Diary 07 July 1899 – June 1901






1st SAT JULY 1899
Stormy & showery.  Painting boards for gates in woolshed. Put barrowful of hen manure round.  2 plumtrees in garden.  M Neilsen called for F Societies cheque  £1 for M Pedersen.  Letter from Hoadley & Co inviting offer £3.10 per acre for Sec 17.  Norsewood occupied by T Jessop.
2nd SUN   Went over back saw dead wether   Saw and spoke to J Neal in his paddock.  Drove youngsters to S School & to JHB fine day.
MON 3   Trying to fix chimney to prevent it from smoking.  Skinned a dead wether (a bought one) boiled it for the dogs.  Sent letter to G. Francis.  El at JHB dull calm day.  Attended Road Board meeting.
TU 4   Chimney still smokes.  Transplanted peach tree in garden.  Planted 2 oak trees, one at each gate in front.  El clipped laurels at house.  Came on wet.  Letter from Conroy & Co Re fat sheep.

WED 5 JULY 1899
Planted 3 oaks in front & put in laurel cuttings & manured them up to garden fence.  Attended School Com meeting
TH 6   El & baba at JHB transplanted goosberry bushes in garden & worked in it.  Sent letter to Conroy & Co Re fat sheep & sent letter to Godfrey Auctioneer Danivirk [Dannevirke] offering 50 forward Ewes. Orm sale on 12th
FRI 7   Working in garden. Shifted gooseberry bushes & box hedge, dug out currant bushes & blighted apple trees.  Very fine day   Stock sale yesterday Waipawa.  Prime Fat Ewes 11/[?]
SAT 8   Wet morning. cold & showers.  Cannot get in the sheep from back today as intended   Made a gate in the shed.  Came on to snow   Big flakes a heavy fall of snow tonight
SUN 9   Four or five inches of snow all over the country.  The 3 children went to Tom’s & they all came back here for tea.  Carried out hay to cows & horses.

MON 10 JULY 1899
Ground covered with snow.  Went to school   Told Thorestensen to repair fence & put lock on Miss Cummings cupboard.  Painter Olsen called afternoon & will get Magnusen to cart 2 loads of gravel.  Went at night to Road Board office to meet Grant & Thomsen Re laying off 4 contracts for cleaning water tables.  The snow thawing.  Cold wind.
TU 11   Showers all day and cold.  Made gate in the shed.  Mrs Jules Jensen died today.
WED 12   Wettish day. Went to Orm sale with Tom.  No sheep there. Only 3 steers, dogs & mare. only a dog sold.  Jubilee Fr Soc Anl – no meeting.
TH 13   Light rain.  I now carry a bundle of hay night & morning into the Reserve for cows.  Went through ewes.  front paddocks very dirty & a great deal of bare ground.  Went over back.  Some bare ground, some places with grass.  Found dead ewe.  Skinned it neck broken I think.  Took home & boiled for dogs etc etc.

FR 14 JULY 1899
Carried out hay night & morning to cows in Reserve.  Got a few hinau posts on flat.  Top has a cold.  Home from school today.
SAT 15   Mustered all sheep on back.  Got them in by dinner time.  Many weak hoggets.  Mr McLeod here for lunch.  Picked out 71 fat & forward Ewes.  Put the weakest hoggets in gully plantation, other weak ones in shed tonight, the fat ones in Reserve.  Put 415 mixed sheep on back 47 weak ones in shed tonight and in plantation.  71 fat & forward ewes in Reserve.  Freezing hard   These sheep should have been taken in and the fat ones sold sooner, say in June. and the weak hoggs put in a kept up paddock in May or end of June.
SUN 16   Sent notes to O’Hara & Nordbye latter came & saw sheep.  Agreed to take 65 sheep & the old cow for £35 on Wednesday 26th of this month.

MON 17 JULY 1899
Rode up to Toms & helped him muster & pick out 42 fat ewes.  His hoggs ­looking bad.  After dinner here mustered the back & picked out 20 good 2 tooth wethers to be trucked to Palmerston with Tom’s 42 Ewes.  They are raddled blue on the head.  El Ev & Top to JHB & ordered truck at Makatoku [Makotuku].  A note from Mr Webber complaining of John.  El very bad with a cold, in bed this evening.
TU 18   Drove up to school & heard what some school children had to say about John swearing etc.  Received cheque of £5 from Nordbye & Son.  El paid JHB £2.  Did a bit of logging up   Tom came here with his 42 fat ewes.  Put them on reserve
WED 19   Drove the sheep along slowly to Makotoku station & put them on truck.  Came on wet & continued is raining hard now.  Bad for all stock, and for tomorrow’s sale at Palmerston.

TH 20 JULY 1899
Rained all last night & some this morning shifted ewes on to flat.  Sent £2 to MLA   A hogget died in shed plantation last night.  Turned out a fine day.  Sawing & clearing away logs up gully to make wide passages for sheep.
FR 21   Sawing & logging up the gully.  Skinned hoggt
SAT 22   Rain last night & some snow.  Logging & sawing up gully.  Cleaned up woolshed.  John got mare shod.  Mary & Flor came.  Rain tonight again.  A wet month so far.
SUN 23   Ground covered with snow this morning.  Turned out a fine day & the snow disappeared.  Children to S School   Tom called this afternoon did not stop.
MON 24   Rain cold & snowing nearly all day   Ground covered tonight.  Top home from school.  El sick.  Breathing short.  Bad in bed tonight.  I have to carry a lot of hay to cows & horses.

JULY 1899
TU 25   Fall of snow last night.  Ground covered this morning.  Let 2 poor Hoggs into slope plantation.  Sent letter to Mr Collender Re furious riding on this road. El in bed.  Letter from Mathew Henry enclosing cheque  £27.17.6 for both lots of sheep – W 20  E 42
20 two tooth wethers   11/10   11 16 8
42 fat Ewes (Toms) at 9s   18 18 0
DI   Untrucking   5/-   Railage 27/6   30 14 8
Commission on wethers 9/6 on ewes 15/2  24/8 expenses come to 1/- per head on my 20 wethers trucking, untrucking & Comsion =  £1.0.4
WED 26   Tom came down.  He sent the cheque to Union Bank to his act.  Gave him my cheque for 11/11.  this closes my acct in U Bank.  He owes me £11.7.6.  Went with him and mustered his hoggs & took 123 to Gundries.  Put 74 on Leasehold.  Snow on Toms freehold very little on my place. Very fine sunny day only there is a deal of snow where the sun does not shine.

TH 27 JULY 1899
Mustered back with Top.  Snow lying on backs of ridges.  Put them in old yards.  Picked out 22 weak hoggets & left one on flat.  Caught a stranger in Topholms & put him in Reserve.  Put 363 mixed sheep on back & 79 killing ones on flat for our own killing & Nordbyes (65 for latter.)  This has been a very fine day.
FRI 28   Hans Nordbye took away his 65 sheep   Paid £30 in 2 cheques on Danevirk.  Skinned hogget & 1 stranger Do.  Killed a sheep.  John at JHB tonight.  Put 20 hoggets in Reserve and 12 for killing total 75.
SAT 29   Rain & heavy fall of snow which soon disappeared.  John & Ella came with dray.
SUN 30   Found Hogt drowned on flat & Ewe nearly dead under log.  Skinned both.
MON 31   Fine day.  A severe month.  Carted in 2 loads of matai firewood.  Sent to Wms & K for goods.  Letters from George & Charlie & 4 others.

TU 1st AUGUST 1899
This has been a nice calm sunny day.  Found another ewe caught under a hollow stump on flat.  Carted her home, but she died.  Dragged some bridge stuff with Cockie & split rails.  El paid Becketts bill £4.15 Barclay 3/- & P G Grant 29/-
WED 2nd   Went through all Ewes.  Found three on Widerups with single lambs.  Carted in some rails & dragged mire rejected sleepers to make little bridges on flat   Gave Axel Thodsen one of the Ewes I skinned yesterday for dogs meat.  Skinned weak hoggt   Attended School Com. Meeting.  Calm day.
TH 3 Through Ewes, another Ewe with singe   Ewe died in Gundersens.  Skinned it & fetched it home (bled it).  Split a few rails.  Calm day.  El made a second verandah seat & painted them.  Too much mutton here now for dogs & fowls, pig etc.  Rained hard last night.

FR 4 AUGUST 1899
Drove to Orm.  Got box sundries from Wms & Kettle.  Rail freight 4/2 at JHB’s   Afternoon logging up with Cockie on flat.
SAT 5   El John & Tom drove to Danevirk.  Fine day.  Logged up with horse & finished maire sleeper culvert.  Salted a sheep.
SUN 6   El & children drove to church to hear the funny parson.  C C Smith & Ada & baby came in the afternoon & Tom.  C C S brought 2 turkeys   Walked over Reserve grass good also walked over back.  Skinned one of Gowers old ewes & a dry 2 tooth Ewe.
MON 7   Sent £13.15 and £2.6 in Bank notes letter registered to Julius Sandtmann Napier.  Made fire up gully & sawed log for rails.  John took horse & dray to JHB before breakfast.  Attended R.B. meeting.
TU 8   Made fires up gully.  Sold to H North 3 sks crutchings 3d Skins 3 ½.  Recd £4.  Hans Nordbye took away the old cow.

Helped JHB drive his sheep to Makotoku & trucked them to Palmerston.  At Orm Sale.  El & Ev. Bought £1 worth at Robinsons.  Sent £4  in notes to Wms & Kettle.  At meeting at A B Thomasens house.
TH 10   Saw one fresh lamb only 4 or 5.  Dug a piece in garden.  Dagged and crutched some Reserve hoggs.  Put back 71 mixed & put 4 weak ones in plantation.
FRI 11   Only one or 2 lambs last night.  Slow very fine days.  Frost every night.
SAT 12   El & John sent 8 geese to Danevirk & 2 to C C Smith.  Mrs Miss & Grace Cumming came.  Put in Willlows along road fence in Widerups.  John brought home horse & dray from JHB & had his shoes removed at Orm Smithy.  Every day fine.  Ewes lambing slowly 3 or 4 last night.  One ewe with twins.

SUN 13 AUGUST 1899
Ewe on flat lying on her side unable to get up, with single lamb.  Got in both they are all right now in front.  3 or 4 Ewes with twins now.  Saw rabbit on back.  Found two tooth wether dead in scrub. Supple jack twisted round his hind leg.  A little rain tonight.  Tom got hind ¼ mutton 10lbs.
MON 14   Took Strawberry to Jules Jansens Bull.  Paid him 2/0 wet day.  Stuck in Willows & one poplar along Widerups fence.  Round Ewes 3 more Ewes last night with twins.  Cold.
SU 15   Another wet cold miserable day. A Ewe on flat with dead twins.  Put a twin lamb on her in one of her lambs skins, several lambed last night.
WED 16   Some more twins this morning.  A showery cold day, wind & rain coming from Orm.  This is the third day.  Weather looking better tonight.

TH 17 AUGUST 1899
Showers.  Found 2 hoggs caught in [?] in Reserve, one dead.  Split a few rails helped El make cupboard on back veranda   John chased rabbit on back with dogs.
FR 18   Showers. Brought in Ewe which could not lamb.  Took the lamb from her dead & gave her a twin lamb.  Many twins
SAT 19   Fine sunshiny day.  Ewes lambing fast.  One good ewe with twins seems to loose the use of her hind legs.  Wheeled her into big shed.  Got in 3 ewes today   John & Hans Mortensen boy rabbit hunting.  Blocked one up in a big stump on back.  John & his mother at Wesleyan tea meeting tonight.
SUN 20   Ewes in thick of lambing very many twins, many small ones.  Have 4 Ewes in front to pen up with lambs.  One ewe swung up on a sack, has twins   Went to meet Top & John at Sun School.

SUN 20 AUGUST 1899
Carl Schmidt took away 2 of his geese another one came back.  Very fine sunny day.
MON 21   Very fine day.  Got in Ewe which could not lamb.  Took it away dead.  Put on twin.  Got in Reserve sheep.  Dagged & dosed a few.  Put 2 of the weakest hoggs in plantation.  Put back 68.  In long plantation 13.  Auntie & Mrs Westall called.  Ewe which I slung last night improved.  Master Buiske came & got a lamb.  Attended Road B meet.
TU 22   Another very fine day.  Ewes lambing steadily.  Got in a 2 tooth unable to lamb took it away – a very big lamb – a good mother.  Put a lamb on Ewe which I had to swing.  No ewes in shed here tonight, one in big shed.  Split some splendid rails on Widerups.  John spreading cow & horse dung in Reserve, in the evenings.  El digging flower garden & putting in flowers.  Ground dry again.

WED 23 AUGUST 1899
A few Ewes lambing with singles.  Split some very good rails.  Mr Beckett took away from woolshed his 4 fleeces & locks.  El & Ev at Mrs Thodsens.  Came on windy.
TH 24   Windy & showery in the forenoon.  Sawed 3 hinau gateposts in Widerups.  Lambing slowly & allright.  Put 2 twin lambs on 2 Ewes which lost their lambs.  Fine night.
FR 25   Showers & symptoms of growth in the grass.  Got in Ewe with 3 lambs.  Put one on Ewe without a lamb, skin on him.  She took at once.  Cut out & painted the makings of a gate.  Drove stakes round willows on hill.
SAT 26   Top put £1.0.0 in Norsewood S. Bank.  El paid Sheep Tax 16/.  John broke axe handle & went rabbitting, saw no rabbits.  Came on wet in the afternoon & rained steadily all night long.  No lambs coming at present.  Painted boards in shed for a gate.

SUN 27 AUGUST 1899
Rained all last night and today.  No lambs coming.  Out over back with John.  Found the remains of 2 sheep   John brought home the wool in a sugar bag.  Erick Erickson called tonight   Grass looks well on back section.
MON 28   Raked in grasseed on bare & burned spots.  Split rails on Widerups.  Sent letter to G.H.M.H.R. for E.E.  Piano Tuner came & tuned piano.  Paid him 12/6.  A strange dog in the garden last night & ate most of a skinned hoggett.  F Smith saw him this morning with a lamb in his mouth.  D O’Hara called & wanted to buy a few fat sheep.  No lambs coming now but many to come.
TU 29   The strange dog last night killed a lamb on Widerups.  Laid ½ doz baits.  D. O’Hara bought 10 sheep at 10/- each.  Sale at Orm By Montieth & Rose, nothing sold.  Found ewe dead on flat in water.

WED 30 AUGUST 1899
El sent letter to Mrs Lochhead.  Got in 2 two tooth ewes very weak after lambing had to sling one after taking her home in the sledge.  Fred Schmidt took away D O’Hara’s 10 sheep.  Paid cheque £5.0.0.  Split a few totara posts on Widerups.  There has not been any bates taken as yet.
TH 31   Only a couple ewes lambed lately   made fire up gully with El & Eva, also on Reserve flat.  Dragged in rails off Widerups also hinau gatepost.  This has been a good spring month.
September 1899
FR 1st   Dragged logs together on Reserve also fires going up gully.  Sledged in rails.  Ewe with dead lamb.  Got her in & put the skin of her lamb on twin.  She took to it.  Put 10 weak hogs in pig paddock.  A beautiful day.  El put in seeds in garden & done up flower G.

SAT 2 SEPT 1899
Like a summer day.  Blasted two stumps on Reserve flat & dragged all logs & stumps into heaps & fired them.  Fired some heaps on Widerups.  All hands helping.  No letter from Mr G.H. altho one expected by now.
SUN 3   Another very fine day.  No fresh lambs.  Erick Eicksen called.  Gave him an order on Tom for £11.7.6.  Drove to JHBs.  Willie came back with us.  Weak ewe not able to stand yet.
MON 4   Dragged in rails & hinau gateposts off Widerups   John & Top went round sheep before breakfast.  Only one young lamb last night.  El Eva & Willie made fires in reserve & up Gully.  Attended RB meeting
TU 5   Every day fine.  Dragged some to fires in Reserve & dragged in the last of the material out of Widerups.  El Ev & Willie drove to Louis Webbs to see the incubator & young chickens.  The sick ewe died today.

WED 6 SEPT 1899
Firing in Reserve etc.  Attended School Comtte.  Founds goose’s nest up creek with 6 eggs.
TH 7   Burning off logs in Reserve.  El Ev & Willie drove to JHB & got seed potatoes 24lb “early rose” & 6lb “The Bruce”.  Put in a row early rose   Harsh dry weather ground dry little growth.
FR 8   Very fine day.  Burning & logging.  A Ewe with very big lamb, her bearing out.  She died.  Also skinned a hoggt.  Cut the wings of the hens & turkeys.  Put in a few Potatoes at angle fenced Gum tree.  Reverend Wills & party called.  Rev A Grant called.  A letter from G.H.M.H.R.  very fine day.
SAT 9   Attending to fires.  Brought in 2 ewes with big single lambs.  Put in potatoes, some of those bought for eating in Hastings in the places where the trees are fenced at sheepyards.  Shook grasseed on burnt patches.  Very fine warm weather.  Some rain wanted.  Er Ericksen called.

SUN 10 SEPT 1899
All at home.  Good rain fell in the afternoon.
MON 11   Very fine day.  Put in a few potatoes, [?] and some tree seeds.  Sawed matai log for slabs for bridge.  Painter Olsen called & paid £1 which he owed me.  Laid a bait on flat & one near home on Reserve fence.  A letter from Pastor Topholm, asking for help from “Friendly Soc” to erect cottage in South Norsewood.  A big lamb nearly drowned in creek near woolshed.
TU 12   Painter Olsen borrowed Cockie to plough took him across the paddocks.  Got in all the netting garden full of Clive white potatoes.  El drove Willie to Harins’s [?], he goes to Blair Gowrie.  El paid J Neal the yearly £1.0.0.
WED 13   Dug a square in garden.  Attended meeting of a few at Thomasens house   Paid Mr Beckett the £1.0.0 which El borrowed yesterday.  Very fine calm weather.  Not enough rain to make grass grow.

TH 14 SEPT 1899
El drove to Hutchinsons for musk plants.  Got in a square of carrots & some parsnips in garden.  Split some matai slabs for bridge.  No lambs coming.  Top & John go round them every morning.  Grass coming slowly.
FRI 15   Picked up and buried the baits.  No young lambs.  Put in totara posts between lawn & slope plantation.  Still very fine.
SAT 16   Made a few fires.  T Thorestensen came & took measure of pane in casement and started in afternoon to erect W.C.   El bought a pair of boots for John at Becketts for 8/6.  Attended meeting at A B Thomasen.  Mr Hunter there.
SUN 17   The others went to church.  I walked over back.  Skinned small 2 tooth ewe.  Found hoggt cast.  Grass coming on slowly.  Mr Hunter here for the afternoon & for tea, also Messrs Jessop Anton Andersen & A B Thomasen

MON 18 SEPT 1899
John round sheep – Ewes & lambs – before breakfast.  Found one of the biggest lambs lying dead.  Got in ewe & dead lamb.  Put skin on twin.  Ewe took.  Opened lamb. Wool in stomach.  Windy last night.  Some rain fell today.  Much more is required.  Mrs Magnusen called for help for tea meeting.
TU 19   Another very big dead lamb.  Wood & dirt inside.  Put skin on twin. Took.  Put in gate post at sheepyds.  Thorestensen finished WC.  Attended RB meeting, also J F Society at Becketts.  Home late.  Windy.
WED 20   Hung gate at yards.  Came on wet.  Heavy showers.  Has done a lot of good.  Eggs taken from white duck sitting in Fred Schmidt’s paddock.  F Schmidts dog poisoned on Sunday last and a quantity of eggs broken & destroyed.  Grass looks promising after todays rain.  3 ewes lambed on flat last night.

TH 21 SEPT 1899
Frost this morning.  Very fine day.  Found the remains of Top’s black lamb.  Put in hinau gate post at yards.  Olsen brought Cockie home here after putting in his crop.  El burning off.  Tom called.
FR 22   Helped Tom dock his lambs 164.  and 190 Ewes.  Bought a pair of shears at Becketts.  Picked up chips etc about gateways at yards.  Thorestensen put a pain [pane] of glass in casement & one in Johns room.  Paid him £1.5.0. and 5/- for glass.  Young John Christiansen has been killed near Pahiatua, bush felling.
SAT 23   Docked today.  Good lambs and ewes looking well enough.  122 Ewe lambs & 109 w lambs.  9 young lambs not docked, total 240.  Some ewes to lamb.  Painter Olsens son helping.  Mrs Sam Ericksen & Mrs Rood here.  Top at Lutheran tea meeting.

SUN 24 SEPT 1899
Got in ewe off flat with twins & two Ewes off Widerups with singles.  One big lamb (ewe) docked, dead.  Put skin on twin.  Took.  Children at Orm. Sun School.  A little rain.
MON 25   Making bridge to WC as poor baba fell off the log into the water yesterday.  El sent letter to Mrs Lochhead.  Ewe lambed last night & I saw ewe & long tailed lamb on back sec today, making 241.  Very fine day, rain wanted.  Slow growth.  Two Salvationists came.  El gave them 4/-
TU 26   Top brought in another ewe & lamb off flat, makes 242.  Shower of rain fell.  Swagman called for food.  Piano tuner called.  Finished bridge going to WC.  New dress for Top.
WED 27   Good rain falling nearly all day.  Walked over back sec.  Sheep very daggy.  Should have been all crutched.  No ewe with lamb today.  Offer the children 3d for each young lamb found by them.  Shook manger grass seed.

TH 28 SEPT 1899
Top & John away at 6AM in their respective paddocks looking for young lambs.  Top found one, a two tooth ewe with a big lamb head swollen.  We got ewe & lamb into shed at night, the lamb did not suck since he was born, would be dead in the morning lost 2 or 3 big lambs in this way.  He is sucking tonight all right.  Steady rain all day.  Grass showing up well now.  Give a little hay to the cows night & morn.  They want it all this month.  No strength in grass.  Raining steadily at present.
FRI 29   Prepared & laid stringers for bridge up creek in shed paddock.  Nailed totara battens on sheep race.  Letter from Mrs McNutt.
SAT 30   Made bridge up creek, substantial   Top brought in big ewe & big lamb 6d after this date 1/- each lamb.  El sold 8lbs butter to Mr Beckett.  Auntie & Mrs Westall called.  A good month this has been.  Ella here tonight.

SUN 1st OCT 1899
This month starts with a beautiful day.  Leaves on the elms, no sign on ash trees or oaks.  Acacia only coming in bloom.  Fair grass everywhere.  Give a little hay to the cows, it is nearly done.  El Eva & Top at church & at JHB’s.  Went out on back with John.  Latter stays at home today has a troublesome tooth.  Found a two tooth wether dead.  Pulled the wool off.  A ewe cast got her home.  Saw a rabbit, it got away   John went in search of Dr Gradman to pull his tooth out, could not find him.
MON 2 Put hinau log across creek near yards, alongside another log for sheep crossing.  Sledged material for bridge at island.  Attended RB meeting.  John saw two rabbits on back.  Got away.  El & baba at Mrs Westalls & also at P.G. Grants.  Very fine calm day.  No lambs coming, nor expected.

TU 3 OCT 1899
Twenty six years in New Zealand today.  Put in heavy hinau gatepost at yards.  Showery & Cold in the afternoon.  H North bought 10 sheep skins for 16/- dead skins at 3d per lb.
Tailor Engelbretsen called with J.F. Society cheque for signature for  £5 on behalf of Dr Gradman.
WED 4   Showery & stormy day.  Did a little at sheepyards.  Attended School Comm Meeting.
TH 5   Showers.  Good growing day.  Sent a letter to Erick Ericksen to repay me a loan of eleven pounds seven & sixpence.  Worked at sheep yards.  In the evening docked 13 lambs, 8 ewe & 5 wether lambs.  Docked before 122 ewes 109 W. Total 244   one ewe lamb bled to death, leaves 243.
FR 6   Did a very little to sheep yards.  Hung a gate the third at yards – came on wet at midday & continued.  Raining now.  Lambs (13) docked yesterday all right today

Mustered back & put them on flat.  They are very daggy.  Put all ewes & lambs on back. Pain in the afternoon.  Shook some manger grasseed on a few burnt patches & raked it.  John pulled out dead rabbit from stump on back which “Spot” killed some days ago.  Got demand for Coy Rates £2.1.6.
SUN 8   John & his mother at church.  I at home with Babba & Top.
MON 9   Wet all day long.  John school.  Made 2 gates in shed.  Hay is about done.  The cows require a little just yet.  None left only a little on the slabs & it is musty but they eat it.
TU 10   Fine day.  Got in a cut of the dry sheep off the flat, they are very daggy   dagged & put on ridges 118.  Misses Siddells & Cumming called.

TU 10 OCT 1899
Three accidents took place today.  Carl Schmidt’s horses run away at the butter factory and smashed the coach, one horse fearfully injured.  C Friis’ dog badly hurt under bush wagon.  Constable Drake’s horse fell on his knees & rider came down.  Put 60 sheep in shed tonight.
WED 11   Mamma & babba went to Te Aute in the 1st train.  Drove them to Orm & called at JHB.  Dagged 114 sheep today.  John got in all sheep off reserve.  43 in shed tonight.  He went fishing tonight & caught eel.  I went to hear Mr Westall lecture on the Transvall [Transvaal].  Good address.  Very few people.  Fine night.  Windy on the hill.
TH 12   Dagged   & put 50 into reserve not dagged.  Top came with me to Orm & took the buggy back.  I took ticket for Hastings 4/6

FRI 13 OCT 1899
At Mr McNutt’s.  Stayed here last night.  Went with El to show.  Left Babba with the children.  Came back to Te Aute at 5 PM.  Had a fine day at the show.  No rain.
SAT 14   Mrs McNutt took us for a drive in her buggy to Te Aute Cemetery & along road.  A fine day.  The place looks well, plenty of grass.  100 acres there will grow as much grass as 200 here.  News that war has started with Boers
SUN 15   At Franks Alice & Charlie came.
MON 16   Left Franks for train El & Eva came with me to Mrs Gundries   We went through her garden.  McNutts children have colds, – like hooping [whooping] cough.  Saw Mr Geo Bailey Pahiatua.  Came home in C Schmidt’s coach.  Calf dead.  Skinned him & dagged 30 sheep & put 20 (remainder) in shed for the morning.  Flor here, John & Bertie Thomsen eeling.

TUES 17 OCT 1899
Dagged 20 sheep which was in shed last night.  Also the two in plantation and the 5 rams, total dagged – dry sheep 421   Ewes and a few hogg & 5 rams – 258
WED 18   Shifted sheep on to flat.  Put in row of potatoes & boiled calf for dogs.  Dug some in garden.  Went with Painter Olsen to School.  Left list of requirements for Thorestensen.  Saw man in township leading 2 brown bears towards Danevirk.  Flor gone home.  Erick Ericksens boy came with £5.  Rain came in the evening & continued.  Cold & showers.  Gave cows grass cut in garden.
TH 19   Windy.  Called at Thomsens & saw Nissen   Dug some in garden.  Attended meeting at Thomsens.  Flor Top & John saw Payne Fam.
FR 20   Old duck with young ones in garden also hen with young ducks & hen & young turkeys.  El & Babba home from Te Aute.  Windy.  Dug in garden.

SAT 21 OCT 1899
Digging in the garden.  Windy.
SUN 22   All at home.  Walked with John over back sec.  Pulled the wool off dead hogget.  The three geese fly like wild ones all over the neighbourhood.  Cannot approach.
MON 23   Sent Premium of £2.0.0. to A B Gibson change to be returned in stamps.  El & youngsters to P.G Grants.  Digging in garden.  Put in 2 rows of potatoes & row of cabbage plants. Painter Olsen called.  Young woman called with socks etc for sale.  Account of victory over Boers in Transvale & long account in todays “Herald” of the departure of NZ Contingent for the War.
TU 24   Wet day, light rain.  JHB & Auntie called
WED 25   Worked at sheepyards.  Shook peas & raked them in garden.  Mrs Grant & Mrs Webber called.  P G Grant called with tweed, Did not suit.  John got 1/- worth honey (Finsch)

TH 26 OCT 1899
Worked at sheep yards putting up some pannels [panels] of 4 rail fencing.  John at home today, from school, the 1st time this year, with measels [measles].  Meeting at AB Thomsens. Co. candidates mentioned.  Will Beckett to be asked, fine
FR 27   Put up wire netting to keep fowls out of front.  Mrs Rutherford called to say the funeral of Charlie her brother-in-law who died at F Marten’s yesterday morning would take place this afternoon.  Went with El & Eva.  Buried at Norsewood.  John at home today again.  Very fine day.
SAT 28   Round all dry sheep, one cast on its side   3 sheep out in O’Hara’s.  Made & hung gate opposite buggy shed.  Wheeled gravel to both small gates.  El & youngsters to see Mrs Westall, she has a daughter.  Drove, after tea, to library with El, got fresh books.  In at Thomsens store for a while.  Put – 81 dry sheep I Reserve.  Very fine night.  No Herald today.

SUN 29 OCT 1899.
Walked across back Sec & over to Neals   Drove 3 of my sheep out of O’Hara’s.  The grass is none to plentiful.  Slow growth.  J.H.B. & Auntie for lunch & tea.
MON 30   Rain all day & hard tonight   It is much wanted.  John at home from school.  Top went.
TU 31   Another wet day.  John at home.  Mr Beckett called to have nomination paper signed (County C).  Called in C A Friis & he also signed it.
Rain cleared off today.  Let little ducks have the run of the cartshed.  Put in some drills of mangolds & carrots.  Auntie & Flor came.  Traffic stopped on road bridge here today.  Traveller from Napier Co.op Assn Farmers called   Attended School Com meeting.  1400 men & 40 officers taken prisoner by BOERS.

TH 2nd NOV 1899
Wheeled gravel & put it under gates to keep back fowls.  Painter Olsen gave me copy of County Roll, not enough names on it to elect Beckett.  Attended meeting at A B Thomasen’s house.  Rough weather.
FR 3   E l & Ev went to Norsewood by German Line.  I went through sheep.  Gate post, left hand road gate got broken – rimu.  Dry day.
SAT 4   Windy with showers of hail and rain.  Put in hinau gatepost at road, answered Mr Hunters letter.  This evening vehicles can cross bridge.  Went to Becketts store at night, very rough weather at present.  Poor babba very bad cough occasionally at night.
SUN 5   Fearful wind last night & this morning.  All at home.  Heavy rain tonight.
MON 6   Hung left hand gate at Road.  El & Ev to Orm   Got case of cider from Wms &Kettle  freight 1/1  Attended Road Board meeting  This has been a fine day, but cool.

TU 7 NOV 1899
Dug a bit in garden for onions.  Three of the young turkeys died in the cartshed two days ago during the cold snap, the hen did not cover them.  Skinned a poor hogg that died in reserve   Invoice for 24 small bottles cider 17/-
WED 8   Put up pannel of fence at Road   Voted for County Councillor.  Very fine day   Steve McGreevey paid 25/- for dipping.
Th 9 NOV   Prince of Wales birthday.  Fine day.  Went to see cricket match played on hill – Norsewood v Danevirk.  Won by latter.  JHB Auntie & Ella Flor came after tea.  JHB drove El & I to V Hall.
FR 10   Put in post on road for gate to go against.  Sledged willows etc out on to road rubbish heap, did a little to sheep yards.  Put handles in axe and tomahawk.  El & Ev drove to Ormlle   Fine day, close.

SAT 11 NOV 1899
Finished sheep yards for the present   Gusta Gundersen took filly away on Prince of Wales day to break her in.  This has been a good growing day.  Some rain and thunder.  A close good growing day.
SUN 12   All at home.  John rode to Orm.
MON 13   Went through all paddocks.  Sheep requires dagging.  Saw the 4 head cattle.  Rabbit Insp. Ticknor called to say that H Mortensen & I have rabbits & that he must give us notice to keep them down.  Saw one in the evening.  It got away from the dogs.  Auntie & Florrie called.  Mr Hill inspecting school.
TU 14   Mr Hill finished inspecting school.  I called at school but did not go in amongst the youngsters.  Good passes in lower standards.  Light rain.  El & children drove to JHB.  Did very little work today.  Went on back Section with dogs.  Letter from Mr Lockhead.

WED 15 NOV 1899
Dragged & sledged away all rubbish about sheep yards & burnt it against a log in the creek.  Anton Andersen called   Went on back with dogs.  El & Top milked.  This is my birthday.  Fine day.
THU 16   Light rain.  Made small gate in yard.  Rode around German Line to D O’Hara’s.  Saw Martin in meat house.  Called at Thomsens.  Light rain in afternoon.
FRI 17   Walked through sheep in front.  Killed half grown rabbit on back with dogs.  John went out afterwards with dogs & chased rabbit out of Mortensens on to my back section & lost him.  Excavated near woolshed.
SAT 18   Light rain, made some fires on back Sec with John.  Saw no rabbits.  The Norsewood liberals got Mr Seddon to speak in Village Hall on behalf of Mr C Hall & later at Ormondville.

SUN 19 NOV 1899
Went to Orm church & to JHB for dinner.  Top & baby stayed at home.  Fine day.  Over back with dogs.  No rabbits.
MON 20   Mr O’Hara’s men took away 9 fat ewes in cart, is to pay £4.10.  Worked with horse & dray at cutting.  Some rain fell.  John went out at back with dogs, saw nothing.  Letter from Mr McNutt.  Raining hard now.
TU 21   Finished excavating near woolshed.  Sledged 2 hurdles to fence between Widerups & ridges.  JHB & Jimmy Allen for dinner & the afternoon, some rain again.  Sent letter to G.H.M.H.R.  John went out with dogs, saw nothing.  Hans Nordbye called, he may want some fat sheep next week.  El papered upper part of kitchen
WED 22   Hoed up 2 drills of potatoes in garden.  Dagged & put 73 sheep in reserve & some on flat.  Rain.  Mrs Grant & Auntie called.

TH 23 NOV 1899
Dagged what sheep was in shed   Another winters day.  Top helped me get in sheep off ridges.  Have 12 fat ones in shed paddock.  201 on flat some in shed tonight.  Rev Gardiner & Miss Webb came.  A 2 tooth ewe died in creek in Reserve.
FR 24   Finished dagging dry sheep   Got 13 fat ones in Reserve.  Came on heavy shower in the evening.
SAT 25   All hands mustered ewes & lambs & put them on flat & put all dry sheep on back.  Found one good 4 tooth ewe dead.  Skinned it.  El & Mrs Gribble out for a drive.  Mr Beckett got a telegram for me & brought it to me from Mr Hunter.  I engaged hall for Mr Hunter for 2nd December.
SUN 26   All hands to Orm church & drove round block in the afternoon.

MON 27 NOV 1899
Dagged a few ewes   El & Co. at JHB sewing all had tea there.  I walked to Makatoku with Shukar & heard Mr Hunters address.  I called in the afternoon & saw F Redward.  Home in the buggy with El from Makatoku.
TU 28   Dagged a mob of ewes & put them in Reserve.  El drove Mrs Westall half way to her mothers & turned back in the heavy rain.  We heard Mr H speak in Orm.  Had supper in Hall. Home late.
WED 29   Dagging heavy ewes all day.  Fine warm day.  Found dead lamb on ridges & skinned it.  A good single lamb in yards jumped against rails & hurt its skull.  Bled it.  On back no rabbit
TH 30   Finished dagging ewes.  Mrs Thodsen & two children here at lunch & then drove away with the others to Mrs Watsons   came on rough weather, wind & rain.

FR 1st DEC 1899
Put in some pots & strained up wires shed paddock – flat.  Drove with El to Dvirk tea at Andrews hotel.  Four vehicles at Dannevirk from Norsewood.  Home at 1am.
SAT 2   Cut grass in garden.  El & Co decorated village hall.  Chairman at the meeting.  A
good meeting.  Home late.
SUN 3   All at home.  Hans Mortensen called also   Arthur came for Elect. Rolls.  Drove to Shukars met Misses Smith Clay Scholes & looked over rolls, found three Nissens voters not on the roll.  Had tea there.
MON 4   Cut grass in garden & shed plantation & near house.  Mrs Watson called & Miss Webb   Attended Road Board meeting.  Found ewe cast in Reserve & lamb caught in log.
TU 5   Cut some grass at house & made some hay.  Walked over back.  Rev Wills & Mrs W called.  Gayfer called.  Heard Halls address.  The last of Mr Hall I expect.  Sent for 24 wool bales.

WED 6 DEC 1899
very fine hot day
Hall   Hunter
Waipawa   229   270
Omakere   24   36
Norsewood   223   171
Maharahara   59   50
Waikopiro   72   32
Ormondville   106   73
Umutaoroa   37   22
Mangatera   109   32
Wanstead   26   25
Ashley Clinton   45   17
Ngapaeruru   30   9
Danevirke   266   111
Danevirke   170   90
Danevirke   260   146
Blackburn   40   21
Takapau   100   110
Waipukurau   181   174
Makeretu [Makaretu]   57   40
Makotuku   110   64
Matamau   73   20
Porangahau   33   151
Onga Onga   60   33

TH 7 DEC 1899
The day after the election, did no work.
FR 8   Did a little work   Anton Andersen came & had lunch.  Sledged in the bit of hay saved.  Attended meeting at Thomsens & members of com signed letter to be sent to Mr Hunter sympathising.
SAT 9   Shore the 5 rams 14lbs fleece the heaviest some 10lbs.  Mowed most of the long plantation.  Fine hot day.  Cold at night.
SU 10   All at home.  Mr & Mrs Tickner called.
MON 11   Mowed Plantations.  Recd   £3.10. from Hans Nordbye – amount for 7 sheep sold to him.  Mr McLeod of Wms & Kettle called & stays tonight [?]
TU 12   Mowed some in front & gathered some.  Turned hay in plantations.  Got mare shod in Orm.  6/- paid   Attended school Com meeting.
WED 13   Mowing & carted in some.  Top & Tilly went to Orm.  School concert.

TH 14 DEC 1899
Mowing in front & sledged in some.  A letter – answer from Mr Hunter.
FR 15   Some rain last night & this morning   Went through sheep.  Skinned dead hogg on back & found one cast & unable to stand.  Found big dry ewe cast & dead on Widerups.  Small ewe unable to get up on ridges.  Sledged two home.  Sledged in bit of firewood.
SAT 16   At the hay.  Sledged in what was dry.  Tickner saw rabbit in Reserve.  Shore the two sheep which we sledged in.  They are able to knock about.  Came on rain in the afternoon.  At school children concert.
SUN 17   All at home.  Heavy rain nearly all day.  Paid Scrutineer Torestensen yesterday 21/-
MON 18   Raining nearly all day.  JHB brought home horse & dray & bales.  Answered note from Arthur Olsen Re election claim.  Attended RB meeting.

TU 19 DEC 1899
Fine day turning hay & did some mowing.  Gave small bottle dip to J Grimwood.  Buggy twice to Norsewood.
WED 20   All hands at the hay.  John went through the sheep at the back early.
TH 21   All hands at the hay, carting or rather sledging in & turning etc.  All hands mustered back & put sheep on flat & ewes & lambs on back found 3 cast on back & old merino Ewe dead in gully in ridges.  Put some sheep 60 or so in shed tonight.  Palle Jensen finished splitting firewood.
FR 22   Rained very heavy last night.  Shore 50 sheep today & put them in Reserve 10 woolly ones in shed tonight   dull coldish day, very little rain fell   sheep cutting good fleeces. 4 tooth w. 11.  Mr Whittington sent 21/- for Arthur Olsen.  El got my Photo framed by Englebert Olsen.

SAT 23 DEC 1899
Shore the 10 sheep in the shed last night.  2 of them 4 tooth wethers, & 11 before makes 13.   Finished mowing plantations, turned hay.  Some rain.  Stapled a few wires round flat.  Mary for lunch, fell off her horse at gate here.  George came at tea time.  All hands went to see Mrs Cummings after tea.  A great many people in the township.  Fine night.
SUN 24   John rode to church.  The rest of us at home, walked over back, fine day.  One hoggt cast on flat.  Killed 2 ducks for Xmas.
MON 25   Xmas day.
Raked the hay together & cocked it.  George helped.  All went to JHB & spent Christmas day, nice cool day.  After coming home put sheep in Shed late.
TU 26   Sledged in the remainder of the hay off flat.  Shore 4 sheep & turned out the others.  Drove to Waikopiro.  Poor Mrs Wilson & Niece drowned.  E Erickson paid £5

WED 27 DEC 1899
Shore 46 & 1 cast amongst them 4 tooths 22 4 tooths before 13 now 35 others = 113   Miss Cumming & Mr Clark from Invercargill for lunch.  El drove them to Painter Olsens and to Mrs Cummings.  John at JHB tonight.  40 sheep in shed tonight.  A bit windy.
TH 28   Shore 50 today amongst them 16 4 tooths making total 4 tooths = 51   Put 65 woolly sheep in shed tonight
FR 29   Shore 58 makes 221 amongst them 14 four tooth = 65 shed full tonight.  George & John got remainder of hay in shed & sledged in firewood.  David O’Hara paid for sheep £7.10.0   Poor Top went to Wellington today.  Arthur Olsen called for his £1.1.0 & paid him.  Phrenologist called but did not employ him.  Came on wet in the afternoon, but had the sheep in just in time.

SAT 30 DEC 1899
Shore 60 today makes 281 four tooths 77   Good shearing weather.  George rolling.
SUN 31   Went to Church & to JHB lunch.  George & John at home, they got in sheep & put 47 in shed.  Has been a hot day.  The last day of the year & the century.
MONDAY JAN 1st 1900
Shore 43 makes 324 & 89 four tooths amongst them.  Went in the afternoon to see cricket match Norsewood & Wellington.  Latter won.  This has been a warm day.
TU 2nd   Shore 22 amongst them 9 four tooths 98.  Pressed 4 bales containing two 70s and two 66s.  Mustered remaining woolly sheep & put them in shed 52   Put shorn sheep out of reserve into ridges.  Sent Westall his money   £3.13.  & got receipt.  A letter from Gertie from Wellington.  Good shearing weather.

WED 3rd JAN 1900
Shore 54, makes 400 amongst them 5 four tooths, makes 103 of the latter.  Got in a cut of Ewes & lambs off the back by George & John & put them in the shed 53, the lambs outside.  Came on to rain, wet night.  Went to School Com. Meeting.  Johns birthday
TH 4   Shore 49 ewes & put them in the Reserve with their lambs & put 2 shorn hoggs on Ridges making 402 dry sheep for back & Ewes shorn 49.  JHB came for horse & dray.  Some rain.
FR 5   Shore 33 ewes (2 shorn hoggs amongst them)    Mrs McNutt & 2 children came.  Mustered Ewes & lambs off back   A ewe which had bad hoofs & maggots in them & which I soaked in Murtons dip died last night.  Got in counted & put on back 392 dry sheep.  George went away back.

SAT 6 JAN 1900
Shore 18 ewes & 1 four tooth wether.  Also 45 lambs   Mrs McNutt went home.  Top came home from Wellington.
SUN 7   At home with John, the others at church.  JHB & Auntie came up from church & Willie stayed here.  Steady rain.
MON 8   Pressed 2 bales 53 fleeces in one & 64 + Bred fine in another.  Got in Ewes & lambs off back & picked out & put in shed 40 ewe lambs, not quite dry.  Attended Road Board meeting.  Sent £1.6.0 as payment in advance for “Herald” newspaper.  Dull day.
TU 9   Shore 65 Ewe lambs & some small wether lambs.  Mrs Vigors & children came into shed.  Warm day.  Put in shed tonight 58 Ewes.  Went & saw Nissen
WED 10   Shore 58 Ewes many fleeces matted.  40 ewes in shed tonight.  El has influenza.

FR 12 JAN 1900
Lilly to Jules Jensens bull
Shore 40 ewes the last many mats 2 four tooth wethers amongst them.  Drafted the woolly lambs off flat & shore 20 of them.  One ewe with a broken leg.  Set it.  John & Willie took a lamb of Neals home to them in the buggy. (Omitted yesterday)
TH 11   Shore 51 ewes, heavy matted fleeces.  Mr Randerson for dinner.  Attended school Com meeting.  Tiny Olsen elected.  Warm day.  Wrote two letters tonight, one to Mrs Gundrie & one to Mr Whittington to be posted tomorrow, Friday.
SAT 13   Shore 42 lambs & got in remainder from Reserve & raced them off to the number of 68 & got them in before the rain set in.  Hans Mortensen helped us shear to the finish.  G Gunderson brought home filly well broken in.  John & Willy rode to ORM.  Pressed a bale of 57 fleeces ewe.

SUN 14 JAN 1900
Walked over Reserve & back with dogs.  Cleared Ewes & lambs off flat on to Ridges & Widerups.  Saw lame lamb on back Ewe with broken leg Friday, set it.  John & Schmidt looked over neighbours places for geese, did not get them.  Drove to see Culvert with A. Andersen near E Ericksens.  Top & Willie rode out.
MON 15   Pressed a bale before breakfast.  Bar across lid of press gave way & El took it in buggy to blacksmith.  Clemett came for Cockie & dray to cart in hay for Hans Mortensen.  John took him there & home at night   F Goddard came for him in the evening, he wants him for fortnight   Milly McNutt came from Danevirk   Pressed 5 bales of wool.  Warm day   Mary for dinner.  Willie gone to Blairgowrie.

TU 16 JAN 1900
Loaded 5 bales of wool   Mr Thodsen helping.  Branded all bales & took 10 to Railway Station   Got shorn sheep and fleece at McGreeveys.  Put wool in box late in the evening Locks in bottom.  Bellies on top
WED 17   Loaded the last four bales & got them in goods shed at Orm when the rain came down in torrents.  Four settlers fined in Court house for rabbits.  JHB finished shearing his lambs.  Took his two bales to railway station.  Got home dry with the youngsters.  Babba asleep.
TH 18   Worked a little about home   F Goddard took Cockie away.  Mrs & Miss Gribble came afternoon   Children with Millie drove Ngamoko   Ordered timber from Nissen for Road   Guinea for Hall from Mr Hunter.  Letter from Charlie, Te Aute.

FR 19 JAN 1900
Drove to Norsewood & paid Brieske £1.1.0 for use of hall for Mr Hunter.  El went to Mrs Gribble & left children & took Mrs Parsons in buggy & we went & spent the day at Mrs Fribergs & called on Mrs Westall & her sister Gertrude at Orm.  Auntie Mrs Black & her daughter called here in our absence.
SAT 20   Weeding amongst carrots etc in the garden all day.  Very fine day.  El & John walked to library for books at night.
SUN 21   Rain last night & some today all at home all day.  No one came.
MON 22   Weeding & thinning mangolds   Went over back with dogs.  Found a dead ewe in wool, too far gone.  Milly went home.  Letter from Mrs Francis
TU 23   Went to Napier Wool Sale.  Late home accounts bad.  Started to sell in Hoadley’s room at 7 o’clock at night.

TU 23 JAN 1900
Dalgetty [Dalgety] first.  Wms & Kettle second.  Low prices 6¾ for 9 bales fleece 8d for one bale +B fine.  7½ for 2 of lambs.  5 ¼ Bellies.  5d for dead & some bels.  Locks etc.  Stayed at Caledonian Hotel.  Bugs in the bed, had to dress & leave the room & sleep on a sofa.
WED 24   Got £10 cheque from Wms & Kettle.  Paid Johns insurance money.  Bought boots for self, shoes for Top, fruit got ring made smaller   Came home in 2 o’clock train from Napier.
TH 25   Started at 8.30 with El & John in buggy & got to Mr Frances at 2 PM   Rained at night.  Stayed Friday.  26
SAT 27   Drove to Palmerston. Paid 4/- for punt.  Had lunch in Palmerston 2/6.  Saw Cemetery & called at Sculptor’s, he was absent, got Catalogue.  Saw one Superior American Marble

JAN 1900
stone, obelisk shape.  Called at Mathew Henry’s Office, Absent.  Drove on through Awaihuri, on to Feilding   Stayed at Lochheads sat night.
SUN 28   Stayed at Lochheads Sunday.
MON 29   Drove on to Bunnythorpe Ashurst back through Gorge Woodville & back to Frances.
TUE 30   Got many flowers, Cuttings fruit etc from Mrs Francis & left for home.  At Danevirke got wire mattress etc at Bates for 27/6 at Gordons got iron bedsteads £2.17.6 from Co-op.  Stoper Wilson, towels, sheeting.  Counterp. Etc.  very hot day.  Mare sweating.  I John & babba got boots in Palmerston.  Got home in good time.  Hilda Gribble stayed with Gertie & babba in our absence.

WED 31 JAN 1900
Top & baba to JHB & got apricots & bottle of wine which Mr Fourneau sent up.  Willie & Ella came.  Got in ewes & lambs & pulled out latter to wean in reserve.  Hans Mortsesen came at tea time and I went with him to back to meet rabbit inspector, but latter did not come.  Found dead two tooth ewe alongside Magnusens fence.  This has been a hot day.
TH 1st FEBRUARY 1900
Weaned lambs & put them in Reserve with 6 or 8 cull ewes 4 fat ewes & 8 wethers.  Put 222 ewes in Widerups.  John & Willie sledged in firewood.  Split & sledged in some hinau posts.
FR 2nd   Light rain forenoon.  Split some posts on flat.  Boys went over backs with dogs.  Put mare in dray & got mattress & bedstead at Orm R.S.

Split & sledged in posts off flat also sledged some rails from s.yds.  Hung gate at yard leading to dip.  Willie & John thrashed 6lbs cocksfoot at 2d per lb.  Got at Becketts 12 lbs staples & 1 axe handle.  Miss Webb called.  This has been a warm day.
SUN 4   I stayed at home.  The others at church
MON 5   John started to go to school.  Wrote Wms & Kettle for 3 drums Murton’s Dip & to Mr Craig Napier for ex priests Slattery’s Books.  Started post & rail fence at pig paddock.  Attended Road Board meeting.  Warm day.
TU 6   Fencing old sheep yards for dipping   Attend send off to Tom Barclay in Village Hall.  Home after 12 PM
WED 7   Saw Barclay off at Orm R station three buggies went down.  Worked at Old yards.  Registered 2 dogs.  Attended school Com meet. No quorum.

TH 8 FEB 1900
Mustered back & pulled out 4 tooth wethers 97 & some store ewes & put them on flat.  Killed one poor Ewe.
FR 9   Got in lambs out of Reserve & picked out some fat ewes & 4 tooth wethers.  On flat now 102 wethers & 30 Ewes.  H North bought wool at 6d per lb & some skins 4d = £4.1.0.  Bought Thodsens for £1.17.3.  S McGreeveys called about dipping   Smiths took away their 2 sheep.  Worked at sheepyards in afternoon.
SAT 10 ` Worked at yards.  Heavy showers
SUN 11   After dinner walked along Neal McGreeveys fence saw the 3 geese and caught the gander & cut his wings & left him in the creek.  One flew away   Willie up for tea.  John & his mother went to church at Lutheran Hall S Norsewood.

MON 12 FEB 1900
All hands took train at ORM for Napier to see Contingent of N.Z. Rough Riders off to the Transvaal   A fine day & a great day in Napier.  Train full going down & coming back.  A great send off.  Got home here at 1 AM.  Everything went off well.
TU 13   Got in ewes & picked out & raddled 27 & put them on flat with wethers.  Put 22 on ridges & Widerups.  Went to ORM – sale.  Sheep sold well.  Took home 3 drums of Murtons dip paid Rail freight 4/8.  Mr Norman left a mob of sheep here tonight.  Attended school Com. meeting.  Recd Wool Cheque from Wms & Kettle this evening, amount   £146.15.3
after deducting cheque   £10 15
drawn & goods coming to   6 16 10
Nett amount after expenses   163 12 1

WED 14 FEB 1900
Sent cheque to Union Bank   £146.15.3   £100 to be left at interest.  Top wrote to George & to Pop Fourneau.  Wet day.  Put in 2 short rows of peas.  Made shelves in case to hold things.
TH 15   Sent catalogue to Mr Dowdall Palmerston & letter.  Worked at yard fence.  Went with John & his mother to look for the geese, went to W Schaws boundary fence.  On coming home found them on back Sec.  One flew away, we caught 2 & tethered them near Widerups.
FR 16   Finished yards & emptied and cleaned out dip.  Sledged to rubbish heap old rails broken posts etc etc   Acknowledgement from U Bank for £145.15.3.  Attended RB meeting & Sawmillers met & agreed to pay additional rates.

SAT 17 FEB 1900
Mustered the lambs in the Reserve & dipped 233 including some old ewes.  Killed for dogs one poor Ewe   Went to see boys cricket match Norsewood v Makotoku former won.  Settled with P G Grant.  Beckett & Arthur Olsen.
SUN 18   All at home.  Wrote out a will today & had it signed by Messrs Thodsen Brothers.
MON 19   El & Top & Eva went to Danevirk   Paid Gordon & Wilson etc.  Bought pair of buttoned boots for Top 12/6   fine day.  Dug out potatoes at netting.  Sent to Northern Invest Co.  £13.15. & £2.2. to County Council Waipawa as rates and letter of acknowledgement to Un Bank
TU 20   Rode to Makotuku & ordered 2 trucks   Went to JHB & gave him JB’s will.  Dipped 361 sheep for S McGreevey.  Sold Augt Svenson 50 ewes at 8/-    he paid  £1.4.0.  2 cows at £3.15. each.  Picked out 100 wethers & 22 Ewes for Palmerston.

WED 21 FEB 1900
Drove 100 four tooth wethers & 22 Ewes to Makotuku & put them on the trucks for Palmerston. JHB helping.  Dipped 5 rams   A Svensons 50 fat ewes on hill tonight waiting for him to take them away.  Mr & Mrs Randerson staying here tonight.
TH 22   Bought off Mr Randerson various articles amounting to £3.2.2.  Mustered back & dipped 126 mixed sheep & put lambs off Reserve on to flat.  Have the two tooths in yards tonight
FR 23   Got in ewes & culled out some & dipped mixed sheep & put them on flat   Picked out 83 two tooths & a few four tooths amongst them.  Put private earmark on very fat dry ewes   Dipped 259 ewes & put the 5 rams out with them.  Other sheep on flat.  Put Svensens 50 fat ewes on Reserve   El Ev Top & Ella at practice Luther Hall

SAT 24 FEB 1900
Washed buggy, mended & oiled harness.  Mr Quintrell paid cheque £20.0.0. for the 50 ewes.  John & I delivered them in F Redwards paddock.  C Friis dipped 27 sheep & paid 2/-   All had tea at JHB’s   Received letter & cheque from Matthew Henry for wethers & Ewes sold.  Ewes 6/-    Wethers 10/11.  Cheque nett £55.10..0
SUN 25   Orm. people here for dinner.  All went to Norsewood Hospital Demonstration   All here for tea also Smiths (Blair & Mr Gordon)
MON 26   Got in & counted out for back Sec 435 mixed sheep put 1 long tail & 5 small lambs in plantation   Newlings dipped 367 & paid £1.5.0.
TU 27   Sent £55.10 cheque & £20 to Union Bank.  All drove to Norsewood.  Paid R Rates £3.11.0
WED 28   Dipped Hulena’s sheep   Surrender of Cronje & his Boer Army.  This has been a good month.

TH 1 MARCH 1900.
Sent Reserve Rent £2.5.6   Dipped Bengstens 255 sheep & Bai’s 119   latter 8/-   Bengsten paid 17/6.  JHB came for Cockie & dray.  Top 15 years of age today.  She got many presents.
FR 2   Every day hot.  Sawed a couple of small hinau logs & split a few posts in Reserve.  Ladysmith Relieved.  El & Top at practice in Lutheran Hall   Not home 9.15
SAT 3   Saw a rabbit trace on back.  Sawed & split a few posts (hinau) in Reserve.  Rev Mr Foston for lunch.  John at a cricket match Makatoku.  All drove to Norsewood at night.  Bought new bridle at T. Collings – 10/-   hot day.
SUN 4   I stayed at home the others went to Orm Church.  Bull jumped over fence From F Schmidts to Cow Maggie.
MON 5   Sawed & split some hinau posts in Reserve.  Went across back with dogs.

MARCH 1900
Put all sheep off flat on to Widerups and Ridges.  Mary & Flor for tea.  JHB brought back horse & dray.  Attended Road Board meeting
TU 6   Went with El & Ev to Dahls road brought a cwt weight of wire & a doz lbs staples to P Sorrensen.  Dragged stringer to bridge on flat.  At Becketts at night.  No Jub. Meetg.
WED 7   Met JHB & Flor with the sheep which they were bringing to dip.  281   Goddard also brought his 50   Attended school Com meeting.
TH 8   Sawd & split some hinau in Reserve.  Mrs Lochhead & 3 children here for tonight.  Wind & light shower
FR 9   Drove all hands to Orm station   childrens excursion to Napier.  Sawed & split some hinau in Reserve.
SAT 10   Dragged hinau logs for bridge in Reserve   Carted gravel for backdoor.  Walked up township at night.

SUN 11 MARCH 1900
All at home.  P Sorensen took Cockie away for scooping.  At church in Hall (Lutheran) 7.30   El & Ev at home.
MON 12   Split hinau posts in Reserve.  Dipped 81 sheep for D O’Hara   He paid 6/-   made fires in Reserve
TU 13   Making fires in Reserve.  Hot day
WED 14   Made up fires in Reserve.  Hans Mortensen dipped 566 sheep is to pay 35/-   P Magnusen 78 is to pay 5/-   All hands firing Reserve.
TH 15   Firing in the Reserve.  Breezy.
FR 16   Visited school.  Tanks there empty.  Bought file, 2/- worth potatoes etc at Becketts.  Firing in Reserve.  Rather windy.  Big fire behind Olsens Bengtsens etc.  El & Top at Practice in Lutheran Hall.  Late tonight.  Hope the fire in Reserve wont spread   Magnusen Paid 5/- for dipping.

SAT 17 MARCH 1900
Nissens Bull with heifer   Logging up & burning in Reserve.  Fire got across creek into “Clump” is raging amongst fallen timber.  Yesterday put ewes into flat off Ws & Ridges.
SUN 18   All at home.  J Neal for tea.  Very dry.
MON 19   Up at 4 AM.  Fires in Reserve burning fiercely & sparks flying on towards Thodsens house.  John came up to help me at 4.30 AM & brought up 2 buckets of water with him.  Got calm in the afternoon.  John Brabazon from Gisborne came up with Auntie in buggy.  El in bed today very weak.  Sent & got some stout for her.  Blistered Cockie.
TU 20   Put 100 gals water in dip.  Holes in creek about bridge almost dry.  El in bed.  Sent for Mrs Swainsen.  No danger.  Very dry still.  Made a few fires in Reserve   Good burning off weather.  no sign rain.

WED 21 MAR 1900
Fires all over Reserve.  More standing dead trees on fire.  JHB Auntie & baba at Toms.  El in bed.  Sledged barrel of water from opposite woolshed to Washouse.  Dry weather still.
TH 22   Firing in Reserve   El in bed.  Dry weather.  Top house keeper these times.
FR 23   Firing in Reserve.  Dragged some logs together with horse in the afternoon.  Came on wet at 4.20.  It is much wanted.
SAT 24   John helped me put hinau stringer over Reserve bridge.  Dragged in with horse another stringer for the same bridge.  John went to Orm cricket match, made 44 not out.  Mary & Flor for tea.  El up a little while.
SUN 25   Heavy rain last night.  Creek & tank full.  Ljunquist buried today.  Mrs Grant & Mrs Webber here today.

MON 26 MAR 1900
Wrote Wms & Kettle sack Rye grasseed.  Light rain morning.  Sawed Dragged & laid on bridge heavy hinau stringer.  John saw rabbit or hare on reserve, it ran across Topholm’s land.  Put ewes off flat on to ridges & Widerups
TU 27   Drove El to Makotuku to see Dr Johnston.  Rev Wills horse got his winkers off at Thodsens gate & ran away towards home.  Buggy smashed at Webb’s.  Poor sale at Orm.  Got at Becketts bag flour, Kerosene Eggs etc bottle brandy as medicine at McLeod’s.  Fine cool day.
WED 28   Made some fires in Reserve & heaped up some.  James Thompson dipped 140 lambs paid 9/-   Got bottle medicine from Dr Johnson.  Mrs Allen & Auntie.  Wrote Commiss. Crown £ for map & papers.

TH 29 MAR 1900
Firing in Reserve.  Mrs Gribble called.
FRI 30   Firing in Reserve.  Drove to Orm & got sack rye grasseed ¼ R freight gave Mrs Lochhead her umbrella.  Children practicing at Lutheran Hall.
SAT 31   Firing in reserve with John.  Mrs Thodsen called at night to see El.  Brought honey & apples – a present.  A dry month. One nights & ½ days rain.
APRIL 1900
SUN 1st   All at home.  Fine day, with John & dogs on back, saw young rabbit on Mortensens, it got away.  JHB & Auntie dove up in the afternoon.
MON 2nd   Firing  in Reserve.  Attended Road B Meeting.  John took heifer “Daisy” to Jen Larsens bull.  Mrs Beckett & Miss Hogg called.  No rain yet.  Ground very dry.  Cheque  £1.8.4 to Wms & kettle.

TU 3 APRIL 1900
Firing in Reserve.  John at school   He stayed at home yesterday.  Sick after eating wild bush berries.  Note from Mrs McNutt.  Burning days.
WED 4   Burning in Reserve.  Attended School Com Meeting – the last this season.
Bought 3 weaners off Thodsen   £2.10.0.
TH 5   CA Friis castrated the 2 steers which I bought off Thodsen.  Firing in the Reserve.  A burning day.  John rode to school
FR 6   Firing in Reserve.  Mrs Cumming came.  Children practicing at Becketts.  John home from school today helping me.  Rain tonight.
SAT 7   Shaking grasseed on Reserve creekflat up the creek, John raking & picking up loose pieces.  Rain all day.  Hulena came at night, paid 22/6.
SUN 8   Rain mostly light, all day.  John had his 1st shot, killed a quail.  He & Top went to church.

MO 9 APRIL 1900
Finished shaking grasseed   rained all day.  John helping to shake.  Killed longtail lamb.
TU 10   Very wet morning.  Drove Top to Orm.  First train to Hastings 4/6 return.  She stays some days at Fourneaus.  Inside remainder of day.
WED 11   Over burnt ground trying to get a shot at quails.  JHB here lunch helped me drive fat cow Maggie to Redwards, took 2 others there and back.  Calm dull day no rain.
TH 12   George came by 1st train.  John went to school to get his books & tell Mr Webber he was not to go any more.  He rode down to see Mr Watson about going to Orm school.  Drove to Mr Robinsons & got sack of crushed wheat & barley, some good potatoes bacon, rat trap etc.  Letter from Top.

Killed lamb, shot a quail Killed a rabbit yesterday with the dogs in the reserve.  Calm dull weather, no rain.
SAT 14   Plenty of mushrooms.  Put 82 ewes 1 wethers & 2 rams in Reserve.  Warm.
SUN 15   Found dead lamb on back Sec.
EASTER   Saw another badly scoured.  All hands to JHB for tea.  Calm day.
MON 16   Drove George to Orm station   He goes to Hastings.  Buried ewe & hoggt.  Put cut in Hinau log.  John at cricket match Norsewood.  Uessda[?] Coles & Thodsen.
TU 17   Sledged home firewood.  Drove to D O’Hara’s to tell him that 2 or more of his sheep were worried by dogs   Bought 2 sucking pigs from Thodsen 5/- each, and an old cow 30/- paid  £2.  John started this morning to go to Mr Watson, Orm School.

WED 18 APRIL 1900
Carted in firewood.  Went to Ticknor his dogs put rabbit into tree, fired it.  Spot scratched after nest of 8 young ones   Killed them all.  Made 3 or 4 fires on back.  Mortensen laid trap on his sec.  El drove to Orm.  Brought George back.  Mrs Beckett called.  Fine weather.  Hans Mortensen paid for dip 35/-
TH 19   Made fires on back.  George went back   Drove him to Makotoku.  Got 2/- worth of potatoes at Robinson & paid him for Johns oilcoat 10/-   C Friis castrated the two little pigs yesterday.   Paid him 1/-
FR 20   Heaping up & burning off on back.  Auntie and Mr Vaughan came & Top came back from Fourneaus.  Came up in coach from Orm.  Cool day.
SAT 21   Wet most of the day.  Fired on back most of the day.  Put Thodsen’s old cow & 3 calves on back.  Church of E Tea Meeting in L Hall.

SUN 22 APRIL 1900
Spent the afternoon at JHB.  John at home   Auntie & El at Friberg’s in the afternoon   Paid Becketts bill last night   £3.0.0.  Went to church in L H with John. Raisher.
MON 23   Burning on back.  Mrs Scott gave us framed picture – Boy at cricket 7/6 to pay.  Attended school Com Election.  El & Top got mare shod at Davis’ Makatoku
TU 24   Burning on back.  Mrs Cumming & Mrs Asher for lunch & went out on back in dray.  Dull calm days now
WED 25   Burning on back.  Drove to Chas Christophersons & inspected new road and measured fence – 18 chains.  John got filly shod in Orm McFarlane.
TH 26   Gave John a cheque for £1 to pay McFarlane 6/- for shoeing pony.  He also paid Skinner 4/6 for bread.  Burning on back.  Mrs Parsons & Mrs Gribble here.  Wet afternoon.

FRI 27 APRIL 1900
Split some hinau slabs for reserve bridge.  Rain in the afternoon.  Logged up on back.
SAT 28   Heavy rain last night.  Thrashed peas in shed.  Mr Randerson for lunch.  El Ev & Top at Mrs Cummings
SUN 29   Walked over back.  Top also at home the others at Orm church.  White frost morn.
MON 30   Very fine day.  Sledged in rails from totara stumps.  Fenced in young macracarpa at dogs kennel.  Auntie & Flor came in the afternoon.  Fine.  This has been a good month, enough rain fell to leave plenty feed for winter.
TUE 1st MAY 1900
Got ewes into yards, dagged them & took out the 5 rams.  Calm day.
WED 2   Sledged a few slabs to Reserve bridge.  Had to knock off owing to fearful high wind. Acacia broken off in plantation trees blown down in Reserve.

TH 3 MAY 1900
Sledged & dragged material to bridge in Reserve.  Drove to township.  Drove to and spent afternoon with Mrs Gribbles.  Fine.
FR 4   Showery cold day. Worked at bridge Mrs Goddard sent payment for horse & the dipping of her sheep £2 cheque.
SAT 5   Finished the Reserve bridge   very fine day, frost this morning.  Mary Flor Ada & Coupie came evening
SUN 6   All hands at JHB in the afternoon.  Walked over Goddards Section, good land clear of logs, plenty of grass, burnt the £2 cheque which Mrs Goddard sent me.
MON 7   Picking up and burning on back in the forenoon.  Afternoon sledged in load of matai firewood.  Auntie & Flor for dinner.  Meeting of ladies in Village hall to gather finds for Indian Famine.
TU 8   Wet all day.  Dunedin Draper called. Bought £4.10. worth of Drapery off him.

WED 9 MAY 1900
Wet nearly all day.  Wound up with fog at night.  Wrote Mrs Goddard – her cheque burnt.
TH 10   Chopped heaped up scrub etc in Reserve making a cow or horse track through scrub.  HARVEST FESTIVAL at Orm. church all went
FR 11   Heaping & burning in this end of Reserve to open good track.  Willie came, holidays
SAT 12   Rainy squally miserable day.  Put in totara post in stockyard where 2 posts are broken.  El got sck potatoes day before yesterday at Robinsons for 4/6.
SUN 13   Went over back.  Shot quail.  All at home.  John rode to JHB for Willies asthma powder at night.  Came on wet evening.
MON 14   Rain all last night and up to midday.  Dug a few drains in Reserve.  Very fine afternoon after the rain.
TU 15   Wet in the morning.  Shook & raked grasseed on burnt patches in reserve.  Letter from George.  Fine afternoon.

WED 16 MAY 1900
Let the 2 little pigs out on the battens & pig yard.  Dragged staff to gully bridge with Cockie.  Mrs S. Ericksen called night
TH 17   Worked at gully bridge.  El drove Mrs S Ericksen along German Line to Prescotts.  Collecting money for Indian Famine.  Mrs Webber called here, gave her £1.0.0.
FR 18   Took 2 horses & dray to Robinsons for a ton of potatoes £2.8 bag flour 7/6 sugar 8/- etc.  Spread out potatoes on shed floor.  Very fine day.
SAT 19   Very fine day.  Sledged in 2 loads of slabs from Totara stumps to make bridge.  Started to slab MAFEKING Bridge.  News official came today about the Relief.  Mary for tea.  John rode home with her.
SUN 20   All at Orm church.  Lunch at JHB   Dull calm day. El & Top at church in the evening.  Lutheran Hall.  Rev Wills.

MON 21 MAY 1900
Demonstration of school children over the Relief of Mafeking.  El drove to Norsewood & to Orm.  Worked at Bridge
TU 22   Finished Mafeking bridge & made 2 others near there.  Came on very wet afternoon.  El could not go to the Famine Ladies Meeting in Norsewood owing to the heavy rain.
Letter from Fourneaus, girls coming on Thursday.  About £30 collected for Famine.  Cow Strawberry calved, a heifer, ½ Jersey.
WED 23   Rain all last night & today.  Strawberry cow very quiet and in good condition.  Letter from Mrs Watkins.
TH 24   Queens Birthday.  Wet.  82 years.  JHB & S McNutt.  The Misses Fourneau came.  Out on back.
FR 25   Wet again all inside except John who is at school.  Sawed hinau strainer at back section.

SAT 26 MAY 1900
Got 2 hinau strainers ready on back.  John shot a quail on back sec.  Top Pop Nellie & babba drove up Ngamoka   Received from Mrs Goddard £1.18.6   El Top & Poppie walked to Library.
SUN 27   Wet nearly all day.  All inside.
MON 28   Worked about place.  At night all hands went to see Montgomorie’s moving pictures in Village Hall.  Charlie along with us.  Dry evening.  home late.
TU 29   Made narrow bridge over a gully for sheep on flat.  Got in sledge firewood.
WED 30   Poppie went away in 1st train in pouring rain.  Charlie went in evening train.  Rain & showers nearly all day.  Brought home & skinned hogg No. 2
TH 31   Moist calm dull day.  Johanesburgh captured.  Slab dog kennel erected.  Worked some at back.  Nellie F & Top bought sack pumpkins from Orm.

FR 1st JUNE 1900
Wet all day.  News of Pretoria Captured.
SAT 2nd   Wet again all day.  No work.
SUN 3   Went over back, very little rain.  Found remains of 2 hogg & 1 sheep, old 5 (makes 5)   El Top Eva & N Fourneau to JHB   El & Top to church at night, no parson.
MON 4   Rain nearly all day.  Carried in & skinned small poor hogg.  Went with John to Heghs house as the latters boys has been throwing at him when coming home from school.  El library.
TU 5   Showery.  Chopped 2 hinau Stringers on back for bridge on rabbit gully.  Woods boys fell matai tree Reserve.
WED 6   Only a few light showers.  Split & dragged some hinau slabs & stringers to Rabbit gully & then sledged in firewood from back.  Letter from Mrs Lochhead.  Girls went for a ride at night.  Krugers effigy on lawn.  Pretoria surrounded.

TH 7th June 1900
Ellen Eva R Gertrude and Nellie Fourneau started this fine morning for Mr Frances’ place.  JHB took Cockie & dray.  I finished bridge on Rabbit Gully.  News of the capture of Pretoria confirmed Roberts entered it at 2 o’clock June 5.
FR 8   Got in sheep off back & crutched 92 and put them in Reserve.  Very fine dry day.  John took back pair of shoes – misfits to Hansens.
SAT 9   Got in sheep off back with John   Crutched 80 put 43 back on flat.  Paid Becketts bill of £2.6.10   also P G Grants  1.5.6  also S H Grants 1.0.0   Letter from Miss King with reference to teaching music in Ormondville.  This has been a very fine day, and a beautiful moonlit night.

SUN 10 JUNE 1900
Wet day.  Put dry sheep off flat back again on to back sec.  John took Toms dog home to him.  I rode up on “Bob”.  We had lunch there, also Hans Mortensen   very heavy rain most of the day.
MON 11   Flor came and took Bob home   Mustered back & put Ewes on back   Family arrived at 3 PM from Frances’es.
TU 12   crutched today & put on ridges & some in Reserve 70.  Got in another cut & killed a heavy fat ewe & filled the shed.  Came on wet at night   Found remains of hogg on back makes 7
WED 13   Crutched the shed full = 9   wheeled the dags into the garden   El & N Fourneau gone in 1st train.  Letter sent to the Commission of Crown Lands asking him to forward papers to George, so that he can draw for a Section in the Ngaparuru Block.  Fine day.

TH 14 JUNE 1900
Drove to JHB & helped him to kill his 2 pigs, they weighed 240 lbs each   wet evening.
FR 15   A wet day.  Mr Randerson called afternoon
SAT 16   Showers in the morning.  Gave John a cheque for £1.0.0. to pay Mr Beckett for his boots   Exchange stopped.  Poor babba 3 years old today.  John brought her lollies, Top gave her a cake and I gave her a calf.  We cut off a lock of her hair.  John & I put in 2 hinau posts in McGreeveys fence.  Fine afternoon.  At night I at library.
SUN 17   Fine day.  Drew charge out of gun with fishhook.  Walked over back.  John could not find anything to fire at.
MON 18   Fine day, worked in garden clearing out rubbish in the forenoon.  Dug out holly tree out of garden & planted it near yew tree.  Wheeled hen manure into garden.  JHB left us spare ribs of Pork.

MON 18 JUNE 1900
Got in off flat remainder of dry sheep & put them in shed – 86 crutched some   Man called wanting to buy some fat sheep to make up truck load.  None.  Found remains of sheep on back.
TU 19   Finished crutching dry sheep at dinnertime = 425.  Got all of them into yards, out of reserve & front paddock.  Picked out 20 of the weakest & put them on lawn, 405 on ridges to be put on back tomorrow & Ewes brought in.  About 25 more hoggs weedy, but must put them on back.  Top helps well.  She receives a letter tonight from her mother.  Another very fine day.
WED 20   John posted letter to his mother.  Top Vickie & I got in ewes off back & put back dry sheep.  Skinned hogg.  Got in 90 ewes 80 in shed.  Put hogget mangolds, carrots etc in big boiler for pigs etc

TH 21 JUNE 1900
Crutched 90 ewes & got in tonight 71 more ewes.  One ewe got sore on belly & very large lump hanging down.  Ella here tonight
FR 22   John off to see Mr & Mrs Frances.  Calm dull day again.  Crutched the 71 in the shed & got in the remainder and crutched 31 and put 71 in shed tonight, total 258 ewes & 5 wethers.  Ewes very heavy & in good condition.
SAT 23   Finished crutching the ewes.  Very fine day, had only on break whilst crutching 690 sheep, out of which one fat ewe is killed & part now in salt.  Drenched 21 poor hogg. & put them off lawn into gully plantation.
SUN 24   At home.  Gertie Eva Ella & self.  Hard frost last night.  Ground white this morning.
MON 25   Heavy frost last night.  Sawed & split some firewood.  John back from Frances’.  Tom ordered by Dr. to Napier.  J Neal for tea.

TU 26 JUNE 1900
Sledged in a months supply of matai firewood.  Drove with John up to Toms.  He is not sick nor going to Napier for a change.  C C Smith there, came on a very wet afternoon.  Rain ceases at 8.00
WED 27   Fixed up panel at O’Hara’s corner. Split & sledged in more matai cleaned out pig house.  John cleaned out another house & took library book back.  Ella & Vicky got letter from Mama.  This has been a fine dry day.
TH 28   All wrote some to Mama, Papakura.  Spread manure in garden.  John sledged some manure out of stockyard.  Put rings in the nose’s of the two little pigs.  Top & babba left Ella at Bl.gowrie
FR 29   John sledged manure into garden & took away in sledge long grass etc.  Cleaned out drain at end of house.  Skinned 2 weak hoggs.

SAT 30 JUNE   JULY 1900
John sledged more manure & we spread same over garden.  Sledged gravel & spread it between house & drain.  Walked across back sec with Eva & John   Erected barrel over drain.  JHB came late with Cockie & dray & had tea.  John got 2 “Windsor Magazine’s” at Library.  This has been a calm favorable month taking it all through.
SUN 1st JULY 1900
Went to church, Orm – with Gertie & Eva.  John at Nickailisen’s.  Dinner at JHB’s.
MON 2   Dug round & manured fruit trees at stockyard.  Boiled carrots & most of the two Hogg skinned on Saturday in the big boiler for pigs.  John got thrown on his head today going to school.  His mare shied & backed, he has a lump on his head & had head ache since it happened.  Letter from El.  We have been married 16 years today.

TU 3rd JULY 1900
Heavy rain all last night & most of today.  John at home from school today.  He is all right tonight.  Went to “Peace Demonstration” meeting held in library tonight.  Next meeting to be held a week hence.  Gave Mr Beckett a pound for the church & received £2 back out of a £3 cheque.
WED 4   Found dead hogget in Reserve.  John Pettersen called & we went down the road to Bai’s and up here as far as Engelbretsen’s, collecting money for “Peace Demonstration”.  Drove to JHB’s & talked about headstone for Cemetary etc.  Saw Chas. Vaughan.
TH 5   Rain last night & cold.  Showers today in the forenoon.  Sunshine & fine in the afternoon.  Another dead hoggt in Reserve – a stranger.  Boiled 2 for pigs & dogs.  Planted near yew tree shrub.

FR 6 JULY 1900
Went on 1st train with babba to Hastings.  From there to Mr Fourneaus with El & Poppie.  Walked over Mr F farm.
SAT 7   The 3 of us & Mr F drove to Napier   Very fine day.  Went in bus to spit.  Saw Mr Vaughan & Tom in Napier.  Inspected all the tombstones for sale.  Choose one.
SUN 8   We three drove to Havelock.  Lunch with Old Mrs Warren, Mrs McKissock & 3 children there & Arthur Warren.  Had afternoon tea at Sterricks.  Had afternoon tea on Saturday at George Warrens.  It rained some today.  Cold   We all called to see the Fulford family.
MON 9   Up early this morning.  Left Mr Fourneaus hospitable house.  Mr drove us to Hastings, came home in express with Miss Cumming.  I drove her home.  Road here very bad.  A very fine day.

TU 10 JULY 1900
Cleaned barrowful of carrots & boiled them in big boiler with potatoes & hoggt for pig to fatten.  Shut him in today.  Went with El to Peace Comn in Library, gathered  £1.19.  Altogether £14.14. more to come in.  Frost.
WED 11   Ground white this morning.  John walked to school.  Posted letter to J Brabazon Gisborne re C Vaughan’s land enquiry.  Sledged in load of backlogs.  Engelbretsen called about buying matail log in the reserve for firewood.  Top got shoe on mare.  Miss Webb & Pauline Woods came selling tickets for Orm & Norsewood School concerts both to come off on next Friday night.
TH 12   Showers.  Crosscut a log on back.  Sharpened saw.  Top rode up to P. G. Grants & to Ormondville.
FR 13   Fine day. Splitting pails on back.  The 2 youngsters went to School Concert at night.  B Gundersen called.  A young stray pig at his place.

SAT 14 JULY 1900
Killed the poorest of the rams for pigs & dogs.  Boiled part of it with carrots.  Mary came at lunch.  She Top & El went for ride to Bl Gowrie.  Came on showery & rough in the afternoon.  Wind now.
SUN 15   Walked over back with John & babba.  Tried to get heifer “Fanny” out on back.  Could not manage it.  She galloped away back twice.  El & Top rode to church & stayed at JHB.  Fine.
MON 16   Put in strainer in new gateway going off flat into back near dividing lookout fence   came on wet evening & blowing rough night.
TU 17   Top rode to Orm. & bought a pair of strong boots at McFarlanes for 9/9.  A rough showery day.  Pruned some fruit trees at stockyard.  Sawed off some limbs behind garden.  Dug, scraped, washed & boiled last lot carrots for pig.  John got thrown off his filly again when coming home from school.  This has been a rough day on stock.  Giving hay to 2 cows & mostly to 2 horses.

WED 18 JULY 1900
This is Arbor day.  John took 2 oak, 2 small pines 2 small laurel trees to Orm. School & planted them.  The children got a half holliday.   A rough showery day.
TH 19   Snow on the ground this morning, it soon disappeared.  Splitting rails on back.  El rode to Norsewood, called at Mrs Gribbles   Kerosene & sugar from Becketts, cheese etc.
FR 20   Sent cheque £1.17.10. to A B Gibson as quarterly payment for Johns insurance.  Split a few rails on back & put in gatepost at “Top Flat Gateway”.  El Ev & Top at JHBs on horseback, a fine dry day.  Ella here
SAT 21   Very windy last night & rough & stormy today, some very heavy showers.  Killed the pig today.  Put the 2 little ones into his stye & will let them have the run of the pig paddock.  Used both blocks to hoist pig.  Got him up & about easy.  Mary called late on horseback.

SUN 22 JULY 1900
Another fine day.  Getting over this month nicely.  All at home except Top who rode to Orm church with Ella.  Filly & saddle at JHBs tonight.
MON 23   Helped El to cut up & salt pig.  Helped her to prune fruit trees.  Top rode to JHB & got some boiled oil to rub on fruit trees.  Sawed off 8 foot log on back. Fine day
TU 24   Split an 8 foot log into rails.  Mrs Friberg & Gertrude called in the afternoon, at night walked with El to Becketts & to Library.  Peace Comm meeting.  Letter from C H Mott saying Stone forwarded Orm.
WED 25   John rode to School to get shoes removed off his pony by McFarlane paid 3/-.  The remainder of us went in dray to Orm. & brought to & planted for Mrs Allen 2 oaks 2 box shrubs & a few gooseberry cuttings.  Carted tombstone up to Cemetery.  Paid railage 9/4.  Road very muddy.  Went to Wesleyan Coffee supper in Lutheran Hall.

TH 26 JULY 1900
Put in strainer in top flat gateway. Came on heavy rain, had to stay out & finish got wet through.  Walked to Neals paddocks & to Norsewood.  Young lambs at Neals.
FR 27   Bored strainer & finished gateway.  Put up hurl & sledged in some firewood.  Wind
SAT 28   All hands went with horse & dray to Orm Cemetary [sic] and erected stone in cement in pedestal at the graves of Grandmother etc Rebecca John & Auntie helping.  Took down 2 oak trees for John.  All hands had dinner below at Johns.  Luintrell paid me for the fat cow Maggie £3.15.0
SUN 29   Mary Flor Top & John to Orm Church   Went with El to L. Hall at night.  Mr Wills.
MON 30   Sawed & sledged in some hinau posts 2 put in at ivy.  1 at new clothes line.  Fine day.
TU 31   A hen laid 2 days ago.  Ada Cowp & Flor here today.  Sledged rails to fence road oaks   Gave 2 oaks to Thodsen.  A fine month this.

WED 1st AUGUST 1900
Sent insurance for house £2.6.  and ½ years interest £13.15
Put in row of peas & row of beans in garden   Blowy all day.  Put the 2 cows in pig paddock today again.  Got a case of fruit trees & shrubs etc from Pahiatua – Horton
TH 2   Took Strawberry to Jens Larsens bull   Planted 6 matipo shrubs also 2 peach 2 plum & some apple trees in garden & a pear tree.  Auntie & Florrie drove up & on to Norsewood.  Top found the first lamb on Widerups today.  Shook some grassed & started a rabbit on back the dogs lost him.  Very fine day.
FR 3   Planted remainder of fruit trees on hill.  Killed 2 young roosters this morning.  Shook a little Rye grasseed in front & shook some bonedust over it.  Shook & raked some seed on burnt patches on back.  Skinned hog on back 14.  Dull calm day.  Boiled potatoes & hoggt for hens.

Sledged in 2 loads of firewood off back.  Finished shaking & (John) raking grasseed on burnt patches on back.  Florrie Randerson came in the forenoon.  A cold showery day   Top through ewes.
SUN 5   Rain all last night & today.  Top round sheep.  Found Ewe & black lamb.  All at home.  Rain coming up from Orm way.
MON 6   Rain all last night & today.  Went through Ewes.  John went to school in rain without his leggings, could not find them.  Top & Flossie walked up to Norsewood.
TU 7   More rain, all last night & most of today.  Two lambs died last night, the black one & another, 2 fresh ones last night only 3 lambs as yet.  Flossy visited some people in Norsewood today.  Raining now.
WED 8   Rain still.  No more lambs.  Found Ewe dead in creek.  Skinned. 2 lambs inside.  Flossy went in coach to Orm.  Pulled wool of dead hogget.

TH 9 AUGUST 1900
Rain still continues.  3 or 4 ewes lambed last night.  3 had twins.  Shook a bit of seed at Mafakin bridge.  Cows every day in pig plantation.  Grass getting done there now.  Give the 2 cows & mare & filly a fair quantity of hay.  Only one horse in here tonight.  We get some eggs now.  Top found a goose’s nest yesterday.  I had a goose egg for breakfast.  The others had hens eggs.  John wrote letter tonight, Mrs Callender
FR 10   Ewe in flat had twins last night.  Put them in Reserve.  Tried to put another ewe with twins off Widerups into Reserve, but she was too wild.  Dug apricot or greengage tree out of pig paddock & planted up Gully near stockyard.  Some showers today.  Ground sloppy
SAT 11   Dragged in sledgeful firewood off back   John looked for rabbit with dogs.  Trimmed some trees in gully plantation & sledged away all limbs & brush.  Put ewes with twins (2) into Reserve.  Bought 2 Orm jugs off traveller 3/-

SUN 12 AUGUST 1900
Round ewes.  Found Ewe with twins weak could not suck the very large teats.  Got them in, put the skin of the dying one on a twin.  Ewe took.  The other twin may come around.  Put Ewe with twins in Reserve.  Top & John Church Orm – CC Smith & Ada for dinner.  Got in Ewe off flat that had a big dead lamb.  Put twin lamb with her.  John gone to Nicholaisens after lunch.  El & Top gone to N church at night.  Fine day.
MON 13   Frost last night.  A very fine day.  Got in ewe with dead lamb.  Put twin on her, took away lamb from weak ewe which could not lamb, one fore leg behind.  3 ewes in shed tonight.  A good many lambed last night.  Made 2 fires on back & sledged in a bit of firewood.  Grass seems springing
TU 14   A good many lambing now.  Put 3 with twins in Reserve (6)   Had to get in one ewe & take the lamb from her.  Painter Olsen called.  El etc at JHB.

WED 15 AUGUST 1900
Put 2 ewes 8 with twins in Reserve one ewe with 3 lambs today in Widerups   Planted 6 oaks along Reserve Road fence   Signed Becketts Petition against shutting Post Office at his place.  Drove El to see Ella Friberg.  Top & her mother went to Library at night.  Very nice spring calm weather.
TH 16   Put 2 ewes with twins (10) into Reserve.  Lambing steadily.  One ewe with dead lamb, put twin on her.  The ewes in front have all taken to their lambs.  Top got in ewe unable to lamb, helped ewe.  Dug out all the oaks in garden.  Started to plant them along flat fence.  Rain tonight.  Put Ewe & single lamb into Reserve, earmarked
FR 17   Finished planting oaks.  Sledged some posts & rails to fence road oaks.  All ewes have now taken to their lambs.  Got in a motherless one today – El & Top.  Warm day   Grass springing well.  Good spring so far.

SAT 18 AUGUST 1900
John put ewe with twins (11) into Reserve.  Fenced oaks in Reserve.  Letter from Comm Crown Lands for Reserve rent, it should have been sent on 1st August.  Grand weather.
SUN 19   John put 2 ewes with twins into Reserve (13) & 2 with singles (3)   Ewes lambing all right, 5 or 6 with singles last night.  With John & dogs walked over back.  Saw one rabbit scratch.  Skinned hoggt.  Top walked to Orm church.  We all drove to JHB after dinner & picked her up & had tea at home.  Got some cabbage plants at JHB.  Raid has now set in, coming down steadily.
MON 20   Another good spring day.  Put in a row of cabbage plants.  Sledged in firewood & a few rails, shifted dog kennels up to near woolshed.  Sent Reserve rent £2.5.0.
TU 21   Top brought in ewe that had a dead lamb.  Finished fencing around oaks.  Put in some turnip seed & 7 trees in garden sent by JHB   Pinus at dog kennel.  I Neal came.  Paid sheep tax

WED 22 AUGUST 1900
We drove down & I helped JHB to ring his 3 pigs.  I audited church accounts.  Ada & Coupie there. Showers.  Through sheep before going down & after coming back found lamb with intestines protruding at navel.  Got in ewe & put a twin on her with lambs skin.
TH 23   Took Cockie & sledge with saw, mall etc out to Magnusens corner & sawed nearly through a log for rails, had a sack of hay for horse.  Made a big fire, came on wet at midday.  Top brought in twin lamb for a ewe which had a dead lamb.  Ada Coupie & Florrie came.
FR 24   Got in ewe with dead lamb.  Put skin on a twin, she took.  Sawed off 2 logs for rails & one for palings.  Nice showers.  El Ev & Top drove to Mrs Cummings, brought back Hilda Gribble.  “Strawberry” came round.  Took her to Larsens.  No bull there.  Too late to take her to any other bull.

SAT 25 AUGUST 1900
A wet day.  Found ewe which died in the act of lambing.  Skinned her in the gully where she died, a back gully in Widerups.  4 ewes & 4 small twin lambs put on them in old shed tonight.  Rain
SUN 26   A wet day.  Mr Randerson came in the afternoon.  Went with him to Wes church also J & G.  Mr Randerson staying here tonight.
MON 27   Showed Mr Randerson across the back as he wanted to walk to Newlings.  Some fresh lambs last night, all right.  Split about 40 rails on back.  El etc to Orm.  Young Kilkolly borrowed Cockie to get firewood.
TU 28   Found dead hoggt yesterday on back.  Splitting rails on back near Magnusen Corner.  El & co at Mrs Nickolls.  Mr Randerson.
WED 29   Split rails.  Got in ewe with dead lamb
TH 30   Splitting.  Auntie & Mrs Vigors came.  Laid a bait
FRI 31   Bait gone.  Good month.  Heavy showers at the end, not cold.  Grass visibly growing.  Feed 2 cows on hay & mostly 2 horses.

SAT 1st SEPT 1900
Fencing round apple trees on hill.  John took away tree guards on lawn.  Heavy showers in afternoon.  Mr Beckett came with flour oatmeal etc.  Bait taken on Widerups
SUN 2   John & Top at Orm church.  Wet evening.
MON 3   Wet all day.  Some lambs coming all right.  Sledged in 9 rails & a little firewood
TU 4   Another whole wet day.  4 or 5 singles last night 3 ewes & lambs in big shed tonight.  Ground sodden.  No growth.  Too much rain.
WED 5   Another wet day.  One dead single lamb another yesterday.  Ewes which dropped them small & did not mother them well.  Will not put twin lambs on the ewes, as they have not much milk.  El painted underneath the verandah.  Grass looks well on back sec.
TH 6   Found the little red steer dead on back, under a log in a small hole.  Showers today.  2 singles last night.  Top & John at concert at Orm   Ewes nearly finished lambing.

FR 7 SEPT 1900
Dragged some logs with horse on back & made a fire & dragged in firewood   Found 2 dead single lambs on flat, one a very big one, put their skins on 2 twins the Ewes took.  Got in all sheep off reserve   Rev & Mrs Wills called & Mrs & Miss Clark.   Top had to ride to JHB’s to get John home.
SAT 8   Put 15 hoggets on back Sec.  Mustered all Ewes & lambs & docked E 114 & W 116.  Left some lambs in paddocks too young to dock.  Alice came in last train & walked from Orm.
SUN 9   Walked over paddocks, lambs all right.  5 Ewes on lawn took to their lambs all right.  Another very fine day.  Mr & Mrs Beckett for tea.
MON 10   El Ev & G drove Alice to first train.  Put wire netting in front of Oaks, in flat, as far as it would go.  Sledged some posts & rails to oaks & a bit of firewood home.  Very fine day.  Found a single lamb drownd in Reserve.  A Ewe in there now without a lamb.  Sent Postal note to H North, Re skins & crutchings.

TU 11 SEPT 1900
Dug a bit in the garden for parsnips.  Sledged rails to fence oaks on flat.  El & co. & Mrs Beckett at Blairgowrie & Mrs Ticknors Cowper sick Dr there.  Found ewe cast on flat.
WED 12   Cleared up & carted away all rails etc on lawn.  Sledged some rails to oaks on flat.  Sawed & split some hinau posts.  Docked 5 lambs, wethers 3 Ewes 2   Previously docked, wether 116, Ewe 114   El & co. at Mrs Webbers, at library tonight.  Number of Ewes 256 exclusive of 1 hoggt & 2 wethers.
TH 13   Laid some big heavy hinau posts at oaks.  Brought in a single dead lamb not docked   He had swelled knees, had to kill 2 others like him.  Came on heavy rain in the afternoon.  Grass showing a perceptible growth now.
FR 14   Fencing oaks, no fresh lambs.  Good growing day.  Sheep in all paddocks about the house.  El painting about verandah.  Bill from Dr Robinson for 12/6.  Raining tonight.

SAT 15 SEPT 1900
At oaks 3 rail fence.  A second big lamb dead put skin on twin.  Ewe took.  Top rode to Ada’s to enquire about childs health.  Sore throat.  Mary & Miss Paisley here tonight.  Rain.  Good growth.  Post C from North
SUN 16   El & Co. at church (Orm)   Went over back with John.  Dogs chased rabbit on spur.  Lost him.  Could only find one of the cattle bought off Thodsen.  Chased rabbit twice.
MON 17   John plucked some wool off dead hogget on Saturday.  Fencing Oaks, light rain.  Top drew some of her money out of Sav Bank   £3.0.0.  Willie came up in coach, made fire at back   Skinned hoggt & cut the troath of lamb in Reserve, which was ailing, looks like a twin.  It is again raining steadily at present.
TU 18   Sledged posts out of Reserve, Capsize at bridge, harness broke.  Sent £2.5 Res. Rent.  Very hot day.  Grass growing.  No lambs coming.  El & co at JHB.

WED 19 SEPT 1900
Another very fine day.  Made some fires on rabbit hill.  Finished the 3 ail fences at present.  Got in Ewes & lambs off Widerups & ridges & docked 4 lambs E 2 & W 2.  H North took away skins & is to pay 19/-   Total docked W 121   E 118 less 3 dead.
TH 20   Worked at fence.  Very cold windy day.  Indian scenes shown in Lutheran Hall.
FR 21  Finished oak fence (yesterday put in hinau strainer & posts in stockyard plantation – Ridges fence) part stakes & wire netting, finished up today, then got in Ewes off flat & lambs, left 4 Ewes & lambs on flat, lambs dropped last night or yesterday.  Put all Ewes & lambs off hill and Reserve into ridges to be put on back tomorrow, docked today E 3  W4 =  E 121  W 125   This has been a very fine day.
SAT 22   Mustered with Willie & John.  Put all dry sheep on Flat & Ewes & lambs on back.  Sledged in bit of firewood & pressed crutching

SUN 23 SEPT 1900
Walked over part of back sec with John   found remains of Thodsens old cow in Dead Cow creek.  They all went to church in School.  Afterwards we all went to JHB.  Only Ella home.
MON 24   Got in all dry sheep off flat and dagged them = total 406 & 4 rams   Put 32 of the weakest on reserve, the remainder on ridges and Widerups.  All hands chased little pig on ridge & caught & put him in shed.  Set rat trap for rabbit on back.  John letter from Mrs Callender
TU 25   Saw 2 rabbits in Reserve far scrub, an old one & a young one, latter ran into a stump fired it.  Babba gone with her mother to Frances in the express from Orm.  Carted down bale of crutchings for H North 2 cwt 3 qr 9 lbs.  Got Cockies 2 fore shoes removed at Mac. F.  Called Mrs Ticknor & baby Ada Flor & Cowper.  Mrs L Andersen & 2 children   Mrs Gribble niece & Mother.  The 2 Mrs Grants & child.  Total 14

WED 26 SEPT 1900
Light rain in forenoon.  Heaped up some rubbish in Reserve scrub & made 2 fires.  Top papering Johns room.  Transplanted some small acacias out of garden on to Oak plantation.  Started rabbit out of B. Gundersen’s Creek and dogs ran it into a log on my side.  Come home for axe & went back with John and chopped the rabbit out, a doe with 7 young ones inside.  John borrowed trap at H. Mortensens.
TH 27   Sledged in load of paling billets.  Transplanted small wattles out of garden in amongst Oaks & 2 macracarpas out of flower garden.  Carl Schmidt’s man took away little pig to Jackson at Orm.  Set rabbit & rat trap on back
FR 28   Put in row of potatoes in garden next peas.  Experimented with bonedust & sand around them.  Showers.
SAT 29   Mostly rain.  John at school ½ day.  Split a few palings at Cart Shed.  North sent £4.15. for skins & crutchings.
SUN 30   Heavy showers & cold all day long.  The three of us inside at the fire all day.  John got a rabbit smothered in a stump.

MON 1st OCT 1900
Put in strainers at “rails” going into reserve repaired fence there, fine day, windy forenoon.  Top washed & got clothes dry.  Grass growing.  Give cows & mare some hay night & morning.  Leaves coming out on Elms.  No sign on Oaks.
TU 2   Fine day.  Sawed off 2 hinau strainers & split some posts.  Dug a bit in garden & put in row of potatoes.  Mr Beckett called re concert   Walked over back.  Found hoggt.  Caught in lawyers   Got Co Council demand for rates.  Calm night.
WED 3   In garden.  Put in remainder of seed potatoes & some mangolds, used bone dust in one drill & lime in another.  Anniversary of landing in NZ.  Went to concert & dance with Top & John, latter sang 2 nigger song, face black.
TH 4   Put in rows of peas along laurels & another short row.  Put in some mangolds.  Kilkolly borrowed Cockie to cart boards from Nissens.  JHB called in the afternoon on his way to T Jessops.  Rain has commenced after the wind.  It will do good.  John walked up for Press.

FR 5 OCT 1900
A very windy day, especially the afternoon.  Did not do much work outside.  Put in row of peas in netting enclosure.  Slept this morning until 7.30   Gave John cold tea & hurried him on to school.
SAT 6   Went to back with sledge for firewood with John after he came home from school.  He brought a sugar bag full of seed potatoes from JHB.  Inspector Ticknor also came out.  We all walked over Gundersens (traces) Mortensens (traces) & mine   Set trap on back & started & hunted rabbit & lost it in scrub on my side.  I saw a hare on flat.  Showers in afternoon.  Went to Becketts & got change for Norths cheque £4.15.0 paid him 3/- for us going to concert.  Letter from Mamma.  Coming home next week.
SUN 7   John went early to see trap on back, found rabbits nest & brought home 1 young one.  Took cow Strawberry to Ole Olsens bull.  We walked over back.  John went out late with dogs & caught live rabbit & took it to Tickner, it is not the mother of the young ones.

MON 8 OCT 1900
Planted some potatoes (Bath Kidneys) in garden.  Top drove to P G Grants & sent some material to her mother at Mr Frances.  Docked 4 lambs & put them on reserve 1 wether lamb & 3 ewe lambs = 247   126 wethers, 124 ewe lambs docked 3 dead = 247.  Mrs Cumming called at dinner time & also Mr Quntrell.  Youngsters gone to library tonight.  Top sends Solomon & Son Dvirke 3/-
TU 9   Sticking peas up to near dinner time, then transplanted some young pine trees in wire netting enclosure & put in a few potatoes.  John wrote to Willie & sent him 5/-.  Fine day.
WED 10   Finished putting in potatoes in netting enclosure.  Put in some water melon seed.  Came on wet at midday.  Went with Top & met mamma & Eva at Orm.
TH 11   Rain.  Split palings in cart shed.  Mrs Morgan Called at midday re church matters   El & Co drove with her to Becketts.  John Got half holliday today & up till Monday, he is gone by train to Frances for a dog.

FR 12 OCT 1900
Show day
Wet day.  Show at Hastings.  The People’s day spoiled.  Splitting palings in shed   Hans Mortensen called, too wet to go rabbitting.
SAT 13   Splitting palings in cart shed.  Wet morning a good deal of rain fell today.  Fine afternoon   El & Ev at Mrs Thodsens & with Top drove to Becketts & got a bag flour, nails for palings etc & posted a letter to Fourneau’s.  John returns with dog Scot.
SUN 14   Went over Reserve & back, met Hans Mortensen & went over part of his section with him & also part of Magnusen’s no rabbit.  Fine day   All at home.  Very fine day after the rain.
MON 15   Swept two chimneys.  Went through all sheep.  John rode from school to Norsewood in search of Mr Callender Orm school Committee man.  Auntie & Mrs Vigers called going to Norsewood.  Oscar Gundersen called.  dragged strainer & a few posts to fence above stockyard plantation corner at Oaks.  Very fine day.  El & Top at Library.

TU 16 OCT 1900
Repaired fence at Brown Gate & Hurl.  Oscar Gundersen carted to his home 2 small loads of face cuts from Nissens.  Got in sheep & killed ewe for eating, gave the 3 dogs a good feed.  El & Co. at Mrs Lee’s & at other houses.  Charlie Christophersen died yesterday.  Fine day.
WED 17   Very wet day.  No work done outside.
TH 18   Went to the back with P. Lessie for firewood.  Fred Goddard took Cockie away for a few weeks.  Sawed strainer & got a few posts.  Found a wether hoggt dead on flat, on his side in a hallow.  Lilly calved in the reserve.  Brought them home late in the rain  the calf sucked the finger & drank a fair quantity of milk.  He is bruised, fore leg swollen.
FR 19   The calf would not suck this morning.  He died today.  Stomach full of wind.  Doctoring did him no good.  Repaired fence at Dip.  Very fine day.  Letter from Nellie Fourneau.  Another Christophersen, brother of Charlie dead.

SAT 20 OCT 1900
Put in carrot seed in wire netting enclosure   Auntie & Florrie came.  Mr Randerson here now for the night with his waggon.  Rain tonight.
SUN 21   With El drove to Mr Randersons church with him Rev Gilmore preaching.  Drove at night Mr Randerson preached.  Top & John went to school.  Rev Wills in the afternoon.
MON 22   Wrote Wms & Kettle to forward 25 w. packs & twine & to place £20 to my credit in Bank   Mr R Anderson departed, paid his account.  El & Co. at show   banking.  Ada Flor & Cowp evening   put in hinau turnpost corner Iron fence.
TU 23   Sledged in turnpost & a few posts & put a turnpost in the corner & stayed & strained wires, finished straining very late.  Heavy shower in the afternoon.  Miss Laurvig sewing.  Good growing weather.
WED 24   Putting in posts along oak fence.  Fine
TH 25   Raked in some grasseed on back.  & did some work to oak fence.  Continued.

TH 25 OCT 1900
I Neal for lunch.  Paid him the annual pound Stg.  Mrs Thodsen & 3 children Mrs Vigers & 2 ditto.  Mrs Watson, Orm   Mr & Mrs Beckett at night.  Letter from Wms & Kettle, they placed £20 to my credit in Union Bank Napier.  Paid Beckett bill £7.10.4   Very fine growing day.
FR 26   Showers & squalls.  D. O’Hara called to buy a few fat sheep.  Mustered front paddocks Picked out 14 very good Ewes.  He paid me 13/6 each for them =  £9.9.0   El & co. cleaned up & washed out woolshed.
SAT 27   High wind last night & today.  Sledged in wood. Top, Grace & 2 Miss Gollans rode out.  Bran came home   Killed turkey gobbler.  Windy weather
SUN 28   Drove to & had dinner at Ada’s.  Top at home.  T Jessop called at Ada’s.  Killed 2 today.
MON 29   Got 25 w packs at railway 3/6 to pay.  JHB took 10 + 2 pks twine.  El & co. cooking etc.  Paid P Grant £2.19.0
TU 30   Windy.  Rainy rough evening.  Big Party = 50
WED 31   Very cold rough day.  Sea trip postponed

TH 1st NOV 1900
Sledged in firewood, still squally.  Went to Wesleyan social, held to farewell C.F. Fredericksen   John stayed at home with babba.
FR 2   Commenced to put up paling fence where wire netting is opposite kitchen window.
SAT 3   At paling fence, rain in the evening.  John went through all sheep.  Top, A Gollam & Annie Christophersen went for a ride towards Waikopera, coming home their horses bolted, the latter & Top fell of.  Tops ankle sprained.  John gone to Lutheran tea meeting.  He has just got a letter & photo from Frank O’Dean Napier.
SUN 4   Went over back with dogs, met the Mortensens & 2 Olsens with their dogs, hunted until 12 o’clock, no rabbit.  Bran went with Mortensen.  In the evening John & babba went out with Spot & Nippy.  Put a rabbit into a log in Gundersens   Chopped him out & Spot killed him.  Miss Gollam & Mr Laythem called to see Tops sprained ankle.  A dull day.  Raining at present.

MON 5 NOV 1900   Guy Fawkes
At paling fence.  Auntie & Mrs Hoskings came   very fine calm day.  All reserve sheep in shed paddock.
TU 6   Did some to paling fence.  Drove El to Orm Station bound for Christchurch with Mrs Beckett & her two children.  Had dinner at JHB’s.  Florrie came back with us.  Dagged the 63 Reserve sheep.  Put 25 including 4 rams on hill.  Put 28 back in Reserve.  This has been a beautiful day.  Moonlit night
WED 7   Finished paling fence.  Pulled down old stabs at Yew tree.  Mr Hill examined Orm School.  John did all sums (15) correctly.  Very hot this forenoon.  Cool in the evening.
TH 8   Put up wire netting near house etc.  Fine day.  Ella came.  Ernest Smith also.  Orm children (School) have a few days holliday.  Telegram to Mr Beckett saying passengers have arrived at Lyttleton.
FR 9   Two flags flying on lawn.  Flor rode to Louis Webbs.  Ella came.  Went with John to Village Hall.  Cricketors Concert.  John sang blackened.

SAT 10 NOV 1900
Very windy forenoon.  Worked inside shed.  Got in sheep off flat, raced off & dagged 45 hoggts & put them in Reserve.  Sledged rubbish chips etc away from 3 rail fence on flat.  John in township tonight at library.  Got 2 books & 10 lbs seed potatoes at Becketts, 1st sowing a failure.
SUN 11   Walked over back.  Ella went home before tea.  This has been a fine day.  Letter from Mrs McNutt last night.
MON 12   John rode Chessie to school & after school rode the mare to Frank Forwards Mako   Flor rode up before breakfast.  Put in some of the seed potatoes John got at Becketts on Saturday night.  A great many of the seed which I put in early, missed.  Tops swollen ankle is improving.  She bathes it in hot water twice a day & rubs embrocation into it & keeps it up on a chair.  John gone to bed early, headache.
TU 13   Put in remainder of seed potatoes & some cabbage plants.  Tidied up shed.  Paid F Schmidts bill 5/3.  Flor rode to B. Gowrie.  Letter from Mamma   a cold shower.

WED 14 NOV 1900
Made a shelf in woolshed to hold augurs.  Did some little odd jobs.  Bored & dressed a strainer.  Top wrote 4 letters.  Mrs McNutt, Pop Fourneau, Irene A’Dean and her mother.  Put the sheep off hill, 21 hog in reserve & 4 rams in shed paddock.  Flor left for Orm Show at Palmerston tomorrow.  Squally & cold tonight
TH 15   Put in hinau strainer at gate going out of lawn towards Ormondville.  Helped Thodsen & C A Friis to take away dead calf from heifer which was unable to calve.  Calm day.  A little rain in the afternoon.
FR 16   Hoed potatoes & did some weeding.  Florrie came at dinner time.  Went through sheep & found a 4 tooth wether on his back dead on Widerups.  Skinned it.  Shore the 4 rams & put them on hill.  Got in sheep off flat & shore 6 & have 47 in shed & yards tonight   Flor gone home.  John at Foinards [?] with men [?].  This has been a very fine day.  “Bran” home.

SAT 17 NOV 1900
Up early.  Brought home dogs meat on mare.  Shore the 27 sheep which was in shed 12 four tooth wethers now shorn.  John to school for ½ day.  Hilda Gribble & Ella Barge spent the afternoon here.  A fearful rough afternoon.  A heavy shower of hail & heavy showers of rain.  Sent Carlile & McLean £1.2.3 & £5 note to W Bank
SUN 18   Squally showery day.  JHB & Auntie came up & washed up & got tea ready for all hands.  It is raining heavy at present.  John has written 2 letters tonight   One to F A’Dean & one to Willie Fourneau.
MON 19   David O’Hara came early to buy a few sheep   Got in those on the flat & picked out 3 shorn ewes & 2 woolly ones   T Schmidt & F Martin carted them away.  Florrie came at breakfast time & washed & cooked etc.  Went home at night.  Dagged 75 woolly sheep & put them back on flat with the shorn ones.  Came on to rain at midday & continued till night.  John got another bottle embrocation.

TU 20 NOV 1900
Put in a gatepost in sheep yard gate way & hung swing, gate on it, gatehead let in to sunk house block below & let into piece on top nailed on to top of gatepost.  John posted 2 letters one to W. Fourneau & one to H.B.H.  A very fine day.  Went through sheep on W.rup, Got in some on flat & put 50 woolly ones in shed.  Top washed up today.  Grace Cumming.
WED 21   Shore all the sheep in the shed = 19 4 tooth   Rain started about 10 o’clock & continued all day.  Sheep heavy, hard to shear.  Cut a good deal of wool.  Did not finish until half past 5.  Cow Strawberry round again.  Too near dark for John to take her to any bull.  Steady rain tonight.  No shearing weather
TH 22   Rolled up all fleeces in shed.  Very fine day   Transplanted a few cabbage plants & did a little weeding.  Round all sheep.  Got in remainder of woolly sheep 22 off flat.  Letter from mother.  John left mare at Forwards.

FR 23 NOV 1900
Shore the 22 in shed, four tooth wethers 11   Rolled up fleeces.  Got in all of ridges, dagged 91, shore 8 = to 30 today & previously 83 = 113   Put 40 in the shed tonight.  John saw hare in the reserve when going for cows.  Spot chased him.  Posted a letter to mother today.  Ella came in the coach this afternoon.  A very fine warm day.
SAT 24   Shore 40 today & pressed 66 fleeces, one bale.  John & dogs chased a hare in reserve.  John got a suit of clothes at P G Grant & 2 pairs of stockings.  Gave him  £3.0.0 cheque to pay for clothes & to go to Wesleyan tea meeting.  A dull calm afternoon.  40 + 110 = 150.  John handed me the fleeces.  I pressed bale.
SUN 25   Finished the pressing of the second bale as John was here to give me a hand .  A heavy one.  Got in & put in shed 45 sheep off ridges.  A fine day.  Light rain in the evening.  Put 66 fleeces in the bale.
44 wethers

MON 26 NOV 1900


Shore 45 amongst them 14 four tooth w   John milked & got breakfast ready with Tops help.
Warm good shearing day.  Flor came & went home in the afternoon.  Got in all sheep off Widerups & dagged 20 & put them in shed & 26 in yards.  Let remainder go back on ridges.  Some very daggy.
TU 27   Shore 46 today & got in remainder 55 off ridges & dagged most of them.  The four tooth wethers are cutting heavy fleeces, all sheep in good condition.  John brought mare home from F Fowards he also got letter from Willie Fourneau.  Sent post card to Wms & K advising 4 bales this week.
WED 28   Shore 55 today.  Floor tonight covered with fleeces.  Many hoggt small, with very light fleeces, having been shorn too late as lambs.  John gone to Napier.  Walked over the paddocks to Ole Gundersen’s this evening.  This forenoon a bit windy.

TH 29 NOV 1900
Gustave Gundersen came over & helped me roll up the fleeces which were on the floor & we pressed 2 bales = 70 & 72 fleeces in them – I carted 2 bales to Orm with the mare.  Gustave led “Nippy” home with him, to give him to his brother Oscar to break in for rabbits on Te Ohau.  Flor came up but did not have much to do.  Another very fine day.  303 shorn.
FR 30   Loaded 2 bales & put them on truck at station with the 2 which I took yesterday & the 4 bales goes to Napier today.  Spent the afternoon weeding in garden.  Ella came up in coach.  A very fine day.
Knocked out some weeds in garden.  Got in the reserve sheep 95 altogether.  Shore 30 and put remainder back in Reserve.  Mr Randersen for lunch.  Paid him 4/- for coat.  Mother came home in the afternoon.  Bought many presents.  Everyone Glad.

SUN 2nd DEC 1900
At home.  Got Reserve sheep into yards after dinner.  Got ready to drive to Auntie’s & take Ella home, but she went down home with T Jessop & wife who went to JHBs   Put all the sheep in the shed tonight.  Drove to Orm. after dinner & posted letter to John.
MON 3   Started to shear after breakfast.  Shore 65 & 4 lambs & 1 woolly lamb in reserve.  Put 4 ewes & 4 lambs & 1 woolly lamb into reserve.  The remainder in the front paddocks.  El at the wool table.  Came on very heavy showers.  Did good to gardens.
TU 4   Weeding in garden & put in cabbage plants.  Hoed up some potatoes, most of some drills missed.  Filled both boxes with wool.  Put in 90 hoggt fleeces & 5 ewes fleeces = 95
WED 5   1st wool Sale in Napier.  Expect low Prices.  Mustered the ewes & lambs on back & put them on flat.  Dagged some & Shore 10 one of them 4 tooth wether, put him on ridges.

TH 6 DEC 1900
Shearing ewes & lambs.  Put all dry sheep off Widerups & ridges on to back.  Weights of wool & letter from Wms & K asking if I will accept 5½ d per lb for the 4 bales of wool which was passed in yesterday.  El sent telegram accepting.  Ewes cutting good fleeces, lambs good & looking well, no culs.  Very fine day.  Letter from John.  He is staying at Fourneaus
FR 7   Shearing ewes & lambs.  Put 93 in Reserve   El & Co. drove to Robinsons for groceries   Came on wet at 5PM.  Ewes & lambs in for tomorrow.
SAT 8   Shore 30 Ewes & lambs, raining all the time.  Turned out 22 ewes & lambs with the wool on.  Rain all day & all night.  Shorn sheep feel the cold very much.  Go into cart shed.
SUN 9   Rain all day, not so heavy.  Turned all sheep into reserve, filly into ridges.  All at home.
MON 10   Dug a bit in garden & shook turnip seeds.  A spanial [spaniel] dog of Thorstensens killed lamb in reserve followed him home.  Owner shot him & paid 7/- for shorn lamb.  El & Co. to Norsewood.

TU 11 DEC 1900
Raked in some turnip seed in garden, thinned carrots etc.  Got in all ewes off flat & dagged near half.  Put lambs in shed.  E walked to Orm at night after 8 o’clock.  Letter from Wms & Kettle.  4 bales sold at 5½.  Letters from John & Charlie.  Strawberry Round.  Sold 2 skins to North for 3/-   Calm dull day.  Walton called at sheep yards on business.
WED 12   Shore 47 lambs & 2 ewes. Came on light rain in the evening.  El burning
TH 13   Mowed grass patch in garden & cut grass with hook round the house.  John came home from Fourneau’s.  He did not go up for Victoria Scholarship but stayed at Fourneaus playing with boys.  El & Co. sent butter & gooseberrys to Mrs Foster
FR 14   Mustered all ewes & lambs on flat, one ewe bad with dysentery, John sledged her home to shed, she died.  Shore her.  Dagged all.  2 lambs broke their legs today.  EWES 33   Lambs 27 in shed.

SAT 15   DEC 1900
Shore the 60 which was in shed.  Rain set in and kept on for 24 hours.  Grass abundant.
SUN 16   Rain all day.  Mr Beckett & Miss Hogg.
MON 17   Pressed on bale of wool No. 6, fleeces 64.  El & Co at Norsewood.  Got letter from Wms & K everything squared up.  Cheque £14.5.7.  Got in a cut of Ewes & lambs.  42 lambs 49 ewes Shore 26 & put remainder in shed.  Fine day.
TU 18   Shearing Ewes & lambs.  John rolling etc.  Put the mob in shed last, into widerups this afternoon.  Got in another cut, 28 Ewes & 21 lambs in shed tonight.  Letter from Mrs Friberg, wanting 2 tooth Ewes.  None.
WED 19   Shearing Ewes & lambs.  John rode to Orm for his books & lost letter I sent to Mrs Friberg   Alf Neal called at night.  He is shearing at Gollans.
TH 20   Ewes & lambs.  Shower.  All in shed tonight 42
FR 21   Shore 42 heavy Ewes, the last.  All on ridges & Widerups.  Pressed all lambs wool into 1 bale.  JHB got Cockie & dray.  Rev Wills & family.

SAT 22 DEC 1900
Got in springing heifer “Rosie” from back.  Pressed 2 bales wool 59 fleeces & 65.  JHB brought back Cockie & dray.  Sledged in firewood with mare.
SUN 23   All at home.  Very fine day.  Plenty of grass
MON 24   Mowed the long plantation & part of lawn.  Very fine day.  Drove up to hill township & along Ngamoko road in the evening.  Very many people in upper township.
TU XMAS DAY   John Baba & Mama at Orm church.  Green peas & new potatoes for dinner.  Fine day
WED 26   Pressed 2 bales of wool 28 fleeces left over.  66 fleeces in bale x Bred fine.  One bale of Bellies & pieces.  Cut some grass in Stockyd plantation.  El & Co. drove to Gollans & had tea at Mr Becketts.  John on Cricket ground.  Cold.
TH 27   Logged up & made some fires in Reserve   at Wesleyan Social at night.  Mrs Gundrie   meeting at Martins.  Women not amiable.
FR 28   Firing in Reserve.  Carted to Orm 3 bales wool   Rain.  Got 2 fore shoes on Cockie.

SAT 29 DEC 1900
Picking up & burning in Reserve.  Very hot & cloudy.  Turned some hay in front.  I Neal called.  El & Co drove to Mrs Beals.  Babba went by herself to Mrs Thodsens.  Sent letter to Wms & Kettle giving description of the last 7 bales of wool trucked yesterday.
SUN 30   At Orm Church.  Top stayed at home cooking.  Mr & Mrs Beckett, children & patty here for lunch & tea, long heavy shower fell in the afternoon.  Top & El to Norsewood church.
MON 31st   El & Top washed the clothes & got them dry.  A fine day.  El went to the Village Hall to help Mrs Morgan & Mrs Grundie & to lay tables etc.  C C Smith came across the paddocks for a bag.  Made up some fires in Reserve.  All hands went to Church of England tea meeting at 7 o’clock.  A good spread, big crowd all sorts of games.  Had to give an address from the platform.  Rev Wills in chair.  Home about 2 in the morning.  Fine night.

TU 1 JAN 1901
Turned the hay and sledged in what was in long plantation & some of what was in front.  John took Strawberry to bull.
WED 2nd   Mowed remainder of Stockyard plantation & the whole of slope plantation.  John worked at hay & helped to fire in Reserve.  “Daisy” had a heifer calf today.  Got weights of wool today.  Good weights.
TH 3   Johns birthday.  14 today.  Mowed most of gully plantation.  Sledged in some hay.  Mrs Beckett Mrs Sinclair & Cecil Wallace for tea.  All went to back & round scrub.
FR 4   At the hay.  Hot day.  El & Co. & Mrs Sinclair drove around the Block.  Paid 18/- to McFarlane for shoeing.  Left side-saddle with E Collinge to repair.  Milked Daisy at midday.  Took Lilly to Carl Schmidts Bull.
SAT 5   At the hay.  El got 10 gallon milk can from Guthrie for 17/-   Paid F Forwards £3.3.0. for Entyre.  Very hot day.  El signed book at Grants

SUN 6 JAN 1901
All at Orm. church, Waitea for sacrement [sacrament].  Drove straight home.  Afternoon at Mr Gribbles   Strained the milk of the 3 cows into 10 Gal can.
MON 7   Sent the first can of milk to the factory.  By Jans Larsen at 1/- per week.  The milk weighed 71lbs.  Skim milk returned.  Shook out the hay in front & carted in some in the evening.  Cecil Wallace came to stay for a while.  All except John went to Village Hall to see Montgomerie’s pictures etc.  Home at 11 o’clock   A good show.  The weather very hot.
TU 8   Another hot day.  Sledged in all the hay.  Put some in woolshed, very good hay.  John helped Mr Thodsen take a cow to Friis’s bull.  Mowed some in front.  Cecil is troubled with asthma this afternoon.  El at meeting in Lutheran hall.  John with Mrs Fred Schmidt.
WED 9   Mowed some in front.  Dull day.  Like rain, left some standing in front.  Mrs Westall & Miss Bucanon for dinner.  El drove them home.

TH 10 JAN 1901
Heavy rain last night.  Shook out the grass mowed yesterday.  Sledged in firewood from Rabbit Gully.  Mrs Gribbles Mrs Crawford Hilda Eva Clarence Cecil El etc came in sledge to back.  Top drove them home & with John stayed at a family party.
FR 11   Turned some hay.  Came on wet.  Heavy rain tonight.  Cold evening, like winter.  Plenty milk.
SAT 12   Sent not to D O’Hara for money owing for 5 fat sheep £2.17.  Showers nearly all day   Cecil went to Becketts.  Sledged in maire firewood   John rode to Robinsons for sugar & starch.  The 3 cows give a good quantity of milk for the factory, a great improvement to making butter.  Plenty of calf & pigs food.
SUN 13   All at home.  John drove to Mr Gribbles & brought them & Mr Parsons & Mrs Crowford & her little boy here for the day.  Very fine day.
MON 14   Sledged in all the hay which was cut.  Rain threatened, none came.  Put hay in woolshed on battens.

TU 15 JAN 1901
Finished cutting the grass on lawn & gully plantation.  Sent letter to Wms & Kettle agreeing to accept their reserve prices rather than ship.  Fine day.  2 trees burnt down in reserve.
WED 16   Finished mowing Oak plantation.  John turned hay & then went to Cricket match.  Mrs Sinclair & Mr Beckett called.  Also Mrs & Miss Wallace & others with them, also Mrs Vigors & Mr Sinclair & Cecil.  Gerty drove Mrs Vigors home.  El Top & Eva to Library.  Dull day.  Put some Ewes & lambs in reserve.  Took splints off one of the broken legged lambs.  Could not find the other one.
TH 17   Shook out some hay.  Chopped down laurel hedge with bilb hook.  John put Ewes & lambs out of reserve into front paddocks.  Drove to 2nd River to Pie Nic.  Becketts Linel and Raishers Williams etc there.  Very fine day.  Home to milk the 3 cows at 6 o’clock.

FR 18 JAN 1901
Sledged in hay in front, one load the last, turned that in plantation.  Came on showers.  Could not get it in.  John met Alice at 7 o’clock train.
SAT 19   Sledged in hay from amongst apple trees from oak plantation.  JHB rode up & settled for bales dipping etc.  John got filly shod at Gowers   El & Co got flour etc at Robinsons.  Dull day.
SUN 20    All at home.  G & Alice rode up to near Brieskes and with John went at night to Wesleyan church.
MON 21   Cow “Daisy” ot stuck on top of Reserve fence in trying to jump into Reserve.  Took her to Carl Schmidt’s bull.  Drove El Alice & babba to see Dairy factory.  Got paint brushes etc at Becketts.  Sledged laurel leaves etc on to side of road.  Sledged the last bit of hay into shed.  Sledged load of firewood from back.  Found a dead 2 tooth Ewe on back.  Ger & Alice rode to Waikopiro   Sent Johns insurance money £1.17.10.  Sent to Wms & Kettle for oil, tea, Hematite & Wh lead.

TU 22 JAN 1901
A hen sitting in cart shed brought out 7 chicks yesterday & today a black hen sitting under willow in front of house brought out 10.  Alice went home by 8.10 train.  El Ev & Ger.  Drove to Mrs Frances.  Left here at ½ past 12.  El sent Florrie letter containing £2.0.0.  She brought sugar bagful of vegetables to Frances.  Put in 3 posts in Reserve Road fence.  Cecil & John saw young rabbit in Mortensen’s.  Mrs King Mrs L Andersen 2 children & little girl Martensen came in the afternoon.  “Bran” did not come home with the boys & the other dogs, absent at 8.30
WED 23   Bran home this morning.  Rain in the morning.  Afternoon sawed small hinau log   WHR on flat & split a few posts.  WHR Anderson & son staying here tonight.  John went after dinner to see Volunteers shoot in Amondsens paddock.  John took “lilly” to Friis bull.  Close muggy night.  A bell ringing in Norsewood.  Gool old Queen Dead.

TH 24 JAN 1901
Split a few posts on flat and got strainer   John got dinner ready.  Came on heavy rain & continued.  Letter from Wms & Kettle   Poor wool sale.  5 bales passed at 5 ¼   They want to know if I will accept that price if offer repeated, I tell them to sell.  Good bale of lambs wool sold at 5¼ .  John yesterday got letter & Book “Nuggets” from Mrs Wallace Greenmeadows.  Funny pictures
FR 25   John & Cecil went to Orm. with horse & dray for a drum of oil tin of tea tin of white lead & bag of hematite 3/6 to pay for freight.  He sent telegram to Wms & Kettle to sell passed in 5 bales.  Home at 12 o’clock.  Cut & carted away thistles & rubbish.  Nailed on Totara X piece for ivy in garden.  Made some gruel for calf tonight & last night, we mix it with the factory skim milk, he likes it.  This has been a fine cool day.

SAT 26 JAN 1901
Heavy showers in forenoon, did no work until evening, pulled some logs on flat with horse.  Letter from McLeod of Wms & Kettle asking if I will accept 5 ¼ for 5 bales.  John at library at night got book “Transvaal from Within”.
SUN 27   Went over back with John.  He fired at a duck & wounded it on back pond.  We got it.  He attended church parade.  at Orm.  Fred Goddard paid me £3 horse hire.
MON 28   Dragged some logs with horse on flat & made some fires.  Put in some posts reserve – flat.  El Ev & G home from Frances’.
TU 29   Made up a few fires on flat & put in some posts.  Mrs Sinclair & C Wallace lunch & tea.
WED 30   At fence reserve – flat.  Cecil & Mrs Sinclair went home.  El drove them up Ngamoko way.
TH 31   Weaned lambs & put 235 & put 20 Ewes with them into reserve 241 Ewes into widerups & with them 7 lambs.  Saw big rabbit on back.  Letter from Florrie.  She goes to Gisborn tomorrow.

FR 1st FEB 1901
Finished repairing flat-reserve fence.  John rode chessie to Frances’ in the afternoon   Top ready to go too, but her saddle was not ready for her at the saddler’s.  Wrote yesterday to Wms & Kettle to send me 2 lincoln rams.
SAT 2   Queens Funeral today.  A holiday.  Did no work today.  Our flag at ½ mast with a black flag over it.  A very fine day
SUN 3   All at home.  Made fires on back.  John returned.
MON 4   Rain in the morning.  Sledged in tools & some hinau posts off reserve.  John rode up to Becketts & got 1½ yards of double width calico to make him a water proof coat.  He went to school this morning 1st time after his holidays.  Mrs Cumming & Grace came at ½ past 2 back from Invercargill.  El Ev & I drove them home & then went to Marten’s farm & picked out 3 cows to buy. The 2 girls milking.  Inspected I Pettersens shops etc & painted shed.

TU 5 FEB 1901
Got 2 hind shoes on mare paid 3/-   Rode up to F Martens & he helped me bring home 3 cows.  Paid him £15.  Made some fires on back.  Sledged in some slabs for mending pig yard.  Dragged some logs in Reserve.  Showers in the morning.  Fine day.
WED 6   All went in buggy to Takapau Sports.  Fine day, good sports.  Home at ½ past 6
TH 7   Rain nearly all day.  Got wool cheque from Wms & Kettle for 2 bales   £12.150.  Lambs & bellies & pieces, goods etc deducted
FR 8   Slabbed over the old battens at old shed.  John gone tonight to a boys party at Orm.  O Nicholaisen to Napier on Monday.
SAT 9   Got in ewes & culled out & put on back.  Put on ridges & Widerups Ewes for rams.  Wm Cook from Mount Herbert rode up on J Bovaids horse & he went after dinner to look at a section that is for lease.

SUN 10 FEB 1901
El Ev & John to Orm Church.  Top cook.  I walked over to I Neals.  Wrote a letter to Wms & Kettle to send me 2 rams by rail.  £2.2.0 sent to Waipawa for County rates.   £12.15.0 sent to Union Bank to Current Account   One sent to F Quintrell.  A fine day.
MON 11   Mustered the back.  Picked out 140 wethers only 3 or 4 two tooths amongst them.  El & Top helping.  Put wethers on ridges all mixed on flat.  B Cook called afternoon
TU 12   Finished about Dip.  Drove with Ev & El to CC Smiths.  He had his wethers & ewes & fat lambs picked out & sold to McGilvray.  Saw the latter.  He promised to see mine tomorrow.  Emptied Dip & put in 300 gals   John at Circus at Orm last night.
WED 13   Dipped Bais sheep   Paid 11/-   Drove to Orm & met Mr McGilvray.  Picked out 132 fat wethers at 15/6   Paid me a cheque or order for  £102.6.0.

TH 14 FEB 1901
All except John went to Napier to see the Imperial Troops.  Warm day.  Home at 12PM.
FR 15   Drove the 132 fat wethers to Makatoku & put them in 2 trucks except 4 which goes in the morning with C Smiths wethers.  Got 2 rams at Orm paid train carriage for them 5/3.  drove them home.  Got goods £1.11.6 worth at Robinsons.  Sent telegram to Wms & Kettle to accept 5d per lb for 5 bales of wool rather than ship it.  Sent order to Union Bank £102.6.0 to be collected & left at interest.
SAT 16   Got in lambs off Reserve & dipped & put them on back with some culls.  Also dipped some culls wethers etc.  & put them on back   on back now.  Put 3 poor ones for dogs on lawn & 4 weak lambs.  Some rain at midday.  Miss Rutherford called.  Miss King called.

SUN 17 FEB 1901
Rode across sections to I Neals.  John & CC Smiths to enquire about 4 wethers which got out of railway yards.  I Neal picked up 3 of them, the other one supposed to be in Neils Olsens paddock.  Had dinner at Ada’s.  Late in the evening put 100 gals in dip.
MON 18   Got in sheep off flat.  Picked out 110 2 & 4 tooth Ewes & 81 culls which were dipped & put on back.  The two rams from Waipukurau I put with the 110 young ewes & the 4 old rams with the other breeding ewes on ridges etc   John went to O’Hara’s & got £2.16.0 for sheep sold some months ago.  El got 2 fore shoes removed on mare. & got varnish etc at Becketts.  John paid to PG Grant for misbehaving with other boys on New Years night – 2/6   He rode up to Magnusens & told him he can dip his sheep tomorrow.

TU 19 FEB 1901
Dipped 98 for Magnusen before breakfast.  Rode up to Martins & brought back here 2 more cows, a black and white cow & a red one.  Paid Fred £25.-.-.  Varnished dining room ceiling.  Letter from Wms & K.  5 bales sold at 5d per lb.
WED 20   Hulena & sons dipped    sheep is to pay     El left at 11 PM with buggy to drive Mrs Callender to Fribergs.  Put up milking bale in stockyard.  Magnusen paid for dipping yesterday 6/6.
TH 21   Dipped Bengsten’s sheep paid 17/-   Took cow “Lively” to Friis bull.  John emptied tank.  Cleaned out spring on hill.  Warm weather.  Creek drying up.
FR 22   Rain set in early this morning.  Cleaned out tank.  Got Factory cheque £1.16.9   Letter & wool cheque £44.17. 11 from Wms & Kettle.  Rain continues.  Posted Bank Book & receipt £100.

SAT 23 FEB 1901
Rain all day.  Nothing done outside.
SUN 24   Rainy forenoon.  Fine afternoon.
MON 25   Drove over to Alped Engelbretsen’s to see about getting some timber.  Walked over back, & stapled some wires.  Mrs D Grant called.  Gave El a cheque to pay Beckett & Grant £16.10.0.   Sent Wms & Kettle cheque to Bank £44.17.11   Received Bank Receipt for £200 at interest
TU 26   Drove to Danervirk.  Settled Becketts bill.  Bought an oil coat for 18/6 boots 11/6 also iron bedsted mattress etc etc at Gordon’s.  Paid £2 owe £3.8.0.  A bill from Wms & Kettle for £4.4.0 for the 2 rams sent me to Potts, Waipuk   Sent to Northern Ins Co £13.15.0
WED 27   Fred Goddard took Cockie away.  Put “Chessie” in dray, went to Orm at 9 o’clock for bed etc & case of vegetables, had to wait until 12.30.  Saw McGilvray sheep buyer.  Will be round in a fortnight.

TH 28 FEB 1901   MARCH
Culled & dipped & put on back 27 ewes.  Dipped 110 two & four tooths & 2 rams & put them on ridges.  150 ewes on the flat with the rams, not dipped.  Minnie Thodsen here today with babba.  Mrs Gribble for dinner & then went to see Gertie Friberg with El.  John got 2 fore shoes removed on filly.  This has been a good month, the late rain freshened up the feed.  Paddocks look well.
FR 1st MARCH 1900
Rain most of the day.  Sawed off a ten foot hinau log to split for milking lean to.  Sawed some matai for firewood.  John got music lesson from Miss King.  Top’s birthday.  She is 16 years of age today.
SAT 2   Sledged in a little firewood with mare.  John & babba went to Orm & sent some vegetables to Frances.  Dipped 150 ewes & 3 rams & killed an old ram for dogs.  Put rings in the 2 pigs nose’s

SUN 3 MARCH 1901
Rough forenoon, rain, all at home.
MON 4   Goddard brought “Cockie” back.  He paid me 2/8 & had his shoes removed.  Sledged in 2 loads firewood off flat.  El & Ev drove Mrs Callender to Fribergs.  Very fine day.  Killed small fat sheep.
TU 5   Dug a boxful of potatoes & shook some gum seed.  Sent Reserve rent £2.5.0. to Napier.  Split & sledged in 5 pieces of hinau for cowshed.  Sent Wms & K £4.4.0 yesterday as payment for a ram & a pig.  El & Top drove to see Mrs Grant at Orm.
WED 6   Horace Newling dipped his 3 sheep and paid £1.0.0 by 11 o’clock.  heavy showers in the afternoon.  El has influenza
TH 7   Planted 2 rows of cabbage plants.  Adzed a few hnaus for cowshed.  “Rosie” has a bull calf.  Mrs Hulena Paid £1.4.0. for dipping.  Dull calm day.  Very few mushrooms.

FR 8 MARCH 1901
Had to rope “Rosie” & drag her into the bale.  Crosscut a hinau in Reserve and split it into 4 posts & 4 ten foot uprights.  Came on wet in the afternoon, & heavy rain fell at milking time.  Had to rope & drag “Rosie” into bale.  Rain tonight, like winter.
SAT 9   Went to Alfred Englebretsons for timber.  Got 2 dray loads.  John & babba accompanied.  Fine day.  El in bed all day, a pain in right side.
SUN 10   All hands dove to Orm church, fine day.  After dinner drove to Gribbles except Top & John who went to church in school.  All home for tea.  Young calf good drinker.  Top gone to Wesl Church
MON 11   Sent rent receipt to Receiver of Land Revenue to rectify if wrong.  Shifted strainer at cow yard plantation at the corner at new cowshed   El & co. drove to Mrs Andersens & took Mrs Cumming
TU 12   Mustered back.  Dagged & put in Reserve 31 small lambs.  Mixed on back 396.  Wether & ewe fats on flat 59.  El & Ev & Mrs Callender Fribergs   Siggy here at dinner.  Rain

WED 13 MARCH 1901
A Wet day.  Telegram from Wms & Kettle to say Potts is sending me another ram tomorrow.
TH 14   Rain most of the day.  Made & put on dray a crate to hold ram.  Went twice to Orm but no ram came.  A letter from McLeod to say the ram is to come today & that the pig was sent in mistake
FR 15   Drove to Norsewood, left buggy with Collins to be painted & harness with Collinge to be repaired.  Beckett telephoned to Orm – no ram came last night, but he came by the 12 train today & Beckett biked down here to tell me so.  Got him home in dray & sent the rig back in the same truck.  Paid 4/8.  Potts paid for ram coming up.
SAT 16   Fine day.  Worked at leanto cow shed.  Dipped the ram & put him with the 2 tooth ewes.  Killed the long tail lamb.  Mrs Aldershaw came yesterday.  Mr Randersen came this afternoon & stays.  We went to tea meeting (Wesleyan)   Top & babba at home

SUN 17 MARCH 1901
All at home.  Light rain.  Mr Randerson here.
MON 18   WHR left.  Worked at cowshed.  Babba sick last night.  All right today.  Sent letter to Mr McLeod.  El & Top at Village hall seeing Mongomerie’s Pictures.  Dull day.
TU 19   Worked at cowshed.  Bran cleared out last night with collar & chain.  Saw 2 rabbits on back.  El & co. has tea at Becketts.
WED 20   Rain nearly all day.  Walked to Mortensens had dinner there.  Killed rabbit with Hans
TH 21   Dull day, made a mall.  Shook grasseed in Reserve & raked in some of it.  Killed two longtail lambs, one for us & one for Fourneau’s.  John rode up to township & enquired about Bran, no tidings.
FR 22   Bran came home last night, without his collar & chain.  Sent lamb by John to Orm to go to Napier for Mr Fourneau   Worked at cowshed.  El & co to the Hill, Grants etc.  She paid Road rates £3.11.0.  Received £2.5.11. from the Factory.

SAT 23 MARCH 1901
Sledged in firewood off back.  Went to Alf Englebretsens & got load of face cuts etc.  Fine day
SUN 24   Dull day.  Mr & Mrs Beckett for the evening & Hilda Gribble & Ella Lee.  Top & I went with latter nearly home & we were too late for church, heavy rain.
MON 25   Heavy rain all last night.  Mrs Beckett stayed & went home in the coach today.  Sent milk in 2 cans this morning.  Paid Jens Larson 11/- this morning.  Mr Englebretsen left a 10 gallon can here on Saturday evening.  Shook some grasseed & raked today.  Letter from George.
TU 26   Sale at Orm.  The usual fortnightly.  Shook some grassed on remaining patches of burnt ground & sledged in totara chips etc.  Sawed end of totara log for shingles.  Letter from Nellie Forneau.  A very fine day.
WED 27   Sawed a few totara log ends for shingles.  Carted half a load of timber from Alfred Englebretsen’s house.  Rode up to McLeods Hotel for 4 small bottles stout.

TH 28 MARCH 1901
Sawed a few log ends – totara for shingles.  Sent letter to commissioner of Crown Lands.  Killed a poor ewe for dogs.   Made fires on Totara hill.  Afternoon took horse & sledge & made a sledge track & fires along totara hill & sledged home a load of billets to split on wet days.
FR 29   Wheeled pea sticks etc out of garden.  El sent sugar bag full of vegetables to Mrs Frances.  John got 2 fore shoes on mare   Siget & Harold Olsen dipped & paid 17/- for 260 sheep.  Letter sent to George months ago returned today.  A very fine day.
SAT 30   John went to Robinsons with mare & dray & bought goods £1.12 worth sack of pollard, flour, oatmeal etc etc.  Fenced off corner between back gate & firewood.
SUN 31   Drove fat sheep off flat on to back.  Saw traces of rabbits on back.  Had dogs.  Dung around stump with John.  H Mortensen & dogs out also.  A fine month plenty of feed.

MON 1st APRIL 1901
Some showers in the forenoon.  Partly mustered the back with Top when a heavy shower came on and we left the sheep alone.  Put old ewes off Widerups on to Flat & the 2 tooths on to Widerups. The ridges bare & want a spell.  A Telegram from George saying he is coming from Woodville, he did not come.  Poor babba got a rusty nail run in the sole of her foot.  Sent letter to Abram & Wms enquiring date on which their sales will be held in Palmerston.
TU 2   El Ev Top & John drove in Thodsens spring cart to Orm Railway Stn.  Top & babba gone to Fourneaus.  Showers.  Telegram from Abram & Wms
WED 3   Light rain nearly all day.  El at Mr P G Grants heard of the death of Mrs Rees Watkins a fortnight ago.  “Rosy” came round and we took her to Friis Bull.
TH 4   Split some shingles   Letter from Top   John asked Mr Whitson to order a sheep truck for Wednesday next.

FR 5 APRIL 1901
Good Friday today, fine.  Went to back with John & dogs, no rabbits, raked in 2 or 3 patches of burnt ground with seed.  Jules Jensen did not come to factory with milk.  John took our can with mare & dray.  He went to a cricket match at Norsewood.  Fine day.
SAT 6   Worked at cowshed.  Went out with Axel Mortensen & showed him the 2 steers.  He agreed to take them at £5.16. each.  John cleared path going to little gate towards the hill in garden.  Letter from George, Napier.
EASTER SUN 7th   Axel Mortensen paid £11.12.0 cheque for the 2 bullocks.  Went with John to the back & got them in.  Heavy rain in the afternoon.  El walked up to Becketts to say goodbye to Pattie.  Mr B drove her home.  Rain has ceased in the evening.
MON 8th   Mustered back with John.  Picked out 64 fats, 22 w   42 e.  Dagged & put back 386 mixed.  Sheep & 45 in Reserve.  Showers in the evening.

Tu 9 APRIL 1901
A wet day.  Cleared in the evening.  Axel Mortensen took away the 2 steers.  A letter from Geo & Alice to say their father is very sick. Split a few shingles.
WED 10   Up at 5 o’clock & had breakfast before milking.  Drove the 64 sheep to Makatoku.  John rode in front & helped me put them on the truck.  Sent telegram to Abraham & Williams.  Paid Miss Robinsons bill out of A Mortensens cheque.   £1.12.  Walked home across McGreeveys paddock.  Put up a shelf in Top’s room.  Showers.
TH 11   Walked up to Becketts.  Gave him £1.0.0 for my ½ Yearly church subscription.  Paid 10/- to C A Friis for the service of bull to 4 cows.  Ellen paid Ericksens Bill 18/-   Letter from Miss Patterson wanting cakes or money for Social.  McGilvray sheep buyer called.  Got in all sheep off reserve & dagged & put back 23 of the strongest.  Put the weak in front 22.  A white frost this morning.  This has been a fine day.  Annie Webb came selling tickets.

FR 12 APRIL 1901
Dug out all the potatoes.  Sledged load of gravel from WC to stockyard.  Rev & Mrs Wills called in the afternoon.  Went to Orm Social with John.  We rode.  A letter from Gertie & babba, Rosebank.
SAT 13   Worked at cowshed.  John sledged up a load of gravel.  Received £39. 0.6 cheque from Abraham & Williams, Palmerston for the 64 sheep.  Wethers fetched 14.3   Ewes 12/7  Commission £1.14  Rail   £1.7.6
SUN 14   Rode over to old sawmill Paid  £2.0.0 to A Engelbretsen for timber.  John saw rabbit on O Gundersens   Ada Char & Cowper came.
MON 15   A hogget died on lawn last night.  McGreevey & Son Berd Bengtsen dipped over 600 sheep mostly lambs   Sent cheque to Union Bank £39.0.6   Sent letter to Westall for my sketch map.  Paid A Englebretsen cheque  £2.16. 0.  This has been a very fine day.

TU 16 APRIL 1901
Sent A L Gordon  £3.8.6 cheque also sent letter to Top to Papakura   Dipped the remainder of McGreeveys lambs nearly 300 most weak ones, many not able to travel home, a metalling cart was filled with them & carted home.  Paid Becketts £3.6.5 also paid D O’Hara’s bill 13/4.  Sent receipt to Abraham & Williams for price of sheep sold.  C A Friis took our can of milk to Factory today.
WED 17   Walked over & lit fires on back.  Ellen went in coach to Ormondville en route for Hastings.  Put weak hoggs in shed tonight, stewed gum leaves for them.   Sent Johns money to ML Assn £1.1 7.10
TH 18   A hogget died last night.  Dosed the 21 which was in shed & put them on ridges rain most of the day.  Did not do much work
FR 19   Let the pigs out on lawn & hill & shed paddocks.  D M McGreevey called & left my clothes.

SAT 20 APRIL 1901
Worked at cowshed, fine day.  John wheeled away chips from cowyard, and brushed cobwebs from around house.  George came at night.
SUN 21   All went rabbiting over Mortensens, saw a rabbit & lost it and killed a hare, did not come across any other rabbit, very fine day.
MON 22   John saw a rabbit in the reserve.  Sledged gravel from WC to stockyard.  George helping.  John got a dozen eggs 1/9 & cheese at Becketts.  Also a loaf at Skinners Orm.  Fine day.  A letter from Mrs Sinclair Napier.
TU 23   Shifted the lambs from Reserve into Ridges.  They improved in the Reserve very much.  Sent Mrs Sinclair’s letter to El.  Did only very little work, very fine.
WED 24   Sent away “Land & Income Tax” return.  John sent a letter to his mother.  George went by midday train.  Got factory cheque   £3.0.7   Top & babba came in coach at midday.  Worked at Babba’s WC.  Pains in chest.  Hegh got horse & dray.

TH 25 APRIL 1901
Working at babba’s WC.  Went to township to see if harness & buggy would be ready this week.  Got handle for shovel & 1lb of lead headed nails.  John drove round by Makotoku & got 1/- worth of potatoes at Robinsons.  Hegh came with horse & dray.  John got good eating potatoes
FR 26   Squally & showery.  Worked at Babba’s WC.
SAT 27   Squally & showery.  At Babba’s WC.  John got 2 fore shoes removed on Cockie & 2 hind ditto on mare.  Paid for both & 1/6 owing before = 6/   John sledged in load of firewood   We only milked 4 cows this morning & 7 at night.  We put 3 in reserve at night after milking
SUN 28   Saw the 2 heifers on back, not springing.  A ewe cast on flat, a long time on her back.  Chopped rabbit out of log.  Top at Wes church.
MON 29   Got in ewe & sledge of wood.  Paid £2.10 saddler.  Got home buggy & paid Collins £5.7.  Mare lame
TU 30   Cold day. El Mrs & Poppie Fourneau came by express & coach.  Mare lame.

WED 1st MAY 1901
Very fine day.  Sledged in firewood   The mare getting over her lameness caused by a nail prick in a shoe put on at Orm.  Gower took off the shoe on friday last pared round where the nail was driven in, put on tar & […] on the shoe again.  Today Carl Schmidt brought a sack of pumkins [pumpkins] from Orm sent by Mr Fourneau.
TH 2nd   Feeding one pig extra well to kill.  Got in ewes off flat & took out the rams.  One ram (Pott’s) with the old ewes & should not be with them, must have got through the fence, 148 ewes & one that I killed yesterday which was cast & could not get over it. = 149.  There ought to be 150.  Fine day, a frost this morning.
FR 3   El Mrs & Miss Poppie Fourneau started in buggy for Frances’s. Very fine day.  Went to Otto Englebretsen’s funeral.  His father came in the forenoon for flowers, gave him all the white flowers we could muster.  Dosed 40 lambs.

SAT 4 MAY 1901
Went to old mill with John & babba   brought home a load of face cuts.  Dave Hogg came in the afternoon.  All went to Lutheran tea meeting   moonlit night.  Comet visible.
SUN 5   El Mrs & Pop returned from Frances’s
MON 6   Attended annual meeting of ratepayers in Road Board office.  Paid S H Grant 8/6 got a 1/- worth of potatoes at Becketts.  Windy day.
TUE 7   Windy.  Got A Collins to put handle in shovel.  Went up on Hill & voted for R.B. mems
WED 8   Started to put in culvert at Road gate   Mrs Fourneau & Pop drove in buggy to JHB.
TH 9   Worked at culvert at road gate.  Mr & Poppie Fourneau went home.  F Shugar dead at Gisborne – died yesterday of typhoid in hospital.
FR 10   Finished putting wood on culvert.  Got in a sledge load of wood for boiler. Set boiler in its place.  Went with El to Library to arrange for Social to be given to T Barclay.
SAT 11   Killed the pig.  Jessie McNutt came before dinner.  Went back in the rain.

SUN 12 MAY 1901
Adela Olsen takes the milk to factory this week after Friis.
All at home.  Caught young rabbit on back.  Took out the 2 rams from 2 tooth ewes on Friday last.
MON 13   Cut up pig and put him in salt.  Warm day.  C A Friis made his last trip to Dairy factory.  Went to poor Fred Shugars funeral.  A hearse took the coffin up from Orm – express train at midday and into Wesleyan church where service was held.  A very large funeral.  Mrs Callender did not come.
TU 14   Gravelling the culvert at road.  El Top & babba at Dannivirk.  Photograph taken.  In the evening went to Library.  Barclay Com Meet.
WED 15   Finished culvert in forenoon.  Went to Friis sale.  Cows went high   £6 to  £7 etc.
TH 16   El at Turkelsens helping to cook etc for Social.  Sledged in firewood.  WHR here.
FRID 17   Sledged in firewood off flat & carted some up to Village Hall for social to be given as a welcome to Trooper Barclay all hands went & also Jessie McNutt who stays with us until Sunday.  Takings £8.10.0

SAT 18 MAY 1901
Squally day, wind & rain, did no work.
SUN 19   Very high wind all day long.  Put 2 cows out on back, Daisy & Darkie, the latter jumped over fences & came back.  J McNutt went back
MON 20   High wind & rain.  Drove with El to P.G. Grants.  She paid Hansen & Beckett for stores got for concert.  She is sewing all day.  Calm.
TU 21   Drove El to Orm.  Went by train to Vict [?] to Mr Frances.  Cheap fares 2/1 return.  In the afternoon Gilmore took Cockie away for a few weeks at 10/- per week or on trial intending to buy.  Very fine day.  Fine drying day.
WED 22   Drawing gravel with mare from brown gate to stock yard.  Came on wet at dinner time & rained & blew during the afternoon.  Mr Beck capsised a load of furniture opposite reserve rails belonging to Holland.  Gave him a hand to get his horse out after which it was too late to milk the cows.

TH 23 MAY 1901
Rough day.  Helped Beck & Holland to reload their furniture etc.  John got 1/- worth potatoes at Robinsons.  Made 2 milking stools.  The cows give but little milk.  The weather is rough & cold
FR 24   Observed as a holiday.  Heavy rain forenoon showers & cold afternoon.  Adela Olsen took our milk, only one can not full this morning & will not go to factory again until Monday.  Put the heifer calf weaned today out on back.  John shot a bird or two today.  Put all the cows back into the Reserve after milking tonight.
SAT 25   Sawed a little matai firewood on flat.  John found one of the rams amongst the sheep on back.  Put the 5 rams on hill with 22 of the weakest hogg after dosing the latter.  Put 18 of the strongest hogg which have been on Reserve, on back.  Skinned hoggt in Reserve.  Castrated calf.  Miss Martin Miss Cumming called in the afternoon.  This has been a fine day £3.1.11
386 on back previously
18 today  total 404
factory cheque

SUN 26 MAY 1901
Walked over back with John & H Mortensen   No rabbits.  Very fine day.  Letters written to Mama, Weight, Ella Lee & Pop Fourneau.
MON 27   Shifted ewes from Widerups & ridges on to flat.  Sawed split & carted in some matai firewood off Flat.  Sledged gravel from WC to cow yard.  Put load of gravel at gate going out on road.  Top sent rings to mama & got a letter from her.  Very fine day.  S McGreevey called & paid £2 for dipping.
TU 28   Sledged gravel from WC to stockyard and carted some from near Brown gate   Wrote to I.W. Richardson Re Violin for Top.  John got 1/- worth salt 2 tins cocoa 3/-   2 tins mustard 2/10.  A very fine day.
WED 29   Painted Babba’s WC.  Put 16 Hogg in Reserve
TH 30   Went to Robinsons & got ½ ton potatoes for £1.16   Brought them home with mare.  S McNutt came & stopped for the night.  Very fine weather
FR 31   Walked about Reserve etc with S McNutt   After tea drove him to Orm.  Light rain.

SAT 1st JUNE 1901
Headed chimney on washouse.  John helped.  Went at night to Salvation Social given on the departure of John Petersen & family to Shanon [Shannon].
SUN 2   Gilmore came & paid me a £30 cheque of W M Shuker for “Cockie”.  Gave him a receipt.  Went to back & saw cattle.  Buttercup beginning to spring plenty of grass.  Found remains of dead hoggt.  John shot a pair of quail.  Top gone with Mary & Tilly to Lutheran Church.
MON 3   Worked at washouse.  Sent £30 cheque to Union Bank.  Sent £1. 16 to W Robinson as payment for potatoes.  Sent letter to mother.  Poor hogt dead in pig paddock creek between logs.  Wanted for dogs meat.
TU 4   Worked at cowshed, fine day.  John rode to Mears Makotoku after school & ordered 2 young pigs.  He also posted 2 letters for 1st mail Orm.  One for Richardson, not to send violin & one to Dresden Co. Wellington for music books.  Must oil Waterproof coats tomorrow.

WED 5 JUNE 1901
Worked at cowshed.  Sent to Wms & Kettle for 20 sheets iron & 1 cwt oxide of iron.  John rode up to D H Grants after school & got £3. 1.11 Factory cheque.  Andreas Olsen died this morning.
TH 6   Worked about house.  Turned out the 6 sacks of potatoes.  Found ram amongst ewes in Widerups.  Got him in & tethered him.  Put cows for a half hour in plantation at stockyard.  Sent letter & £1.0.0 & factory cheque £3. 1.11 to mother in Agincourt   Letter from her tonight.  She comes home on Saturday.  Rev Foston & Bride tinkettled tonight.
FR 7   Hung the two sides of bacon.  Shifted the dogs from under the woolshed.  Manured around small fruit trees.  Sledged boughs of trees, which hens roosted in, out on to roadside   removed hen manure & dags into garden.
SAT 8   Carted some gravel to cowyard.  Met El at railway station.  She brought a pair of fowls to Eva.  Andreas Olsen buried in Norsewood.  All hands at Rev Foston’s Social.  Fine night.

SUN 9 JUNE 1901
Went out on back.  All at home.  Mrs Parsons Hilda & Stanley Gribble drove here in the evening   John Top & Hilda gone to Wesleyan church.
MON 10   Worked near home.  Washed & hung bacon.  Killed poor sheep for dogs.  Bran gone away.  Babba’s photos arrd from Danevirk.  Music Books
TU 11   Sawed some firewood on flat.  Rain last night   weather boarded side of hay shed.  Fine.
WED 12   Sawed split & dragged in some firewood   School broke up today for holidays   School opens again on 1st July.  Fine day.
TH 13   Paid Beckett for music books 9/1 & P G Grant on account £2.  Got in firewood   Pig ate 3 small loaves, put 2 rings in his nose
FR 14   Worked at cowshed.  El Ev & Top took the train at Makotuku for Agincourt.  John got 2 young pigs at Mears for 15/-
SAT 15   John went with mare & dray to Orm to get 22 sht iron 1 cwt oxide of iron 5 gal raw oil worm powder & ochre.  Fine day.  Worked at shed.

SUN 16 JUNE 1901
Poor Babba’s birthday.  Four years today   She is in Agincourt, a very fine day.  Walked over back, saw cattle, no rabbits.  John started a hare in Reserve   Alf Neal here for tea tonight.  Frosty & clear.
MON 17   John mustered back, picked out 6 of O’Hara’s old ewes & put dry sheep on flat & Widerups & put Ewes on back.  Rode up to Becketts & got a pair of shears 4/-.  letter from Rosebank forwarded it to Agincourt.  Sam Cook came at midday by coach, he is looking out for a place.  No time to do any crutching today.  Telegram from Alice to say her father died on Sunday, funeral tuesday   Sent John with a cheque  £3 to P G Grant to change.
TU 18   Went in buggy with John to Orm & took train to Waipawa to funeral which left the house at 3.30   Mr S McGreevey drove over to house & gave his buggy to Alice Charlie George Warren & myself.  W Storah [?] there.  Dinner at Mr Pellew’s Hotel.

WED 19 JUNE 1901
Crutched & put on Widerups 49.  John drove to Orm. & brought back the three Fourneau boys.  George Watkins & his friend called in the forenoon & had tea etc etc.  Sent letter to El.  Top did not come.  Fine day.
TH 20   Crutched 25 early.  A heavy shower of rain.  Put water in tank just in time, it was nearly empty.  The boys drove to Makatoku & met Top.  Killed a poor hogget for dogs.
FR 21   Wet day.  John rode to Orm.  No violin came.
SAT 22   Did a bit of fencing at old bridge gully.  Got paint brush from Wms & Kettle 6/- postage incl   the boys went to Mak. & met El & babba in express coming from Agincourt.  The shortest day.
SUN 23   Snow fell in the morning but cleared soon.  All at home, turned out fine day.  Carl Englebretsen called in the evening, gave him   £1.0.0 for the Norsewood.  He had a subscription list.  Wants to buy musical instruments for band.

MON 24 JUNE 1901
Got factory cheque £2.1.2.  Put up 3 rail fence at old bridge culvert   El & the 4 boys picking up sticks etc in Reserve   Fine day.  John got fore shoe on filly.
TU 25   Sent cheque to Wms & Kettle £5.17.9   Boys drove to Ruhina’s.  Got violin from Woodville.  El & Top making black dresses.  Fine day.
WED 26   The 3 boys went home.  Crutched 58 (132)
TH 27   Crutched the weak hogg & those off ridges 107   239
FR 28   Crutched 92.  Put 5 weak ones in front on flat 63 to do, in shed 19   174
SAT 29   Finished crutching the dry sheep   they are all in good condition.  Killed a half bred ewe for mutton, dull calm day.
SUN 30   All at home.  walked over back.  Some hoggt amongst ewes not crutched.  Top gone to church with Tilly & Mary Thodsen.  This has been a good month, not much rain.  A good winter so far.

NOV 24 1900
No   cwt qtr lbs   No. of Fleeces
1   x Bred   wethers & hoggs   4 – 20   66
2   x Bred   wethers & hoggs   4 1 10   66
3   x Bred   wethers & hoggs   3 3 7   70
4   x Bred   wethers & hoggs   3 3 14   72
5   x Bred Hogg. Some log stained   4 3 10   95
6   x Bred   4 1 3   64
7   x Bred   4 1 11   59
8   x Bred   4 – 21   65
9   x Bred FINE   3 3 3   64
10    Bellies & Pieces   4 1 –   621
28 FLS
11   Lambs   4 2 26   649

Receipts from 1st July 1898 to 30th June 1899.
£ s d
March 20   P Magnusen for Dipping   3.6
March 20   Henry Smith for Dipping   14.
March 21   Goddard for Dipping   12
Paid [March] 22   S McGreevey for Dipping   5
March 23   James Thomsen   for Dipping   4
May 8   Goddard for use of horse   110

Bale   Fleeces   January 1900
No 1   57   Ewe x Bred   4 2 2
2   53   Ewe x Bred   4 2 2
3   56   Ewe x Bred    4 2 8
4   58   Ewe x Bred   4 2 12
5   70   Hogt & Wethers   4 2 9
6   66   Hogt & Wethers   4 2 14
7   70   Hogt & Wethers   4 2 2
8   64   x Bred Fine   3 3 16
9   66   x Bred Fine   4 2 9
10   70   x Bred   Faulty[?]   3 3 21
11   Locks bottom Bellies   4 2 21
12   Pieces Dead Bellies   3 3 10
13   Lambs Bellies   3 1 10
14   Lambs Bellies   3 2 10
£ s d
630 Sold by Wms & Kettle   163 12 1
about 20 fleeces sold to North   4 1 0
650 besides lambs   167 13 1
cheque from M Henry for 100 W & 22 E   55 10
cheque from Quintrell for 50 fat Ewe   20
243 3 1
weight of wool   cwt qrs lbs
sold to North   57 2 12    nearly ½ bale
1 1
58 3 12

Receipts 1st July 1898 to 30th June 1899
£ s d
From Wms & Kettle. 31 pelts & skins   2 12 9
8th July.   On 16th Aug. Crutchings   3 12 2
26th Aug.   3 fat Ewes to D O’Hara   1 7
9th Aug   20 fat Ewes to D O’Hara at 10/-   10 0 0
19th Sept   Heifer & 22 sheep O’Hara   14 0 0
1st Oct   Painter Olsen for dipping   2 5 0
3rd Oct   Axel Mortensen 40 sheep   21 0 0
4th Nov   Sold H North skins – 8 –   17 6
14th Nov   Sold 3 Lincoln rams Watkins   6 0 0
23 Dec   Mrs Brennan paid for dip   13
31st Jan 99    Wms & Kettle Wool Cheque   94 8 11
10th Feb 99   J Gower Dipping   1 4 6
14th Feb   CA Fries   Dipping   10 6
20th   J Newling   Dipping   6 –
25   Hulena   Dipping   1 6
27   Bengsten   Dippping   17 6
4 Mar   Mr Watson   19 –
4 Mar   Beckett   16 –
162 15 10

1st July.   Expenditure 1898 – 1899
£ s d
On the 3rd August.   House Insurance   2 6 0
On the 18 August   sheep rate   12 –
31st August   Reserve rent (½ year)   2 5 0
Feb’y 16th   Bought Gowers sheep   16 19 3
4 drums of Murtons Dip
Feb 17   Bought J Brabazon’s sheep 21   6 6 0
Feb 13   4 Lincoln rams Wms & Kettle   4 10
Mar 6   ½ years Rent for Reserve   2 5 0
June 27   Rabbit Rates   4 8
County Rates   2 1 6
Road Board Rates   3 11
Years Interest on  £550 at 5%   27 10

Feb   Dipping
£ s d
17th   My own   700
20th   S McGreevey   1 4 0   361
24   CA Friis   2   27
26   H Newling   1 5 0   367
Hulena   342
Bengsten   17 6   255
Bai   8   119
JH Bovaird   281
Goddard   50
D O’Hara   6   81
H Mortensen   566
P Magnusen   5   78
J Thompson   9   140

s d
13th Feb.   H Bai paid 11 –
19th Feb   Magnusen   98

Factory cheques
Jan C   Paid 22 Feb   116 9
Feb C   Paid 22 Mar   2 5 11
Mar C   Paid 24 Ap   3 0 7
A.P.C.   Paid 24 May   3 1 11

1 Dairy Cow   10 years
1 Dairy Cow   8 years
1 Dairy Cow   5 years
One   4 years
1   3 years
1   2½ years
1   2½ years
1 heifer   2 years
3 heifers   15 months
1 heifer   9 months
4 calves   3 months
2 pigs
3 Dozen fowls.

Cows taken to Bull
Dec 11   Strawberry   SEP 11
Jan 23    Lilly
Feb 21   Lively
Ap 3   Rosie.

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