Elizabeth Curtis Death Certificate


Certified Copy of Entry in the Register Book of Deaths No 27955

Place of Registration: Hastings

1. Name and Surname. ELIZABETH CURTIS

2. Profession or Occupation. Widow

3. Usual place of residence. –

4, Sex. Age. Date of Birth. F. 82 years –

5, When died. 12 July 1938

6, Where died. 907 Lyell Street, Hastings

7. Where born. Cornwall, England

8. How long in New Zealand. 61 years

9. Name and Surname of Father. Thomas Ellery

10. Name and Surname of Mother. Eleanor Ellery

11. Maiden Surname of Mother. James

12. Profession or Occupation of Father. Grocer

13. Where married. Cornwall, England

14. At what Age married. 21.

15. To whom married. John Curtis

16. Age of Widow, if living. –

17. If Issue living, state Ages of each Sex. M. 60, 46, 45, 38. F. 55, 53, 52, 50, 48, 43, 36.

18. When buried. 13 July 1938

19. Where buried. Hastings

20. Causes of Death and Intervals.
Uraemia some weeks between Onset and Death; Chronic interstitial Nephritis some years; Auricular fibrillation

21. Medical Attendant by whom certified. E.Y. Comrie

22. When he last saw Deceased (i.e. before death). 8 July 1938

I hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the above particulars included in an entry of death in the Register Book kept in my office.

Dated at Hastings the 6th day of January 1988

Deputy Registrar [signed]

CAUTION – Any person who (1) falsifies any of the particulars on this certificate, or (2) uses it as true, knowing it to be false, is liable to prosecution under the Crimes Act 1961.

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6 January 1986

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