WE 8   Windy. Shaking in Bush. John B helping. Afternoon Geo & El at Tom’s for Potatoes. A Neal got 84lb sack of Cocksfoot. Windy tonight.
TH 9th   Mrs Friberg came. J Neal brought her sheep to be dipped. picked out 133 culls for J Brabazon at 4/- dipped them and 324 of her own. Heavy showers.
Fri 10   Rain last night, thunder & lighting. high winds the night before.

April 1896
Fr 10th   At Neals fence today. too windy to shake grasseed showery. Had dinner at Waterhole. Plenty sparrows
SA 11   Shaking grasseed on back. Calm dull day. El rode to Mrs Andersen’s. Killed sheep. found remains of burnt sheep. Makes 6
SU 12   Dull day. At home. Geo drove beyond Matamu. Em Olsen came to see Tom Re house. This is the night to fill the Cencus [Census] paper.
MO 13   Sowing big burnt patches on back. Alf Neal took his third sk of cocksfoot across back Sec. today 84lbs. Mrs Pattulla & another “Lassie” called & Mrs Andersen & sister.
TU 14th   Dipped 166 sheep with J Neal. Fine day. Grasseed sowing near McGreeveys, afternoon. Mrs Watkins called. Set of shoes put on Jimmy
WE 15   Took our dinners. Sowing the 20 acres next McGreeveys. Hot day. tiresome work. Found 2 dead sheep this makes 20[?] Ten destroyed by the big fire. Grass growing well. Plenty of feed in all paddocks.

April 1896
TH 16   Wet in the morning. John B came over. Shook seed over most of Reserve. shook on back sec afternoon. El rode to Watkins. Cool day.
Fr 17   Neals came and dipped remainder of their sheep 592 total. Picked out strangers. Came on heavy rain, lasted 3 or 4 hours. Mr & Mrs Wills called. Geo & John B shaking seed on back. Killed long tailed lamb. Shook on Reserve.
SA 18   With George shaking on back. Showers. Sparrows taking seed. No seed to be seen on some of the ground sown. Went to Sacred Concert in aid of Bruner Disaster at night, all hands, but George. Rain.
SU 19   Went to Hans Mortensen to get 4 or 5 sacks of Cocksfoot. He had none. Tom George & El dove to JHB Saw Redward about seed, had none. Rain at night. Wrote to Wms & Kettle for 3 sacks of cocksfoot.

April 1896
Mon 20   Shaking on back. Fine day. George Posted letter before breakfast to Wms & Kettle – rode to Orm for 3 sacks of Cocksfoot. Friis paid for seed 22/1 ½
TU 21   El rode Jimmy to Cairns store for 18lbs potatoes for 1/- Good calm day for grasseed sowing. The two Thodsen’s here crutching C Friis’s sheep. 3 more fowls died today, including turkey. 6 this week. Very slight frost last night. First time.
WE 22   Shaking grasseed. 3 of us. Calm   Neilson brought up 1 sack from Orm. Thodsens crutching remainder of C Friis’s sheep. killed sheep.
TH 23   Shaking with George. Ada Came. Mrs Randersen & 2 children for dinner. Thompson carted 2 sks cocksfoot from Orm. Fine calm day. Slight frost last night. Grass growing. Plenty for stock.

April 1896
FR 24   Finished grasseed sowing, all but a few pounds to shake on Reserve and a few handfuls on scrub track on back. Calm good growing day. Plenty of sparrows on seed. Saw a rabbit on Magnusens end. Sent cheque £3.19.7. to Wms & Kettle. Found altogether the remains of 11 dead sheep after the fire, burnt.
SA 25   Finished sowing grasseed. Carried tools to reserve fence and repaired it. Nine fowls and turkey died this last week. Can find no reason. Ada came for her new dress. Nice calm day.
SU 26   Fine day, another hen died last night. El rode Darkey to church & left him. Went with George to J.H.B’s with Jimmy & Buggy. Came on heavy rain at 8.30. Threw dip in fowl house.
MO 27   Rained all last night. Rained all day. Miss Webb gave Top her music lessons this morning   John went to school. Heavy rain tonight.

April 1896
TU 28th   Finished fence – Reserve – Flat. Put 6 ewes off Reserve on to flat. & one out of home mob. making 262 ewes with Rams. Killed sheep.
WE 29   Cold & showery forenoon. Put in strainer & posts & completed fence between ridges & flat. Broke middle tooth out of lightg + cut. Miss Webb & Miss Russell called.
TH 30th   A frost last night. This has been a favourable month. Plenty of grass now. Slight showers today. Mending fence at Neals Waterhole. Took out dinner. George carted 400 bricks from Bai’s. Paid him 16/- He also carted in firewood. El paid J.J. Br 34/9
1st MAY   Windy. Finished 2 strains of Neals Boundary. Alf Neal out shooting. Florrie rode up on Darkie. Mr & Mrs Watkins & Vegetable man from Danevirk called.
SAT 2nd   Got in ewes off flat & crutched them. (99). Ewes heavy. Ada. Mary. Auntie. Top Geo & El & Tom. Went to Danevirk. Bricklayer Hansen called. Windy.

MAY 1896
SU 3rd   Nice calm day. John rode to see Mr Newling about time. All at home. Killed lamb for dogs
Mon 4th   El & George drove up to J Newlings and got 2 half sks of lime. Also got up 3 sacks of sand out of creek. Got in ewes off ridges crutched 51 and 99 on Saturday. Florrie came up & rode home on Darkie. Spring day. Mild, warm & sun shiney.
TU 5th   Got in remainder of ewes before breakfast & crutched them. Took out 2 wethers leaving 260 ewes 3 old rams 2 young rams. Bricklayer Hansen working at chimneys. H Smith delivered 6 sks potatoes. Paid him cheque £2.5. E rode Jim to Watkins. Anna Friberg called. Dry weather.
WED 6th   Killed sheep. At Neals precipice fence. George crosscutting & splitting Hinu posts. Calm day. El bought £2.19.11. worth of groceries from Cairn. Delivered. Miss Webb gave Gertie music lesson.

MAY 1896
TH 7th   Wet day. Shook grasseed in Reserve.
Fr 8   At Neals precipice fence. Put in a strainer & long footed post & others & picked down some earth. Two Tossteson’s came past with dog & gun. J Neale for tea in the afternoon.
SAT 9   Putting in posts, straining etc at Neals boundary. Fine day. John went to Ada’s. Top & her mother called at Mrs Allen’s, went down with H Brenkley. Top at JHB’s tonight. H Smith left 2 sks potatoes for Tom.
SU 10th   All drove up to Tom’s except Top who did not come home from JHB’s tonight.
MO 11th   George went with buggy to JHB before breakfast for Top. Auntie & Florrie came with her & went to Norsewood. Finished fence, Neals part. Commenced at Mortensen’s. Killed 2 tooth wether. Sent 5/6 Rabbit rate to Gilbertsen. Frost last night.
TU 12th   Put ewes off flat on to Ridges & Widerups. Found Romney Ram on back Sec.

MAY 1896
TU 12th   Went to Hans Mortensens. The Ram belonged to him. Took out the 3 Lincoln Rams from Ewes. 7 weeks with ewes. Wet forenoon. At fence afternoon (Mortensen).
WE 13th   Put the three rams back again with the ewes. George went to burning stump at Mortensens fence. Wet day. Bernard Bengtsen called. Pig rooting. Cut a little off its nose. Very wet night.
TH 14   Wet afternoon. Shifted milk safe and wood box on to back verandah. S Hulena called. Sawed the tops off some trees in gully plantation. In afternoon dug round stump in Hogg section looking for rabbit. Did not find one. About an hour at fence.
FR 15th   At Mortensens Boundary fence. Fine day. Ground wet about gullies running gullies. Burning big stump, part of it on fence line. Freezing tonight.

MAY 1896
SA 16th   At Mortensen’s boundary fence, fine day. Had dinner at fence. John with me. Put in Hinau strainer. White frost last night. Kept fire to big stump all day. Sun shine today.
SU 17th   Went through back Sec. Not much feed. Went over to Neal’s. Alf came back thru Sects. Agreed to get in sheep in the morning. Drove to JHB. El walked to Orm Church. Got 1 cwt Galvanised wire at J J Brown’s. Brought back six hens from Aunties.
MON 18   Mustered back sec early. Dagged 140 big sheep and small sheep. Alf Neal called to have a look at sheep & cattle. Put the big sheep on flat. Put some weak lambs on hill. El at JHB’s sewing. Went to Carl Schmidts about leasing paddock. Did not get it. Miss Webb walked up & gave Top music lesson.
TU 19th   Got in ewes & took out Rams. Killed last Merino ewe. At fence took 4 hens to Mrs Thodsen. Paid Collinge £1.13

MAY 1896
WE 20   Hogget died last night. At Mortensen fence. Finished on strain. Mrs Allen called.
TH 21   Set alarm clock last night. Up early. Skinned hoggt Bricklayer Hansen finished yesterday. (Raising the chimneys.) At Mortensen fence. El rode to JHB. sowing.
Fr 22   Helped Tom finish crutching his ewes. Ear marked some of them. too late to finish. El at R Watkins. Very fine day. George at Mortensens fence.
SAT 23   Brought in cattle off Reserve & George John & self put them through fence on to Mortensens paddock. Ten head at 5/- per week. George rode up to Toms & helped him ear mark his sheep. Worked at fence. Fine day. Killed sheep.
SUN 24   George El & children drove round block. Fine dry day. Put 19 Hoggets into Reserve. They are in poor condition.

May 1896
MON 25   Tom took horse & dray. El & youngsters went to Claytons, Toms etc. At the last strain of Mortensen’s fence. Fine day. Weaned “Spot”.
TU 26   George rode to Ada’s & brought back ewes to be crutched. Came on wet before they were finished. Took them back home again. John left 2 Romney Marsh rams here. The old one to be killed for the pigs. Sheep Inspector Harvey called. Bricklayer Hansen came to do a little more to the tops of the chimneys J Neal called about cattle buying. Have none.
WE 27   Finished our part of Mortensen’s dividing fence. Mrs Allen gave music lesson.
TH 28   George & John B brought down the sheep & we crutched the remainder and ear marked the ewes he bought from Mrs Friberg. 106 ewes crutched & 2 lambs. Bricklayer Hansen finished topping the chimneys. JHB came tonight. He kills his 2 pigs tomorrow.

May 1896   June
Fr 29   Went with George in buggy to help JHB to kill his 2 pigs. They weighed 220 lbs each. Kate Watkins called.
SAT 30   Another fine day. George Top & John went to Orm. Top got music lesson. Geo brought back half of a pig. Ella and Willie here tonight. Beautiful day. Split honey suckle & sawed logs. Hinu in Magnusens corner. Rubbed salt in bacon.
SUN 31st   All at home. Like a summers day. This has been a good month, generally.
1st JUNE   Killed sheep. rubbed bacon. Fencing at Magnusens & Gundersens dividing fence put in heavy Hinau posts. Geo splitting. El. fires in Reserve.
TU 2nd   Finished fence between Gundersens and Magnusen. Logged up in Magnusens corner. El has fires going in Reserve flat. and she brought home Rooster from Wakins. Dull calm day.

JUNE 1896
WED 3   Lilly calved last night. Got her and her calf in from Reserve before breakfast. (Bull calf)   Mustered back. picked out 97 of the weakest Hoggs & put them on Reserve. Crutched & put on back 48 and 3 left behind makes 51 on back now. Filled shed & put some in big yard. Remainder on Flat, one Hogg blind. Rev Randerson for Dinner. Mr Adeane Mrs Jensen Mrs Allen called.
TH 4   George brought 25 hoggs from H Mortensens, crutched about 90   Carl Smidth brought 2 Cryptomarea’s from Orm. Geo planted one near each gate in front. Fires going on Reserve flat.
Fr 5   Crutched remainder of sheep for the back 323. Letter from G Hunter   Mr McLeod of Wms & Kettle here tonight.
SAT 6   Finished crutching Reserve sheep. Killed sheep. Firing on Reserve. 82 Hoggs 10 for killing.

JUNE 1896
SUN 7th   Hogget died in shed paddock No. 3 All at home. Friis’ young dog chased the ewes in Ridges. Went to Fred Schmidth’s about him. Rain in the afternoon.
MON 8   Wet forenoon. Tom took Blocks & rope to shift frame of his house to where old one stood. Made up fires in Reserve. Planted wattle in pig paddock. Took down chimney scaffold & boards off roof of house, wheeled gravel to race. Top at Mrs Andersen’s since Friday.
TU 9   Tom Geo & El drove to Orm for jacks to shift Toms house to old site. Finished before dark. Top came home from Mrs Andersen’s. Last night very cold. The coldest this winter. Paid Bricklayer Hansen £1.5.0.
WE 10   Strained wire at Englebretsens paddock. Geo & El drove to Ada’s. Returned ½ sack lime to J Newling.

JUNE 1896
WE 10   Brought back 2 young pigs. Mr Hunter, H smith & H Smith Jun. arrived. Drove up German Line & saw settlers. Had a meeting as Thomasen’s house at night. Had tea at Junction Hotel.
TH 11   Went with Mr Hunter & J Petersen through Norsewood as far as J Gollams and saw the settlers. Back to Woolleys and had dinner. G.H. left in Thomasens Coach.
Fr 12   Logging, jacking & drawing with horse in Reserve. Pressed one bale of crutchings, one sack mixed wool, some white & blacks fleeces. Made up bundle of sheepskins. 38 skins & pelts & 1 ram skin not counted. Loui out on the road in good grass. Fine.
SAT 13th   Dragged logs on Reserve flat with Cockie. George took bale of crutchings Bundle of skins sack of wool and Toms fadge to Orm. Top & John to JHB’s. Ordered box Austral Ceylon tea from Wms & Kettle   Jacked logs in Reserve   Sawed Hinu

June 1896
SU 14   Fanny calved this forenoon. Heifer calf. Walked over to Mortensens, found “Morty” and calf, the latter (Heifer) about 3 days old. For dinner Auntie Mary Florrie Willie Ella John B Tom & ourselves.
MON 15   Geo & Tom brought to the latters place Murty & her calf. Made up fires in Reserve   Sawed Hinus. Found ewe dead in back sec. Top writes to Miss Webb.
TU 16th   Sawing Hinus. Making up fires. Skinned Hoggt in plantation No. 4   Skinned ewe in back. 2 Mrs Thodsens called. Thunder shower fell. Gave papers to H Nordbye.
WED 17   Sawing & firing on R flat. El went to Orm with Harry Brenkley. Mrs Allen came. Box tea from Wms & Kettle. C Nordlof called, re timber & Ada & Florrie
TH 18   Sawing & firing in Reserve. Wet afternoon. Planted a few trees in long plantation & at end Laurel Hedge.

JUNE 1896
Fr 19th   Made honeysuckle window pole. Wet day. Wheeled dags away from shed. Put another blind hogg on hill. Put salt in each of its eyes.
SAT 20   Foggy morning. Cleared broken pinus insignus tree out of slope plantation. Planted gum instead. Planted 2 gums in pigs paddock. Mr Westall called. Top went to Ada’s. The rest of us to Danevirke. Bought pair of boots 12/6 cord pants 7/6   Saw in Dvirke J Lochhead Allabaster bought books etc
SU 21   El rode “Jimmy” to Orm church. Gave a offering of £1. Dull calm day. John went to see little boy Olsen laid up with broken leg.
MON 22   wet Very heavy rain last night. Showers today. Went round all sheep. Back section very bare. Put another blind Hoggt on hill & killed another & skinned dead hoggt. Killed fat ewe. George made clothes horse & rode to Ada’s. Mrs Allen came. Went to meeting at Thomasens.

JUNE 1896
TU 23   wet Another wet day. Geo made mall. Alf Neal here at dinner time. Tom took home his 2 sacks of Potatoes and his oven.
WED 24   WET Heavy rain all last night & today. Fixed trough in back shed for “Loui” to feed in
TH 25   wet Heavy rain still. Great flood tonight Great logs coming down the creek. A rain drop falling in bedroom & parlor fireplace.
FR 26   Great destruction last night. Creek bridge washed away. & 2 Reserve bridges. Slips at the back all over end next McGreeveys & on fence Widerup-Back. New fence along Neals boundary partly buried. Big log rolled against Reserve Road fence. Railway bridges damaged   Road culverts gone. George could not get to Orm either Danish line or Makatoku road. Children get 2 weeks holiday. gone with their mother to concert in village hall tonight.

JUNE 1896
SAT 27   A good growing day after the rain. Took “Lilly” to Wood’s bull on Ger Line. Paid Mrs Woods 2/6. Rolled log through Reserve fence on to Road. Put in some pinus posts & strained up wires. No Napier mail. Letter from G Hunter & sheep dip bill from Thompson Danevirk; Whites Agent £3.0.0.
SUN 28   Fine day. Skinned Hoggt. No. 7 and a blind one missing No. 8. Washed and hung shoulder & ham of bacon. Walked over to Neals. Saw blind Hogg and one partly blind on back. A good many gone blind this season. JHB led “Cockie” home. John went to Mak. Top to JHB.
MON 29   Grand day. Sent cheque for £3.0.0. to Thompson & Smith Danevirk. Sheep dip. Sent letter to G Hunter. Repairing Reserve Road fence. Top at Birthday party. Essie Randerson. El rode to Becketts. J Brabazon called. Rec crutch & skin cheque for £6.1.0. from Wms & Kettle.

JUNE 30   JULY 1896
Tuesday   Light rain today. Worked out all day. Finished Reserve Road fence. Put up 5 rails at gateway. Filled up all along under lower wire. John Top & Willie walked to Toms. Stenberg called. Afternoon George dragged stringers in Res with “Cockie” for bridges. Hinu stringers. This has been a fine month generally, with growth.
1st JULY WED   Fine day. Sent cheque for £6.1.0. to Union Bank, N. also £1.17.10 to Mutual Life Association of Australasia. George dragging stringers to bridges with “Cockie” in forenoon. “Cockie” ploughing at Friis’s in the afternoon. George pulled his shoes off. Hinu stringers in Reserve bridges. Gum[?] at home. El & Top walked to Toms. Killed sheep   Twelve years married today. (12). Squally. Put up 2 bridges in Reserve. Mrs Allen gave music lesson to Top. No growth today. Cold. Willie went home.

July 1896
Fr 3rd   Squally & showery all day & cold. Laid gum stringers for bridge. Went to Neals boundary fence with J Neal. Rolled log away & straightened up some posts. A Ball at Fribergs tonight George made bridge over creek at home.
SAT 4   Squally. At slip fence with J Neale. George getting bridge stuff on flat. Went to Norsewood Rabbit meeting at night.
SUN 5   Fine day. All hands dined at Toms. Chicken for dinner. John B & Willie there too. Called at Thomasens. Went & saw H Smith. The two young calves sick. Would not drink their milk tonight. Supposed to have eaten wool. Drenched them with salt & water.
MO 6   Met Mr G Hunter with buggy at Amundsens. Culvert. Drove to Norsewood. Saw the settlers on Ngamoka [Ngamoko] Road 3rd line Met at Thomasens house at night. Had tea at Woolleys Hotel. Fine day. The 2 calves died. Had sucked at sheep-skins.

July 1896
TU 7th   Put pig in to fatten. One hen laying   George drove Mr Hunter to broken gully. I went fencing with J Neal. Mary came up
W 8   Went with Tom & dagged & crutched John B’s 104 dry sheep. Splendid hoggs. brought home a sack of crutchings   George & J Neal finished slip fence.
TH 9th   Killed fat ewe & crawling hogget. nailed boards on pig house. Finished putting battens on fence Flat. Hoggs section. El & Mary Jun rode to JHB’s. Yesterday they rode to Lochheads. Fine weather. Received a letter from Stenberg re Jonasen. Also a letter for Top from Miss Webb.
Fr 10th   Rain all day. Creek rising tonight. Sent letter to Mr Hunter, enclosing one of Stenbergs re Jonasen & loan of £6. Put some logs in creek in pig paddock.
SAT 11   Commenced scrubbing on slope. George brought 6 Hoggs from Mortensens & put them in Reserve. Some showers.

JULY 1896
SAT 11th   E Mary & Top went to Mrs Gribbles Florrie came. John at JHBs tonight. Went to Rabbit meeting at Topholms Hall. About 20 settlers attended. A committee was formed. E C Pettersen chairman. B Gundersen Treasurer. Beckett Secretary. H Mortensen, Magnusen, Gollan & Self. 1st meeting to be held at Allabasters house at 7.30 PM.
SUN 12th   Fine growing day. Rode with Tom to JHB. Ada Flor & Mary here.
[margin note: ORANGE]
MON 13th   Fine day scrubbing slope. George bridge building on flat. El at JHB. Mary & Florrie went home. Mrs Allen here. one of the little pigs amiss. Inside protruding.
TU 14   Scrubbing on slope. George at bridges & killed little pig. El at Neilsens   Went to Rabbit meeting at Alabasters. The latter appointed Rabbiter at £2.10.0. per week from July 20th 1896 Rate struck at 1 ½d per acre.

JULY 1896
WE 15th   Took Fanny to Woods Bull paid 2/6. Mustered Reserve. Picked out 10 weak hoggets & kept them at house. put 68 on back & 7 fat ones on Reserve   Scrubbing in the afternoon. George at bridge. Found dead hogget in Reserve. Tom brought young pig from Neilsens.
TH 16th   Scrubbing on slope. Squally. Showers Hail & snow in the afternoon. Top brought 1lb butter to Cairns. George at bridge   Mrs Allen & Miss Webb came. Rode away in the snow.
Fr 17   J O’Hara called to say some sheep were on his section. They were Friis’ sheep. Snow disappeared about 10 AM. Scrubbing & heaping. Geo at bridge on flat. Back section very bare. Dry day.
SAT 18th   Stuck up wire netting in garden and put 6 weak Hoggs on grass. Put 21 including rams in shed paddock. Skinned hog. Scrubbing with John.

JULY 1896
SAT 18   Dry weather with wind. Last big matai in Reserve burnt down. George brought home drain pipe in buggy. Sent letter to Hawkes Bay Herald. John took 4lbs butter to Mr Woodhouse. Lilly came around.
SUN 19th   All at home. Dull day. Gave mongold [mangold] to Loui in feed box in cartshed.
MON 20   Took bundle skins & sack of crutchings to Mak station El drove. Killed & scraped pig afternoon. Dug round & manured 4 fruit trees at stockyard. Shook cow grass round trees. Mrs Friberg & daughter called & paid £2 for dip & wool packs. Mrs Allen came. Danevirk sheep buyer called.
TU 21   Cut up pig 194 ½ lbs. Tom walked over to Neals before breakfast. George at bridge on flat. trimmed willows in creek, walked over back sec. & to Mortensens house. Saw cattle.
WED 22   Stuck down 4 willows at Alabasters creek & 2 at Gundersens creek.

JULY 1896
WED 22   George finished Hinau bridges – 4 on flat. Came scrubbing in afternoon. Wet day & this is a wet night.
TH 23   Very wet forenoon. Emptied dip. Planted 2 poplars in shed plantation. Fixed trough rails in cart shed to hold hay for cow. Saw 2 dogs chasing sheep in Reserve corner. One owned by Woolley & 1 by L Amundsen.
Fr 24   A little rain in the forenoon. Fine afternoon   Planted willows in pig paddock creek & one at Rubbish hole. Killed wether. 5 now in Reserve. One jumped over fence into flat. Scrubbing with George afternoon   El rode to Ada’s & to JHB. The latter sent me a £3.0.0. cheque. John gone home with Tom.
SA 25   Went morning. Heavy rain. Cut up sheep   Salted bacon, mended John’s boot. Gave mangolds to rams & hoggs. George went to JHB with “Cockie” for dray. Brought back calf from Nickolaisens paid 5/-   Ground sodden   John got his boots mended. Paid Olsen 2/-

JULY 1896
SU 26th   Fine day. All hands to Toms for dinner. C Friis called. Came home at 3PM. Pulled hay out of stack for cows, calves & horses. Hay all done in shed. Days long enough to work till 5.30 PM.
MON 27   Up early at 5.30 AM alarm clock went off. Carted stack of hay & put it into shed. George sledged manure to laurel hedge and to privet hedge. C Vaughan called. Went with A Neal to see fresh slip at their fence. about 2 chains buried. Agreed to shift fence on to top of hill & allow £1 a year for the land, 3 or 4 acres lost by them. Growing day. The grass looks better in all the paddocks.
TU 28   Took tools to Neals Hill & felled trees with them on site of new fence. Got some strainers & posts & battens. El went to J Browns & got 2 files, staples, 1 cwt gol wire. Saw C Vaughan at JHB’s. Gave hay & mangolds to sheep in the morning in shed paddock. Ada called. Light rain today. not warm.

JULY 1896
WED 29   At Neals fence. C Vaughan called. Here tonight   Got cheque from Wms & Kettle £1.10.11 skins & wool.
TH 30th   Rain last night. Mr Lindsay for Loan & Mercantile Ag Co. Called at dinner time. C Vaughan left for Woodville. Went to Neals fence. Took 1 cwt gal [galvanised] wire out on “Cockie”. Dug out & shifted strainers etc shifted wires etc.
Fr 31   A heavy fall of snow this morning the ground covered all day. Had to feed everything with hay. Has been a good growing month except at the end. Sent £4.10.11 Union Bank. John went to school
1st AUG   Snow melting. Ground half covered. Warm day. Put in two strainers & one turnpost on Neals fence. Worked until half past five. Snow all gone tonight. Plenty on Waikopiro. A letter from G hunter. Mr Wills called.
SUN 2nd   Dull calm day. Light rain in the afternoon. John B & Willie for dinner.

SUN 2nd   Went with C Friis over H Mortensen’s Section and saw cattle. Agreed to sell him “pet” for £3.10. Went with George & brought her home. El rode to Ada’s & to J.H.B.
MON 3rd   Dull calm day, no growth. George rode towards Woodville. C Friis took “pet” away. Did not pay for her. Sent £2.6. to Phoenix Co to insure house for £200 for a year. Sent £2.5.6. rent of Reserve to Land office. Working at Neals fence. Stenberg called also Mrs Watkins & Hulena.
TU 4th   At Neals fence until 4 PM. Got in 5 killing sheep off Reserve. Killed one. Put 4 back. El walked to Nor & Orm. Good growing day. Grass growing a little in Reserve and Back Sec. Got cheque book from Napier. Bought 3 pumpkins from H Smith for 1/-
WED 5th   Hard frost last night. Skinned hogget. At Neals fence. Ada Mary Flor & El drove to Claytons. Warm day. Washed & hung 2 sides of bacon.

August 1896
TH 6th   Heavy frost last night. At Neals fence. J Neal helped for three parts of the day. Sunshine & cold. The rams & some hoggt eat hay & mangolds.
FR 7th   At Neals fence. Finished putting in posts, wire strained. Very wet afternoon. Telegram G Hunter
SAT 8   Wet day. Rain last night and cold. Dragged in some matai for firewood with “Cockie”. John took Lillie to Woods bull. Rode to Ormlle. Put 18 Hoggs in Reserve. George came back today from Ashurst. Wet.
SUN 9   Fine day. Showers. El walked to JHB staying there tonight. No growth. Saw a ewe on Widerups with twins. The 1st.
MO 10   Frost last night. Ground white this morning. At Neals fence with George helping. Ada Mary Florrie here. Got shoe on “Darkie”. Mr Schaare called. Not much growth.
Tue 11th   Finished Neals fence. Chopped and logged up track along side of ridge coming from back road. Very fine day.

August 1896
Tuesday 11th   Saw a second ewe with single lamb. Killed fat ewe. Put back in Reserve 18 hoggs & 3 fat sheep. Saw dead Hogget in Reserve creek. Washed and hung 2 hams & 2 shoulders bacon. Stenberg called.
WED 12th   Making track on back & fires. Sawed 12 ft length of totara & length of posts. George making sledge track. Very hot day. Attended Rabbit committee at Allabasters. Mr Vaughan called on his way to Waipukurau.
TH 13   Mustered sheep on back. Picked out 12 for killing & 23 weak hog making 21 in Reserve now 56 total in Reserve. Put back 340 took in 4 of Friis & 2 lambs. Saw 2 more ewes today with lambs. Skinned hogg on back, this makes 14. George carted in 2 loads firewood. Mrs Watkins called & went to JHB. El rode with her. Gave 6 young oak trees to Miss Webb. Sheep on back 340 in Reserve 56 ewes 260 on Hill 8 Hogg. with ewes 3 H Mortensen 3 670

Fri 14   Heavy showers last night. Very fine day. George went to work today for JHB   Split totara log on back. Got 14 posts & 13 uprights. Cleared some of the sledge track. El gone to see Mrs Thodson. John gone to Tom.
SAT 15   Sent letter to Mr Hunter & ms & Kettle for sack rye seed 20lbs trefoil & goods   Sawing logs, chopping & clearing sledge track on back. I give a little hay & mangolds to rams on hill every morning. Give cows & horses hay night and morning. Fine day.
SUN 16   Fine day. All at home. Went through ewes. Friis took his sheep home. El bad tonight.
MO 17   Sawing chopping & clearing sledge track. Fine day. Mr & Mrs Wills called.
TU 18   Another fine day. Poor hogg died in drain behind garden. Gave hay and mangolds to rams. Sawing & clearing sledge track. Got on to ridges today. Florry came up. Ernie Vaughan called.

WED 19   Finished clearing track through ridges. Worked at stockyard bridge. J Neal at dinner. Florrie here. Attended rabbit meeting at Allabasters. Rain.
TH 20   Drove to El & Flor to JHB & O Station. Got sack of Rye grasseed, trefoil & sundries. Bag of sugar 5/- & pocket knife at Browns. Paid 4/5 railway carriage. Mixed seed at home Rye, cowgrass, w clover & trefoil. Raked in some in Reserve. Fine day.
Fr 21   Very fine day. Raked in seed in Reserve. Found ewe cast. Brought her in. One unable to lamb. Took lamb from her, big lamb, all right. One [?] bearing out unable to lamb, killed her, twin lambs one dead, gave live one to Walter Thodsen. One ewe dead on Widerups, skinned her had 2 dead lambs inside. Lost 2 ewes today   Miss Webb & Miss Baker called. Letter from G. Hunter. Put 2 calves in Reserve today   E Woodhouse & Thodsen getting posts in Reserve.

SAT 22   Went through ewes. A few more lambs coming. Drove to Or Railway Station. Met G Hunter. Had some lunch here. Went round the block. Saw a few settlers. Called at Robinsons & Davis. Miss Friberg called gave her 6 oak plants. Beautiful day. Not growing weather.
SUN 23   Travelled round sheep. Harsh windy weather, little growth. Paddock bare. Hay nearly done. Can only dole out a few handfuls at milking time. Geo, El and Florrie drove to JHB’s. An eclipse of the moon tonight
MON 24   Another harsh dry day. Ewe with dead lamb. Put twin lamb on her. Fenced Cryp tamaria trees at Privet hedge with wire netting. Dragged logs with horse to stock yard bridge. Another hogg died 16
TU 25   High wind this morning. Ewe with twins required help. Another hogg died. Carted logs etc to stockyard bridge and load of earth. Ada here tonight.

August 1896
TU 25   Nice rain came on in the afternoon. Calm now. Sent £22.15 to N.I. Co crossed cheque. Tom rode home this morning. Pain in his back yesterday. Hay nearly done.
WED 26   Wet day. Shook cocksfoot husks about slips on back. Dug out one of Friis ewes bogged in slip. It died. Shook rye etc on burnt ground where the late sown seed did not grow. Sent letter to Wms & Kettle for advance of £15.0.0. Ewes lambing slowly. Found ewe with dead lamb. Put twin lamb on her.
TH 27   Fine day, cool a little frost this morning. Carted earth to stockyd bridge. Dragged logs to the one further on. El & Flor gone to JHB. El gone back with Mrs Allen to hear Isitt.
Fr 28   A cold day. No growth. Light showers. Ewes lambing all right, slowly. Look strong. Raking in grasseed on flat & Ridges. Shook some in Bush, over gully on the point.

SAT 29   Raking in grasseed in front paddock. Shook some on back slope. Skinned ewe on flat. Two tooth wether on back lying down shaking as if poisoned. Gave him kerosene & bled him. Good growing day. Hay nearly done. Doling it out in handfuls
SU 30th   Castrated pig. Cut their noses. Took Loui out to back. Took cattle from Mortensens & put them on back 8 head. Skinned wether on back. Opened him. Dung caked inside. Could not pass anything. Heavy rain in the afternoon. A growing forenoon.
MON 31   Dug up 6 oak plants. Geo took them to JHB. Very wet day. Shaking grasseed all day in the rain, on the back on bare ground where the April sown cocksfoot did not grow. A great deal of bare black ground all over the back. Found ewe cast on flat & a lamb nearly dead, unable to pass anything.

TUE 1st   Heavy rain all last night. Many ewes lambed last night. Found one dead, his head in a small pool of water. Another died in a gully swept down & drowned just after being dropped. Carried in 2 twin lambs for 2 ewes without lambs. Much water lying over the flat. All gullies & creeks running. El not well, a heavy cold or La Grip. Got wet through again today. The lamb, which I found yesterday, unable to pass anything died last night. Found the remains of another one today which died under similar circumstances. Drew cheques for Woodhouse £2.4.4. this pays Cairns also. H Mortensen £3.2.6. Mrs Allen Did not come this week £1.1.0. Raining tonight. No sign of a change. There is only a few handfuls of hay left for the two cows, none for the 2 calves. They are very much in need of it. Little grass.

WED 2nd   Showers all day. Very heavy rain falling now   Found 3 more dead lambs today. All good single lambs. This makes 6 through the heavy rain & 2 which died through being unable to pass anything makes 8 this week. Shook grasseed in the rain over many places on the back. Saw greyhound on Widerups. Laid bate [bait] on flat. Letter from McLeod. Grass giving symptoms of growth on back. Rye grass showing up ahead of cocksfoot. No hay now. Gave cut up mangolds to cows.
TH 3   Very heavy rain last night. Went through ewes and lambs, brought in two weak lambs & their mothers. Brought round lambs with hot milk & warmth. Brought in 2 twins, from 2 ewes & put them on 2 other ewes. Dreadful heavy rain today. A great deal of flat under water. Shook seed & rubish out of manger on Petersons rata hill. Have 4 lambs penned up with ewes tonight   […] called.

FR 4th   Heavy rain today again. Ewe cast & a pair of twins 1 dead brought the other home very weak. Ewe walked home with difficulty. Found greyhound poisoned on flat lying on heap of wood over buried sheep. Gave cut up mangolds to cows in boxes. Rain tonight. Never before saw such heavy rain keep on so long
SAT 5   Dreadful heavy rain last night & today until the afternoon. Found ewe cast in lambing in Widerups had dead lamb put sacks over her & got her home in the afternoon. 10 ewes & lambs in shed tonight   Gave mangolds to cows. Rain again tonight
SUN 6   Light rain forenoon. Fine day. Sunshine. Grass coming on in all paddocks. Nice feed for sheep after the weeks downpour. Went to see slips on back. Found goose & hoggt dead in Reserve. 18
MON 7   Beautiful day. Grass growing well after the weeks downpour. Plenty of picking for sheep.

SEPT 1896
MON 7   Buried 14 dead lambs at the two far oak trees on lawn & at the two fruit trees in garden & gum tree at stab fence. Put twin lamb on a ewe with disabled lamb. Killed latter & put skin on the twin lamb. Ewe took to it directly. Went to Neals fence at back and dug trenches between slips & fence to carry away surface water & prevent further slips. Found hogg bogged in slip. Pulled him out. Killed fat ewe. Mrs & Miss Allen came. El rode Jimmy to JHB. Paid J J Brown £3.0.
TU 8   Hot day. Went with “Cockie” & “Jimmy” to Nordlof’s Mill for timber 2x2x4x2 & 4×1 heavy load. Got shoes on “Cockie” paid 4/-   Paid Nordlof for timber & face cuts £1.15.6. El went to JHBs. No fresh lambs today.
WED 9th   Went to Nordlofs mill for a load of face cuts. Got a heavy load of good timber (& the cross cut gulleted for 2/6)   Attended Rabbit Com Meet at Allabaster. C A Friis paid cheque £3.10.0.

SEPT 1896
TH 10th   Round ewes – one lambed last night. Carted in small load firewood off ridges. Cleared out cartshed. Dug a bit at kennels   Got in Reserve sheep. Took out 3 ewes in lamb. Took out 2 wethers & 4 ewes for F Redward. He came & agreed to take them at 10/- each. El brought some things at Forbes’ sale. I brought home kit of seed potatoes from JHB then rode up to see Mrs Clayton. Fine. George brought ½ sk seed potatoes from JHB’s
Fr 11th   Everyday fine. Stock all right now. Shifted dog kennel. Dug up & planted potatoes the other side of fence. Put in Rhubarb. El got me a pair of bleuchers at Morrells also shoes for herself & Top, and a pair of trousers for 13/6 from Forbes. One of the ewes from Back had a lamb today on lawn. Walked over back saw cattle except Topsie. Saw rabbit at blown down trees. Gundersens end. Picked over potatoes. Oiled buggy harness.

SEPT 1896
SAT 12   Another fine day. Putting in potatoes & a few parsnips seeds behind Stab fence. Put up wire netting. John got new shoes at Woods
SUN 13   Round sheep. Skinned hoggt found dead in Reserve. El & George rode out beyond Norsewood. Fine summer weather.
MON 14   Finished digging & fencing pumpkin bed. Drove stakes round flower bed. Sent letter to Rhodes. Napier Re Section for George. Miss Allen called at midday. F Redward took away 6 sheep in cart did not pay. Warm day again. El at JHB   One ewe lambed last night. Coming slowly.
TU 15   Put in a few cabbage plants. Carted in 4 loads firewood off flat. Miss King & baby called. Summer weather still.
WED 16   Did not go round sheep yesterday. Found 3 ewes cast this morning, one ewe died in act of lambing. One nearly so. Skinned ewe. Put ewes & lambs off flat. Carried ewe home. Redward called.

SEPT 1896
TH 17   Mustered back section. Found hogt bogged in mud at Neals slips. Pulled him out. Left 2 ewes & their two young lambs on back. Brought in two ewes & twins. Dagged & put back 281 & two ewes = 283. Picked out sold to Redward 40 ewes at 11/- and 6 at 10/- & 1 Romney ram at 10/- makes £25.10.0. to be paid three months hence. He paid me £3 today for the 6 sheep he took on Monday last. Picked out & put on lawn 5 ewes heavy in lamb to a Romney ram of Hans Mortensens which got amongst the sheep on the back about 5 months ago. Carried home the hoggt which got bogged. El up today. Was in bed sick yesterday. Letters from Messrs G Hunter & F Rhodes.
Fr 18   Dug a bit in garden forenoon & put in a few drills of onion seed. Transplanted some onions. Looked for “Topsie” over back Sec. Mortensens, Gundersens & Alabaster.

SEPT 1896
SAT 19   Putting in onion seed in garden until dinner time. Skinned ewe, this makes 5. John went through sections & to Painter Olsens looking for “Topsie”. Could not find her. I looked over back section again. Could not find “Topsie”. Rode down & saw H Smith re G Hunter & Matamau. Went with John to Lutheran tea meeting at night. George brought home horse & dray. Finished at JHB.
SUN 20   Went with George through scrub at back. Found “Topsie” dead, caught & jammed amongst logs in scrub. Went to John Fredericksen’s funeral, and after that drove to Mataman to Lochheads. When we came back Frank McNutt was here.
MON 21   Light rain last night & today. George rode up & saw Rhodes Section – Ngamoku. Frank McNutt rode to catch the train after dinner. Geo cleaned out under battens. Planted 2 red gums in long plantation and one in pig paddock.

SEPT 1896
MON 21   Rode with Frank & saw Henry Smith about going to Matamau with George H.
TU 22   Light rain. Manuring & putting in potatoes in garden. Called on Carl Schmidt about repairing his fence. Sheep going on his section
WED 23   Sent letter to G. Hunter. Top sent one to Mary Jensen Queensland. Digging manuring and putting in potatoes in garden. George carted the remainder of the manure out of the stockyard. Put in some strawberry plants. Saw ewe newly lambed in Widerups. Seldom see a ewe now with young lamb. Grass growing nicely. Cut sack of grass in long plantation for cows. Attended rabbit meeting at Alabasters.
TH 24   Drove with El & George beyond Lunquists to look at one of Rhodes sections. Alabaster borrowed “Cockie” & dray for a day. Send registered letter, fencing notice to Carlson. Killed sheep, put back 37 hogg in Reserve. Ought to be 39.

SEPT 1896
FR 25   Brought in a twin lamb. One ewe lambed this morning. Mrs Randerson called & had dinner & two children also Ernie Vaughan. Heavy showers & squalls in the afternoon. digging & manuring garden
SAT 26   Walked through sheep. Dug garden   George forking in manure. Carted down the last of the manure from stockyard. Came on wet at midday & rained until night. Scraped and cut up mangolds for 2 cows.
SUN 27   Warm sunshiny morning. Dove to Orm church with El. Thunder & hail & lighting & heavy rain during Canon Webbs sermon. Received £1.10. from JHB as Rabbit rates for he & J Thompson.
MON 28   Fixed grind stone. Dug strainer hole at ridges gateway water came in. Split a few posts & adzed 3 Hinu shed uprights. George split some Hinu posts. El at Ada’s. Fine day. Tom here. Mustard plaster on his chest.

SEPT 1896 & Oct.
TU 29   Adzing Hinu uprights. Geo splitting posts. Put in strainer in Ridges Corner. Tom laid up. Chest bad. Mr Randerson called for duck eggs. Mrs Watkins for dinner. Squally.
WED 30   George hauled in Hinu uprights for Hay shed, also wall plates. Geo & John rode up to look over Tom’s place. found ewe cast. Cold day, sqully [squally] & heavy showers.
TH 1st OCT   Dressed shed sleepers. Put in 2 uprights. George found big dead lamb. Got a strainer. Cold calm day, sleet. Hegh borrowed “Cockie” & dray to take up seed potatoes to 3rd line. Dr McAllen came & saw Tom. Also saw & sounded El. Saw vine in bloom today. Clematus [clematis].
FR 2nd   Round all sheep & cattle at the back. skinned & opened dead lamb. Found some wool in the stomach. George at Tom’s. Put in 4 Hinu uprights & stayed them. Mrs Gribble & Mrs Watkins called. Cool day. Mr Vaughan called.

OCT 1896
SAT 3   Put wall plates on frame of shed. John rode up to Toms place. Young Mary rode up on “Darkie”. Killed sheep. Tom taking cod liver oil. Cool calm day. 23 years in New Zealand today.
SUN 4   Round sheep. Saw ewe with twin. 7 of C Schmidt’s horses on back section. Showery & cold. Geo rode up to Lunquests.
MON 5   Sent cheque for £1.17.10. to MLAT   Went with George & drove out C Schmidts 6 horses off back sec. Rigged up 2 wires to stop horses & cattle. Heavy showers of rain & hail. Geo & El took 2 pots to Collinge to mend. Making & dressing honeysuckle poles. Tom rode home & came back in afternoon
TU 6th   George went to help JHB to Dock. Mrs Thodsen came to do the washing. Mustered ewes & lambs on Widerups & ridges & docked 66 ewe lambs & 65 wether lambs. 147 ewes & 6 hogg & dry. 2 ewes & 3 young lambs left behind.

OCT 1896
WED 7   Mustered ewes & lambs on flat. Docked 52 wether lambs & 52 ewe lambs. One ewe lamb died in yard. Put motherless wether lamb to ewe. Put 27 dry ewes & hoggs on to back sec. & 3 merinoes into reserve for killing, Total number of lambs docked now 234 half ewes. Number not docked 16 = 250   Number of ewes in front paddocks 244. Came on heavy rain in the afternoon.
TH 8   Frost last night. Went through ewes & lambs. Saw ewe with twins which was left behind unnoticed when mustering. Carried wire & tools to Carlsons fence. Split some Hinu posts & levelled slip. El rode to Orm & went in train to Danevirk. Did not see the Doctor. Mr & Mrs Ennis arrived in Ormlle. Run with George John & Top after dog barking at sheep in Reserve. Drove a mob of Reserve sheep shed paddock. El sick tonight & weak.

Oct 1896
FR IX   Showery miserable cold day. Made 4 totara ends for curtain poles. Mrs Thodsen helping at housework. Kate Watkins & Miss Saunders called. Children went at night to see magic lantern. I went to B Gundersens to Rabbit meeting, Mr Westall there. F Shugar & all the members.
SAT 10   Sent letter to N. Kettle Napier   Sent order to Wms & Kettle for 20 sheets galvanised iron. tin caustic soda. Box Austral Ceylon tea. Dragged away logs off sledge track to back by “Cockie” & George. Brought back load of totara slabs & posts. El drove to Ormlle & took train to Danevirk to see Doctor. Got bottle of medicine. Fine day. Went to back with George & finished C Schmidts fence. Mrs Thodsen helping. Docked 10 lambs & 234 before = 244 Traveller called & mended broken jug   Sold stick of cement 1/-

OCT 1896
SUN 11   Drove with El to Ormlle church & to JHB. Saw Mr & Mrs Ennis & Mr & Mrs Jones & children. JHB bought horse in Danevirk yesterday
MON 12   Tom went with buggy & brought Mary & Mr & Mrs Ennis to Adas & here at midday. Mr & Mrs Lochhead & 3 children here too. George left today for down country. “Fan” had eight pups today. Dug a little.
TU 13   Alabaster came past with 2 rabbits which he killed on North End of back. Mr Ennis left by express train for Turakina. Jessie McNutt came at midday. Florrie came. Sent registered letter to F Carlson. Longlands. Went in buggy to Westalls. Beckett & Petersen there. Dug some in garden. Fine day.
WED 14   Went with horse & dray to Orm for Gal iron – 20 sheets, tea. L H Nails, 20lbs tin 10lbs caustic. Rabbit case adjourned to 11th Nov. Attended rabbit meeting at Waltons. Paid rates. Alabaster engaged for a year at £90 for the year.

OCT 1896
TH 15th   Showers. Went through ewes & lambs. Put in some mangold seed. Visited cattle & sheep sale at Norsewood. Florrie went home with Mrs Allen. Cold weather very little growth.
Fr 16   Wet day. Cut up sheep killed yesterday. Tom rode down here. Did not stop long.
SAT 17   Very high winds last night and this morning. Docked Toms lambs 136 lambs. Blowing hard tonight.
SUN 18   El Sarah & Tom drove to church. El not well in church. Went down to Miss Webbs. Wind gone down. Calm tonight.
MON 19   El Sarah Tom & self drove to Adas to dock. Sheep 294 lambs about 200   Got letter from N Kettle enclosing one from T. Crosse. Got copy of BA Sugar
TU 20   At Canto[?] Mrs Thodsen washing   Dry windy weather. Building lean to
W 21   at shed for night pens. Fan has 3 pups left. She had 8 a week ago. Fred Shugar left a copy of B. Advocate. Grass growing slowly.

OCT 1896
TH 22   Making lean to night pen. Sven Andersen called. Wanted woolpack. El & Sarah drove up to Norsewood. Doctor dd not come. Rev Randerson for tea. Ralph Halliburton buried. McKenzie Minister for lands & Hall visited Norsewood. Drove to Orm   Squally & rainy
Fr 23   Sent telephone message to Dr McAllen   El & Ada went to see him in Danevirke. Bought bag sugar etc at J J Browns. Went to Cricketers concert afternoon.
SAT 24   Put roof on leanto. rain in forenoon   El Sarah Top & John drove to Toms. George came back on foot. El sick tonight. Frank Smith borrowed buggy. Geo Smith very bad in Waipuk hospital
SUN 25   Fine hot growing day. Found dead lamb not docked & 4 tooth ewe dead on back sec, which was cast. Skinned her & also the lamb. Rev & Mrs Randerson called. Some of the potatoes have missed.

OCT 1896
MON 26   George dagging the dry sheep at Tom’s. Frank Smith returned the buggy. Dagged the 6 rams. Shut up the lawn for hay. El & Sarah at Toms. Heavy rain
TU 27   Mrs Thodsen washing. Put wire netting across the corner of flat for hay. Sent letter to Wms & Kettle   Killed sheep. Put back in reserve 36 sheep after dagging them. Ordered 40 bales 12 hanks of twine & 3 tins of patent barley. High wind.
WED 28   Finished putting up rails and wire nettng on corner of flat. Put in strainer in new gateway Ridges-Widerups. made some fires. George laid posts, 36 with Cockie. Mary & Florrie came.
TH 29   High winds and showers. At fence – ridges Widerups. Put in strainer at rushes. Strained all wires – George   Took Mrs Ennis to JHB. Letter from T Cross   High wind rain.

Oct 1896
Fr 30   High wind today again. Very high last night. At fence – Ridges – Widerups. Made some fires along fence. Geo burning off in gully. C Schmidt borrowed cart saddle & britchen.
SAT 31st   High wind up to 12 AM calm at dinner time. Mrs Andersen sister & child called. Sent 2 bundles skins to Wms & K. El took buggy to Ormlle & Top & Florrie. Came on very high wind & rain. Continued up till bedtime. Tom rode to JHB’s. Sent El’s medicine to her. Sent word for them to stop there tonight. Worked at fence, finished putting in posts, hinau. Had to leave it unfinished in the wind & rain. George has been dragging logs together with Cockie & burning near shed plantation, gully & flat. This month has been windy, not much growth. The grass is very backward at present

Nov 1896
1st SUN   Windy day. El Top & Florrie came up from JHB’s in the afternoon. Windy & cold. New boots for John from J J Browns
MON 2   Snow rain & cold in the forenoon found dead ewe on ridges. Took in 2 little goslings from long plantation. Sledged in posts out of reserve. Dragged logs out of creek at stockyard bridge. Finished stapling fence. Skinned ewe. John at Tea meeting.
TUE 3   Finished fence. Put in 2 footted posts in gully at bridge. George carted in 2 loads of firewood. Drove up to Toms. Got sheep into front paddocks   Came on wet. Dreadful evening, John rode up with bread. Shoe ½ bred ewe & killed her.
WED 4   Very rough forenoon. Strained wires over gully. Shook & raked Gr seed on burnt patches. Tom got horse & dray.

Nov 1896
WED 4   Miss Webb came & gave Top lessons yesterday. George at Toms today. Stayed there last night. Rode up to Watkins & to Beckets. Rev Wills called. Dry. Received a telegram from G. Hunter.
TH 5   Raked in Rye seed on burnt patches. Hoed up potatoes. Drove in to Ormondville. Met Mr Hunter at Express. Left 6 woolpacks at JHB. Saw some settlers on Danish line. Had meeting at Thomasens house.
Fr 6   Drove up to Norsewood with C H & to Makatoku. Saw several settlers in going to Makatoku. Lunch at Davis   CH went in Express to Danevirk. Drove to Ormlle Got 34 bales. Bought 2/- worth of potatoes at Cairns. Rain afternoon.
SAT 7   Put in potatoes where others missed. Washed out shed. Staked Elm trees. Norsewood at night. Thomasen’s

NOV 1896
SUN 8   Drove To Orm Church & to JHB’s. Tom put sheep in his shed to be shorn tomorrow. T Thorestensen called at night for an enrolment form. Gave “Toss” some caster [castor] oil.
MON 9   Up early shearing with George at Toms. Shore 105 ewes, docked 9 lambs. El Flor Mary cooked dinner. hot day. At Thomsens at nght. John came up & said his mother was sick. Complains of pains tonight.
TU 10   Shearing at Toms until dinner time   Ewes finished today. Rode down to go to George Smiths funeral. Sarah & Florrie Mary & Ellen drove to Tom. C Friis & brother A shearing here. Miss Webb gave music lesson. Calm day. El not well today. Milk the two cows at night now. C Friis has shed full tonight.

NOV 1896
WED 11   Hoed some potatoes in garden. Went to Ormlle courthouse in buggy. El went to JHB. Beckett fined £1 & costs = £1.19.11. Heavy rain thunder & lighting. Got letter from G Hunter wanting names of scrutineers. Rode up & got signature of T Thorstensen. Rode to H Smiths got Frank Smith for Ormlle H. Smith Waikopiro. Harry Gasson Makatoku. Alexander Jack Matamau. Attended Rabbit meeting at B. Gundersens. Fine calm night.
TH 12   Showers. Good growing day. C Friis brought box down from Tom’s & pressed 2 bales of wool. Hoed potatoes & put in late potatoes, parsnips & melons & beans & potatoes in Johns garden. Went round flat. El went to Thodsens. Mr Wood called & left tin of Aethma powder.

NOV 1896
Fr 15   Fine day. Tom & George went past with 5 bales of wool. C Friis took away his 2 bales of wool. El drove to JHB   Got in ewes & lambs of flat & shore 40 ewes, in good condition. Good wool & good lambs. Tom rolling up George shearing. Murray called & Fred Shugar. Put 51 ewes under cover. Docked 2 w lambs.
SAT 14   Shore 75 ewes & put them on flat. Shore 6 rams. One cut 15lbs & one his mate 12 lbs. Young Lincoln 9lbs. windy. Pastor Topholm called. George brought from his place one woolly hoggt   castrated 1 lamb this makes 3. Went to meeting at Thomasens at night.
SU 15   Showery. Put into shed 40 ewes. Came on wet. Drove to JHB. Said good bye to poor Sarah. Wintry evening. This is my birthday 15th Nov.

NOV 1896
MON 16   Docked 1 ewe lamb. this makes 4. Shore with George 40 ewes by 10 AM. Tom went to Palmerston with Sarah. El drove to Orm. Ole Olsen called   Pressed with spade 3 bales No. 1 x bred 53 fleeces No. 2 50 fleeces. No. 50 fleeces x bred fine. Showery day. Recd 3 supplementary rolls from J Siddely[?]   Letter & scrutineer papers from G Hunter
TU 17   Mustered ewes & lambs off Ridges & Widerups. Came on heavy shower of rain & hail. Could only get in 22 ewes & shore them. In the afternoon put in & dagged the remainder under cover. Tom came back from Palmerston at midday. Got 1lb of beefsteak from C Friis cart.
WED 18   Up early. Shore with George 55 ewes. Put all ewes = 248 & lambs on ridges. Mustered back with Geo & Tom. Brought in 308 & 1 cast = 309   Dagged 122 big sheep.

NOV 1896
continued WED 18   Dagged 122 big sheep & put 68 in shed. Put 186 hogt on flat. Docked today. 9 wether lambs & 3 ewe lambs this makes 16 lambs in addition to 1st docking of 244   Total now 260. El in bed all day.
TH 19   A warm good shearing day. Shore 90 big sheep remainder under cover. Good fleeces 8 etc 10lbs. Sheep in good condition. Ada came   Miss Webb came. El got up today.
Fr 20   Finished shearing big sheep at 10 AM. Put 121 shorn ones in Reserve brought in off reserve 37 woolly hoggt & put them on flat with 186 others. = 223 there now. Killed one small sheep. Pressed 3 bales. One Bellies & pieces one x bred 60 one x bred fine = 54   C Friis took away one of his sheep   Mrs Bovaird came up with Miss Webb. El up. Top at school.

NOV 1896
SAT 21   Passed all the wool except 4 fleeces some pieces & locks. 8 bales. George carted it off to Ormlle in 2 loads. Got in 221 hoggs off Flat & dagged them with Tom. Finished very late. Put them on Ridges. El up all day. John rode to Ada’s.
SUN 22   Went to back section. Saw cattle. Dagged one hoggt & put him on ridges 222 there now. John B came here and JHB. Fred Nelson called. Dull day.
MON 23   George & Tom went in buggy to shear Toms hoggts. I went to Hans Mortensens & brought home 7 hoggets. Rode Toms mare to Orm. Rode to Norsewood & engaged Vil Hall for G Hunter for Friday 27th off Briskee   Sent telegram to G.H. Danevirk to say so. Mrs Thodsen & Mrs Coles here today with their babies. Weeding the onion bed in the after noon. 229 hoggts.

Nov 1896
TU 24   Went with horse & dray to Toms. Shearing with George. Finished. Pressed & loaded 2 bales. Came on wet. Left dray & 2 bales on it in shed. Posted letter in the morning to Rev J Wills. Fine weather now.
WE 25   Took Toms 2 bales to Ormlle   Pressed 5 bales & put on truck belonging to JHB. Went in Smiths trap with Harvey Bob and Hegh to hear Mr Hunter address Electors.
TH 26   John B came with 2 cows and put them on the back. George went scrubbing. Rode up to Woodhouses and got a bottle of medicine. Washed some clothes. Weeding onions in the garden. Miss Webb came. Got letter

NOV 1896
Fr 27th   Geo scrubbing. Wedding onions. Mending pig fence. Pigs getting out of their paddocks. Mr Hunter in Norsewood. Splendid meeting at night. Mr Webber chairman. I proposed a vote of thanks and confidence which was seconded by Andreas Neilson and carried unanimously. Enthusiasm.
SAT 28   Drove up to Norsewood & took G Hunter to Orm & J Martin with him. Drove up to Toms after dinner and on to Brenkleys. Attended Halls meeting. Halls supporters from Takapau Papatu Orm Makatoku Matamau & Danevirk. Finished late home after 11 o’clock
SU 29   G Hunter & J Martin drove past. Drove with El to H Smiths. Dove to D O’hara’s to J Gollams to Finch’s. had dinner there. Went into Hulina’s & home in the afternoon. Warm Day.

NOV’r 1896
MON 30   Commenced to weed mangolds. Came on wet. Went through sheep in front and reserve. Henry Smith’s son borrowed 3 wool bales. Kilkoly (an elector) called. Kept on raining. It will as good.
DEC 1st   Weeding mangolds. George melting fat. Florrie came. Killed sheep. Rode to Norsewood. Bought 1/6 worth of new potatoes. 1lb of swede turnip seed. Got 2 fore shoes on Darkie. Bought a pair of stirrup leathers. Beckett called. Fine weather now.
WED 2   Weeding mangolds in garden. Cut up sheep. Cut some grass in garden. Sold 80 mixed sheep off reserve to C A Friis six months hence payable. George went scrub cutting. Wrote letter to A E Jull Waipawa. Got hand bills Hunter George left them at Thomasens.

DEC 1896
TH 3rd   Rode down & saw Palle Jensen & wife and Mr Friis Sen. Up the German line & saw Mrs Neilsen & Mrs Woods. Drove round the block. called on Salvation Captain. Hans Mortensen Mrs H A Gasson. Rev J Wills came out when we were going past & had long interview. Parted with an understanding. Had dinner at J.H.B.’s Got home at 4.30 PM   Cut some grass in garden. Got letter from Wms & Kettle. Wool sold. 7 bales x bred fetched 7¾. One bale Bel & Pcs 5¼. Attended meeting at night at Thomasens. Arranged how owners of vehicles were to go tomorrow and take Electors.
FR 4th   Cut a little grass in garden. Warm. Went to Pollling booth. Vehicles flying about in all directions. Pattulla, Blacksmith Olsen, Finsch, Brenkley, Watson, Thomasen and a few private ones took voters to the Poll.

DEC 1896
Fr 4th   Result of Poll at Norsewood   Hall   166   Hunter   194
Woodhouses store full. Difficult to find outside results. Got telegram from G.H. Could not understand it. Guessed it to be Hunter 231 ahead and elected. Got the numbers afterwards 159 majority. Went home a little after 12 o’clock.
SAT 5   Turned grass cut in garden. Went to Norsewood. Not much more news. Prohibition carried in Norsewood but all behind in other places. Dull day.
SUN 6   Dull calm day. Went round Hoggs and back sec. Rev Wills called going to Norsewood.
MON 7   Cut some grass in long plantation & slope. Old duck brought out 6 little ducks one little duck with one hen. Geo scrubbing. JHB came at night. Very hot day. C Friis came with his bill. Paid it – 1/6. Put in hinu post for clothes line. Drove stakes to keep in pigs.

Danevirk    No 1 Booth   234   176
No 2 Booth    220   224
Mangatira [Mangatera]   117   45
Matamau   50   10
Waipawa   231   289
Waipukurau   134   212
Onga Onga   39   55
Ormondville   95   76
Norsewood   166   194
Takapau   60   145
Makeretu [Makaretu]  50   48
Waikopiro   62   10
Makotuku   100   66
Wanstead   14   78
Maharahara   51   39
Ashley Clinton   40   41
Whakarara   16   21
Omakare [Omakere]   13   51
Porangahau   25   154
Blackburn   33   27
1750   1961
Majority for Hunter   211

DEC 1896
TU 8th   Very hot day mowed slope plantation. Cut grass in laurel hedge. Mr & Mrs Finsch called. Ada called   Flor here today. Got old shoes put on Cockie. 7 little ducks with hens
WED 9th   Mowed long and stockyd plantation. Found 3 hens nests with many eggs. Telegram from G.H. Rode up to Fred Shugars. Went to Rabbit meeting at B. Gundersens. George went to J.H.B. with Cockie & dray & frame.
TH 10   Mowing on road & turning hay. Mr Hunter came to Norsewood. A meeting at Thompsens upstairs.
FR 11   Warm & dry still. Mowing on Road. El Flor & Tom drove to Ormlle & J Browns. Turned hay & cocked in slope plantation. Got 7lbs Roasting Beef 2lbs steak & some dogs meat off C Friis. Top bought Doll at Mr Woodhouse’s.

DEC 1896
SAT 12   At the hay. Another hot day. Cut the grass about the house. Hoed up a few late potatoes. F Carlson sent me 17/- in postal notes for repairing his part of fence.
SU 13   Went with John over back section. Got in “Maggie” heavy in calf. Caught a ewe with her bearing out. Put her right and put her over the fence with hoggts. Got in woolley hog off flat & put some in shed tonight. Mr Lochhead called.
MO 14   Made up hay on road into cocks & small cocks into large ones. Shore G1 hoggs. Ada came   Very hot day. John sold school tickets
TU 15   Got all the hay in one sledge with “Darkie”. Received wool cheque from Wms & Kettle. Balance 59. 10. 3   8 bales fetched 88.13 gross. After deducting charges 83. 6. 7.

DEC 1896
WE 16   Shearing hoggs. 71 today mustered remainder. Good condition   Sent cheque 59. 10. 3. to Un Bank   Found woolley ewe dead.
TH 17   Shearing hoggs. hot day. Good rain fell in the afternoon.
Fr 18   Finished the hogg in the morning. No. of hoggs shorn 227 1 dead 1 short. Paid Mr Woodhouse’s bill yesterday. Mustered ewes & lambs on the back   Shore 40 lambs in afternoon   John gone to Ada’s. El, Top, Auntie, came[?]
SAT 19   Shore 44 lambs makes 84   Tom Top El drove to Danevirk   Hot day. Hoed up a few late potatoes. Paid Skinners bill £1. Paid Te Aro House 2.13.9 Went to School Concert. Geo came back with horse & dray and frame.

DEC 1896
SUN 20   All at home. John B called.
MO 21   Rain in the forenoon. Good showers. Put in some carrot seed and cabbage seed. Killed sheep   Pressed with Geo & Tom 3 bales of x bred hoggt wool. Pressed with jack. Got in 75-73 & 70 fleeces. J Neal
TU 22   Pressed one bale of locks in bottom, pieces, bellies. 13 fleeces in fadge. Geo took latter & 3 bales to Orm. Got in ewes & lambs off flat & shore 71 lambs = 155   Paid J J Brown bill £7. 4. 7.
WED 23   Shore 22 lambs & 74 off Flat making a total of 251 & two small ones unshorn = 253 altogether. Pressed with spade 2 bales of lambs wool. Paid Mr Thomason £1.10. for Mrs Winger Jun. 5 lambs short

DEC 1896
WED 23   Sent cheque for £1.10. to Dinwiddie Walker for Herald for 1897. John gone home with Tom this afternoon. Cool night. Sent £4.6.1. Co rates to C Tuely[?]
TH 24   Loaded 3 bales of wool with George for Orm. Drove with El to Toms. Shore about 105 lambs. John rode up to the school & got his prize book. Paid Mr Woodhouse 7/- for broken window. Bought 2 vases & 1 jug for Mary & Florrie & Ada. Letter from Mrs McNulty
Fr 25   XMAS   Went to spend Xmas day with JHB. El Top John & Geo I went to Orm Church. Warm day   Frost this morning. Pumpkins & potatoes cut down this morning or blackened. Home rather late. Only one cow to milk milked her in the dark. Top stayed at JHB’s. Florrie came home with us. everyone enjoyed them selves.

DEC 1896
SAT 26   BOXING DAY   Shearing 35 lambs at Toms with he & George. Total 140 + 2 long tails. Pressed & took here one bale. Painter Olsen called. El made a false step in shed got hurt & was lying down until night. Maggie calved today. Bull. Florrie cooking at Toms. John cricketing.
SU 27   All at home. Warm weather.
MON 28   Went with Geo to help JHB shear his lambs. Shore 119. John fleece ho. Big lambs. fine day. Mr & Mrs Lochhead & sister called.
TU 29   Mowing in front of house. hot day Killed long tail lamb. Miss Webb & Mary called. Paid Miss Webb 21/- Smoke about. dry & windy rain wanted
WE 30   Mowing in front. windy drying & hot. in the forenoon. Geo thinning mangolds. El Top & Mrs Thodsen at Claytons. Rev Wills called. Heavy smoke all round.

DEC & JAN 1897
TH 31   Finished mowing in front. Cut some in gully plantation. Windy. Could not do anything with hay. It was blown against the fences. Geo took Toms bale of wool to Ormlle. Pressed one bale of lambs for JHB. El drove down there, Miss Webb & Miss Hovell called. This has been a dry month. The losses since last November. One mare. One cow. Two calves. Twenty five or more sheep. 2 pigs 1 turkey 6 or 8 hens. 1 Lincoln ram, chickens, 6 young ducks 2 geese. Grass & fencing burnt 1 Jack burnt on a log etc. Rain tonight, after watering peas new potatoes & trees at road. Top at JHB’s tonight. Rain coming down heavy at 9 o’clock PM.

JAN 1897
FR 1st   Went with John to Napier. Cheap fares. had dinner at Schiernings went to Recreation ground to see cricket match between Queensland and Hawke’s Bay. Queenslanders good bats. Saw Mr & Mrs Adeane & Frank. Took the latter & John to the Theatre. Saw “Hands across the Sea” played. Stayed at Schiernings. Room & one bed with John.
SAT 2nd   Met P Fourneau in Napier. Went out with him to his place through Taradale. Dry dusty level road.
SUN 3rd   Went with Fourneau to Taradale to get trap horse on weeks trial. Plenty of peaches getting ripe.
MON 4   Came with Fourneau to Hastings. Saw D O’Reilly. George was there. Came home in express. brought small case of peaches from Fourneau’s. Mrs McNutt & 3 children. Loaded dray with Hay.

JAN 1897
TU 5th   Carted in the hay off lawn Tom loading. Filled shed & one cow bail. Paid Skinners bill up to this date.
WED 6th   Carted in Toms hay. Shed full. Mrs McNutt got telegram to go to Oringi. Gone for big cheque.
TH 7th   Killed sheep. Put back in Reserve 36 sheep & one lamb. Mowed & cut with hook grass in gully plantation. El drove up to Ada’s for Mrs McNutt & child, back from Oringi.
FR 8th   Finished cutting & mowing grass in gully plantation, very hot. Sent £4 cheque to O Ericksen as rates. Sent £1.10 to Dr Macallen, his bill.
SAT 9   Cleared out spring on ram hill and sunk a case in it. Full of water tonight. Mrs McNutt & 2 children went home. Milly stayed. Took JHBs chairs etc. home in buggy from train. Settled with JJ Brown 8/-   Auntie & Mary back from Wellington.

JAN 1897
SU 10   El Top & Milly went to Orm church. Very hot day. Went over paddocks. Creek running on flat. Water in ridges & spring   Springs & plenty of water on back. and grass.
MO 11   Got in remainder of hay out of gully plantation. Put it in lean to shed   Miss Webb borrowed “Cockie”. Got letter from G Hunter & £6.12.6.   order enclosed to pay John Winger. El Top & Milly drove to Mr Watkins.
TU 12   Made gateway going out of garden up to spring & hung gate. John B came over for wool bale & horse & dray. John rode to Orm & to Mr Watkins. Hot. Letter from George. Working with threshing mill. Wants his swag sent to Hastings.
WED 13   Carry water from well on hill. Mended fence round pig paddock. let the pigs go out. Top Flor & Milly went to Te Aute. Sent Geo’s swag to Hastings. was at Mrs Wrights funeral.

JAN 1897
TH 14   Dug out all the early potatoes midling crop. Was with Alabaster for a while mending his fence. El & John drove up to Toms. Went up to Thomasen and saw Winger about claim £6.1.6. found ewe cast & dead on flat.
FR 15   Cloudy, signs of rain. Put in a few posts in yard to guard Wellingtonia Gigon[?]. Drove up to Harris’es   Gave H Brenkley £1.0.0.   Called at Andersens. Paid Friis bill = 4/9. got 6lbs staples at Woodhouses. Went to Ormlle social. G Hunter & S Johnston
SAT 16   Fenced Welia Gigantia, light rain. John B & Willie came home with horse & dray. John went to see Christmas tree at Sunday S. got pocket knife & mug for Top.
SU 17   Went over back sec. Came on heavy rain afternoon. Mr & Mrs Randerson called. Rain cleared up, fine night.

JAN 1897
MON 18   Put in a few posts at Dip yard. Hot. strained wires between [illegible – ink blot] plantation. Put in footed [illegible – ink blot] in O’Hara’s & one in McGreeveys fence. A shower at night. Mary called.
TU 19   Put in cabbage turnip pea tree & parsnip seed. Put in 2 totara posts at dray shed. Cut some rails in back. El & John drove up to Woodhouses and bought drapery. Top home from Te Aute.
WED 20   Drove up to Norsewood. El paid Ericksen. Took spade & bill hook to Collier to put handles in. Mary rode past going to picnic. Attended rabbit meeting.
TH 21   Wrote yesterday to Murton re Dip. Wrote today Neal & Close Porter, small bottles   Sent order B & H to Union Bank £6.1.6. El & Top went to Orm. Willie here today. Wool sold 3 bls hogs 6¾   2 bls 6½   1 bls pcs & locks 5¼. Tom sold 3 young cattle 26/- each at Ormlle sale. Windy.

JAN 1897
Fr 22   Split & laid hinu posts at back between me & Carl Schmidt. El got bottle medicine at Orm Station.
SAT 23   Light rain in the forenoon   Top came home from JHBs   Put in some posts afternoon at C Schmidts.
SUN 24   All at home. children Sun School. N. Thodsen called re place Hunters Shed.
MON 25   Put in remaining 3 posts in back – C Schmidts fence. Split a few posts at 3 gateways. School commenced today. Murray had a look at Toms wethers but did not buy them   Wrote to Wms & Kettle for sufficient of Murtons Dip to do 5,000 sheep. Rain wanted. Paddocks white & dry.
TU 26   Drove to Toms. El & Auntie. Muster bush & picked out 51 four tooths 53 two tooths. Mr Gilpin Nelson Bros. sheep buyer called & D Sidey 5. 2. 0. less 10% 10.2 4.11.10 Railway 5/3

JAN 1897
WED 27   Helped Tom put his wether in truck at Makatoku   Had dinner at Ada’s. Drove with El & Tom round by Orm   Got case of Murtons Dip paid Railage 5/3. Country very dry.
TH 28   Hot day. Cleared limbs etc from round five totara’s. Sawed length off tot log
Fr 29   Rain nearly all day. Ada came & Tom. His wethers 2 & 4 tooth fetched 7/4.
SAT 30   Rain all last night & today.   heavy up till 3 PM. Creek running strong. Put up honey suckle curtain poles in front bedroom. Dug remaining potatoes
SUN 31   Rain all last night & today. At home this has been a very dry month up to a few days ago. The rain has come in good time to give a supply of grass.
FEB 1st   Light rain in forenoon. Shook some grasseed on Wide ridge   Pulled away fences from some trees on Hill. Repaired some. Rams on flat.

FEB 1897
1st MON   Henry Smith called to borrow £12.0.0. El drove to Orm with letter to F Redward. He paid her £13.10.0. & to H Smith £12.0.0. She bought cabbage plants from JHB. Fine & calm all the afternoon
TU 2nd   Sent £13.10. to Union Bank   Put in a large number of cabbage plants. Ada Mrs Watkins & Ella Friberg called. Warm day.
WED 3rd   Went in first train to Hastings. Stopped at O’Reillys Hotel. Bought some fruit & oilskin for £1. Fine day.
TH 4   McHardie 2 tooth. Bought 15 rams. 1st pen 2 ½ gn 2nd & 3rd pen 1 guinea each. Paid £23.12.6. to McLeod. Came home.
FR 5   Tom drove Top & El to Danevirk   Top got tooth stopped. I walked to Orm. Drove home young rams. Paid £1.6.2. Rail carriage. Paid J J Brown.

FEB 1897
SAT 6   Ada stayed here last night. Tom picked out 3 Lincoln rams 2 tooth at 2 gns and drove them home. Left letter for Finsch at Harms factory. Fenced in young gumtree. Sent £1.0.0. to Neal & [..]   Had mushrooms for breakfast.
SUN 7   Hot day. Walked across to Neals. Brought home veg. marrow. Tom Top & El brought in cattle from back & weaned Monti’s calf. Hulena called. Sold him the only Romney ram here for £1.
MON 8   Pulled up netting on flat. Got in sheep & killed one. Ewe & lamb strangers. Put back 37 all told. C Friis picked out & raddled one two tooth ram for £2.2.0. Tom went to Orm with horse & dray & got his rye seed. El went to Orm and to Ada’s   Young ram sick. More in stockyard.

FEB 1897
TU 9   One of the rams sick gave him a packet of Ep salts. Rain today   Tom brought back horse & dray   Sent to Northern Invest £22.15.0. Sent Reserve rent to Board £2.5.6. Put in onion seed. John took Maggie to Wood’s ball. Gave half bottle of castor oil to sick ram.
WED 10th   John rode up to Woods before breakfast for the 2 cows   Felled & dressed 2 Hinau shed up-rights. Light rain all day. Went to Rabbit meeting at Gunderson’s. Gave remaining ½ bottle of castor oil to ram. He does not eat or pass anything.
TH 11   Light rain all day. Dark & dull   Dragged in 3 hinau uprights. Put “Mortie” on reserve. Put sick 2 tooth ram in shed tonight & gave him oil & turpentine. More rain tonight.

FEB 1897
FR 12   Rain rain rain all day & all night. Gave sick ram turpentine & oil tonight   His bowels seem all right. Perhaps lungs.
SAT 13   Rain all day & all night. Fitted up and cleaned back rooms & back shelves. Sick ram won’t feed, lying down now nearly all day in the same place. John rode to Ada’s. Took up meat.
SUN 14   Creek up. More rain. Ram dead. Skinned ram. Round heart rotten. Stuck to ribs. buried him. El Top & Tom drove to Orm. Rain ceased. Came out hot. Heavy rain came on again.
MON 15   Gave El £5 cheque. She paid Mr Woodhouse’s bill £3.3.0. Went & saw a ewe & lamb on Pastor Ries’ paddock, not mine. Carted in load of firewood from Reserve. Sawed & dragged hinau & totara uprights for shed. Grass everywhere.

FEB 1897
TU 16   Dragged & sledged in shed up rights. Shook grassed on back. Grasseed shook a fortnight ago up now. Dull.
WED 17   Dragged shed stuff off ridges and one totara strainer. Mr Beckett called at midday & lunched   Carted some gravel to stockyard. El & youngsters got 2 drakes at Toms.
TH 18   Got in sheep off reserve. Killed one. Carted gravel into stockyard. All went to see Fullers Diorama at night. Paid 6/-. Moonlight coming home.
Fr 19   Mustered back. Dipped and picked out 107 two tooth ewes and put them on flat & 124 wethers & cull ewes & 4 lambs and put them on back. John B helping. Picked out of the 122 one cull ewe for killing leaving 121. Hulena Friis & Sv. Andersen called.

FEB 1897
SAT 20   John rode to Ada’s at 5 AM with message & mutton. Hulena dipped 332 sheep and bought & took away romney ram. He is to pay £2. One pound for ram. Went to meeting at A B Thompsens
SU 21   Killed poor old ewe for dogs. El wnt to Ormondville church. Fine.
MON 22   Rain in the morning. Repaired sheep yards. Paid cheque £3.3.0. to Miss Webb. Shook a little grasseed. Dull.
TU 23   Rain all day. chipping edges off sheep battens in lean to. H Brenkley brought up case of stout. Gave him £1 cheque. Four dozen small bottles.
WED 24   Wet again. Got Cockies shoes removed by blacksmith. Adzed a few shed posts for big shed.
TH 25   Received change 16/- from H Brenkley and 7/- from Miss Webb. Fine day. Sent letter to G Hunter esq MHR.

FEB 1897
TH 25   Got in ewes & lambs and weaned and dipped lambs 249 & 4 on back dipped & 1 in Res 254   Picked out & dipped cull ewes 55   Picked out good ewes undipped 189   Put lambs & culls on back this evening. Top road up to Ada’s. B Bengtsen called.
FR 26   Put good ewes on flat. Two tooth on Ridges & Widerups. Dipped Toms 375 all kinds. John B helping. Drafted them late & put 190 ewes on hill & he put 179 lambs & culls in bush. Recd £1.10.1 from Wms & K
SAT 27   Rain forenoon. No dipping   Put in remaining 2 shed uprights with Tom. Afternoon fine. El & Top went to Orm Boots for Top. Leggings.
SU 28   All at home. Got list at Gundersens of Rabbit Assn. Carl Schmidt signed at Hotel. Leopold wanted to borrow horse & dray. this has been a good growing month.

MARCH 1897
MON 1   Tops Birthday 12 years of age today. had birthday cake. Fine forenoon. C Bengsten dipped his sheep 230. Paid 16/- Sven Andersen dipped 108 and bought Lincoln ram. Paid £2. 5. 0. Cam on wet in the afternoon. Sent £1.10.1 to Union Bank.
TU 2nd   Moist forenoon. Did a little at shed. Tom dipped 2 old rams. Got in ewes off flat & culled out and put in reserve 30. Mrs Watkins called. Miss G Friberg & Mrs Petersens boy.
WED 3   J Neal came with Mrs Fribergs sheep. Dipped 350. J Brabazon dipped 252 left 2 cull ewes & 2 long tail lambs for killing. Killed one of the longtails. Went to Rabbit meeting at Gundersens. J.B. bought one of the two tooth Lincoln rams for Two Guineas.

MARCH 1897
TH 4th   Dipped 158 ewes of my own and put them on flat with the 5 two tooth Lincoln rams. Also 12 afterwards & 94 two tooth ewes making a total of 264 ewe with rams. Put 63 undipped mixed sheep in Reserve. Sold 10 two tooth ewes to J.B. 5/0 each   Battie Brennan dipped 179. Plank dipped 131 & paid 9/-. Union Bank Sent Pass book. Letter from G Hunter.
FR 5   De Lambo & Painter Olsen Dipped 326 of J Pettersens sheep. C A Friis dipped 277. Took 10 two tooth ewes up to Adas early.
SAT 6   El & youngsters went to Danivirk for dip. Got some at Lochheads. A Olsen dipped 299 sheep. Paid one pound. Bought two tooth lincoln ram for 2 guineas. Will pay for him later on. Sent cheque £1.18.0. to Neal & Close.

MARCH 1897
SUN 7th   All at home. J.H.B. came to see about dipping. Caught an eel in gully. Wet night.
MON 8   Moulded cabbage plants. Raked in turnip seed. Got in sheep off reserve. Dipped and put back 20 for killing. Dipped & put on back sec 42 to fatten. One lamb amongst them. Monk Englebretsen & A Thorestensen helped to dip these sheep. Auntie & Ada here today sewing. John at J.H.Bs tonight, to walk in front of sheep coming to be dipped tomorrow. My own dipping is finished now. 264 ewes with 5 lincoln rams on back 470 mixed dry sheep in reserve 20 for killing making a total of 754. This does not include rams. Got 2 Gal dip.
TU 9   John H.B. dipped his sheep 336. John B paid for his 10 sheep, ram & dip £5.11.0. Mr Watson called. El sent telegram to Wms & Kettle. Drum of dip.

MARCH 1896 [1897]
WED 10   Went to Takapau Sports.
TH 11   Drove all ewes off flat on to the other two paddocks. Neals came & dipped their sheep 725. Took one of my old rams for Mrs Friberg.
FR 12   JHB dipped 59. Total 395   Took one of my old rams away for Miss Webb, price 15/-   Watson dipped 93. Hans Mortensen bought half a drum of Whites dip left over since last year & paid 15/-   Raddled 2 of McHardies two tooth rams. Price agreed on 35/- each. Children gone to Circus at Orm tonight   El brought up 5 Gals Murtons dip in tins from Orm. R fare 2/11
SAT 13   Sent cheque to Williams & Kettle £1.12.6 for dip. Finished putting the Wallplates on Shed. H Brenkly borrowed buggy & harness. All went to Lutheran Sunday School Concert. El got bottle medicine.

MARCH 1897
SU 14th   Sold two tooth ram to Mrs Leach yesterday for 21/- promised. All at home. Hot day. Magnusen called.
MON 15   Dipped Magnusens sheep – 48 and Ree 3/-   Hans Mortensen took away his two Lincoln rams. Is to pay £3.10.0. Split some hinau house blocks in reserve. H Brenkly returned buggy. Went with El & Top to Neals for two tooth ewe. Top got a dozen of eggs at Alabasters   Tom fired his bush today. Much smoke. Put ewe on ridges. This makes 26 with rams
TU 16   Went with El to JHB. Tom bought 20 of his ewes at 5/- each helped him to earmark them & take them home. Stenberg called with subscription list in aid of Christian Olsen who was burnt out. El gave him 2/6.
WED 17   Put in a few cabbage plants. Killed long tail lamb. Put back 18. Sold last McHardie Lincoln 2 tooth to J Pettersen for £2 & small ram 10/-

MARCH 1897
TH 18   Helped painter Olsen pick out (J Pettersen) 120 ewes for 2 Lincoln rams. Dagged the lot. C A Friis dipped 121 sheep today. Poor “Toss” took bad this afternoon. Gave him emetic mustard & water but it was no use he died tonight.
FR 19   Buried poor Toss near the apple tree at fence near little gate going out of the garden up to spring. Got in load of firewood off flat. Put three calves in gully plantation with young calf. Hung sheepskins in cow shed, rain this afternoon. Miss Clayton & Mrs Fox called. Top finished writing her letter to Mary Jensen Queensland.
SAT 20   Mustered ewes & rams & dagged them 265 & 5. Carl Schmidts lamb was with them. Put totara gatepost at left hand gate. Showery   Letter from George. John cricketing Orm.

MARCH 1897
SUN 21st   Went to back saw cattle, 8 head & 1 of JB’s   E & John drove up to Ada’s and Tom.
MON 22   Sent cheque, paid by Tom £4.4.0. to Union Bank & letter to W C Smith, to J Pettersen. Wellington & Top sent one to Mary Jensen. Painted end of house next garden. Recd 13/- from Mr Watson for dipping sheep.
TU 23   Dipped 256 of Murrays sheep – Alabaster helping. Shepherd took away 1/6 worth of Dip in a tin. This and the dipping of the sheep comes to 19/-. Drove to Lochheads, returned the dip borrowed off him. Bought the drum of Gibbs Dip in Toms shed for £1.0.0. Hans Mortensen called to see me about a ram. Mine are all sold. Sent £5 note to George in Registered letter. Got home in the dark. Got DRAKE from Mrs Lochhead. Letter from Mr W C Smith

MARCH 1897
WED 24   Put in totara strainer at slope plantation   Threw bucketsful of dip at end of house and along walks. A little rain. Went to Gundersens. No rabbit meeting.
TH 25   Dressed some totara uprights at shed. Sawed end of Miro log to get some wood for JACK. Received letter from Mr G Hunter MHR and £20 enclosed for Martin Hansen Bricklayer. Paid same to Hansen and got receipt. Showers. Hansen is to return the £20.0.0. when able.
FR 26   Sent letter & Hansens receipt to G.H. MHR also cheque for £3.4.6. El walked to Norsewood. Adzed some totara uprights & split a few Hinu house blocks. Very wet afternoon.
SAT 27   Wet day. Emptied dip. Got Darkie shoe on. Recd £3.10.0. from H. Mortensen.
SU 28   Showers. John took ¼ mutton to Ada’s. All at home. Mr & Mrs Randerson called. Charley Smith & Alf Neal called Re dipping formers sheep on WE.

MARCH 1897
MON 29   Sawed some firewood & Blocks in Reserve. Wheeled dogs into garden. Heavy showers. Mr Beckett called. Got case Coopers Dip out of C Schmidts coach. Clipped edges off battens.
TU 30   Sawing firewood in Reserve. El walked over to Mrs Thodsens sen. Showers.
WED 31   Carted in firewood & house blocks off Reserve. Went at night to a wedding – Mr & Mrs Wm Smith Ormondville   Fine night. Got home at 1 AM. Cold.
APRIL 1st   Charlie Smith came with his sheep & two men. Dipped 930 sheep left for home about 5PM. Coopers dip. Jerry Newling called with 6 packets of Coopers dip. In Mr Randerson cart.
FR 2nd   Mixed 2 packages powder dip for tomorrow. Mrs Friberg came & paid 34/- for dipping & old ram. Put in 3 blocks for a new shed and 3 uprights all fixed. John at Toms tonight. 2 letter G.H. MHR

APRIL 1897
SAT 3   Chas Smith dipped remainder of his sheep 966 by 10 minutes past 2 PM. He paid 30/-. Used 16 packages Coopers dip. Paid Woodhouses bill £3.0.0. Paid rabbit rates 11/10. Attended rabbit meeting. Postponed.
SUN 4   Shifted ewes & rams from flat on to Ridges & Widerups. El & Top went to JHBs   Walked over back sec. Plenty grass. Sheep looking well. One dead lamb. Hulena called and paid £2.0.0. for ram & dip
MON 5   Henry Smith dipped 100 sheep. Heavy showers. Mary & Ada came here   Worked at shed afternoon. J Neal came & rode across to his place. 4 calves in shed plantation. Sent £1 17.10. to insurance office.
TU 6   Commenced to saw totara log on Weedrups [Widerups]. Saw Romney ram amongst ewes. Got them in yard and killed & skinned ram. 271 with ram. Put them back on ridges & Weedrups

APRIL 1897
WED 7   Sawing totara log on Widerups. Alabaster killed rabbit in back near scrub. El made fires on Reserve. J Neal dipped 40 sheep and paid cheque £2.5.0. and £1 to my credit for use of sideling. Went to Mr Randersons farewell social with youngsters. Tom put Pettersons 61 wethers on truck at Makatoku. Wind.
TH 8   Went to Ormondville for case of sundries from Wms & Kettle   Rail 3/5   Met Henry & Mrs Smith at Bais. He paid me Ten pounds, leaving £2 & seven shillings for sheep dipping to be paid. Ada & Tom for dinner. El walked to Norsewood and saw the doctor. Rain & wind all day.
FR 9   High wind & rain last night and today. Dry & windy afternoon. Split some of totara log on Widerups. John went to Alabasters for drake. Windy tonight.

APRIL 1897
SAT 10   Finished splitting totara log on Widerups. Windy. Put bluestone on one of the rams hoofs, bad with footrot. Killed sheep. Attended annual rabbit meeting at Waltons Hotel. Finsch. Chairman.
SUN 11   Windy. El & Top drove to Ada’s. I went to hear Rev Randerson’s farewell sermon at night. Big congregation.
MON 12   Dragged with Cockie all the split totara on Widerups to new shed. Sent £1 to Robjohns & Sons for case of stout. El drove to JHB. Received cheque for £1.0.0. from C Leach Orm. for two tooth Lincoln ram sold to him.
TU 13   At shed forenoon. Ada came. El at Thodsens. Poor Bertie died today. Dr Macallen came after the child died. Registered the death with Mr Webber. Ordered coffin from A Hansen. Drove Mrs Beckett home after collision on hill. Cairns store burnt & Hansens house.

APRIL 1897
WED 14   El went over to Thodsens in the morning then to Orm. Saw Mr Wills about the burying of Bertie tomorrow at 1 o’clock. Dinner at JHB’s. El & children at Thodsens for a while tonight. Money in Bank £15 in house £ 5 and some silver. Owing to me £13.9.9.
TH 15   Wet day. Sale of sheep & cattle at Orm Went to poor Bertie’s funeral. Wet night.
FR 16   Awful wet day. The two cows Lilly and Maggie had to swim the creek when John brought them home. Maggie was swept down & put under a log but managed to get out. Good Friday. School closed for 5 days.
SAT 17   Wet again today. El in bed all day. Complains of pains. Tom started to go for Doctor. Road blocked with slips. Telephoned from Makatoku. Dr could not get through. Auntie came up. Got 24 pints stout from Robjohns & Sons. Railway 2/11. All trains stopped.

APRIL 1897
SUN 18   Wintry day. Mr & Mrs Thodsen for dinner. Walked round back. Small slip at O’Hara’s & between Widerups & back. Threw in bushes. Saw cattle. Jersey heifer missing. Cold.
MON 19   Looked with John for ½ Jersey heifer all over back, through scrub and along gullies up to 12 o’clock but could not find her. JHB and Ada here for dinner. El Ada & Top went to see Mrs Clayton. John went before breakfast to send Telephone to Dr McAllen not to come. After dinner got in sheep off ridges and but [put?] bluestone on rams hoof. Crutched 20 ewes and put 56 in shed. JHB paid £2.0.0. dip & bales.
TU 20   Crutching forenoon 76 done today   light rain. Found dead lamb on back (No. 2)   John at Claytons. El very bad with pain in side. Napier Herald arrived today   Dreadful Flood down country. Devastation. Loss of LIFE.

APRIL 1897
WED 21   Searched with Tom for heifer all over back sec. & through scrub. Did not find her. One dead lamb. No. 3   After dinner got in & crutched 71 ewes. Killed ewe going blind. 265 left now. Mr Thodsen here today. John B came over to borrow £13. lent him £5. Commenced to feed pigs twice a day. Mangolds.
TH 22   Shifted milk safe on to back veranda Got in remainder of ewes & crutched 83 leaving remainder in shed tonight. El saw Doctor at Woodhouses. Rain came on. T Clemett came to see about totara
FRI 23   Finished crutching the ewes 35 265 total. Two wethers amongst them. Put them on flat. Tom took horse & dray. Messrs Beckett & Watson called re Road Board.
SAT 24   White frost this morning 1st time   Sent letter to Fourneau. Did some to shed. Pulled pumpkins. At rabbit meeting. Postponed for a week.

APRIL 1897
SUN 25   Fanny calved this morning. White heifer. Went with El to JHB. Fine.
MON 26   Mustered Toms dry sheep and crutched & dagged 131 and 47 and 2 left in shed. El & Mrs Thodsen came up. Attended School Committee election. John Pettersen Paid me £3 and is to leave 12/6 for me.
TU 27   Got in Toms ewes & crutched most of them. Very fine day. Ada came up   Tom can finish early tomorrow.
WED 28   Did a little to shed before dinner. McLeod called at 1 PM. & Pattullas F Redward bought John B’s cow & a fat one of mine “Louie” is to pay me £4.0.0. for her. John came down at 4.30PM. We put ewes off flat on to ridges & mustered back & put sheep on flat for tonight. JHB’s dog “Toby” killed by the train.

APRIL 1897   MAY
TH 29   Went over back found 2 lambs. Put them on flat. Put ewes & rams on back for change. Dry sheep on flat and ridges. Light rain. Worked at shed. Rev wills called. Martin Hansen bricklayer came with this DEEDS. Found dead lamb on back. No. 4
FR 30   At shed. Rev Wills called. Attended meeting at Village Hall. 7.30 Postponed.
1st MAY   Got in sheep off Ridges dagged and crutched 120 and put them on Widerups. Killed sheep   El Top & Mrs Thodsen went to Orm. El called & saw Mr Garforth.
SUN 2nd   Another calm day. Got letter from W P Fourneau, Papakura Taradale. Went over Reserve & part of back with Tom Clemet   Showed him some of the totara. Got pheasant from H Smith & two sons going past in their spring cart. Mr & Mrs Thodsen Jnr at prayers at Friis’s.

May 1897
MON 3rd   Got in some of the sheep off Flat with John and the two pups. Crutched with Tom 170 about one fourth had sore mouths swollen. Put kerosene on their mouths. 120 done before and put on Widerups makes 290 there now.
TU 4   Finished crutching did today 170 & 6 very weak ones on hill this makes 466 dry sheep crutched and 16 in reserve for killing = 265 ewes on back & 5 rams total 752   Attended public meeting in Village Hall
WED 5   Fixed up boiler & boiled mangolds & Sow thistles for pigs. Carted in load of wood. Mrs Clayton & Mrs Watson called. Rain evening. Filled up sheep return. 2 tooth wethers & over 120 Breeding ewes 265 Dry ewes 110 Lambs 250 Flock Rams 5. Total 750. Killed last year 40
TH 6   Put up 2 poison notices. Carted load of firewood. Voted for a member of ROAD BOARD.

MAY 1897
FR 7   Carted in 4 loads of wood, pieces of maire & rata off Back Sec. & flat. Fine   Mrs Thodsen cleaning up bedroom. North, wool & skin buyer called. None.
SAT 8   Wet morning. Got near fore shoe on Darkie. Got postal note at Ericksens for 5/- & subscription list, Clive Rel. Fun. Got 5/- from Walton. Got from Englebretsen 2/- towards Rabbit Association. Wheeled all dags into garden. Ada came. Top & Darkie accompanied her half way home. Showers.
SUN 9   Wet day. All at home.
MON 10   Did something to shed. Attended Rabbit meeting at night. Rain over. Killed fat ewe. Put in Reserve 15
TUE 11   Fine day. Finished putting in uprights at shed. Mr Adams of Harding & Adams Nurseymen, called. Top rode to Ada’s with mutton. E not well today.

MAY 1897
WED 12   Worked at shed. Put in a couple of stays. Filled the boiler & boiled cabbage leaves & mangolds
TH 13   Top took six or eight pounds butter to Englebretsens for cooking for concert. Went with Tom & El to J.H.B. & Orm sale. Dr McAllen called. Bought a few things at J. J. Browns. Told ALF NEAL about poison being laid on back. Cold day like winter.
FR 14   Gave the 7 weak hoggs a dose of gum water. Mrs Frank Smith called   put two stays in shed. El walked over to Mrs Thodsens. Miss Webb hired boy got Cockie & dray. W Murray send £1.0.0. cheque by John for dipping. John went to Mr Watkins for copy of a song.
SAT 15   Took 3 sacks firewood to Village Hall & crockery from Lu. S. School. Bread pastry from Englebretsens. Bought a sack pollard at Wooodhouses. paid 10/- 3 lbs cheese 1/9. Doorkeeper at Hall.

MAY 1897
SAT 15   John sang a song at Concert   Top played on Piano “Campbells are Coming.” Only took a few shillings over £4.0.0.
SUN 16   Very windy. All at home. Dry. GOT A SACK of potatoes at J O’HARA’S.
MON 17   Adzed some henau uprights for shed. Very windy all day. The two pigs going about lawn & shed paddock these last four days. Letter from Mrs Jack.
TU 18   Got in 6 weak hoggs off hill. One got out amongst dry sheep on Widerups. Killed one for dogs. Put 5 in Reserve. Auntie & Ada came here. Jack O’Hara came with 3 sacks of potatoes. Paid him 24/-. Did very little work today. Very windy   Mrs Watkins & Clayton here. Ada brought £4
WED 19   Windy. Too much so to do any work at shed. Showers. Hail. Went at night with JOHN to Lutheran tea meeting. Wind and rain. Paid Cobbler Olsen 5/6. Good many in hall. Spread out 3 sacks of potatoes on battens.

MAY 1897
TH 20   Went for Mrs Swainson in the morning   Dr McAllen came. Tom sent telegram from Orm for Dr’s bag. Got bottle whiskey at Waltons. Took Dr & Mrs Swainson away again.
FR 21   Mustered back with Tom. Took out the 5 rams and a blind ewe put ground alum in her eyes and let her go on hill with rams. 265 ewes on flat put all dry sheep on back. Telephoned to Dr. Cut a little off sow’s nose. El all right now.
SAT 22   Cleaned gun. Went to Norsewood   Paid Walton 8/6 for bottle of whiskey   Got subscription list. C A Friis 5/- Carl Schmidt 2/6. Heavy rain and cold. Got J J Browns bill for £4.9.0.
SUN 23   Brought home “Lilly” & bull calf roan   Put “Morty” Blackie Spot & Five bob in Reserve. Shot quail in Reserve. El Top J & Tom at JHB’s. Canvassed some houses on Danish line. Relief Fund. Clive settlers.

MAY 1897
MON 24   Boiled mangolds in big boiler and a few small potatoes fat and dogsmeat. Shot wild duck up gully. Auntie Florrie and Ella came. Tom brought Cockie from Miss Webbs up to his place for fadge of crutching. Auntie & El drove up to Ada’s. Killed fat ewe. Went to Hegh’s Clausens and Olsens for money on behalf of Relief fund. Got 5/- from P.C. Olsen. Hegh and Butcher would not give any.
TU 25   Pressed a bale of crutchings with 10 skins on top, and Tom took it to ORM and a small bundle of skins and a fadge of his own crutchings with Cockie and dray. Got a woolpack at Woodhouses. Got 21/- from A Svensen 2/6 from A Englebretsen and 2/6 from Thodsen & 5/- from Taylor Englebretsen. Took list to Village Hall. £19.19.0 on table. More to come in. My list amounts to £3. 12.6.

MAY 1897
WED 26   Put some ground alum in the eyes of a ewe which was going blind. Went in buggy to Matamau Mill to see about getting timber. Called at Lochheads. Home at nearly dark.
TH 27   The Dr called. Children caught a hawk with broken wing. Put ewes off flat on to the other paddocks found two ewes cast – alive. Put in a few lean to uprights in shed. Windy.
FR 28   Heavy showers nearly all day. Sent cheque for £4.9.0. by Miss Siddells to J. J. Brown. John gone up with Tom to stay tonight.
SAT 29   Cold showers and rain. Afternoon rode to Nordlof’s mill. Left order for timber for shed. Got Wms & Kettle letter re skins and crutchings, all sold, latter 4 per lb 11 x skins 4¼ Pelts with a little more wool on 2¼   El bad tonight   sort of fit, lasted for over an hour. Mrs Thodsen sen with her. About ½ past 9 went to sleep. Slept well.

MAY 1897
SUN 30   All at home. El up and took her meals. Ducks & quail for dinner. Very nice. Tom & JHB for dinner. Very nice. John took meat to Ada’s. Showery cold miserable day. Windy.
MON 31   Worked at shed. Snow this morning. Rabbit Inspector Gayfer called. Talked about rabbits and rabbitter. Gave directions re missing phosphorus and oats etc. A great portion of this month windy & rainy.
TU 1st JUNE   Very fine calm day. Did some to shed. Short days cannot do much work. Drove to Becketts in the afternoon & brought home 2 pups.
WED 2nd   Worked at shed. Dagged rams put ground alum a third time in a ewe’s eye and put her out in Widerups and also the ewe which I found cast on flat. Tom took buggy, case of empty bottles for Robjohns & Son and dog “Tim” for JHB   Attended rabbit meeting. Special. Fine day.

JUNE 1897
TH 3rd   Paid Miss Webb £1.1.0. as three months advance for Tops music lessons. None for John for the next 3 months. Worked at shed. Florrie & Auntie came up with Tom in buggy. Tom took ½ of JHB’s pig killed yesterday. Mrs Watkins called. Had lunch. Killed sheep. Dr McAllen called late tonight. Rechab Harding died.
FRI 4   Boiled mangolds in boiler. Cut up sheep. Did something to shed. Tom Clemett & Erick Ericksen fell totara tree in Reserve near creek & split some sleepers. Very fine day. John at Tom’s tonight.
SAT 5   Did a little to shed. J Lochhead called. Mrs Thodsen & sister in law. Mrs Y took bad. Neils & Smith had tea here. Mrs Thodsen & husband here all night. Attended rabbit meeting or rather went to Woodhouses & advanced £1 to pay off Allabaster. fine weather 2 ewes cast on Widerups – Olive

JUNE 1897
SUN 6   Went through Reserve & back section brought in steer. “Jimmey” & heifer “Strawberry” and put them in Reserve. Shot nothing. John got set of shoes on Darkey yesterday. I paid E Collins 5/6 to give to BARCLAY.
MON 7   Sent letter to Lochhead. Auntie came   Worked at shed. Very fine day. Webbers child died yesterday. Alick Jones Jun. Waipukurau buried yesterday. Carl Smith brought up case of stout – 48 pints   Railway freight and carriage 5/-
TU 8   Put white lead on nail heads on roof, went through ewes on Widerups   Put sack of chips in wash house, raked up chips round new shed & burned am   Ada came. Top went home with her. Staying with her tonight. Received cheque £5.12.1. from Wms & Kettle for crutchings & skins. Mr Lindsay Loan and Mercantile Ag Co. called.

JUNE 1897
WED 9   Levelled ground inside of shed. Children got holliday. Went to Clara Webbers funeral with John to Ormondville Cemetary. McLeod of Wms & Kettle here tonight. Very fine weather still.
TH 10   Sent cheque £5.12.1. to Union B. Took down roof of temporary night pens. Marcusson came and McLeod wrote out a petition for him for County Councillors.
Fri 11   Did a little to shed. Windy today.
SAT 12   Wet today. Found a ewe cast on flat. Boiled mangolds. John took a note to Nordlof’s mill. Timber will be ready next week. Paid Collinge & Collins bill 13/6. Paid what was owing to Mr Woodhouse. Children went to W. Tea meeting Village Hall.
SUN 13   Went through ewes.   all at home. Rainy.
MON 14   Light rain. Cut flag staff in Reserve. Walked up to Watkins to say good bye.

JUNE 1897
TU 15   Wet Miss Webbs man brought home horse & dray. C A Friis gave me fresh PN. £23 payable 3rd August 1897.
Soft rain. El complaining this morning at 6 AM. Drove up for Mrs Swainson   Sent Telegram to Dr MacAllen   Baby born about half past nine   Mother and child doing well. Put the black pig in to fatten. Dr called at dinner time.
TH 17   Auntie came up staying here tonight. Drove Mrs Swainson home. Went over to Mr Watkins. Sent 2 dip tins to Woodhouse for W M Beckett. J Lochhead called also the Dr. Also Mr & Mrs Watt(?) also Mrs Thodsen Sen. Last night attended rabbit meeting. Recd £1 lent at last meeting. Appointed J Lochhead Rabbiter.

FR 18   Took Cockie & dray up to Watkins. Bought 2 sks pig potatoes 7/- spade 2/- Scythe 5/6 half sk rye, sugar bag full of peas, bag carrots, straw for bedding total £1.2.0. Bought at Woodhouses 1/- worth tea 1lb biscuit. Tom came & Ada & Mary. John at Ada’s tonight Killed sheep. Very fine day.
SAT 19   Up at 6 o’clock. Moonlight, hard frost. Went to Nordlof’s mill with two horses and dray. Tom came. Loaded and took home 522 feet of rimu. Several people called. Sent 22/- to Watkins by Tom. Auntie made Union Jack and went home in the evening.
SU 20   Queen Victoria reigns 60 years today. Put up flag in front of house alongside oak. Soft day. Went through sheep with John & Willy. Mrs Swainson came   Mrs Thodsen & sister in law called.

JUNE 1897
MON 21   Went up to Watkins and carted his boxes etc to Orm railway Station. Got a tin of kerosene and 2 empty cases at J J Browns. Auntie Willie & Ella here. Very fine day. Union Jack flying.
TU 22   Willie & John carried gravel in a bucket from creek. Mad(?) a cap for Willie   Tom & all the people went home. Wind.
WED 23   Went over back sec with Knut Olsen & Tom Clemmett & pointed out totara & maire. Got in 2 loads of firewood of reserve   Weaned calf “Boxer” today. Very windy.
TH 24   Killed sheep 15 in reserve now. One sheep jumped through fence yesterday evening, into flat. Carted 4 loads of rubbish from heap where saw mill stood at new shed. Very fine.
FR 25   Carting away heap at New Shed. Mr Roach Danevirk Auctioneer called. Promised him to bring 50 fat ewes to Ormondville Sale.

JUNE 1897
SAT 26   Mrs Swainson came today and was settled with. Paid her cheque 30/-   Gave her some mutton, cabbage etc. Mrs Friberg called. Carted away stuff from old saw mill site & filled upholes. John driving Cockie & helping to fill.
SUN 27   All at home. Went through sheep.
MON 28   John up first this morning again milked Lilly, fed hens etc before breakfast   Finished carting heap at saw mill site. Scraped & boiled boiler full of mangolds. Auntie Ella & Florrie came up   Florrie here tonight. Mrs Vigris and 2 Miss Siddells came. Mrs Larsen came collecting in aid of Salvation Social   Two sons of H Smith put 6 fat sheep in yard
TU 29   Sawed matai log at old sawmill site and split a months firewood. John Helping. Ada came & brought me a pound note. Mrs Gribble & Clayton came.

JUNE – JULY 1897
WED 30   Tom borrowed gun to go shooting. Carted 2 loads matai firewood to heap from old saw mill site. Took mall saw wedges etc in dray out to back and commenced to saw log for sheep rails but came on wet at 3 PM. Had to come home. this has been a splendid month.
JULY 1st   Split 16 rails on back. Got in sheep & killed ewe. Raddled 4 ewes & 2 wethers & put them on reserve with 7 others. Very fine day.
FR 2nd   Scraped and boiled remainder of mangolds. Florrie went home. Rev Wills & wife called. Sawed log on back. John rode up to Adas with meat. New moon. Mr Lochhead staying here tonight.
SAT 3   Mustered back with John. Picked out 65 fat ewes & 2 others and put on reserve. 393 on back. Mrs Clayton & niece called. Very fine day.

JULY 1897
SUN 4   All at home. Found on back a dead hoggt   Carried home & skinned it. J H Bovaird came. He rode with Tom to see sheep dog at Ole Olsen’s. Tom paid his account £3.11.0. up to end of June. Tom Clemett & young Ericksen came at tea time & paid Tom £2.16.0. for sleepers.
MON 5   Up early. Childrens hollidays over. Went to school today. JHB came up   Killed black pig. Put hogget & sack of small potatoes into boiler & boiled them. Mrs Nickolls & Daughter called. Letter from Mrs Ennis. Finished sawing log on back. Fired log on ridges
TU 6   Wet showery forenoon. Cut up pig & put it in salt. Went around ewes. Fine evening. John rode with liver & spare ribs to JHB’s   Pig weighed about 200 lbs.
WED 7   Bought pair of boots for John at Mon[?] for 8/6. Wet forenoon. Sawed log for rails.

JULY 1897
TH 8   Took 60 good fat ewe to Orm Sale in Grants new yards. Refused 7/6 reserve 8/- took them home again. Cold showery windy day. Other 3 mobs of sheep sold. Wethers 8/6. Tom helping.
FR 9   Sent £1.1.0. to JHB by Tom this morning when he went to help kill two pigs as church money. Went with horses & dray to Nordlofs mill, brought back 520 feet weather boards. Mr Lochhead here tonight.
SAT 10   Went through scrub over back. Went to mill & got 553 feet weather boards got bag sugar yesterday at Browns & one at Woodhouses & a bit of cheese. very cold.
SUN 11   Went over back today & saw cattle. Had chicken & pheasant (one left by Mr Lochhead) for dinner. JHB came. Went with him to Ole Olsens. He swapped dogs with Ole. Very cold today.

JULY 1897
MON 12th   Sent £3.11.0 to Union Bank. Went to Mill. Had shoe removed on “Cockie”   Got 560 feet some 2nd class. This finishes the weather boards. Two by two inch battens & floor to be cut still. Very fine day.
TUE 13   Dragged a few posts off reserve & made a sledge with two totara posts. Knut Olsen carting totara sleepers through flat on to road. JHB came here last night when we were in bed, with pork.
WED 14   Finished making the sledge & dragged in some posts off Reserve, big heavy posts. Mrs Lochhead & children called. Attended Rabbit meeting at Gundersons.
TH 15   Wet day. No work. Tom walked across paddocks, & altered a pair of pants, sent by Kirkcaldie & Stains. The two small calves in dray shed tonight with hay. Severe day & night on stock. Three hens have been laying for some weeks.

JULY 1897
FR 16   Another windy showery wild day. Dragged log to repair 1st bridge. Dragged & heaped a few logs on flat to burn out of track.
SAT 17   Miss Webbs man borrowed “Cockie” & dray and frame. Another showery day. Mary rode up & got new stirrup leather for 1/-. “Strawberry” heifer came round. John & I took her to Woods bull. late at night. Very rough night wind & rain.
SUN 18   Showery & windy. John went to Woods for cows, paid 2/6. Mary went home before dinner. Continues rough windy cold & rain
MON 19   Cold showers & snow, cold wind. Planted Macracarpa in corner of pig paddock. Shifted cherry tree to Johns garden. Put in broad leafed poplar in its place. Palle Jensen called to borrow £2.0.0. Gave him letter to H Smith for amount & to F Redward for £4.0.0.   wet night   John found 3d bit. Cold bitter night.

JULY 1897   snow
TUE 20   Walked round sheep and cattle. Snow last night. Ground white this morning. Top at home from school, washing and went with mother and baby to Ormndville to JHB. Got pair of boots at J J Browns for 10/- & a piece of beef from Redwards boy – 6lbs. JHB went to Olsens with dog, but brought him back home again.
WED 21   Sent cheque £1.17.10. to M L Association   John bought 6lbs 3 inch nails at Woodhouses. Worked at shed. Nailed on w. boards on back of lean to. Ada came. Fine day. Sent straining tools to Orm by Miss Webb.
TH 22   Showery morning. Nailed on some weather boards. Auntie & Ada here today they went to Ericksens. Rain again tonight.
FRI 23   Killed pig. Tom helping. Walked though ewes. E Ericksen & son & Tom Clemett splitting maire & sleepers on flat. F Redward paid P Jensen £4.0.0. I LENT P JENSEN £2.0.0.

JULY 1897
SAT 24   Cut up & put in salt the pig. Made 2 hurdle gates in the afternoon one for going into Ridges. One for going out of Ridges into back. Fine day. John rode up to Ada’s with pork ribs. Top Eva & their mother walked over to Mrs Thodsen’s.
SUN 25   Wind. Walked over to Mortensen’s. Hans agreed to allow cattle to go from back into his section for some weeks. Windy tonight
MON 26   Put hurdle gate at the 3 gateways. Nailing on weather boards on far end of shed. Top Eva and Mother out for a drive, round by Toms. Mrs Clayton called. Knut Olsen carting out from back thought ridges, totara sleepers.
TU 27   Nailing on weather boards on shed. Spoke to C Friis about coming to look at “Mortie” some time this week. El swapped Toms drake yesterday with Mrs Friis for a big white one.

JULY 1897
WED 28   Killed sheep, the half blind lanky ewe. Washed & hung the hams & shoulders of bacon. Hung the sides in kitchen. Wet day. Walked over the back with C Friis and saw cattle. Fanny not fat enough. Tom wrote to Wms & Kettle for advance on wool etc.
TH 29   Wet forenoon. Sent case of empty porter bottles to Orm by H Brenkley. Nailing on weather boards on front of shed.
FR 30   Light rain all day and night. Mr & Mrs Webber left for a six months holiday. Put on some weather boards on shed. Sent cheque £1 to Robjohns & Sons.
SAT 31   Sent cheque £2.6.0. to J Sandtmann as insurance for House for ensuing year. Finished putting on weather boards on front of shed. Knut Olsen carted out some maire sleepers. This has been a good month with the exception of 5 or 6 cold wet days.

SUN 1st   Walked through ewes. Saw the first ewe with a lamb on corner of ridges. Drove 3 sheep off Magnusens into back across big log. Went after dinner for a drive beyond Gribbles. Home by German line. Very fine day. Grass very fair.
MON 2nd   Very fine day. Mustered back with Tom. Picked out 60 fat ewes & C A Friis bought them at 8/6 each, also 7 smaller ones at 7/6 each. He paid me a cheque £23.0.0. for the sheep he bought last summer. He is to pay me half cash on the 25th of this month for the sheep he bought today and I take a P.N. for 3 or 4 months for the remainder. I put 29 dry sheep and weak hoggets on the reserve. I put on the back 360 or a couple over. Another ewe this morning with a single lamb. Mrs Sam Erickson came on behalf of Englebretsens tea meeting.

TU 3   Went through ewes. saw sick ewe 2 tooth lying on her side unable to get up. Nailed on weather boards on this end of shed. There is a ½ crown missing in bedroom.
WED 4   El dove to Orm. Got baby registered at Grooms. Her name is Eva Victoria. Rain in the afternoon. H Brinkley brought case of stout. Bought billy of tea at Browns for 10/6. Nailed on weather boards on shed. The sick ewe I saw yesterday had a lamb with her this morning.
TH 5   Walked through ewes. Rain nearly all day. Did a little at the shed. No lambs.
FR 6 Wet day. Through ewes another single. Did some to shed. Got two files & bit from J J Brown by Knut Olsen. Goose laying. John brought in the 1st goose egg.
SAT 7   Through ewes. No lambs. Worked at shed. light rain & showers nearly all day. Fairly good growing weather.

SUN 8   Through ewes. Saw ewe & twins in Widerups. A black patch on the back of one of the lambs. Fairly good grass in front paddocks. Enough on back section. Plenty in Reserve. J Brabazon here for dinner. Light soft rain today.
MON 9   Sent cheque £2.5.6. Reserve rent. Saw ewe with single lamb 7 or 8 now. Planted some privet cuttings in hedge. A letter from George at Thames. Dr MacAllan sent his bill £6.10.0. Showers. Leaves on the willows. “Lilly & Maggy” in at night.
TU 10th   Showers today again. Cold afternoon. Drove to Ljuinquist’s to see his young pigs. Bespoke 2. A ewe which had twins last night or this morning died today. Carried home the lambs, a pair of good wether lambs. El very weak & bad tonight like influenza. Letter from JMR Lochhead. Top took baby to bed with her in Front Room.

WED 11   Skinned the ewe which died yesterday. John took the lamb to school and gave it to W. Thomasen. The other drinks milk. H Smith called about valuing the land in the District. Split 30 rails on back. Got in sheep and killed one   J Gollan, Friis & Gundersen came but not Beckett. Hot calm day.
TH 12   El Top & baby drove to Orm. Through ewes. No lambs. Split rails on back. H Smith called. Gave property returns. Found ewe cast, lying between log & fence on Widerups. Covered her over with sacks. She cannot stand. This has been another warm calm day. Grass growing well. Gave lamb to Ed. Englebretsen.
FRI 13   Brought home ewe found cast yesterday on sledge. E Ericksen & T Clemette found one cast on flat with dead lamb. 3 ewes lambed since yesterday. Fine day. Frost last night.

SAT 14   Found ewe with lamb coming the wrong way. Helped her. Got both home. lamb very big wether, near kitchen fire, trying to stand up. Skinned the ewe which I brought home on sledge, two wether lambs inside. Top rode to Ada’s with hind quarter of mutton. John gone to Tom’s. Split totara houseblock, and posts in reserve. “Cockie” & dray home. Nordlof sent words that timber is cut.
SUN 15   Washed & hung bacon & cleared off the place.
MON 16   Skinned very good ewe on Flat. Died trying to lamb. Twins inside. Carted in 2 loads of maire firewood. Wet cold & showery most of the day. Ljuinquist brought the 2 young pigs. Paid him cheque for  £1.0.0. Saw several ewes with twins this morning. All are taking well to their lambs. Ewes all fat. Tonight is pitch dark & raining, hard on young lambs. 2 ewes & lambs in shed tonight.

TUE 17   Several ewes had lambs last night in the rain, mostly twins. No deaths as yet. Too many twins. Went to sawmill, got 100 2 x 2 twelve feet. Came on to rain soon after starting and rained heavy ever since up to bedtime. Mr Hegh bought a goose for 5/-   Gave a lamb, one of a pair of twins to Friddu. A letter from Mrs Ennis & two pairs of booties for baby. Called at Fred Smiths re dog. Heavy rain falling. No sign of change. Dark.
WED 18   Round sheep. Warm rain. More twins. Brought in twin lamb. Pulled ewe out of gully in ridges. Put her in shed paddock. Went to Mill. Met J J Wilson ordered ½ cwt magnum bonum & ½ cwt beauty of Hebron seed potatoes. Got 48 boards at mill 9 x 1. flooring. Heavy load. Warm good growing day. Very fine night.

August 1897
TH 19   More ewes lambed last night. all twins. Very fine warm day. Darky not well, unable to pass anything. Gave him dose of oil. Went to mill got 12.15. 4 x 2 & facecuts etc. Paid Nordlof £8.0.0. home at 5 PM. Ada here. Met Lochhead & had Conversation. John found 2 lambs on Widerups motherless. Sent one to C Olsen by Sven Andersen took the other one home. John gave one lamb this morning to Walter Thodsen   Very dark tonight and pouring rain.
FR 20   Brought in ewe with very small lamb. Killed lamb & put the skin on a good twin lamb. Ewe took to it at once. Took away one lamb from Ewe, gave it to Miss Webb & gave one to young Smith. Split some houseblocks in reserve. Rev Wills & wife called. Knut Olsen carted away last load of sleepers to Orm. Good growing day. J Pettersens horse & wagon bolted past.

SAT 21   Took in 2 tooth ewe with small twins. Killed twins, put skin of one on to good lamb. Ewe very fond of it. Gave 2 away. Knocked one or two on the head. El Top & baby drove up to Toms. John & I got some house blocks on back Sec. Very fine day. Ewes lambing. Nearly all twins.
SUN 22   Showery. Brought in motherless lamb. put it on ewe without lamb. Olsen (Blacksmith) Norsewood called to see if I would write to G Hunter MHR Re Ploughhouse.
MON 23   Sent order for groceries etc to Wms & K   Ewes lambing. Plenty of twins, took away 4 lambs. Showers, one very heavy one. Mud for weeks past. Ground saturated. El Top & baby drove to JHB. Got wet coming home. Split 14 houseblocks totara. John not well, a cold or a touch of influenza. Plenty of grass in all paddocks and plenty of hay.

TUE 24   Ewes lambing all right. Took dinner out to back & split house blocks. Dull day.
WED 25   Walked down to C Friis. Settled with him about sheep. Recd cheque £14.2.6. and PN £16.0.0. in 6 months. Finished splitting house blocks. Gave six lambs to 2 schoolboys – Magnusen & Smith. Rabbit Committee meeting had to advance £1.0.0. to make up Rabbiters wages. Cloudy day.
TH 26   Ewe & black lamb. Some singles & Some doubles. Dull calm day. Carted the timber lying near road. JMR Lochhead called. Johns cold not gone. Does no work.
FRI 27   Sent letter & petition to G Hunter MHR. Sheep all right, fine calm day. El & youngsters went to Orm. Got goods from Wms & Kettle, took away 2 lambs in buggy. Killed sheep. Dagged the 5 rams. Ella here tonight. Fine night.

SAT 28   Through ewes not many lambing now. Cut up sheep. El & youngsters drove to Orm for goods from Wms & K. Did a little to shed.
SUN 29   Through ewes not many lambs coming. Nice feed for stock in all paddoks   El Top baby & Tom to JHB. Fine day. Feed.
MON 30   Tom took Cockie & dray up home for the day. Sent x cheque to Northern Inv. Co. for £22.15.0. Sent number of sheep to be sold by me in January 1898 to Wms & K 100 four tooth, 100 two tooth & perhaps 50 mixed. Put rafters & stays on shed. Fine spring day. Got a fore shoe on Darkie. Very few lambs.
TU 31   Sent £2.0.0. cheque by Top to pay Sheep rate at Ericksens. Mrs Fothergill called. Finished the staying on roof of shed. Revd Sussex called. El & John drove to Waltons for 2 plum trees left by J Lochhead. This has been a good growing & lambing month. Frost last night.

WED 1st   Two ewes with twins last night & three with singles. A very fine day. El Top & baby & Mrs Thodsen drove to Cemetery, Norsewood, to Berty’s grave. El to J J Browns, got the makings of a tweed suit for John. Dug out the two plum trees & put 2 other trees in their stead. Planted 4 or 5 half rows of potatoes inside of wire netting 2 rows of early rose near stab fence & magnum B. J T Wilson called. Paid him 9/- for seed potatoes.
TH 2   Very fine day again. Brought in lamb. Miss Webb took it home. Sent J J Brown his money £4.2.5 and order for 40 sheets of iron & lead edged ridging   Cockie slipped into the creek when crossing the bridge. Sledged out of reserve all house blocks – about 30. Several ewes lambed last night some with twins. Dry day. Wind rising tonight.

SEPT 1897
FR 3   Wet day. Got in a few ewes & lambs. Cut off one lambs tail, dagged a ewe. Gave a twin lamb to W. Thodsen. Letter from G. Hunter. Pass Book from Union Bank.
SAT 4   John up early. Posted 2 letters at Orm before 1st train came in. then rode to Robinsons Makatoku. Warm day. Hauled some house blocks from back with Cockie & John. Came on very heavy rain at 5 PM. BL Olsen called. Mrs Coles & 2 children called.
SUN 5   All at home. A good deal of rain.
MON 6   Through sheep. Few lambs coming. Put in 10 house blocks in new shed lean to.
TU 7   Carted in 2 loads of firewood & chips and sledged all house blocks to flat fence. & home. John went through ewes & lambs. Very high wind today & heavy showers now. It has turned cold. Letter from George & Wms & Kettle. Deposited £10 in Union Bank.

SEPT 1897
WED 8   Putting in house blocks & joices in shed lean to. Very high wind last night & today. Rabbit meeting. All present except Hans Mortensen. John at Orm. Social. Stays at JHBs tonight. Auntie here today.
TH 9   High wind continues. At house blocks in new shed. El not well today.
FR 10   Still windy. Finished house blocks in back of shed. Found another dead lamb a big one. Wool in stomach. Put skin on a twin lamb and shut it up with ewe. J Lochhead called in the evening. W.B. Beckett called late re Rabbiters Report.
SAT 11   Fine calm day. Got set of shoes on Darky. John rode him to Toms he is there tonight. Worked outside shed.
SUN 12   All at home. Fine day. Found a big single lamb unable to stand. Killed it. Put skin on a twin. Ewe took to it. Wool in its stomach. This is the 3rd of the kind.

SEPT 1897
MON 13   Took 2 bundles skins (14) to Orm. Station Wms & K. Brought back from J J Brown 30 six feet sheets of iron 10 nine feet lengths 6 pieces of ridging 13 pairs of hinges, nails, screws, flour etc. Found another very big lamb dead. Put his skin on another. Mr & Mrs Beckett for tea, & child. Got letter from G Hunter M.H.R. & £10.0.0. to be given to Olsen £8.0.0. Widow Jansen £2. Woods called with patent medicine & Fred Shugar with Jubilee Subn list.
TU 14   Sent the £10 cheque or order to Union Bank. Nailed the 4 x 1 ½ on shed. Warm day. Ada came. Mrs H Smith called, Found 2 more big lambs dead. Will not now be surprised to find scores of them dead. Found a small portion of wool in 4 or 5 of them. Rain tonight, Will do good.

SEPT 1897
WED 15   Put on half of the iron on shed. Found another big lamb dead. & a little wool inside. Tom has influenza a rabbit meeting. Mr Lochhead resigned. Ole Olsen called gave him cheque £8.0.0.
TH 16   Putting on iron. El & Top & baby had a drive to J J Browne’s for more iron 2 sheets 6 ft 2 dtto 9 feet   Found 2 more dead lambs. One ewe lamb a little wool inside each. Put the skins on twin lambs. A wintry evening. A board was dropped on poor “Tui’s” leg fear it is broken, bound it up.
FR 17   Another dead lamb about the same age as the others, 5 or 6 weeks old. Put skin on twin. Worked at shed. Gave Mrs Jansen £2.0.0. Tom here today.
SAT 18   Did not find any dead lambs today. Finished weather boarding new shed. El Top John & Eva drove Ngamoka way.

Weight of Wool for 1896
No. of   Bl.   No. Fl.   Description   Weight
Cwt   qrs   Lbs
1   53   X Bred   3   2   7
2   50   X Bred   3   0   23
3   60   X Bred   3   3   14
4   54   X Bred Fine   2   3   16
5   50  X Bred Fine   2   3   12
6   54  X Bred Fine   2   3   25
7   52   X Bred   3   1   23
8   Bellies & Pieces   3   3   22
9   75   X Bred   4   0   17
10   73   X Bred   Hoggt   3   3   6
11   70   X Bred   3   2   26
Fadge   13
12   Locks Bellies Pieces   4   0   16
13   Lambs   3   2   19
14   Lambs    2  3   15
One Fadge = 13 fleeces
No of fleece   604   say 6/78   49   1   25
2   22
50   0   19

£   S   D
Money Recd for Wool etc for 1896
Skins sent to Wm & Kettle.
Lo   Do   Do
1 Bale of Crutchings
8 Bales at 1st Sale   83 – 6 – 7
Sheep to Redward   28 – 10 – 0
Do to CA Friis   23 – 0 – 0
Heifer to CA Friis   3 – 10 – 0
6 Bales 2nd Sale   60   9   7
one Fadge   1   10   1
200   6   3
Piece of Galvanised iron in Napier
20 sheets 9 ft long = £3. 2. 3
3/1¼ per sheet 4 and a fraction per foot
weights 3 cwt 2 qrs 24 lbs

£   S   D
Wool sold 1894-1895. The bad year
Wool skins & Tallow. Wms & Kettle
79   3   5
Skins sold to Neal Bros
Ewes sold to JB   30 – 0 – 0
Rams sold   2 . 0 . 0
Wethers to Nelsons (49)   18 – 7 . 0
Cow Jubilee   7 – 0 – 0
Sheep & lambs to Mortensen   9 – 7 – 0

1897 – Sheep Dipped   2859
Hulena   332 p   JH Bovaird   336 p
T Jessop   375 p   Neal Bros   725 p
Bengtsen   230 p   JH Bovaird   59 p
S Andersen   108 p   Watson   193 p
W Friberg   350 p   4172
J Brabazon   252 p   Magnusen   48 p
Mrs Brennan   179   CA Friis   121   Murray   256
Plank   131 p   WC Smith   1896 p
J Pettersen   326   Hen Smith   100
CA Friis   277   Neal Bros   401
Do   __   Thodsen   3
A Olsen   299 p   My own   760
2859   7398

Weight of Wool for 1895
No   Flc   C   q   lbs
1   58   X Bred Ewes   3   1   15
2   54  X Bred Ewes   3   –   24
3   62   X Bred Wether   3   2   20
4   58  ½ Bred   2   2   26
5   54   X Bred Fine   2   2   12
6   54   X Bred Fine   2   2   17
7   Bellies & Pieces   3  2   11
8   Bellies & Pieces   3  2   7
9   95   X Bred (Hog)   3   0   6
10   93  X Bred (Hog)   3   0   11
11   62  ½ Bred   2   2   11
12   59  ½ Bred   2   3   –
13   Stain Pc & locks   3   2   19
in Bottom Pcs next
39 fleeces on top
14   LAMBS   3   2   15
15 (23)   Do & 23 Fleeces   3   1   3
711   47   2   1
1 Black fleece
2 Extra
Average per fleece   6½

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Surnames in this diary –
Adams, Adeane, Allen, Amundsen, Andersen, Beck, Beckett, Bengtsen, Black, Bovaird, Brabazon, Brenkley, Brown, Clayton, Clemett, Coles, Deans, Ennis, Englebretsen, Ericksen, Fothergill, Fourneau, Frances, Fredericksen, Friberg, Friis, Gasson, Gollam, Gradman, Gribbles, Gundersen, Halliburton, Hansen, Hegh, Heslop, Hovell, Hulena, Hunter, Jensen, Johnston, Jones, Kettle, King, Larsen, Lindsay, Lochhead, Macallen, Magnusen, Martin, McAllen, McLees, McLeod, McNutt, Mickelsens, Mortensen, Neal, Newling, Nordbye, O’Hara, Olsen, O’Reilly, Paisley, Pattulla, Petersen, Randerson, Redward, Rhodes, Roach, Russell, Sandmam, Sandtmann, Saunders, Schaare, Schmidt, Shugar, Siddells, Sidey, Smith, Swainson, Topholm, Thodsen, Thorstensen, Vaughan, Vigris, Watkins, Webb, Westall, Wills, Woodhouse, Woods


Date published

November 1895 - September 1897

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Hardcover book, handwritten diary

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