Friends of Opapa Station AGM Minutes 1997


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minutes from [?] meeting open for discussion.
move for adotion [adoption] – seconder

Finance report – open for discussion.
move for adotion – seconder

President report read open for discussion.
you move for adotion – seconder

Election of officers.   President
Gen committee

Thoughts for working committee
Publicity committee   [?] newsletter
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General Business

Work to be done
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It is now one year since we have been incorporated into a group known as “Friends of Opapa railway station. There has been mainly three members who have done much of the work in and around the site. There hasn’t been much assistance coming forth from other members but what has been has been helpfull. I must add that the publicity asking for & giving hasn’t been that great. This situation may be a good move as the three involved to date have been involved with the Ormondville station which is now in its 11 year of restoration has been a good base to work from & guidance has been generously given by that group & particular their present [president] Paul Maroney [Mahoney].

Some of [the] our members may have seen the station & grounds before any work was done & believe me, it was one hell of mess. Spud and Ray? Spent many house & days in getting the grounds as you see them today. Trees & bulbs have been planted as they come available. The watering of these trees and plants & been a bit of a problem. It is proposed to tidy up the grounds a bit further as time permits. It is no secret that Spud has purchased the house closest to the station. He decorated it and cleaned? it. Also for security purposes have fenced of[f] the entrance on the southern end of Spud’s property. During the year we had a bus load of tourists? pay us a visit & the bus was able to negoate [negotiate] the track & turn with no problems.  Most railway houses were put up for sale “By Tender” for removal. The only 2 known to me is that there is only two stations left with houses of [on] site. They are Opapa (there was 3 but one got burnt down at a guess in the early 1970s & there is still two at Paki Paki. What their fate [?] is I don’t know.

The building. This was in one hell of mess. The birds had got in, built nests & their droppings were down the walls & on the floor. One of the previous occupiers had illegally used the station & at one stage he had sheep in there. The locals were pleased to see [him] leave the district. We got into the building with a water blaster & clean the place out. There was a fair amount of damage done in side. To which I have been able to repair or rebuild. Work done so far is replated the letter posting box, shelf on the control room side of the ticket window, unstick the ticket

window slide. Replaced some of the panels in the rotten end of the control room. This was done in hardboard, the same material that was there when we took the station over.   1. The seats in the waiting room have been replaced. (some of the material came from the flooring of the St Lukes hall at Havelock North was demolished.

The notice board which style was copied from Ormondville but not the same size. It is not known if there was a notice board here or not. The fitting of the double doors from the waiting room to the platform & renewing of the damage[d] surrounds. ? Lamp. sign2. 3. It would be in the groups interest to get the waiting room finish[ed] & up to a high standard to show evidence that the group is active & financial help can be sought, eg lottery board. A summary of work to be done will be presented after this report. It is felt that it shouldn’t be all work and no play. Ormondville Group have a Barbeque usually early ?. We should do the same thing, perhaps in conjunction with our AGM.

3.   Its been noted that the Railways have ideas to put a passing loop back at Opapa

2.   The sign “Opapa” was taken down & some members of the group know who took it down. It is presumed the same person still has it in his possession. He agreed to hand it back when a group was formed but won’t do so. It is not clear whether he had permission to remove it or took it on his own accord.

1.   The air vents? in the control room have been taken down & cleaned. A Plaster Paris mould has been made of these & stored away from the station should the originals get damaged or lost.


This is a summary of work set out on what could be called a long term plan. The order as listed doesn’t have to be follows.

Repiling   a tradesmans job. Any names? In the case of Ormondville a local repiler did that station at low cost when his work load was low.

Plumming [Plumbing]   The connetting [connecting] of the toilet pan to the septic tank. Tidying up the water pipe attulation [?] and a outside tape. [tap]   [?] & perhaps a water tank reservoir.

Painting by volunteers colours to be decided at this meeting
Perhaps volunteers donated a can of paint.
Do waiting room 1st
Do control room 2nd
Do toilet room 3rd.

inside repairs   renew window sash cords (already on hand) in waiting room, control room, replace plan [plain] door & window facings which [with] style instead [of] plain.
repairs to hearth for Pot Belly (any available) replaced broken fibrolite sheet behind Pot Belly – door locks.
Replace 2 broken windows.

southern room   look at it in the future.

outside   few weather boards need replacing.
Most door[s] rubbing on the floor (wait till after repilling [repiling]
Painting – platform re sealing.

Power    Spud has agree[d] to run a lead from his house shed a underground cable to the station & have a check meter on the line. Otherwise we would come a another consumer? & that would be costly. Need a digger & electrician.  Also wiring to station & rewire building.

Sponsers [Sponsors’] board.   To recognise companys & other that have supported the Group.



BAY EXPRESS SPECIAL STOP 3.10 p.m. – 3.30   3.10
RADIO STATION 3.30 – 4.00
HOTEL 4.00 – 4.45
BBQ?  5.00

WELCOME 3 – 3.30
HOTEL 4-4.45
BBQ? Light up 5. –

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