Hawke’s Bay Photo News 1963 – Number 050 January

Hawke’s Bay PHOTO NEWS
50th Issue

[Cover photo –  Our cover picture this month is lovely young Leigh Rowell, who, with Judith Anne Pritchard, has won a scholarship to the Summer Ballet School in Wellington.]

Extra length . . . finer filter . . . and best of all is the tobacco.

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Vol. 5
No. 2
January 1963

Editor Philip Moore

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Front Cover. Our cover picture this month is lovely young Leigh Rowell, who, with Judith Anne Pritchard, has won a scholarship to the Summer Ballet School in Wellington.

Back Cover. Three miles past the Tarawera Hotel on the Taupo side, one comes upon this little shelter, which has been built by members of the Napier Rotary Club. The shelter should prove very popular with Taupo Road travellers as it is set in a very pleasant little picnic spot.

We think this young fellow is the unrivalled youngest Go-kart rider in New Zealand. He is three-year-old Maurice Leonard, of Clive, who received the go-kart for his birthday in October, and can‘t keep off it, and has a well worn dirt track on his parent’s lawn. Maurice was a fast learner and had mastered the machine with only a mere few scuffles with mum’s flower beds. He is pictured with his father (who built the machine), in action on the front lawn.

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Kevin Issacson held his 21st party in the United Hall, Waipawa.
Photo by Wendy Studios

Norman John, son of Mrs. T. Rawle, held his 21st at the Merchant Navy Club Rooms, Napier.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Peter Sharples’ 21st party was held at the Buffalo Lodge, Takapau.
Photo by Wendy Studios

Elaine Chapman celebrated her 21st at the United Hall, Waipawa.
Wendy Studios, Takapau

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Crippled children from all parts of Hawke’s Bay were entertained at a Christmas Party, organised by the Lions and Rotary Clubs and the H.B. Branch of the Crippled Children’s Society, early in December. The party was held partly in the Taradale Kindergarten and the Football Club Gym. This is the first time a party of this size has been arranged, and by the look of all the happy faces, it was a huge success.

Happily enjoying a trailer ride under the supervision of Mrs. Oldershaw.

In the sand pit, the toddlers get down to some serious work.

Page 4

Lost in a world of make-believe as the children watch a puppet show.

Donkey rides, another highlight of the party.

Page 5

All together! Some of the children try to knock down wooden blocks.

The willing helper helps to replace the blocks.

The slide was another popular form of entertainment.

Page 6


Correction. Due to a typographical error in the caption, we republish the above photograph with corrections. Editor

OPIE – GIBSON. Pictured after their wedding at the Hastings Methodist Church, are Mr. and Mrs. Laurie Gibson. Bridal party from left: Shirley Field, Peter Opie, groom and bride, and Julie Hunt.
Photo by Lovell-Smith

CAMBRIDGE – DODD. Pictured cutting the cake is Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Dodd. The bride was formerly Jacqueline, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Cambridge, Mangateretere, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Dodd, Taradale.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

The Rev. T.J. Tuhiwai of Porangahau, recently celebrated his 50th birthday at his son Jim’s home, at Waipukurau.
Photo by Wendy Studios

PHONE 8952   AFTER HRS. 4206

Page 8

Chief of the General Staff, Major-General Thornton (left) points to a feature of “Exercise Reflex I”, for the benefit of the Minister of Defence, Mr. Dean Eyre, during the Minister‘s visit to camp headquarters, Beacons airfield, recently.

An all Maori gun crew of the 16th Field Regiment, put their guns into action on the Snake, a stretch of steep winding road on the Taihape side of Gentle Annie.

Page 9

The battle for Kuripapango goes on and the convoy of troops pour across the new bridge in Exercise Reflex I.

The Army blundered slightly when they discovered three prisoners hiding in the woolshed on the Kuripapanga [Kuripapango] Station. They were dragged unceremoniously from their hiding place in the woolpress and forced to lie face down in the sheepyards with their boots off for two hours. An intelligence officer finally questioned them and found they were not “enemy guerillas”, but farmhands from the property. Sandy McRae and the farm manager, John Laking, are seen in the sheepyards under heavy guard. They took their incarceration in good part.

Page 10

Observers at the recent Exercise, Reflex I, were officers of the 25th Div. U.S. Army from Hawaii. From left: Lt/Col. A.G. Post, Major E.L. Johnson, Lt/Col. L.E. Stanford, Lt/Col. L.M. Johnson, Capt. P.R. Moore (N.Z. Army), and Major C.W. Pratt.

Corporal T.J. Bell, Army Sigs, prepares a meal during a lull in the fighting.

Sapper N. Becroft (Christchurch) and Sapper J.F. Donnelly, Linton Camp, keep a look out from their fox hole with the Army Engineers Unit on the Blowhard.

Page 11

Exercise Reflex I with the R.N.Z.A.F. at the Hawke’s Bay Airport.

With gaping jaws extended a Bristol freighter disgorges its load of army Land-Rover.

Men of the 16th Field Regiment, Royal New Zealand Artillery, were the first troops to arrive in Hawke’s Bay by air during the recent Army-Airforce operation “Reflex I”.

Page 12

Just returned from a supply dropping mission, a R.N.Z.A.F. Bristol Freighter drops into Beacons airport almost appearing to land on the army camped below. However the telephoto lens creates this impression, and the Bristol arrived back unharmed.

Major B. Boyd of operational staff, at the “Reflex One” headquarters camp near Hawke’s Bay Airport, discusses matters with Major B. Poanaga, one of the architects of the exercise and an umpire, during the actual manoeuvres.

Page 13

It was relax time for members of the R.N.Z.A.F., during supply dropping runs and volley ball was just the job.

Catching up on news from their home towns are Sergeant D. L. Head (left) of Hamilton and Driver R. A. Leslie of Papakura.

We hope he hasn’t got his wires crossed. Army sigs man at work is Corporal J. Bracewell.

Page 14


Firemen entering the burnt-out shell of Mr. Joe Cook’s small upholstery workshop in Hyderabad Road, Napier. By the time the brigade arrived the shed was a blazing inferno. They put out the flames before they spread to a nearby joinery shop but were unable to save anything of Mr. Cook’s. He was away at the time.

Station Officer Jim Downing of the Napier Fire Brigade directs a jet of water into smouldering hemp and stuffing in an upholstery workshop in Napier. The workshop, owned by Mr. J. Cook, was completely burnt out on November 16th.

Page 15

Keeping a watchful eye on the photographer this four-foot long Monitor lizard was captured in Pakowhai Road, Hastings, recently. According to authorities on wild life, the specimen is that of the Australian Monitor and could possibly have arrived in the country in a shipment of wood. The lizard, weighing about 8 pounds, has a skin with merging shades of grey, green and brown.


An ingenious variation of the common road grader, this device owned by the Waipawa County Council was recently hired by the H.B. County. It is seen at work near the old Napier Park racecourse. It straddles the line of grass and earth left by the grader, gobbles it up with a rotary action in the front and carries it up on a conveyor belt to spew onto the back of a truck. It can keep a stream of half a dozen trucks working.

Page 16


A section of the grand parade, as young riders show their paces at the Central Hawke’s Bay Agricultural and Pastoral Society’s Show.

Satelite and her owners. The Stewart children from Poranghau pose with Satelite, one of their pet lambs, entered in the Show. They are from left: Pauline, Rodney and Lynette.

Page 17

Young riders line up with their winning ponies. From left: Robin Duckey, Napier, and his Supreme Champion pony, Gaiety; Kevin Riddell, and Champion pony, Melody; Karen Saunders, Takapau, and pony Macleod; Sue Cawston, Napier, with her pony, Alladin; Heather Sutton, Napier, and pony Pedro; and Valerie Cammock from Porangahau, and her pony, Amber Tips.

Hot dogs and fancy hats, Lynn Black and Valerie Winiata, Napier visitors to the Show enjoy a hot dog,

Feeling the heat while holidaying from lnvercargill, was Mr. and Mrs. A. Hale and daughter Debra.

Page 18


This is the Gala season and the recent one held by Marewa School followed the usual pattern of stalls and wheels. A large crowd attended, and we understand the school benefitted very well from the efforts of all the willing helpers.

Young boys watch fascinated, at the first class miniature railway layout.

Page 19

A feature of the Gala was the ever popular baby Show. Pictured are some of the winners.

Bruce Moss, 8½ months, who won the 6-12 months section for boys.

The over 12 months girls section was won by Stephenie Walsh.

Boys over 12 months. Young Hayden Poulter looks pleased with himself.

Little Colin Bush proved a winner in the Boys under six months.

Mrs. Thomson proudly holds little Helen, winner of the 6-12 months girls section.

Mrs. C. Adams with twins, Lynette and Tony, a very happy handful.

Page 20


Happy trophy winners pose for the camera at the Hawke’s Bay Camera Club’s annual presentation. From left, back row: David Turnbull, Mrs. Alford, Bruce Campbell, Bryant Bell. Front: Lionel Harris, Miss Doris Arnold, Hans Huizing.
Photo by Keith Low

Adding a sparkle of colour to Karamu Road, the approach to Hastings City from Napier, is this attractive sleigh and reindeer erected on the roof the Mayfair Hotel. A dazzling white Christmas tree towers behind.

Page 21


Ballet students of Napier, who recently competed for a scholarship to the Summer School of Ballet, to be held in Wellington in January. The scholarship has been made available by the Napier teachers of the Royal Academy of Dancing.

Students are, from left: Annette McCutcheon, Judith Ann Pritchard, Christine Fitzgerald, Michael Stayner, Jacqueline Rolls, Leigh Rowell, Joanne Jensen.

Miss Joan Irvine of Dannevirke, who judged the contest, declared a dead heat, so the dancing teachers decided to send two girls. Miss Irvine is seen here handing the two girls their prize. The two girls are Judith Anne Pritchard and Leigh Rowell.

Christine Fitzgerald with Michael Stayner.

Page 22

The first scouts in Hawke’s Bay to receive Civil Defence Badges, received them at a special ceremony held in the Napier Council Chambers. The scouts are: Back row from left: David Angove, David Tait, David Hills. Front: Robin Millynn, Noel Foote and Jim Woods.

TOBIN – BENTLEY. There was a Scottish flavour at the wedding of John Stuart Tobin and Jill Bentley, who were married at St. Andrew’s Church, Hastings, recently. The bridal group from left: Ken Tobin, Carole Bell (Wellington), Bride and Groom, Ann Bratt (Waipawa), Ray Burfield (Hastings), Barbara Burnett (Hastings), and Ewan Wallace (Hastings).

Page 23

There’s more than a century of scouting represented in this picture, when these two leaders of the Boy Scout Movement met in Hastings recently. On the right is Dr. E. U. Goodman, said to be one of the oldest scouters in the United States. He is being welcomed by Dr. J. R. H. Cooksey, Rissington, New Zealand’s oldest scouter. Each has been in the Movement for 51 years and both are in their seventies.

Screaming ambulance sirens, a road block and St. John Ambulance brigadesmen tending to injured accident “victims” in the roadway, gave an air of reality to those who saw the carefully planned simulated accident. It was all part of a practical exercise to test the worthiness of the St. John brigadesmen.

Page 24


Pictures show how the Police dealt effectively with a simulated riot in Napier recently. The riot, part of Exercise Reflex I, became most realistic at times.

Page 25


The doctor and two medical orderlies carry their patient to their field dressing station set up near a mountain stream on the Blowhards, Napier-Taihape road. The notice warns motorists not to be the cause of fires in this badly eroded countryside.

The M.O. scrubs up in one of the versatile new Army tin hats before inserting eight stitches in the wound.

An Army doctor of the Royal Medical Corps inspects a genuine casualty during the recent Army-Air Force exercise “Reflex One”. The soldier who comes from Taupo cut his leg badly jumping down a bank as troops deployed on either side of the road near Kuripapango.

Page 26


“Whew” . . . it’s summer time again, and the weather’s brought the pretty girls to light. Pictured taking a stroll down the main street at Hastings on such a sweltering day are, from left: Misses Colleen Rosvall, Kay Winchester, Lynette Stevens, and Marilyn Wakeford.

Page 27


Hastings sporting arena at Nelson Park took on a new appearance this month when the works committee erected the new modern wire mesh fence along the Karamu Road boundary. The old iron fence was removed immediately. The new fence, sited some fifteen feet further into the park allows the large decorative trees to remain in their present position on a grassed verge.

Two Auckland nurses on holiday, enjoying the sea of glorious blooms in the Kennedy Park Rose Gardens, Napier. They are Sue Macedo and Clare Mulvey of the Auckland Public Hospital.

Page 28



Anakiwa – The Cobham Outward Bound School gets away to a good start with its first intake of boys from all walks of life and many parts of the Dominion.

The school, designed to develop young men through hardship, discipline and control in the mountains, and on the sea their capacity to face hazards, difficulties and emergencies of all kinds and perhaps for the first time in their own lives, their own unsuspected quality of leadership.

Members of the school staff from left: Col. Harrison, Robin McCleod, Mr. Philips, Hamish Thomas (School Warden), Major Adrian Hayter, John Hebron, and Petty Officer Alister Cameron.

Page 29

Up at the crack of dawn the boys prepare for P.T. under their Instructor Dick Brady, a member of the course.

Crossing a high voltage electric fence with the assistance of a short length of timber.

Page 30

Grant Gillete, Auckland and Murray Nattrass, Napier, helps another boy over a high fence.

High in the trees Quinton Christie, Wellington, crosses an improvised bridge made of two lengths of railway track.

Jeff Osborne, Rotorua, travels at speed down a flying fox.

Page 31

Members of the course watch Bob Wilson learning to use a rope to lower himself to the ground.

Bushcraft lesson, the boys being taught how to light a fire in the bush, bearing in mind safety precautions necessary in such confined conditions.

Page 32

Crossing a deep crevice with the aid of timber immediately available, in this case a young tree; first man across fastens rope Handrail to assist rest of party carrying equipment to cross.

An elementary lesson in seaman-ship, don’t throw to windward. We are told the boy second from front received the bounty.

Page 33

A temporary rest, some of the bays prepare a meal whlle others map read, an incident in a sortie up Onehua Sound.

Some members of the course take a close look at a beautiful two mast schooner which was anchored in Onahua Sound.

Photos by Murray Nattrass

Page 34


GRIFFIN – GLEW. Shown after their marriage at the St. Matthew’s Church, Napier, are Mr. and Mrs. K. Griffin, with their attendants, from left: John Baker, Robert Crozier, groom and bride, Janet Glew, Weslie Ryan and Wendy Glew (flowergirl in front). Future home, Westshore. Photo by Batchelors Studios

THOMAS – LOVE. Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Thomas, Napier, are shown after their marriage recently. The bride was formerly Pamela, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. Love, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Thomas, Napier. The bridal group from left are: Mr. Dennis Kessell, Miss Beverley Simmons, bride and groom, Mr. Claude Thomas, Miss Gaye Walsh.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 35

RYDER – SMYTH. Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Ryder are shown after their marriage was solemnised at the St. Paul’s Church, Napier. The bride was formerly Shirley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Smyth, Putorino, and the groom is the son of Mrs. I. Chambers, Napier, and the late Mr. W. Ryder of Burnley, England. The bridal party from left are: Mr. W. Puddle, Miss Christine Smith, Mr. D. Ryder, Miss Christine Coffey, Mrs. T. Smith.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

FRASER – MILLER. Seen after their wedding at the St. David’s Church, are Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Fraser. The bride was formerly Betty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Miller, Hastings, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Fraser, Mahia Beach.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

JONES – SMITH. Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Jones are shown after their marriage at the Trinity Methodist Church, Napier. The bride was formerly Elaine, daughter of Mr. and. Mrs. T. W. Smith, Napier, and the groom is the son of Mrs. J. M. Jones, Napier.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Page 36


Sir Carl Berendsen (left), late Ambassador to Australia, was the guest speaker at the teachers’ graduation ceremony held in the War Memorial Hall, Napier, recently. He is pictured with the chairman of the Hawke‘s Bay Education Board, Mr. W. Smith and Mrs. Smith.

Miss R. G. Huddleston.

Miss D. M. Dakins receives her certificate from Mr. W. Smith.

Mr. O. B. W. Jackson.

Page 37

Oh, to be at school again, especially with pretty teachers like Misses P. J. Pettit, Hastings, J. M. Galbraith, Hastings, and H. L. Thom of Dannevirke.

Miss B. G. Lee of Hastings, and Miss E.A. Seyb of Wairoa.

They never had teachers as pretty as this when we went to school. From left: Misses H.S. Etheridge, Napier, P. E. Davis, Napier, and W. G. Hutchinson, Hastings.

Page 38


Chief A.S. Annands and Mrs. Annands welcome the official guests and visiting bands.

A large and representative gathering of Scots from Wellington to Gisborne were present at the 3rd Annual Gathering of the Clans, held in the Memorial Hall, Waipukurau, on Saturday 17th November. It was a most successful function, gay with pipes, kilts and Scottish decorations as would only be found at a Scottish gathering.

Some of the lasses at the gathering. From left: Misses Sharon MacLeay, Shona MacPherson, Dianne Bond, Jean Tillson and Carol Sargisson.

Music for country dancing was supplied by pipers Tony Watters, Waipukurau (left), Pearce Williams, Napier, and a Waipawa drummer.

Mrs. H. Winlove, Mayoress of Waipukurau, presenting the H.B.F. Challenge Shield for A. Grade Bands, to Drum Major D. Skews of the City of Hastings Scots Pipe Band, winners of the street march.

Page 39


A fellowship dinner, held recently at the Napier Intermediate School Hall by the Salvation Army, to raise funds for an internal project, proved very successful. Pictured here are a few of the guests who attended the function.

Major Goffin and Major Ramsay of the Bethaney Home, Napier.

The Misses Corrine Small, Joan Rundle and Lois Rundle.

Mr. and Mrs. Clive Thompson.

Page 40

To mark the occasion of the Top Hat’s 1st Birthday, a special carnival night was held with over £50 given away in lucky prizes. Shown are Mr. and Mrs. Rodway, who were the first couple to dance on the floor of the new Top Hat, when it was opened in October, 1961. They cut the birthday cake, which was then distributed to the people present. L. Lock is shown as the Chef, and. N. Triggs as sword bearer.

The Cotter family recently held a welcome home party for their daughter June, who has just returned home after being overseas.

Page 41

Dr. B. Meyer, a West German soil scientist, discusses a soil sample taken from a silage pit on Mr. D. Glazebrook’s property, Argyle, recently. The scientists were in Hawke‘s Bay in the course of their New Zealand tour following an international soil conference at Massey College. With Dr. Meyer are Mr. J. Pollok (left) and Mr. C. V. Fife, both of Massey College.

The honour of scoring the first century in Senior Club Cricket this year went to Tim Ormond, opener for Old Boys Hastings, in their match against Havelock, at Cornwall Park recently. Ormond is shown scuttling a ball away to the boundary during his valuable innings of 110.

Page 42

While their brother Roland sleeps, the other members of the Ferris triplets, Lewis (left) and Newton, enjoy the view from their specially-built pram. The babies ride sideways in this custom-built vehicle. They were born to Mr. and Mrs. George Ferris, Southland Road, Hastings, on March 14th this year.

Mr. Stan Richards (second from left) of Holt‘s Paint Dept., discusses equipment as members of the local paint trade examine the latest in overseas equipment at a demonstration of the latest techniques, held in Napier last month.

Kevin Brady, Holts Dulux Centre and John Green, Holts Thackeray Street say . .. .
“This time paint your home the EASY WAY!”
We’ve never seen anything like this great new paint – and we‘ve seen them all at Holts! Imagine – an all-purpose exterior finish that combines the ease and speed of a plastic paint with acrylic-armour protection. This is the same paint that has been breaking sales records in American for the last 7 years. Give it a trial – you’ll be delighted with the results.
For weatherboards and all exterior surfaces.
Saves 20% in painting time.
Brushes wash out in tap water.
Outlasts conventional house paints.
New beauty treatment for houses.
New fashion colours that glow without glare.
Fade resistant, can’t crack or chalk.
Holts cater specially for the home decorator and handyman. No need to shop around, we stock the lot. We deal only in quality products. Our range is wide, our service courteous and our assistants are experts in their departments. If you have a special problem or want advice, talk it over with us. We’ll gladly give you the “gen” and of course there’s no obligation for you to buy.

Page 44

The well-known Australian Equestrian trainer and instructor, Mr. Franz Mairinger began a 12 day dressage course for riders at the Tomoana Showgrounds this month. He is shown chatting to Mrs. B. A. Wilson, Bulls (left), and Mrs. Duncan Holden of Havelock North. He is also shown putting the riders through their paces.

Page 45


A group of keen budding young anglers listen to Mr. J. C. Lockyer, president of the Scinde Anglers Club, while offering them tips at the first “learn-to-fish” course conducted recently at the Hawke’s Bay Acclimatisation Society’s Game Farm at Greenmeadows. Some seventy 2 pounders were liberated in the pond, and the boys were eager to catch the tagged one, which carried a good prize.

A father lends a hand when a tackle problem arises. Some 40 boys from Napier and Hastings attended the course.

This fellow lost precious fishing time extracting his line from a willow tree.

Page 46


Working bees are busy each weekend in Hastings, on the completion of the new pool at the Madison Baths in Karamu Road, pictured in the foreground The old pool is behind this and the learners pool is at the extreme right.

Each Saturday morning at Greenmeadows Convent School, children of the district have been most enthusiastic in taking advantage of the swimming lessons being conducted by experienced coaches. Miss Jennifer Daniell (right) is pictured giving an early lesson to some of the youngsters.

Page 47

Some 70 youngsters from the Nelson Street Every Girl’s Rally massed themselves for this group photograph prior to their end of the year parents night recently. They gave demonstrations for their work and exhibited finished items from their various hobby groups. Leader of the Junior Rally is Mrs. B. Stevens of Hastings.

Hastings Adult Night Class Art Students recently staged an out-door show of their year’s work outside the Memorial Library. Showing an interest in the paintings are Intermediate scholars, David Doole (left) and Allan Wishnowski of Hastings.

Page 48


Christmas Party time again, and with no exception, the staff of the Napier Hospital laundry enjoy themselves at their own party.

Staff of the laundry entertain in Maori fashion

Mrs. Margaret Tringham presents a bouquet in appreciation from the staff, to Mrs. Jean Kenworthy, the laundry supervisor.

Mrs. B. McLean and Mrs. N. McLean perform a spirited twist.

Page 49

Our old friend Vic again

Shown are members of the Cruse Club (Widows Club), who have their rooms in Gloucester Street, Taradale. This Club is the first of its kind in New Zealand, and held its first meeting in December 1961. A hostess is in attendance at the rooms from 10.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, from Monday to Friday, and members may use the rooms for a rest, a chat and a cup of tea, and to enjoy the comfort of a fire on a chilly day. The members in the photo from left to right are: Mrs. T. McKenzie, Mrs. G. Armstrong, Mrs. L. Olsen. Mrs. F. Hensler, Mrs. H. Shearer, Mrs. M. Wallace, Secretary.
Photo by Batchelors Studios.

Page 50


After more than twenty years the girls get together again. H.B. members of the wartime W.A.A.F. recently held a reunion dinner party in Hastings at which, no doubt, much reminiscence was indulged in. Pictures show a few of the 60 members present.

Mrs. J. L. Braithwaite, Mrs. N. H. Louis and Mrs. M. R. Turnbull, all ex N.Z.W.A.A.F.

Sera Lowe, ex R.A.F.; Betty Grigg, ex Royal Canadian Air Force, and Joan Rixs, ex R.A.F.

Above is a group of early members who were stationed at Rongotai. From left: Mesdames Dodds, Guthrie, Oliver, Louie, Lee, Miss Bowler, Miss Steed and Mrs. Cranswick.

Page 51


Waikare Football Club’s end of season party.

Receiving Life Member badges are G. Young (left), and R. Redshaw (right).

Oldest Club member at the function was Mr. J. Furlong.
Photo by Batchelors Studios.

P. Chrystal (Captain), R. Redshaw (Coach), and W. Ward (Vice Captain).

I. Grant, receives Cup for Most Conscientious player.

Draining the last drop are: B. Mantle-Harding and D. Mackintosh.

Page 52

Shown above is one of the few fourth generation families of the district. They are, from left to right, Mrs. F. Plummer, Irene Plummer, Mrs. G. Cook and Mrs. E. Gannaway.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Walter, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Beckett, Clive, recently celebrated his 21st party at the Cabaret Cabana. He is shown with his family, left to right: Mr. D. Cushing (toastmaster). Mrs. Beckett (Grandmother), Mrs. R. Beckett, Walter Beckett, Mr. R. Beckett.
MacConnells Photo Service

This unusual key was presented to Sam Patterson at his 21st, which was held at the Otane Town Hall.
Wendy Studios, Takapau

Page 53

McINNES – COFFIN. At the St. Augustine’s Church, Napier, the wedding took place of Lynne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Coffin, Napier, to Douglas, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. McInnes, Taradale.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

CURTIS – DODDS. At the St. Columbos Church, Westshore, the marriage took place recently of Shirley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Dodds, Napier, to Gregory, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Curtis, Napier. The bridal party are shown from left: Margaret Dodds, bride and groom, Christine Botherway, Jacqueline Dodds, Douglas Curtis. Future home of couple is Taupo.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Joy (Mrs. Harry Karsten) and Helen, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Lowe of Maraenui, celebrated their 21st at home.
Photo by Batchelors Studios

Jacqueline, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Lawrence of Onga Onga, celebrated her 21st at the Onga Onga Town Hall.

Page 54


The Minister of Finance, Mr. Lake, addressing the large crowd which assembled during the opening of the Hastings Branch of the Hawke’s Bay Trustee Savings Bank.

Mr. Peter Tait, Mayor of Napier, speaks at the opening of the Napier Branch of the Bank.

Page 55

Early customers line up at the counter to make first day deposits to the new Trustee Savings Bank in Hastings.

Mr. W. E. Bate, first chairman of the newly formed Trustee Savings Bank, pictured with the Minister of Finance, Mr. Lake, following the opening of the new premises recently.

Page 56


It is hoped to run a monthly page in this magazine devoted to forthcoming fixtures and attractions in the fields of sport and entertainment. Secretaries, etc., are asked to Phone 39-047 (day) and 39-931 (night) with information of forthcoming attractions, including normal club fixtures, etc., by the sixth day of every month preceding publication. This service is entirely free and it is hoped that all organisations will take advantage of this offer.


H.B. Rowing Club’s Regatta. on the Ngaruroro River at Clive, on Saturday 19th January, 1963, commencing at 1.15 pm. Thirteen races including eight-oared events. Visiting rowers from Wanganui, Wellington, Wairoa and Gisborne.

Regatta night dance in the Assembly Hall, Hastings, Saturday 19th January, 1963.


Situated at the Higgens Street Courts; open to members at all times.


The following fixtures will take place on the Marine Parade Skating Rink:

Skating each night at 7.45. pm. from December 22nd, over the Christmas period.

December 24th – Father Christmas Skating Carn.
December 26th – Club’s Skating Championships.
December 29th – Fancy Dress Skating Carnival
December 31st – New Year’s Eve Skating Carnival
January 5th – Vice-versa Skating Carnival
February 8th and 9th – World Roller Skating Exhibition


26th 27th December; 3rd, 4th, 5th January
Howard Morrison Quartet, 8 p.m., at Napier Sound Shell

28th December
Rotorua Maori Concert Party, 8 p.m., Napier Sound Shell

1st January, 1963
Hawke’s Bay Bathing Beauty Contest, 8 p.m., at Napier Sound Shell

11th January, 1963
Hawke’s Bay Gladiolus Society Annual Display and Show, at War Memorial Hall, 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

29th, 30th, 3lst December
East Coast Championship Golf Tournament, at Maraenui Golf Links

2nd January
Children’s Pavement Artist contest held on the Auditorium floor, in front of the Sound Shell.

7th January
Hawke’s Bay and East Coast Art Society’s Open Air Exhibition, at the Colonade, in front of the Sound Shell.

REVIEW SKATING CLUB. Open to visitors and members during the holiday period. Club nights, Wednesday and Saturday.

Boxing Day meeting December 26th at McLean Park, at 2 p.m. Many visiting athletes.

Meetings every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m., at Nelson Park.

Meetings every Thursday evening at 7 p.m., at McLean Park.

Meetings every Monday evening at 7 p.m., at Taradale Park.

Club night every Monday night, 6.30 to 9.0 p.m. Learn-to-swim classes first hour.

Club night every Tuesday evening, 6.30 to 9.0 p.m. Learn-to-swim classes first hour

Club night every Wednesday night, 6.30 to 9.0 p.m. Learn-to-swim classes first hour.

29th, 30th. December, and January 1st – New Year Regatta


Welcome; Saturday Evening at Club House

1st Race: Tanner Cup (Inter-provincial Contest), Sunday, 13th January, 2p.m.
2nd Race: Monday 14th, 10a.m.
3rd Race: Monday 14th, 2 p.m.
4th Race: Tuesday 15th, 10 a.m.
5th Race: Tuesday 15th, 2 p.m.
Wednesday Free

1st Race: Tauranga Cup (Inter-club Contest), Thursday, 17th January, 10 a.m.
2nd Race: Thursday 17th,2 p.m.
3rd Race: Friday 18th, 10 a.m.
4th Race: Friday 18th, 2 p.m.
5th Race: Saturday 19th, 10 a.m.

Moffat Cup – N.Z. Idle Along Championships, 25th to 27th January, 1963

Napier Sailing Club holds Cup. Won by “The Answer”, skippered by Russell Zorn, forward hand John Bridgeman, third hand Ray Sellars, at Wellington last year.

Congregate over week-end.

Sunday, 24th February, Invitation Race
1st Race: Monday 25th, 10 a.m. (approx.)
2nd Race: Monday 25th, 2.30 p.m.
3rd Race: Tuesday 26th, 2.30 p.m.
4th Race: Wednesday 27th, 10 a.m.
5th Race: Wednesday 27th, 2.30 p.m.

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[Back cover photo – Three miles past the Tarawera Hotel on the Taupo side, one comes upon this little shelter, which has been built by members of the Napier Rotary Club. The shelter should prove very popular with Taupo Road travellers as it is set in a very pleasant little picnic spot.]

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