Hastings Orphans’ Club Jubilee Booklet 2003

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Hastings Orphans’ Club Inc.

Established 1913

90th Jubilee Celebrations
31st May – 1st/2nd June 2003

“Here we are again, happy as can be, All good pals and jolly good company”

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Hastings Orphans’ Club Hall
Corner Albert and Miller Streets, Hastings
Opened 24th July 1965

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Hastings Orphans’ Club Inc.

Jubilee Committee – 2003

P/C Brian Cossey

P/C Bill Elms

Chief Robbie Elms
D/C Bruce Giorgi
P/C Colin Palmer
P/C Ray Barlow
P/C Doug Perry
Bro. Ross Hart
Bro. Dave Sayner

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Jubilee Weekend Programme

SATURDAY 31st May 2003
Registration and Get-Together   Hastings Orphans’ Club Hall   12.30pm – 4.30pm

Executive Meeting N.Z. Kindred Clubs   Committee Room, Hastings Orphans’ Club Hall
Jubilee Korero   Hastings Orphans’ Club Hall   7.30pm

SUNDAY 1st June 2003

Jubilee Church Parade   St Matthews Church
King Street South, Hastings   10.00am
Barbecue Lunch   Hastings Orphans’ Club Hall   11.00am
Kindred Club Members’ Korero   Hastings Orphans’ Club Hall   7.30pm

MONDAY 2nd June 2003

Jubilee Breakfast   Hastings Orphans’ Club Hall   9.00am

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FIRST CHIEF 1913 – 1914


Foundation Member

Born: Kaiapoi, 1862
Died: 24th February, 1919

School Master – Frasertown
Interpreter – Maori Land Court
Hastings Borough Council
Married Emily, daughter of W.Y. Dennett, Hastings, 1893
Member of Parliament, Napier
Portrait in Parliament House

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Historical Dates – 1913

Tuesday, 27th May 1913 First meeting to form the Hastings Orphans’ Club.

Monday, 2nd June 1913 Second meeting to elect officers and set membership fee.

Monday, 23rd June 1913 1st Korero. First half by the Napier Savage Club and second half by the Hastings Orphans’ Club.

Monday, 4th August 1913 First ladies night.

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Hastings Orphans’ Club Inc.

Life Members

1926    T. B. McNeil
1928    C. O. Tong
1929   H. G. Davies
1929   A. L. Fail
19   J. Holt
19   W. Lord
19   H E. Elliott
19   H. O. Shattky
19   A. E. Brooker
19  T.J. W. Heighway
19   L. A. Lewis
1970   J. Rainey J.P.
1972   B. U. Rickard
1984   D.J. Heywood
1984   *W. A. Elms
1984   W. S. Brunsden
1987   R. V. Giorgi
1987   D. F Sturm
1989   A.J. Merrall
19   M. Gordon
1995   *N. E. Davidson
1997   *D. G. Kemsley
1999   *B. S. Cossey
2000   *R. W. Barlow

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CHIEF 1922


First Secretary

Born: 16th June, 1886
Died: 1st May, 1955

Foundation member
First meeting held in his dental rooms

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Past Chiefs

1913   A. L. D Fraser M.P.
1914   G. N. Pharazyn
1914/20   PRO Patria
1921   T. Clarkson
1922   A. E. O’Meara
1923   H. G. Davies
1924   H. M. Campbell M.P.
1925   E. L. Commin
1926/27   H. W. C. Baird
1928   G. A. Maddison
1929/30   J. Bewley
1931   M. B. Peat
1932   D. A. Bathgate
1933   G. A. Maddison
1934   C. Duff
1935/37   D. M. Campbell
1938/43   M. A. Hunter
1943/45   PRO Patria
1946/47   P. J. Priest
1948/49   R. V. Giorgi J.P.
1950/51   D. F. Sturm
1952   N.Q. Roach
1953   G. W. Hunt
1954   F. J. Geor
1955   J. M. Macauley
1956   W. M. Nicol
1957    T. J. W. Heighway
1958   C. S. Martin
1959   T. J. W. Heighway
1960    J. R. Trotter J.P.
1961   A. E. Morris
1962   C. F. Woodham
1963   D.J. Heywood
1964   N. D. Compton

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Hastings Orphans’ Club Inc.

Past Chiefs continued

1965   W. T. Lambie
1966   W. A. Elms
1967   G. T. Harding
1968    A. J. Woodham
1969   A. I. Laing
1970   W. E. Kyle
1971   M. R. Davis
1972   R. J. Golding
1973   R. J. Peacock
1974   D. R. Perry
1975   W. H. Eru
1976   W. J. Nelson
1977   J. G. Lomas
1978   W. D. Thompson
1979   P. Rawstrone
1980   D. G. Kemsley
1981    D. J. Rich
1982   N. E. Davidson
1983   B. S. Cossey
1984/85   I. W. Livingston
1986   L. J. King
1987/88   P. W. Plummer
1989   K.C. Cooze
1990/91   M. H. Gibbs
1992   R. S. Robertson
1993   C. Wright
1994   B. A. Lee
1995/96   I. A. Ward
1997/98   R. W. Barlow
1999/00   W. R. Wade
2001/02   C. W. Palmer

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CHIEF 1948 – 1949


O.B.E., J.P.

Born: 24th April, 1907
Died: 25th March, 1997

25th Battalion, W.W. 2
Mayor of Hastings 1959 -1974
H.O.C. Patron 1973-1997
Poet and storyteller

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Hastings Orphans’ Club inc.

Clubs Raided and Hosted

Ashburton Savage Club
Blenheim Orphans’ Club
Cambridge Orphans’ Club
Christchurch Savage Club
Eltham Savage Club
Gisborne Orphans’ Club
Gisborne Savage Club
Hamilton Orphans’ Club
Hawera Savage Club
Hokitika Savage Club
Horowhenua Savage Club
Huntly Orphans’ Club
Katikati Orphans’ Club
Katikati and Districts Savage Club
Manawatu Savage Club
Matamata Orphans’ Club
Masterton Savage Club
Morrinsville Orphans’ Club
Mount Maunganui Orphans’ Club
Napier Orphans’ Club
Napier Savage Club
Nelson Savage Club
New Plymouth Savage Club
Paeroa Savage Club
Rotorua Orphans’ Club
Stratford Savage Club
Taradale Savage Club
Te Aroha Orphans’ Club
Te Kuiti Orphans’ Club
Wanganui Savage Club
Waipawa Savage Club
Waipukurau Orphans’ Club
Waitara Savage Club
Wellington Orphans’ Club
Wellington Savage Club

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Hastings Orphans’ Club Inc.

Public Shows and Revues

1927   “A Sense of Humour” – (Leon Fail / Harold Davies)
1928   “The Lazy ‘R’ ”
1929   “The 759 Mystery”
1932   “The Lazy ‘R’ ”
“Nice Goings On” – (Leon Fail / Harry Popplewell)
1959   “Fantasia”
1988   “Bless ‘Em All’’

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CHIEF 1963 (50th Jubilee Year)


Dominion President 1974

Born: 31st January, 1917
Died: 20th August, 1999

Choir and Sketch Club

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Hastings Orphans’ Club Inc.

New Zealand Executive

1913   Douglas J. Heywood – Dominion President
1982   William A. Elms – Dominion President
1966/68   Douglas J. Heywood – Central Group President
1976/78   Kapi W. H. Eru – Central Group President
1985/87   Douglas R. Perry – Central Group President
1996/99   Brian S. Cossey – Central Group President
1997/98   Ian A. Ward – New Zealand Executive

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Korero Venues used by the Club

Mr A. E. O’Meara’s Dental Rooms   Queen Street
Venetian Tearooms   1913 –   Heretaunga Street
Old Skating Rink   1925   Warren Street
Assembly Hall   1926 – 1931   Hastings Street
Ritz Tearooms   1928   Heretaunga Street
H.B. Farmers Tearooms   1931   Queen Street
Assembly Hall   1932  Heretaunga Street
Rialto Tearooms   1950 – 1951   Heretaunga Street
St Matthew’s Parish Hall   1956   King Street
Labour and Trades Hall   1958 –   Avenue Road
Compton’s Tearooms   1959  Heretaunga Street
United Hall   1960 –    Lyndon Road
Odd Fellows Hall   1963 – 1964   Market Street
Hastings 0rphan’s Club Hall   1965 – Present Miller Street

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CHIEF 1966


Dominion President 1982

Present Club Patron and Club Secretary

Vocal Quartet
Slap Base Expert
Ukelele Band
Sketch Group

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Hastings Orphans’ Club Inc.

Our Own Home

It was first mooted at a meeting in H. W. C. Baird’s office on Tuesday 21st August 1927, that the Club investigate the purchase of a suitable town section with the purpose of building a hall for meetings, but found the prices were too high, and the matter lapsed.

Several sites were inspected, including one off Lane Street in 1951 and later in 1954 a site in Queen Street being passed over in favour of a section in King Street.

After a great deal of searching for a suitable section, land owned by L. J. Crabbe, l026 Heretaunga Street, Stortford Lodge, was purchased in 1957 for 2,750 pounds.

In September 1963 a property in Warren Street was available for 2,250 pounds. Other sites owned by churches wishing to expand were checked out but were found wanting.

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Hastings Orphans’ Club Inc.

Our Own Home continued

Then in December 1963, Fannin’s section on the corner of Albert and Miller Streets was coming on the market for 1,200 pounds. The Heretaunga Street section could fetch 4,750 pounds.

The hall was constructed by an army of willing volunteers with the guidance of friendly professionals. The hall was officially opened on 24th July 1965 by the mayor of Hastings City, Past Chief Ron Giorgi and Chief Wally Lambie.

The Rest is History!

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Hastings Orphans’ Club inc.

Property Extensions

The house owned by I. M. Cloughton at 702 Miller Street was purchased for $6,250 in 1969.

It was later in 1973 that plans were produced for extentions [extensions] across the end of the hall behind the stage area to allow storage of props and the making of props and scenery, plus meeting and changing rooms.

Unfortunately the new City Council required the Club to make provision for 25 off-street parking spaces. The Hastings Orphans’ Club found that they needed to purchase the house and section next door on Albert Street for this to happen. This cost a further $11,000 before construction could start. The ‘shout’ for the new roof was reported as a success on 5th June 1979.

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Hastings Orphans Club Inc.

2003 Officials

Patron   P/C Bill Elms
Chief Orphan   Robbie Elms
Immediate Past Chief   P/C Colin Palmer
Deputy Chief   Bro. Bruce Giorgi
Secretary   P/C Bill Elms
Assistant Secretary   P/C Merv Gibbs
Treasurer   P/C Ray Barlow

Executive Committee Bro. Ross Sweatman, Bro. Ross Hart, P/C Brian Cossey, P/C Les King, P/C Brian Lee, P/C Doug Perry, P/C Wallace Wade, P/C Ian Ward

Programme Organiser   P/C Brian Cossey
Chief Steward   Bro. Dave Sayner .
Club Host   P/C Brian Cossey
Club Guardians   P/C Duncan Kemsley, P/C Henry McLaughlan
Official Accompanists   P/C Brian Cossey, Bro. Lindsay Davies, Bro. Ross Hart, Bro. Laurie Butler
Welfare Officer   Bro. Derek Whitaker

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Hastings Orphans’ Club Inc.

90th Jubilee

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